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  1. @khalifa Do not fast for just 2 days, either you do it for longer like 5-7days or intermittent fasting.
  2. My way was reasonably good school and certain needed knowledge at the appropriate time and I was able to land in first proper job in the UK with 58k GBP, that was more than 10y ago. And I was an immigrant as many british called me Find what jobs paid that much and find what skills you need for them and then dig in
  3. There is nothing wrong with him .... I like what he says about beliefs, tribalism, placebo and some other concepts. Unless one does not have direct evidence of god one cannot say it exists so he say god does not exist. @Leo Gura Why don't you contact Joe and get your ass on line?
  4. It is just a question of time until you get over it whether you want or not so just enjoy it until lasts. One way is to be exposed by so many partners that you get bored and/or start to think about it more consciously who to choose , or you get STD and it also shifts your perception immediately . Another one to get old . Don't create unnecessary barriers, you would be forced to return to it in order to progress anyway. Once I meditated and first few minutes I was having sex thoughts, I was not able to get rid of it so it became my object of meditation and I introduced compassion and love to all and everything . It was great ... passionate sex and love dance and I just can sink into it. However, love was quite strong and all those sex thoughts dissipated into love and bodily thoughts disappeared after few moments, then I was able to return to breath etc. Just don't make it addition
  5. I can only confirm what you describe. Moreover, long term fasting (21+) brings you closer to death and one has to deal with it. You can even cross the bounday of no return and you are physically gone ... Jesus did not go into a desert for fun
  6. All I see that the most of addictions diappears while marching towards enlightenment . Anything that is left keeps you functioning in this realm with awareness of your addiction . Note from my perspective even breathing is addition .
  7. <a href="" >Drowzey Drawz Youtube channel ... </a> Drowzey Drawz (test)
  8. Absolutely Also current mostly muslim immigration puts pressure on local population etc.
  9. I was doing it for few months, it can sort out lots of issues (addiction, work, relationships) but also expose new issues so there can be quick progress. 20ug is a lot for me, one should feel only very subtle physical effects if any. I end up at 9ug using Dr.Fadiman's approach. Even jump to 11ug has a significant effect. There is a study that lower doses lead to fully engaged work and higher doses to increased creativity. Find your sweetspot for purpose you want to use it. Forgot to say do grounding practice at least kriya yoga. It keeps you in check .
  10. You got already customers (ie stream of income) , I do not have even customers and I plan to start in few months ... like Socrates awaiting poisson. All is going to be well, just do it step by step as McKenna said in his books Futher, good luck.
  11. Trump is not strong (he replaced lots of people so he got stronger), the problem of other is the inability to evercome his strength. Unless the consciousness of people is increased there won't be change in the current system, so Trump and alike are going to win. However, as in the chinese farmer story, we do not know whether it is good or bad (aka Ralston's not knowing).
  12. I currently see Trump as a president for 2nd term. Anyone, too?
  13. btw. in order to decrease usage of valuable substance use maoi before plugging (decrease dosage below 10mg as a start, ideally 5-6mg )
  14. Europe is getting better but still one has to be very very careful ... DMT and derivatives are class A drugs still.
  15. Well, you do too much . Too much control, skip randomly one of the things you do from time to time, waste some time, it is irrelevant anyway .