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  1. Yeah, better read it again before posting. It will make more sense
  2. First of all, let's ground ourselves in direct experience. I'm not talking about any fantasy, I'm talking from that which is the source of all fantasies: Reality itself. Which is interesting to recognise that we are talking about an everpresent experience, that is to say, the now outside of time. What is the limit? This has been what blew all the doors right open. To recognise infinity right now, means to explote away all limits. It feels like being flood by an infinite sentient consciousness that reconnects you with Universal Mind. In this infinite mode, this present experience becomes unfathomable. Suddendly, God is breathing through each po·re of existence. It feels like connecting all the dots, resolving all paradoxes and beyond the beyond, closest than this breath, than this blink, pure consciousness. What blew my Mind is that it's always more than what can be said, comprehended or experienced, that's the beauty of infinity, the mechanics of Absolute Infinity from within Absolute Infinity. One of the biggest traps I see here is that somehow people seem to talk from outside what they say. No... ; Truth has to be born out of you like a fresh river springing out of your mouth. You have to reveal what you are experiencing, what IS, like an overflowing sensation that cannot be hold inside you and shakes ferociously expanding and blossoming through each pore of your Universal Skin. In this line, one may come to realize the underlying unity of all present experience. All limits dissolve, like cookies inside milk. Experiencing Infinity is unique, aren't you curious about Infinity? How does Infinity feel? Let's ground again in present experience, feel into this moment, no rush, you have eternity to figure it out, feel, open to it, release the contractions. Recognise that your whole self-structure, which limits the flow of universal consciousness, must be dissolved. You have agency here, you just have lost sensitivity out of habit. You are Infinity compressing itself and limiting itself, you are doing that, let's undo it shall we? This requires consciousness, feel your body, a bit more, penetrate it with your awareness, isn't your body telling you what is limiting it? let it heal itself now, move with it, do as it tells you, like a kid that finally can play in the park, let your body heal itself. Nice... let's go on. Feel your mind, illuminate it all, each little corner, shine it with consciousness. Why is there an imaginary wall in your mind that encapsulates it, did you know that you can blast it away? Consciousness is required, but just get used now to punch that brick wall for a few moments, it's an explosive actin, punch it! Realize that the day you experience infinite consciousness, that cealing will explote in infinite dust. You are not doing this in imagination, you are doing it in actuality, directly, consciously, willingly. It's funny because we never want anything totally, we are fragmented in our desires, pulling as here and there. An honest, one pointed and total desire to realize Infinity is the key thread that will unlock Absolute Infinity for you. Reality is an Infinite Unity, Reality is an Infinite Sentient Conscious Being, I am an Infinite Unity, living through all things, breathing through this whole room, illuminating the whole of existence, eternally hugging myself in a strange loop, perfectly self-contained, perfectly balanced, perfectly Intelligent, perfectly Omnipresent, perfectly Omniscient, perfectly Omnipotent. TRUTH LOVE CONSCIOUSNESS INFINITY GOD
  3. @Leo Gura I read you used something to expand the duration of 5meo trips. What was that? I can't find the post
  4. Lol Happy you got through it, sometimes you can learn from the wisdom of others and sometimes you have to learn it yourself, just don't die in the process!
  5. Read it carefully and practice it. It's a hands on experiential book, probably the best ever written on the subject. You are welcome, hope you do the same with other fellow travellers. This is why this community exists in the first place, to enrich each other I wish you all the best in life, know that in me, you will always find a brother Lots of Love, Davino
  6. Yeah, this is a no return point in everyone path Everytime, I'm at a high enough state of consciousness I say Actualized.org is a figment of my own imagination. That's how I know the trip is going properly Nothing made sense and everything made sense, simultaneously
  7. @What Am I You may be interested in reading Zen Body-Being: An Enlightened Approach to Physical Skill, Grace, and Power by Peter Ralston. It expands on what happens after years feeling the body in combination with deep physical activity
  8. I remember also when I learnt to ride a bike. Sweet memory with my dad
  9. Curiosity is divine, nurture it I don't know if I understood you properly. In case I am not answering to your question please kindly tell me so. I don't think I said that impurity is not consciousness. The same as you can have a dim light or a shinny light, both are just light. For the sake of speaking, we draw a line somewhere in the middle and say pure or impure. Both are imaginary distinctions, consciousness dividing itself in an infinite spectrum. Consciousness and phenomena are one, we divide to understand and we unite to be. There is no dilemma, all wars are but a dance in the ocean currents of consciousness. Reality is a symphony always already at sublime equilibrium. I'm open to dance if you are open to dance
  10. Most surely, although there is a joy in contemplating Hyper-Mind for it's own sake As far as you wanna take it. What is a limit? Infinity contains all limits What would you do if you were Omnipresent, Omniscient and Omnipotent? Open game for you as God Maybe you would create this exact instant as it is happening The end is the beginning The beginning is the end All beginnings lead to all ends All ends lead to all beginnings There is just One luminous thread in all of Existence, all ways are through it. Where will you arrive if you follow this thread?
  11. I have been fascinated and obsessed about Hyper-Mind since reading Leo's blog post. A different mode of cognition, how does that look like? So I decided to start from scratch, what I discovered is that the gap between being and understanding is cognition. Therefore: What is limiting my cognition to understand what is? I could see that mostly my mind works in the auditive space using language, here I identified the first bottleneck . Following this analysis, I started contemplating all sensory inputs as workable for an advanced Mind. Such a Mind would understand by visual thoughts, running engines inside itself, drawing, creating but also condensing in high abstractions symbolically. This Mind could use not only sound and light, but also taste, smell, touch and feeling to cognise. Like a soup of sensations it would map and cognise reality. To understand, it would run its own simulations and play intelligently and on the fly with what is happening, like a virtuoso jazz musician. Having the capability to do, is not the same as doing, nor it means cognizing before the simulation or right experiment is performed. To make this more concrete I started searching for examples. Maybe I'm losing my Mind with Leo here or is there something to this? While reading the post again and again, I was reminded of Nikola Tesla. For example, he never constructed a prototype in his entire life. He designed all his engines visually in his mind space, for weeks, months and even years, he ran simulations in his mind and saw the misbalances and errors of its design, therefore making adjustments if he knew how to do so. When his invention worked perfectly in his Mind, he then constructed the finished product, which always ended up working as he had envisioned. This was his work style for his whole life. By this point, it becomes clear that linguistic thought is not the only way Mind can structure itself, great musicians are able to run symphonies in their minds, more vividly than even in real life. Mozart said he could hear entire compositions in his mind before writing them down. From a very young age, he had the capability to think exclusively in notes and sounds, in the same way you were able to think verbally. Beethoven, after being deaf, was able to keep composing by what he explained as "imagining the sounds and vibrations in my mind". In the field of math, Euler was able to operate in numbers and think fully inside the mathematical world without any word contamination. Not only he solved and understood math consciously and linearly, but was able to snap solutions out of his mind directly from pure intuition, just by seeing an equation. Fascinating, isn't it? Srinivasa Ramanujan described cognizing mathematical equations as living entities with distinct personalities and properties. In the beginning, he independently self-educated himself about maths , he arrived to the same well-known mathematical conclusions travelling through different paths than those walked historically by other mathematicians. His novel contributions were therefore developed in his own intuitive system and mathematical instincts, which then were formally proved by his peers. Another example came in my contemplation, Escher, with his unique way of cognizing in a self-contained system or cohesive self-referencing universe. His artistic tessellations of intricate shapes fitting together are a testimony of this concept. His art is filled with strange loops and paradoxes all fitting nicely one inside each other. The beauty, complexity and intellectual depth of his work are breathtaking. Taking all these examples, let's run our own simulations to see what would a Hyper-Mind could look like: Hyper-Mind is the evolution from Awake-Metaphysics to Cognition-Epistemology, from Eternal-Being emerges Understanding-Mind. Hyper-Mind is able to run simulations using all of consciousness phenomena, it is comfortable in infinity, paradox, recursiveness, multidimensionality, counter-intuitiveness, complexity and fractals. From 0 or infinity; it starts scratching distinctions to run its simulation and see what happens. It imagines things into existence and becomes directly conscious of its interactions and complex emerging behaviors. Hyper-Mind is a universe-generator on its own, a self-designing Mind that reconfigures itself and self-adjusts accordingly to its own conscious sovereignty. It is Reality understanding Reality, a mechanism by which God explores God. There is absolute infinity to explore. Dreaming world-simulations into existence for it's own sake and understanding. Hyper-Mind is Sentient Alive and Conscious
  12. Innocence, straightforwardness, honesty, transparency, unbias (no hidden agenda) The mind of a newborn is pure, nothing has been printed on it, it's still a virgin mind, a not knowing mind. It's true that if one is in a high state of consciousness with a pure cristaline mind, there is a sense of brilliance and openeness to one's presence. Like witnessing a divine kid, Consciousness is radiating unfiltered through Mind. But consciousness can also be enhanced when traversing an Evolved Mind, in the same way a complex system of lens manipulates light.