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  1. The cosmic motion that is subject to perception is finite and periodical. The intra cosmic motion should be eternal and ceaseless. Maybe it either moves so fast or so slow that it appears to the finite mind as "stillness".
  2. That's exactly what my psychologist said to me 10 years ago. I didn't listen to her and now I'm here. Why is life so hard on me?
  3. Kinda agree on this and even thinked about it today. Had this idea pop up in my mind. In west we glorify the rajasic (activity) and shame the tamasic ( laziness). With this system there is a third and a rarer option which is satvic ( peacefullness). I don't know yet what the difference between satvic and tamasic is in practice. Neither one of these states seem to help me wash the dishes at home.
  4. What a coincidence. Did a Wim Hof breathing exercise + Cold bath + meditation today. It is popular in other groups. Did hear that "Hoffer" was a name for someone that practiced it .
  5. @GreenWoods You might look into the Absolute. At least by some occultists it Itself is eternal motion and infinite space. Also ceaseless duration is also said to be it's attribute.
  6. (Don't know how reliable tho is): "Iron is a building block of free radicals—molecules that contribute to aging—and studies have shown that high concentrations of iron are related to heart attacks. To get rid of excess iron, which is stored in blood, simply donate blood. To get rid of toxins stored in fat at the same time, donate plasma and drink caffeinated coffee an hour before the donation. (Donated blood always contains toxins and iron, so you’re not doing the person who receives your blood any harm.)"
  7. Nicotine functions as a nootropic. He probably feels the brain enchasing effects during his podcasts. Might be one reasons why he smokes it.
  8. Someone else would have taken his place. It was his destiny to serve the creator in this way. The past karmic actions made by the Germans caused the inevitability of this war as their hostile ancestral nature got awakened. Such events are not controlled by one person. He was more like a conductor of the people and manipulated their anger toward his own selfish ideology.
  9. Thanks for reminding me of it.
  10. I think he would forgive you.
  11. Yes, I get that fear too. Even in spiritual circles I feel like a lunatic to others when I share my spiritual experiences. Hopefully humanity through a psychological-spiritual revolution in the scientific field sooner rather than later. I agree with you. There is a whole lot to explore in this field and it is unremarkable. I think psychology should join with spirituality in this quest to understand the psyche. Sort of combine head and heart into one science. Another note: I actually didn't know what words to use to explain my suffering to the doctor. Then I found articles about bipolar on the net. I was like "that seems to explain it" then told him about how up and down I felt periodically and got medication for bipolar and got a free pass away from the military because of it. Lol.
  12. Nice, we need to care and love our neighbour instead of feeling special that we occupy our time to love Hitler. Loving our neighbour is harder than to love a mental image of a historic person with negative status.
  13. I'm guessing the gnome on the left
  14. "Psychiatrists are the only specialists who virtually never look at the organ they treat" - Quote from the video I was in distress during my education years. Got treated for bipolar by a psychiatrist. I quit seeing him and did some consciousness work and it made my problem obsolete. I wonder now what a difference between a mental illness and a spiritual experience is. What is even a "mental illness"?
  15. Guys. I got the Pfizer vaccine today. I suddenly got glasses and started to wear old school clothing. I think I am turning to Bill Gates. Help!