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  1. The CEO took a million dollar pay-cut in order to double the starting salary of his employees from $35,000 - $70,000 per year. Many of the employees were able to start families of their own. Tbink about being in that kind of leadership and actually taking that risk for yourself and your company. He was told he and his company were probably going to go bankrupt. Think about that… @Leo Gura
  2. @Leo Gura
  3. What I am interested in: I would like to pay for a quality money management course. Nothing crazy. Just something that could teach basic good skills and strategies to saving, spending, and other solid foundational stuff when it comes to establishing a wise relationship with one’s personal personal finances. What I am not interested: I am NOT interested in some kind crypto cheat code when it comes to making money or some stock market investing strategy. Please refrain from such recommendations. Thank you.
  4. I really felt this last time I had sex. Tbh I’ve never enjoyed it. Even with girls I deeply cared about. It was a physical need or impulse that manifested as a lingered desire but any pleasure I did get out of it was a feeling of something I felt I lacked in myself but the dissatisfaction I experience after and even during sex has really gotten me to consider monastic life more seriously now. I still remember my first time getting head at like 14 I just had this feeling of like “is this all there is? This is really it?” That never went away even with partners that were “better”. Any other pleasure from there is rather just a feeling of status and what not. Which, to be fair, there is something healthy about that but taken to extremes can really lead people to some dark holes.
  6. It really is nuts. My dads cousin who lives in Florida just died and his now widow of a wife and daughter are still not vaccinated nor convinced while they live in a state that is getting ravaged by COVID. It’s interesting because I come from Cuban descent (at least for half my family tree) so my Cuban side of the family (outside of my immediate family that is - my Cuban father doesn’t buy any of this bullshit) is just going to hang on to their right wing ideology even as it leads them to falling off a cliff. They just can’t stomach what comes from the left because of the fear of the left and all their history with communism and socialism which they escaped from. Which I imagine you might relate to in some way @Leo Gura in terms of potential family members of yours since you came from Russia. You can even see a similar dynamic going on with the Jews in that video.
  7. You made more money in that internet marketing business than you have through Actualized???? Are you still earning money from it today???
  8. Judgements aren’t bad. Bad judgments are bad. “Bad” in the sense of “unskillful judgments”. Trust your capacity to make skillful judgments grounded in good sense-making and honesty. Oprah does in fact greedily sell bullshit spirituality to people, despite the fact that she’s also conquered a rather harrowing upbringing. There is some basic intelligence in the self contraction when faced with bullshit. But yeah, sounds like some basic therapy would help when it comes to your mom and uncovering the complex underbelly of inner conflicts when it comes to the relationship with your mom that you’re not aware of.
  9. That’s how you know people have amnesia from their time in middle and school and high school 😂
  10. I think working with a good psychoanalyst would be really great for him. Kudos to you for sticking with him. Having the patience to really allow him to work through this stuff is a mark of real maturity. As far as I can tell, it’s a quality that’s rather rare these days. So I just want to encourage that. As far as recommendations though, psychoanalysis would by far be my top recommendation. You could go to a good trauma therapist like Somatic Experiencing but this seems to more psychic conflict than some ongoing contraction in the body that is manifesting as neurotic symptoms.
  11. The mind man… the mind… Condolences to those kids.
  12. You need high quality therapy. I highly recommend psychoanalysis.
  13. I’ll concede to that point. Fair enouh.
  14. This is a load of just straight up gibberish.
  16. Get over it. People’s motivations don’t need to confine to what you think they should be based on your preconceptions of what is a “good reason” and not. Newsflash: “long term studies” for any pharmaceutical is 6 months. There are no 100 year long studies for anything. Yeah? How do you know. People can also have greater physical performance and capabilities than they would otherwise. Yeah? Who is the one that draws the line of what is and is not a good reason?…
  17. I'll give my usual prerequisites... Diagnosed with ADHD at 6 (2001) with a ton of cognitive testing and was on ADHD medication for 17 years (I've been on every single one) up until the age of 22 when I got off. This really is the crux of the issue. We don't really know what ADD/ADHD is. There is something to be said for diet for some people. I've met people with ADHD who that really is there issue. I'm in property management/real estate and gave a guy a showing who has ADHD that's literally allergic to what seems like everything. That said, one of the things that's really starting to be understood is how much of it is also trauma related. The work of those that have pioneered things like attachment theory and so forth are really finding that ADHD is also a developmental trauma and even prenatal trauma. I'm certainly in this camp. ADHD though is certainly a legitimate phenomena. It's not some made up Orwellian Big Brother conspiracy theory just to drug children (though it is certainly over-diagnosed). I really am of the stance that we have to take a look at the family structure within our Western cultures as children who grow up in child centered family structures for example have a lot less cases of things like ADHD. Famously The Dalai Lama was once giving an interview where he was asked about self loathing and he stopped the press conference because he couldn't understand Americans and self loathing because it doesn't exist in Tibet due to the nature of their upbringing. Westerners are growing up with a lot more attachment disturbances and neuroses than a lot of other 3rd world traditional cultures because of this change in upbringing and lifestyle and the burden parents have to endure. Especially the lack of legitimate spiritual infrastructure in our culture. Oh please. Give me a break. From what I've studied
  18. Only thing is that's all hearsay. We have enough historical evidence to back up people like Gautama Buddha or Muhammad and so forth. There's plenty of historical sites we know they went to and so forth.
  19. There is no evidence to suggest there was ever a historical Jesus. Keep that in mind. Not even the gnostics regard him as a historical person but rather as an archetype.
  20. How many of you that are on this forum have actually done a retreat? Please list how many you have done, how many you have coming up that you are genuinely planning on attending, how long each retreat was, and also what kind of retreat/intensive it was. Total Retreats for me: 2 Retreat #1 April 2021: Virtual online 3 day meditation retreat (good way to dip my toe in the water. Retreat #2 April 2021: Peter Ralston's last Insight & Enlightenment Intensive. 7 days total. Upcoming Retreat #1, August 2021 (signed up): 7 day Rinzai Zen sesshin Upcoming Retreat #2, September 2021 (signed up): 7 day Rinzai Zen sesshin
  21. @Consilience apologies for never getting back to this. I'm concerned about the getting caught up in a collective agenda that is besides awakening. I'm very careful to notice what agendas certain organizations have and how they conflate that with realization. Whenever I see teachers that conflate realization with their political agendas as being one thing, that to me is a problem. I've looked into monasteries that are very heavy on BLM and what not though I've heard they may have very awake teachers when it comes to the depth of their insight, that still for me is a no go and a big red flag. Doshin has been incredibly helpful to me with this. I also am concerned about getting paradigm locked within a particular framework such as Buddhism or yoga or whatever. I don't want to pretend that Buddhism or some tradition has it all down or pretend anyone or anything does. Personally I'm a bit allergic to surrendering to any dogma. That said, I can totally work within a particular framework and form of practice without dogmatizing it. I just don't want to be pressured to dogmatize it. This is the same thing with Peter as far as I've heard. He stop transmitting back in the 90s because his students just got hooked on him. Which, to be fair, it's hard not to when you're really around a guy who is very powerful energetically. Yeah I definitely hear you there.
  22. I'm calling bullshit.
  23. It's probably going to happen and as far as I can there's nothing going that's going to stop it. As it must be. If it's going to happen, it's going to happen. As a great Zen master I heard once say when asked about change, "We change when we have to." China isn't some separate isolated cause to any upcoming world war. This has been building for several decades now and, like I already said, as far as I'm concerned, nothing is going to stop it from happening. The mistakes that were made in history usually repeats on higher level when the generation that made them and learned from them has died off. There is no lever to be found as far as controlling things. There is no center of control.
  24. UP VOTE!
  25. @Flowerfaeiry this is a similar case to how the human mind can't really compute numbers like 100,000 or a 1,000,000 or 1,000,000,000. Social media and the internet, though is helpful in many areas of life, is a very poor tool when it comes to quality sense making. It also gives a very false impression for how one genuinely comes to know something. For instance, have you ever gone to a foreign 3rd world country you heard had all this crime and what not and then actually go there to find that your experience there was nowhere close to what you imagined it would be given all the reports you read and came across? This isn't to demonize or poo poo news media outlets. We can say perhaps that mind is left to do what has to do, namely resort to abstraction. News media outlets have a very difficult job to create a system that distributes quality sense-making and has good epistomeicalical and ethical checks and balances. Which, doesn't take into account that there are bills to be paid and dollars to be made and corners to be cut to make sure they get enough viewers and what not. Even then though, assuming there was such a quality system that distributed good sense-making (whatever that would even mean), that still doesn't take into consideration the fact that that would still resort to the problem of indirect knowledge, belief, faith, hearsay, etc. Quality sense-making is matter of how one genuinely comes to know something and that is only found in experience. Nothing short of that will suffice if the goal is direct experiential knowledge.