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  1. Yes, Peter was just sleeping past 3 years. You cannot awake without him !
  2. All the administrative work around starting business is really annoying. I end up creating non-profit organization S+L, guess Self+Love but English names are not allowed therefore S+L. I started to call the place "Center S+L", Center Self+Love. I know I'm going to expose myself here but hey that is naked life ...) So, all in progress except, neighbor above flooded inner walls of "Center S+L", grocery Billa that has monopoly in the neighborhood put fence that people cannot park nearby (well, I need access for renovation, building material is heavy stuff), the floor that I ordered looks like cheap Polish crap and it takes double the time to put down. I found out that I'm going to need additional permission from hygiene, a subsidiary Ministry of Health and they also need analysis of water quality and god knows what else, smells with corruption for me. Oh, I wonder how clean is on-line business. Yes, I started to run "Center Self+Love" as a "profit" business because nobody wants to work with non-profit business. People do not understand that it is just a vehicle for avoiding administrative burden. My vision is quite simple: Centers for Self+Love are going to pop up all over the Europe/World and they are going to communicate in some progressive fashion, share knowledge and information how to progress within self-actualization, self-realization, enlightenment work and other life pursuits. That is enough for today, feel free to comment, criticize or help with development Center for Self+Love ...
  3. As I mentioned before I inclined to yoga especially ashtanga because it grounding for my self. I reached the point where I decided to take teacher training course because it could serve as a survival instrument and I hoped that some of these people were far in the personal development. Well, I know it is not true and I realized that many of them they are just still stuck in survival mode. Not only that but I asked about yoga teacher jobs and I realized that yoga studios are screwing up yoga teachers and in order to earn enough money one has to waste lots of personal energy and there is no enough energy left for their own practice. So my goal become how to go beyond survival? There is no security in the world but I listened to Sadhguru and he expressed that it is almost first time in history that we can just buy stuff, live from it for a long time (a year or so) and concentrate on transformation. Hurrah, so I buy stuff, close myself, going to exercise and meditate and I'm going to transform myself into enlightened being. I realized that it might not be the path for me as one can look at it as running away and it can at certain point become a problem. How to go beyond survival as a householder with family? I had to wait until I have seen that my children can be self-sustained and I can be involved at the limited level. Anyway, I've observed that there is some healthy level of parents influence on children but beyond it parents just create barriers and blockages in children's future development. At the same time I look at my relationship(s) and I wonder what would happen to the relationships if one goes beyond survival? I see there issues with my addition to pleasure, porn and sex, I think I worry about the unknown. I transformed my life to a rhythm where I would incorporate meditation, yoga, self-development into my life. However, I've seen it is not enough. The only resolution I could come up is that I start something that would support my practice and at the same time bring some compensation that would support my life and expenses or at least part of expenses. So, I decided to start yoga studio where I would play a role as a teacher. At the same time I have to find a space which I would own and I could manage how much to pay yoga teachers so myself too. However, this idea changed over time and it transformed from yoga studio to holistic center. I would use topics and experiences that I went trough and offer it in terms of workshops over the time. I wondered how would I call it, I came up with an idea of sahaja yoga (sahaja means spontaneous enlightenment). Then friend of mine become involved in choosing name and she proposed name Arya and given that I wanted to involve her in the studio I changed the name. Also I did not want to influence things, I try to give things free flow. Then I was influenced by Leo's video which ultimately explained few things around Self and Love that I already experienced and I had them in my mind but they were not connected. I started to see connections and it led to ultimate idea for name: Self + Love.
  4. Confusion is always at the start, start with what is true and build on it. Do not use Marijuana as a tool, it won't bring you clarity. Just use mindfulness for at least 1/2year. Start practice grounding exercises e.g. Yoga/Tai Chi/ Qi Gong. Come back in 1/2y for more advice.
  5. Realize "being is enough". Do 2week dark room retreat.
  6. I progressed in Leo's LP course but far from the completion, it really needs time. I realized that many things just come with age and experience. It would certainly help me in my 20ies, however, my path would be different and I'm where I'm and should be. I went to South East Asia where I travelled through Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam where I concentrated more on direct experience rather than journaling and forum. Now, I'm in Doha (return journey layoff) and I contemplate what it has brought into my life. Mostly are the confirmations that people are all over the world the same. I also met several fellow travellers which inspired me in terms of survival within current structures of society, I've seen myself in all of them. I started working on project Self+Love which should be finished/started in 2-3months. Given that I have to board the plane I have to describe it in the following post.
  7. It depends how "honest" - "you" - "are". One you do not know one should be are stuck there, if not you are cheating yourself once you get yourself into black hole you won't go out that easily one needs to wait ages to evaporate, it is the same thing.
  8. macklemore + recent politics + a lot a lot a lot of tatoos ... man, you are firestarter
  9. I realized I did not post since tuesday. Never-mind, I progressed on LP course, I realized that I had value assessment already in various forms before and my life is not too far away from dream life I envision for myself. I guess I look for confirmations of realizations that I already know or experienced before. I worked on course for long-term water fasting where one leads people towards 1week fasting and return, including better diet afterwards. At the same time I take part in kriya yoga course so lets see what it brings because I have already feeling that I know most of the things related to it, I just need more time for practice. Finally, I read Ramaji: Who am I meditation and it seems to me at places confusing, especially with heart on right hand side.
  10. I might and it might not, it does not mater, infinity is infinity. Sometimes I wonder whether aparent world isn't just one stable states and/or superposition of infinity . Re:
  11. Whole relationship commitment is based on separation of self and other. Only if self realizes that there there is no other then there can be enough awareness to accept others and create different relationship structure. I cannot tell you what it might look like because I was not in one . However, I moved close enough that I realized that it can have has even higher survival probability than traditional one.
  12. Weigh yourself in the evening and in the morning and you find out that you are weigh less . There is no cheating just keep hours, eat within 8 hours (breakfast 10am up to dinner 6pm for instance). Obviously, if you keep high caloric diet you won't move too far.
  13. I had small pause due to New Year and I organized myself trip to South Asia. Feel free to use my referral code and tour I take ... ( I hope it is not against the rules, I remove it if it is ) My tour at max 30+% discount I took tour from 25.1.
  14. @Amandine 16:8 intermittent fasting, 8 hours for food and 16 hours nothing just pure water, If you can do it then you don't need any dramatic change of diet. However, ideally no bread, no chocolate, no diary, and no wine , sorry, alcohol has lots of calories. During Christmas I gained 2-3kg and I currently started New Year detox fast I'm in 2nd day and I expect to end up at 70 kg with 176 cm it is ok-ish and I'm going to keep below 70. How? If one does not heavily exercise then you have to do it with diet and I exercise at least 3x per week 1.5h and if I add my sex appetite then it is ok with all foods above excluded .
  15. Why?! Or rather "Is there point of life?" and then potentially Why?