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  1. Boka Fluoride Free Toothpaste - Nano Hydroxyapatite, Remineralizing, Sensitive Teeth, Whitening - Dentist Recommended for Adult & Kids Oral Care - Ela Mint Flavor, 4 Fl Oz 1 Pk - US Manufactured + Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening Powder - 50g Natural Coconut Charcoal, Effective Teeth Stain Remover and Toothpaste Alternative - Safe for Gums Or Enamel + Uncle Harry's Natural & Fluoride-Free Remineralization Liquid for Tooth Enamel - Freshens Breath & Strengthens Teeth (1 oz Glass Dropper) = How I stopped having cavities without needing fluoride. I definitely eat sugar still lol. A water flosser + tongue scraper may help as well. The charcoal and BOKA toothpaste are essential. The Uncle Harry’s remineralization drops work wonders although I had a harder time understanding the health factors. They have other products that seem to work great too but their mouth wash has colloidal silver which was a red flag to me. The drops seem safer, and like I said work really well. Side note: the Nano-Hydroxyapatite is renowned, in Japan especially, as it is 100% non toxic and already a building block of your teeth. I’ve used that tooth paste for years. Not too many in that price range with it in it.
  2. Everyone is talking past each other here and ignoring the actual points being made.
  3. @Vrubel Also what do you mean by ‘you people?’ What group are you throwing me in?
  4. @Vrubel are you trying to gaslight me? Karmadhi said: The risk of loosing another 50 childreen does not justify killing 15.000. You said: Are kidding me!? I’ll do everything in the world to save 50 Israeli children. I gladly will give my life for it. I wish The Palestinians viewed their people with the same reverence and did not use them as human shields or disposable pawns.
  5. I find the other responses too analogous and not clear depictions. Jailbreaking your mind involves aligning your values, perspectives, opinions, thoughts, beliefs, etc. with that of the entire world around you and what benefits it. This still includes you and your body. Nonetheless, changes in these concepts will shift the information you receive or accept and consequently the way you view and interact with the world to a level otherwise foreign to someone who has not decided to do something like this. Hence, it’s called jailbreaking. You get access to a multitude more than you would with a closed source system (like IOS or the human minds standard limits). Also, like jailbreaking, you open your mind to all the bad stuff that the original means may or may not have been preventing. For IOS, this means viruses, hackers, etc. For the human mind, this means conspiracies, bad or dangerous ideas, etc. The cost benefit analysis is yours to decide. Much like jailbreaking if you know what you’re doing and do it with care you will be fine. But also plenty of people try to jailbreak their phones and mess up.
  6. GPT 4 and Opus 3 are practically the same, as Leo mentioned. GPT has an app, better UI, access to DALL-E, etc. It also has one of the best speech to text functions, and has a conversation mode. Opus can support slightly longer formatting, is a bit more ‘human’ and is better for coding than GPT (slightly). I use GPT4 for the ease of access and essentially as a glorified search engine. I would use Opus if you plan to code and don’t care about some of the accessibility or DALL-E that comes with GPT.
  7. @Vrubel All you’ve done is deny peoples points and when they start to make better ones you ignore completely. You stopped replying to me to tell other people how they shut down and don’t address things. 😂 and you’re still just name calling and insulting people too. Take your own advice and let the people who have studied the topic speak and maybe take a seat. You’re clearly riddled with personal bias here.
  8. @Vrubel “Plain old atrocities denial” ?!?!!? You’re the one downplaying the IDF doing 1000-2000x times more killing.
  9. @Vrubel How are comments like these allowed? You should do anything to save any children. How are racist comments like these allow here? Vrubel is openly saying they’d do anything up to and beyond killing 20,000 (1000 times) the amount of Palestine children for just 50 Israeli children. Oh AND it’s the Palestinians fault the IDF killed them, he says.
  10. @Vrubel Right…. If I think you’re wrong I am wrong… if I say one thing you could say the opposite. Do you run the IDF?
  11. @Vrubel What are those lines? So far you have not demonstrated you understand the severity of the situation here. If you did, you’d understand why you get slammed. You’d understand that, ironically how you want Hamas to just lay down his weapons, you must lay down your ideas. Surrender your ideas. You really think you’re going to have a reasonable conversation with people who are going through what the IDF is putting them through? Also, it’s not fair to call it childish here while also calling people internet trolls and not engaging in real conversation yourself.
  12. @Vrubel Name calling doesn’t go far here. And of course if one side surrenders it is more likely to be over. That’s been true in every war and it’s laughable to even suggest. Also, surrendering is much different than agreeing on anything. Have you ever been asked to just give up, surrender? How easy was it for you? Was it because you should or because the other side was simply intimidating? Israel calling for a cease fire is like taking all your legos and punching you in the face until you give my ball back and telling you, while I’m punching you, that if you would’ve never taken my ball I wouldn’t have had to take all of your legos and punch you in the face and if you just give my ball back I would maybe stop.
  13. @Nivsch Of course I have taken that into consideration. What I have never taken into consideration is killing women or children. The IDF has currently killed 20,000+ women and children. Injured 50,000+ women and children. I am not a fool. This will happen in war but the proportions here are far beyond any other war anytime recently and its cause has been obvious disregard for human life from a scared and angry IDF. It’s becoming genocidal- many, even within Israel, think it already is a genocide.