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  1. Looking forward to your smoking experience and comparison
  2. Leo, you were talking in last video about 30mg anal use and salt 5meo correct?
  3. For me: 1. awareness 2. subconsciousness 3. consciousness 4. other teachers including leo 5. body The relevance order is questionable.
  4. Important are bandhas rather than flexibility, flexibility comes with practice so bend it, no problem.
  5. it is like 1 meal per day, well, don't be so hard on you, you can start with 2 meals (breakfast + lunch) and if it is works without negative effects then try 1 and then maybe nothing
  6. How I feel about it ... well, I feel really really sorry for YOU, nobody is going to have sex with you anymore and your life is going to end soon . fck, start exercising, work on your mental health, improve your immune system (cold showers work too). You can also find nice calm place where you close eyes and admit that you have it and it is for life (cry whenever is needed), imagine all consequences and accept them and realize that you can spend your whole life being negative about it and it would be just waste of your time.
  7. I do not recommend it, if anything then jala neti. The reasons are that you would need 30mins to settle down and also once you do khechari you do not what to feel remnants of rape in your nasal cavity.
  8. True, it is not about the one that goes but ones that stay .
  9. Yes, it is a rumor, I went directly to the source to search for comment on rumors so I may return with clearer message. My message was partial click-bait (I amended the topic) and I want to put into people's awareness (it is never enough) to start slowly. ------------------------ It reminds me of the story of sannyasin that carries a lantern and he hears motorcyclists without lights that is going to hit him. Sannyasin wants to give motorcyclist lantern not injure himself. However, motorcyclist replies: "What is the point! I do not have brakes either!"
  10. I do want to spread bad word with you guys to be very careful what you buy on dark net, always test it and do not go climbing Everest first day you buy hiking boots! So, I was buying lsd drug test from one guy (owner of eu eshop) and had a word with him about substances etc. and he mentioned that there were recently 2 deaths related to 5-meo (he mentioned Octavio and that he has stop at the moment bla bla). I do not know details ... so it is unconfirmed yet. Anyway, all I want to say, make sure you know what you doing and/or are going into and start slowly with all substances ... My advice: start like mushrooms/truffles 2g dry/15-20g wet then start maybe peyote, san pedro, ayahuasca etc. couple of times then maybe bufo (don't try to push boundary, like 2-3 times per ceremony) and never never bufo after whatever medicine that contains DMT because MAOI can still be in the system and kick in. Maybe somewhere in between Mckenna hero's dose. What is your proposed progress? If there is any progress :). Good tripping!
  11. Guy in the video is just performing a joke . Teaching well, that is what I plan already couple of months now. There is not much interest in kriya yoga, it is not hype.
  12. here is "kyra" yoga, watch until the end to be enlightened ... (this is one of my favorite teachers of ashtanga)
  13. connect SD card into your brain SD reader and allow your brain to access information ... then save the trojan virus into SD card and give it to couple of friends to share the knowledge ... well, hack their brains in order to create multi level neural network etc. There is no need that everybody is happy, just the top level, as always