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  1. In terms of self improvenmnent yes it works. In terms of psychic ability also yes. In terms of manipulation of the universe and its events I'd put a maybe on that.
  2. It's ironic, sir but still -- you do have a point.
  3. I had similar experiences back then while doing Astral Projection. You probably also felt heavy and almost physically paralyzed. It's like ur body is asleep, your mind is partially asleep. There's still a little part that's awake.
  4. Here's a list: https://batgap.com/past-interviews/alphabetical-index-guests/
  5. #20 I'd love to conceptualize, philosophize, theorize these with you. But I'd rather say you would likely be better off if you just sit the fuck down and face direct experience itself. Rather than getting drowned in thoughts about it.
  6. #19 Conceptualization is a very common trap I see in myself and others. We should stop trying to find Truth or what is true. They only lead to more concepts traps. Instead focus on looking through what is not true.
  7. #18 What is which that does not change
  8. #17 Words are too subjective. The same word might mean something different to you than the other person.
  9. #16 What ever the camera perceives is not the camera.
  10. #15 Maybe death is another thought.
  11. #14 Unconditional Love: When you realize there is no one doing the loving. No one trying to love. Yet there is just loving.. Loving that which cannot love or does not know how to love. I wonder what would that be like