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  1. I feel it, my salary was not increased past 9years, I guess it was too high ... hmm, wanted to "retire" 3years ago and then corona hit (it was great time) and then inflation hit so I decided wait until I see we are out of the woods. According to Mr. Moustache I saved 25x yearly spending so I can "retire", I just try to stick to a plan rather than hurry.
  2. here are my results .... I lack empathy, strange. Anyway, I'm quite able to accept antisocial behavior and certainly lack some effort towards socially rewarded behavior. I guess it can be related to COVID times .
  3. Proof? Stamp? Certificate? Vaccination? Yes, I'm fully vaccinated by freedom and still ... I do like to slip into a persona. Do I fully understand it? Well, as best as I can.
  4. Finally !
  5. my favorite
  6. Jump onto real-estate train as soon as possible in the area that is going to stay desired in the next 10-15years. Whether it is a flat or house does not matter too much unless running costs differ dramatically. It is your inflation protection. Ideally, buy one where you want to live and another one in the country that has young(er) population ;). You can thank me later.
  7. I've chosen good paying job (top 1%) and almost no free time. However, I knew nothing about different way of living when I started working ... it was all about the money .... since I woke up there was a resistance towards my job. This job allowed me to plan my job retirement within 2years and I can concentrate on other things and not to be bothered by the money. As a householder, get the money and do as much sadhana as you can. If still unsure buy Leo's course and find your niche/purpose for instance. Also, learn from Leo's journey as well. In my experience, many of spiritually oriented people still have/had residual blocks and issues related to wealth and money.
  8. @Consilience Congratulation, just 2h per day for 1y is zero in terms of time of the universe. Without Leo's or similar explorations it is difficult to grasp the is-ness. The order of understanding is as in @Leo Gura quote: "You are God. You are Love. You are Infinity. You are Leo." Contemplating in the reverse order .... who am I? what am I? who is the other ? what is this ?
  9. God can be conscious devil. Consciousness does not guarantee moral concepts.