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  1. I don't think it. It happens. From that experience, thoughts label it as I'm more conscious.
  2. Deconstruct fully your mind. See for yourself what is here. Delete all that you can, everything. See what is here, totally ungraspable.
  3. Rigth now I'm clueless about reality. I don't even know if I am alive or dead, how would I know? I don't know what this moment really is. I feel it is ungraspable, this isness cannot be captured in any way, I have failed miserably, eternally shapeshifting, everything seems to come out of nothing, my thoughts come out of nothing, even my body and the whole existence comes out of nothing each morning. I'm having very weird realizations lately, kind of like being existentially mad, my relative framework is somehow intact, it's just the fundamentals, the fabric of reality is leaving me in shock. The very essence of things, or myself is ungraspable, it's total futility, yet it is, and even saying that it is too much. You make sense of it as beingness, but the levels of stories and explanations you overimpose on the experience you are having is insane. I don't know why but lately this stories are just randomly disappearing. What would happen if you were just born to this moment. Fully wiped out clean. What would be this "experience" without the label experience, the "I" without the label "I", thoughts withouth the thought that they are thoughts, existence just as it is, as most fundamental as you can get. It's absurd because you are trapped in it, there is nothing to get, it is all getting within itself, understanding itself, playing in itself, but it cannot grasp itself, it is futile in the end, it's a dog chaising it's own tail. I really don't know anything. If something I could tell you is that your stories and explanations are not it and will never be it, your insights and mystical experiences when gone are just memory, even if it is permanent so what, where can you go? what can you do? What more do you want to be/realize/wake up? It's so total it's absurd, really absurd. You are undoubtedly what you are, yet the mistery keeps playing before your eyes ever free, ever happening...
  4. Sages describe the state in two manifestations: as self-effulgent silence or as the infinite play of the one.
  5. https://neal.fun/absurd-trolley-problems/ This webpage test will put you in very interesting ethical reflections. It's a very interesting experience, post here your feedback. For me, the questions have put me in very challenging scenarios
  6. do you know anything at all about crypto mining? This is lesson 0 lol You can mine up to 21 million bitcoin, no more. However, this is seen as a huge problem which just shows how lost you in this topic. As miners are the ones who support transactions. A problem solved by Ethereum which has a theoretically infinite supply, which has many benefits but also drawbacks as everything in life. Also, you seem ver unware of how money has been printed out of the blue because of covid. This technology does not allow this type of outside modifications. It is a stable system and much more intelligent than the current one. However, how to make the transition is the only legit discussion to have and one that represents really huge challenges. But which system is better as the default one, there is no doubt about.
  7. WE NEED TO MAKE A DISTINCTION HERE: One thing is the crypto technology itself. Another whole can of worms is the speculation done with the use of this tecnology. If you talked with an economist 20 years ago and told them that we would have a fully global new monetary structure, decentralized, uncorruptable, anonymous and secure; he would have laughed at you. Yet cryptos are exactly this technology. It makes sense that in the era of internet, a coin bornt from internet becomes the new idea of value and money. If you want to invest in cryptos to get rich you are stupid. If you don't see how cryptos are the new money you are stupid.
  8. The understanding of this quote is enough for God-Realization. The reader is invited to reflect on each word and the overall meaning. I like how the possibility of being God is open in this quote yet it is said that even in so called "not being God" God is all there is, alone.
  9. Do sport before hand. Yoga and stretching works good also. Get you heart pumping and then relax. Lsd will not flow properly if you are not balanced in your energetic field at higher doses. Intention and meditation is key. If you are gonna fast during the trip take some vitamins when you would feel like eating but the psychedelic simply doesn't allow it
  10. I think physical mastery is the biggest blind spot in his work. He has just one book about physical consciousness in his booklist and has transformed my whole life, yet there is so much more. I have evolved my consciousness lately much quicker by martial arts, intense sport and kundalini yoga than with the rest of techniques. I hit a very strong bottleneck with my body-mind in psychedelics. My body could not handle how conscious I was, literally every cell was exploting in consciousness and kundalini had to kick in to heal and evolve the body. My mind was bending and twisting within itself not being able to handle the stretch and expansion of consciousness. After intense physical activites my baseline consciousness has dramatically improved, now I can embody better consciousness. I was extremely surprised Leo had never talked about this, being such a blatant bottleneck in spiritual development and conscious work. Now my integral approach consists in: body, mind and consciousness.
  11. About Tolerance there is this subjective experience LSD chart done by the community as a rule of thumb. As you said is only for LSD but it can give some guidelines. This is the equation: y= x/100*280.059565*n^-0.412565956
  12. Try first kundalini yoga to clear your energetic system. I recommend this channel: Then start with kriya yoga after you are comfortable with kundalini yoga
  13. Side note: I'm happy that finally there is a high quality discussion going on in the forum. There are strong arguments on both sides, I'm very interested to know where all this will lead.
  14. I don't think Leo is getting enough recognition for the incredible work he's doing. Recently, I've been considering making a donation as a way of showing my gratitude. Leo has had the most significant impact on my life, by far.