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  1. God can be conscious devil. Consciousness does not guarantee moral concepts.
  2. Returned from holiday. It was short but I enjoyed it. I listened to Great Minds of the Eastern Intellectual Tradition I liked it and found many things that I even never heard of, one interesting character that I', aligned with is Nagarjuna. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'm part of online dyads group that I appreciate. I booked flight to London and I plan to attend few days retreat. Hopefully, second wave of COVID won't be the issue because I already cancelled previous retreat in May. It is something that I'd like to bring into Center Self+Love. The opening of center has still few months to go.
  3. I'm really thankful for COVID lockdown in a sense that I have ability to build Ikea kitchen and at the same time listen to Leo's videos. I've just listened to stage red video and I've seen myself in certain situations in stage red. Not only that I had realization that when I used to play games as a teenager I appreciated more Civilization rather than Doom and similar. It is not that I did not play Doom/Wolfenstein or similar but I got bored much earlier than some other strategic games. Therefore, I appreciate Leo's remark on playing games with elements of red stage in a sense that it should give red perspective and serve as some kind of bust/release of red stage behavior. This might be the way how to move teenagers trough stages faster than earlier generations.
  4. Dyads is something that I wan to do in Center Self+Love therefore I signed for online dyads. I wondered how self realized I am. At first, I had dyads with somebody who wanted to open to me because I was asked to repeat communication. However, in the second set I fucked up because I jumped in on purpose, I wanted to do good but I realized that I was not asked to do it and therefore I failed and lost trust, it was a good lecture. I apologized and I accepted it but my hope was understanding why I did it. Well, what to do I have to let go. Today, I just finished first evening with group working and I had opportunity to have dyads with master. It was interesting to see how people are struggling at different levels. I looked like people are at different levels of spiral dynamics but they struggle similar way, it looks like reaction to barrier is the same, banging head against the wall instead of finding the way to break or go somehow around it. If anybody feels he/she wants to try dyads with me feel free to contact me.
  5. It is unbelievable how life plays its cards. I have to deliver to officials project that is done by architect or similar and I asked my uncle whether he would do it. Long story short he agreed so we almost almost finished the project. Here comes lump inside the breast of his wife and all is stopped, rushing to doctors, hospitals, surgery. Many people say that it wants to tell me something. Well , I just say, if there is any suffering I'm too attached to a project. Or one can say, waw, what a coincidence! At the same time we all become more conscious about the limited physical life as we know it.
  6. I'm just listening to Leo's new video and I went past 17min realizing that I had that realization in the evening after 5Meo when I wondered whether there is even something .... I questioned here and now and I saw there is no-here and no-now that was mind-blowing . Interesting, Leo claims that: all there is - is nothing and the reason that it exists is that it is nothing, excellent. after 35 minutes thich nhat hanh advices to ask if you got "empty" glass. Empty glass ... but empty of what ? reality is just superposition of mega wavefunction that is actually virtual ?
  7. I heard it in one of the recent films: "Gravity is a reaction to loneliness." I cannot unlike it. I triggers lots of buttons. It seems I did not post for several months. This does not mean that I was doing nothing, it seems I do not need spend time writing memos but I was living life. Is there any better film than your own?! One should keep living rather than keep watching ... However, I also realized that how attached I become to the project Center Self+Love. Once I realized that all is as it should be and there is nothing to be done it helped me to return to parvatha state. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- To infer one’s existence no other evidence is necessary. The senses and the mind arising from the ego cannot serve as evidence relating to the Self. The Self is their basis. They do not exist independently of the Self. One’s own existence is self-evident. Bliss is the Self. All become dear only owing to the love of Self. Love is not different from the Self. Love of an object is of an inferior order and cannot endure. Whereas the Self is Love, in other words, God is Love.
  8. I heard it in one of the recent films: "Gravity is a reaction to loneliness." I cannot unlike it. I triggers lots of buttons :).
  9. what layer? Sure , I get it, you want to put it into concepts.
  10. Hmm, that is the shortcoming of language. I mean the definition of real. What is? Yes, all seems real until it isn't. Also consciousness is real until it isn't. Even Newton was looking for a substrate of light (ether). If projection is what we experience etc. we still do not know how many dimensions one need to go to get to the director, if there is any. Ultimately one is going to ask why? .Substance aka matter aka ether
  11. You went through strange loop but you seem to be still stuck in material paradigm. Once you accept that the consciousness is the source then the physical world crumbles. It is just an echo of the property of unspeakable.
  12. have a break as I mentioned, you might develop mental dependency Start much lower 5-7ug and up by 2ug, good luck
  13. Ivan, you have to try it yourself. I've been doing it for more than a year and I'm sure of huge potential. It is next big thing after hemp :). However, whatever becomes business looses something, let's see what it is going to be. Get it from good source, find your levels, levels for work up to levels for contemplation and creativity. Just try to keep minimum of 3days in between and you should be fine, Monday and then Thursday is a good rhythm.
  14. How to teach that cannot be taught? Path to total awakening does not go trough the garden of Eden but through the flames of Hell.