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  1. when I contemplated photons that did not travel distance and did not live even for a fractions of a second from their perspective helped me to realize collapse.
  2. @VeganAwake ... just continue with your work and it will come...
  3. You do not know whether it was beginning or just continuation. Recently, I visit talk by Penrose (colleague of Hawking) about cyclic universe.
  4. @khalifadmt substances rise vibrations, you need to ground yourself I would do sananga or/and kambo . And certainly yoga but I do not think kriya is good for it, it again rises vibrations, go for more physical like ashtanga or even hot yoga .
  5. Last time I did 75ug and I had the same However, I tried to misprove this concept and I was not successful .... in addition by the end of 4 or 5th hour I was tired of this mental processing and i had the most amazing sex so It must have been really crazy in 60-70ties ... do not use it as advice
  6. It certainly helps to be smaller and agile as gazelle than slow and rotten dinosaur, just don't vote for trump-like Johnson as PM . Maybe you finally get your freedom after 500years or just make 20 babies per family and take over england in the next 100 years
  7. Just say : you are going to do it every second week from now on and all ego-s are happy !
  8. That is what ayahuasca told me ... that I would not be able to handle it ... I understand now
  9. Looks like there are going to be more profound substance until you just reach turiya four . Check-out Christopher Bache who regularly used 500+ug LSD later on shrooms and it seems he has difficulty being in his body given too high vibrations, sounds like addiction to me. Rather concentrate on cleaning and clearing practice (yoga style), absorb wisdom (books, retreats, etc), practice in life and just breath, good luck.
  10. change job or work on better degree and get better paid position As a PhD I used to earn 1500eur but that was 15+y ago.
  11. Greed is strong! Old ways are difficult to get rid of, you need p-delics into water . Maybe, once all the money are on blockchain one could track down where it all flows and this way better regulate and decrease corruption.
  12. Profit margins are too high, that is one way to look at it, I guess doctors would disagree. Everybody wants profit, and we are used to ever increasing profit so necessarily there is going to be pressure on profit margins. So you propose some sort of conscious capitalism , to me it sounds like an additional regulation if it is not already in place. (conscious capitalist = less regulated communist ) It still seems to me that the best solution is concentrate on effective use of resources (use resources and adapt regulation) rather than increased spending. This certainly has to lead to decent cut of margins. It cannot be that difficult to find out where the money leaks.