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  1. Have you never had an experience fade? To where does a lightning flash fade away to?
  2. What's the difference between you and a seeker? - obviously, the lack of seeking What's the difference between you and a meditator? - everyday nondual awareness instead of a passing spiritual experience of oneness that later fades (after getting up from the cushion...so to speak). What's the difference between you and the average joe? - the lack of suffering, boredom, fear, etc. Stillness of mind.
  3. It became the default later in life...actually nondual was the original awareness. Which Freud called oceanic...lack of separation. My every day awareness is nondual awareness...in a way it is feeling omnipresent. There is no other and no separation.
  4. Acceptance is still an egoic action. Something to counter the current action of resisting and denying what-is. Why not just cease resisting and denying what-is...and the present is automatically accepted?
  5. Cease resisting and denying what-is...and appreciate what-is as it is...then life becomes quite enjoyable (regardless of circumstances). Or said another way, happiness is what we are when we are not making ourselves miserable. Just cease creating your own miseries. One way to cease creating your own miseries is to consciously see how you are doing it to yourself and cease doing that.
  6. Dual awareness is a figment of imagination...nonduality has always been the case. Every day experience is non-dual awareness for the quiet mind. Quite natural. Quite ordinary.
  7. That is not nondual...in your conceptionalizing of what you heard, you are now imagining infinite variations of duality. Also, it is still revolving around a "you" that is experiencing these infinite variations. There is no "me" in nonduality.
  8. @Sage_Elias , my 2 cents...hair or the lack of hair does not matter. No spiritual significance. But as Natasha said, it does simplify things to shave your head.
  9. I am this or that is thought. But thought started with the "I". There is only AM...verifiable by present moment experience.
  10. I wrote a blog post about this very thing - http://www.engagednonduality.com/what-does-we-are-all-one-really-mean/ My understanding is that you and I are literally not two. Not two is the direct meaning of nonduality.
  11. Because it's fun and interesting...for the joy of it. Just something to play with.
  12. @TheSomeBody my daily practice (currently) is what I call SOAK. Softness, Openness, Appreciation, and Kindness...that is what I practice throughout the day. Being softer (speech and such), more open (vulnerable...no defenses or walls)...appreciating all that is...and being kind to myself and others.