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  1. only if it makes financial sense
  2. I would start with TRT or steroids
  3. since you are not your body there are no issues here
  4. Sexual energy is nonsense, Nowadays it is super easy to manipulate hormones, TRT replacement therapy, or using steroids, you can reduce or improve sexual energy with drugs, etc. try take Cialis and your sexual energy will be on another level
  5. Yes it's too aggressive in this case, probably will start with talking or other easier stuff
  6. We've met a couple of times, and as she's also into Spiritual, What exercises can be done with a girl to get a better spiritual connection or just spend quality time instead watching movies or walking around parks. .. I thinking to do something like this but maybe other suggestions ?
  7. how ofter do you do "The Work of Byron Katie" until emotion doesn't come back so strong or vanish ?
  8. Vitaly runs a steroid cycle I assume Tren and tren gives you really bad side effects like anger also bad dreams so my guess is Steroids (Tren) + shrooms = bad things
  9. and you created useful content like this forum
  10. I have done the magic mushroom trip once with an experienced person and once on my own, and I haven't noticed any big changes, but maybe there are some tips on how I can use the trip more effectively if I want to heal injuries. I have read that a trip is equivalent to one year of therapy
  11. A few days ago I did a mushroom trip with an psychonaut. I did 2-3g of psycholabin, everything went quite smoothly. Now the next stage would be a higher dose, which would cause EGO death i think more than 5g, but I think maybe it's better for me to practice with lower doses a few more times and then go to a higher dose, as far as I've read mushrooms can affect the nervous system. My purpose in using mushrooms is more therapeutic than spiritual.