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  1. @Ponder Enlightenment means seeing through the illusion of better or worse. No day is superior, inferior, or equal. Non-judgment of each day.
  2. @Anirban657 That is trying to get the eye to see itself. Just be aware-ness.
  3. Sometimes. Non-identification with ego and sahaj samadhi does not stop hunger, sleepiness/tireness, etc. These are natural things the body wants. The body sometimes wants sex. It is rare to think about sex though and as of late been fairly celibate. Sex or lack thereof is not a problem either way...so I don't worry about it.
  4. Essentially, not seeing what is as it is. Often, we may believe and/or think we have seen and know, but we happen to be wrong. We have not seen what is as it is. We are ignorance of what is.
  5. @FoxFoxFox - yes...a cessation of identification.
  6. It is possible for suffering to cease to arise. The Buddha said awakening/enlightenment is the cessation of dukkha (often translated as suffering). Obviously, if there is a pre-enlightenment with suffering arising and a post-enlightenment in which suffering ceases to arise...then that revelation/realization of the truth (i.e. dispelling ignorance) has to occur in a point in time for each body/mind and it would be incorrect to say "it's always here". The truth may always be here...but that seeing what is as it is (seeing the truth) is not always here. I know suffering can cease to arise...not a chosen belief...it is my experience.
  7. There is no evil...only ignorance. Ignorance is not knowing the truth.
  8. @Lauritz Bewer - awakening is a happening that happens in a point in time. There are no levels...either awake or not awake...simple as that. However, understanding can deepen endlessly after that. Awakening is simply seeing the the illusions of the mind and ignorance that there is a separate "me" in the world that suffers. Once seen through suffering mostly falls away, but there are still deeper and subtler levels of samskaras/patterns, suffering, etc. that may be seen through if understanding deepen. It is not required...and it is not a deeper awakening to deepen understanding...it is simply that awakening is more deeply applied and lived (so to speak). The Way is love, truth, harmony, and unity...with deeper understanding one can life with deeper love and deeper harmony.
  9. @Shakazulu Suffering has been normalized to the point where it is often unrecognized...and many don't believe it is possible to not suffer. So either the soul matures (as you said)...or the suffering increases to the point of becoming unbearable.
  10. The infinite...the absolute...is all there is. You are creating artificial separation (level of separation) by saying there are levels of embodiment...as if you could be other than the infinite/absolute in its entirety already. You can not embody more of the infinite/absolute...you are the infinite/absolute in its entirety already. Enlightened or not-enlightened...what does it matter to the absolute/infinity? Absolute/infinity plays each part in the play...but neither distinction applies to absolute/infinity, which is beyond distinctions.
  11. The "you" that is trying to get past, to surrender, to get close to nonduality...and resisting....that "you" is an illusion. Nonduality is all there is...even now.