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  1. How I Became Enlightened Fast And How You Can Do It To
    How I Became Enlightened Fast And How You Can Do It To
    Karoi Village In (Rajasthan) Bhilwara is famous for some great astrologers. After I completed my engineering degree and I was looking for a job. So I visited a astrologer with my maternal aunt, who visited him once few years before. 
    Astrologer was a young man , very good looking with large and shining eyes. He told us to sit down and wrote something on a writing slate with a chalk. Then he told my maternal aunt to ask question. My maternal aunt asked him a question. He told her to pick the slate on which he wrote something before question was asked, the answer for the question was already written on the slate. My maternal aunt told him that she visited him few years back. He told her the date and time of visit, questions asked by my maternal aunt and answers given by him. Dozens of people visit him every day still he remembered everything. 
    He never charged fees for his services, people used to donate 5-10 rupees if they wish, it was not a compulsion. 
    Then he rubbed the slate with a cloth and wrote something on the slate. The he told me to ask the question. My question was whether I will get a government job or not. He told me to turn the slate. It was written that I will get a job in private sector and then I will get a job in government sector, date of joining of both jobs were also mentioned. I asked him ,"do you practice yoga?" He replied ," meditation".
    Few years later I found that everything he said was accurate.
    When I was posted in Bhilwara city during my government job, I visited him once again but he was not using his psychic abilities now, he was telling future by asking date and place of birth, and he was not looking as graceful as he was looking before.
    After I visited the astrologer with my maternal aunt, I discussed it with a friend in Bhilwara, he told me about another astrologer in a nearby village. He was a old man living in a hut, before asking him a question I said to him," should I tell you my date of birth", he said , "What's the need?", he wrote my date of birth on a paper. Then I asked him , "How can I achieve mental peace?", he said, "you are the first person who has asked such question", after this I discussed few other things with him. 
    I was a hardcore atheist raised in atheistic family, but my belief in atheism shattered after few more such incidents.