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  1. @Ananta Then Moderna should suffice. We have Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. Apparently Astra-zeneca is only given to people aged 65 and over. Ok, I see it. It is my mistake for making the post sound that way. I just wanted a list that Yarco provided. English is not my native language.
  2. Lol. As I have questions about this vaccin I feel like I am automatically labeled as a antivaxxer here on the forum. Thanks. I guess Pfizer will be my choice when I take the vaccine and recommend one to others.
  3. Maybe sex and pick up are the most transformative thing you could do besides attaining enlightment.
  4. It is normal that people who enter spirituality disown the "bad" characteristics about themselves. Like wanting fame, success and power. Usually a person disown those qualities to focus more on the divine. When the person realized enough of the divine. The person will start to have these disown parts rise up to be integrated and exalted for service of others.
  5. Probably if we use that type of language. I think it more like this. Impersonal divine (higher self) permanent individuality (soul) and present personality (ego). The journey is to transcend the false personality and have the permanent individuality to take over. Then unite the individuality with the higher self and achieve the goal of yoga ( union ). The permanent individuality might be the higher self you are talking about. It is that which reincarnates but also eternal. It is not the ONE but it's goal is to unite with the ONE. All past life memories are stored there. You may not remember but it knows. You are it but also not. It absorbs spiritual experience you have and exalts itself through you. Hint: it is also the thinker but not the thought process.
  6. Me, where do I sign up? Saint Solar Bling at your service.
  7. My higher self is your higher self and everyones higher self. Believing in a personal higher self is called "heresy of separedness " in some esoteric circles. Orgasm and other sexual things. @Kalo That must have been some good weed!
  8. Welcome to podcast. My name is Leo Gura. This podcast is an ongoing series of conversations with God. I've done about 134 episodes of them with an average length of 4-hours. My guest today is God. You may know him as Allah, Shunyata ,or Shiva. God, can you introduce yourself to the listeners? God: *silence*
  9. How long have you watched Teal Swan?
  10. This reminds me of The Rorschach test. A bit of personal and cognitive projections.
  11. Fun part is that that the power of now and a new earth are very similar, but there is a difference! I can also add: 5-meo and stillness speaks is for Gods.
  12. I would sit and melt with her anytime of the day.
  13. Milk and the power of now is for babies. Meat and the new earth is for real men.