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  1. It’s actually positive. I didnt say you have 100% chance of failing
  2. I think they’re no better than I am just because they’re rich. Nor though I think I’m better because I read a few article on Non duality. We all die at the end. Dying with or without purpose is the same. How far will they go? Do I have to care? Do I have to judge them so I can feel a little better about myself? Does answering this question benifit me spiritually or by any means? No
  3. @John Iverson If you spend the rest of your life trying to becoming Flash you have approx 99.99999% chance of failing
  4. @Richard Alpert Thank you for your post. Looking forward to your next post.
  5. Yup it's pretty fucked up bro
  6. Yes this is very true from my experience. When your detatched you don't even need to find a good music. You can enjoy any songs
  7. Music is Life I can't live a day without listening to music. I listen to music at least 1-2 hours a day On weekends I listen 24 hours
  8. When your ego is dead there is no more entity deciding to take action such as eating food, drinking water, and sleeping. After enlightenment (ego death) one will experience starvation then later on die from dehydration
  9. @molosku Exactly. What difference does it make to believe or unbelieve 'physical world'
  10. How to Win Friends is rather shallow. Try reading Models by Mark Manson
  11. What are the pros and cons of going or not going to school in your case?
  12. I like that idea too. But for him to go here would cost him at least a couple thousand dollars (Php 100,000). If ever he will come to the Philippines it wouldn't be anytime soon. I think San Francisco would be a good start.
  13. No, she's not going to kill herself. Live your values. Not other peoples values. Not even your mom's values.
  14. I think your one thing already consist of both of them since you need both of them right
  15. Hell yes. Rejection separates people who are not meant for each other. I'd rather get a "Hell Yes!" or a "Hell NO!" than a "meh, ok" Maybe you'll go to through hundreds of rejections from hundreds of different girls just to find that one girl who'll you'll like and also will like you still it'd be worth it