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  1. Brilliant video, once again! Appreciate the mature and nuanced style of delivery in this one. Thank you for the wisdom, Leo!
  2. Obsidian would be my weapon of choice. It has much more flexibility in terms of useability. And with the help of rich ecology of community plugins, it'll easily trump - I'd say all the other note taking apps, including Notion and OneNote. With those, you are pretty much stuck with the rigid folder -kind of organization style. Obsidian let's you build your knowledge base holistically from ground up, so when your notes start accumulating, they'll start to form a complex web of knowledge. You start to make new interconnections between topics much more easily, IMO. Especially with this kind of work, where every topic is deeply connected - like philosophy, spirituality, epistemology etc., it's hard to label something to a specific category. Instead what I like to do, is I just start writing on a empty note, and with internal links and tags / other metadata, I can then make those MOC pages for the main topics like philosophy, metaphysics etc. What's best, dataview plugin will add new notes to the specfic MOCs automatically, when metadata is added. If you'd still like to use some of the Notion's features -- like databases changes are, you'll find a community plugin that let's you do just that. (Database folder, Dataview, Kanban etc.) Just make sure, you don't make these apps just another way to procrastinate with your work. It's easy to get excited about these shiny new toys Just use whatever tools that gets the job done most effectively. Pretty much all of these apply to Obsidian, too.
  3. I guess here's a little snippet of that Shame rule: "It’s the walk of shame, folks. Life, that is. We cannot walk through life without feeling ashamed of ourselves, and sometimes even of others. This sixth rule of life states: Do that walk of shame. Properly. Fully. Like a boss. Like the queen of England. Or like Freddy Mercury himself." From: https://medium.com/@hanzifreinacht/the-inventory-of-shame-56259d8d95b1
  4. This flamingo -species can basically consume the worlds most toxic water. When other animals have severe, often fatal injuries from it, these guys just get a beautiful reddish color on their feathers. Pretty cool.
  5. A conversations with Dr. Zubin Damania should be interesting. He often talks about Ken Wilber, holistic health, epistemology, awakening, nature of reality etc. And his LP seems to be reforming healthcare to 2nd tier. https://www.youtube.com/c/ZDoggMD/featured
  6. I think anything from Ken Wilber would be a good place to start. Also, if you're in that stage of development, you can probably draw wisdom from sources, that are developmentally - even radically above or below your own current stage of development. I'd recommend getting your hands on Leo's book list. At least for me it has been a very valuable resource.
  7. @28 cm unbuffed He had some problems with rendering. The video will be out in couple of days.
  8. Here's the clip of Ken talking about this.