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  1. Ego is just a thought. It is just thought that created suffering and all that you describe. The tenacious illusion of "me".
  2. @Iksander Yes, no purpose...life is play.
  3. Another version of the Hsin Hsin Ming by Seng-ts'an - https://bitly.com/hsinhsinming
  4. @cervid Realizing nonduality is not about an experience. Having the experience of Oneness or Self is not enlightenment/awakening. It is about the insight/revelation that shatters the illusion of "me"...and the "me" can never be believed again. However, once you have an experience, it is easier to recreate or have a similar experience...but that is not the point of awakening. Awakening is not making a passing experience permanent in some way (which is impossible).
  5. @Godishere There is nowhere to go. Do whatever you want to do. Life is play. I enjoy playing games, so I continue to play various games.
  6. @Gianna It is not a matter of changing thought, but understanding. From understanding (or misunderstanding, as the case may be) our actions and reactions arise (including thoughts and feelings). Thoughts will give rise to feelings, feelings will give rise to thoughts, thoughts will give rise to other thoughts, feelings will give rise to other feelings...but it all arises from understanding. Byron Katie gives a process for flipping things around in order to better understand. If you are using her steps to avoid or spiritual bypass, you have missed the point of what you are doing.
  7. @eaaaeaeae Not in my experience. There is no feeling of lack or missing anything.
  8. @Kykeon Yes, nouns are a convention of speech...but not reality...not something that exists. As Alan Watts said, the world is wiggly and we try to grasp the wiggly world by cutting it up and boxing it with our concepts. One such concept is the "noun"...that is "things".
  9. Yes, for me and others. It is not about a new insight that makes you happy or feels more everlasting to you. It is about shattering the illusion of "me"...gain and loss...separation and otherness. After this shattering, there may be new insights as some deeper understanding may arise within the body-mind, but it does not make you happy...as you were happy before it arose and happy after the insight arose (i.e. happiness unchanged). Also, you are happy if another insight never arose again. Not needing further insights. Fulfilled and deeply content in being...nothing lacking.
  10. Because you don't really want it.
  11. "When you deeply accept suffering, it turns into love and beauty." Often, suffering arises because something else was not accepted first. Delve into the root causes and accept that which has been resisted and denied...and suffering ceases to arise.
  12. @kieranperez One retreat. I did a three-day, three-night solitary and silent retreat by myself in a cabin deep in the woods next to a river. No TV, radio, internet, books, games, phone, etc, etc. No distractions of any kind. Basically, I meditated, ate, looked at the scenery, or slept the entire time. I did not talk, nor ponder things. The idea was just to be present and not think for three days.