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  1. Come to me baby, I remove your tumor called heart with swiss knife. Then you really start to pay attention!
  2. Actually, it is easier, you are not restricted to +/-50km radius. And you are less forced into relationship by your next of kin. Obviously, it depends on society.
  3. who would not like mandingo in the ass, as they say, once you go black you never come back
  4. Yes, that is w what are you babbling, you need to redo it 25mg of MALT should be in 0.5ml to get 5mg for 0.1ml. Thanks @Leo Gura to point out that one can damage nasal passages over time. Don't you destroy your anal by plugging ?
  5. DMT accesses your subconscious mind, it knows everything about you, especially what you want to hide, it is in one best interest to bring it up, you were blessed.
  6. yes, concentration on breath works for me, no need to fight with it. There is also LSD stop thing, cannot find it right now, search Or start dancing and laughing like on festival
  7. You discuss something without main actor that can provide direct experience. Maybe Peter was not aware of love at that time and maybe he become aware of it in the mean time. Feels like any other political election.
  8. Business is business, since I found out how to microdose l realized that it is huge business oportunity for big and spinoff companies. It is going to be next boom. When I retire I go to pharmacy and buy myself happiness (microdosing tablets), I am sure about it. LSD has come psychological dependency if not following protocol.
  9. Deep intimacy is not about sex as you are aware. Explore deep intimacy before you have sex it is more rewarding. Know what you want, note red flags, yellow flags, green flags and be patient. I have made my share of mistakes .
  10. Well, yes, this is what am I told. There are even higher dim beings. Whatever it means, he claims he is like 6d. There is nothing wrong with his existence, having own small business, travelling a lot and main work is working on the project Earth for these higher beings and increasing consciousness of humans. Also speaking about the source and supersource. Wtf, I wonder either it is some kind of mental thing or something. He would kill me if he finds I write about it and higher beings are watching so. they are aware and they can tell apparently, there is nothing to hide.
  11. I have a friend and he is telling me he speaks to 55D beings ? Does anyone has such experience ? I ask because when I hear some stuff from him it actually sense in terms of spiritual understanding when I translate it into my language.
  12. One should consider it, it might be actually quite enjoyable.
  13. I do not know whether Peter R. realizes that LOVE is Consciousness or anything related to it. He certainly just did not want to confuse people in sense that one can be lost in human emotion itself, which is the way how some yogi realize it. There are multiple facets of the diamond.
  14. Me? You are right ! I am the king of the sovereign kingdom of LOVE.
  15. Yes, yes, morning is one option ... around 10am when you woke up, had light breakfast, did physical and spiritual practice. Then you can start integrating in the evening before going to bed again. Once I took after coming from work like 6pm and I was tripping at 2am. Another option is overnight but mind that you are going to be wasted next day from both substance ans lack of sleep. Btw. 100ug is nice for contemplating but higher needed 200+ for some releasing work.