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  1. @frnsh, we are often talking about nonduality...and so there is no other. I don't tend to speak of it as scripted and mechanical as some do and I am OK with talking about choice. Saying you have freewill or no-freewill does not really matter...the issues arise when you only say I chose this, but I didn't choose that. There is no other...so either you chose everything or you chose nothing. For me, I feel more juice and life in the freewill paradigm that the no-freewill paradigm.
  2. StephenK, No. I sense being in formlessness...not form...when my eyes are closed. There is a center to the experience because most of the sense are on the head of the body...and we imagine ourselves somewhere behind or in the center of the senses. The senses and brain interpreting the data from the senses create an 'experiential center'. However, I don't feel myself to be in the middle of that experiential center - I am not located in the mind or brain or experiential center. I feel myself to be everywhere...but there is a recognition of the experiential center. There is no division between the object, this body, and so no location of relation. There is no other or outside. Don't know. I don't have a belief either way. No, haven't really suffered since enlightenment happening in 2005. Ever content. The nature of suffering is that due to thoughts, beliefs, concepts, etc. we make ourselves miserable. Suffering is self-inflicted. Suffering occurs through ignorance and illusions of the mind...and suffering only happens to a "me". Dispel ignorance and illusion...particularly the idea of a "me"...and suffering ceases. Said simply...no "me", no suffering. Pain continues to happen because the nerves of the body still function. Suffering is a figment of imagination. Love is not attachment or craving. Love is seeing, accepting, and caring. Trust and appreciation are also aspects of love.
  3. @Patang , I had used the same story in a blog post - Are you saying that I shouldn't really care about how things work out? Our viewpoint is often too short and narrow to really know how things are working out. We want to label it as good or bad…success or failure…often before the time is ripe. Who knows if it is good or bad? “How things worked out” could flop back and forth from good to bad depending on the specific point in time. Who knows if it is good or bad?
  4. @MarkusSweden, I care nothing about respect or honor or purpose. I'll stick with joy and happiness...thank you. BTW, I have a job I enjoy and with the money I get from it...I never go hungry. So it is possible for joy to bring food to the table.
  5. @Jawor is probably long gone. The post was 2016.
  6. Who, or How, were you originally awoken to awakeness? My first exposure to the idea of awakeness was reading my first spiritual book - Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda. A spiritual friend (who was the DM in a role playing game I participated in) left out the book one day and then loaned it to me. Most Valuable Source so far: That was giving up the search and seeking. Thirteen years after reading "Autobiography of a Yogi"...I had no idea what awakening really meant. I had heard about realization, awakening, samadhi, enlightenment, satori, etc., but I was more confused than even about what it was. Also, every new book, audio, or video that I consumed seemed to be a repetition of things I already read before. I was convinced there was nothing else to be gained in a book, audio, or video. And so I stopped. No more books, audios, or videos. No more spiritual practices. I simply gave it all up. That was the most valuable thing. It was about a year or so later that I kept bumping into the name, Eckhart Tolle. I had long learned to trust and follow intuition and synchronicity...so I decided to get a video by him at the library (I didn't want to take the time to read a book). I watched the "Flower of Human Consciousness". In it he taught how to become truly present by inhabiting the body. I became truly present for the first time in my life. In that silence of mind, I woke up. This would be the second - learning to be present. I have taught people how to be present, but as they have not given up the search...they are easily distracted - "what is the next thing". That is why the first is giving up the search and the send is being present.
  7. I have no race...no gender...no nationality...etc; nor does anyone else. Those are all illusions. You can only see the "uniqueness" when you drop these labels. When the mind is still and there is no thought...and so no labeling and categorizing...it is plain to see that all this is just thought. For a dog does not say, "I am a dog" and the cat does not say "I am a cat'. We call it those things and with the labels there are other baggage...our experiences with dogs and cats...likes and dislikes...etc. It is all illusions in the mind. We are not seeing what is there right now (the uniqueness), but only the label and past accumulated concepts and beliefs attached to the label. And so, it is all illusion. What is not illusion of the mind...the present moment...without thought. That is simply what is, prior to thought and illusions of the mind.
  8. All categories are illusions of the mind. Categories are the game of duality and duality is a figment of imagination. But this does not mean you can not see uniqueness and individuality. Like seeing the ocean...you can see the uniqueness and individuality of each wave...but there can also be the realization there are actually no waves...it is all just water. A wave is an concept in the mind...an illusion of the mind. But for conventions of speech, you can talk about each wave (recognizing a unique, individual wave) and talk about its various attributes.
  9. @Kevin Dunlop , part of it is giving up this idea of pleasant and unpleasant. As the Hsin Hsin Ming says (one of my favorite little books): Like and dislike is the disease of the mind. When the deep meaning (of the Way) is not understood the intrinsic peace of mind is disturbed. Reality is bliss...there is no side that is blissful and a side that is not. When this is realized, this is "how do we stay on the blissful side of reality."
  10. If the belief was true...you wouldn't know, because it is just a belief. With knowledge/understanding...belief is not needed, because you know. It would be better to just stick with what you know and do not know...and not bother believing. The world is seen through the blinders and colored lenses of our beliefs. So if you don't believe something that is in fact true, you may not see the truth of it because you deny it to hold onto your belief. Everything you do see (through the filters/blinders) is substantiating your belief...belief blindness you could call it, blindness to any information contrary to the belief. The world is most clearly seen as it truly is when we hold no beliefs.