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  1. Interesting topic and some valid insights! @Leo Gura I contemplated another day about science, and I got an insight that science can be much broader than it is formulated in the world. I actually believe that computer science can also be considered as science, and it does not matter that it is artificial, because distinction between artificial is natural is not absolute one. Also, mathematics can be considered as science too? And ecology, other domains which include research, data gathering. Or am I tricking myself and justifying my life purpose ?
  2. @Leo Gura Thanks for your videos! I am really behind all this, however during my hardcore meditation sessions I do sometimes feel that everything is made of the same substance... And, correct me if I am wrong, did you also feel that there is now distinction between camera, alive beings or fruits and etc? Are they all made from the same substance? So that means, that distinction between natural and artificial is indeed a false one... Or am I projecting something and misleading myself? Thanks for you dedication!
  3. I actually the one who thinks that intuition might be misleading. From my experience intuition is leading in wrong ways. I have tested it in some serious situations. And if I need to get some knowledge or to decide some business/career options I rather use serious contemplation/meditation and even breathing techniques to reach a different state. So I don't trust my intuition almost at all, I find focus/contemplation are better ways to get insights. And I found that Sadhguru also thinks that intuition might be misleading So I would be careful to trust your intuition.
  4. @Maxx Yes Steve Jobs was a visionary too. However, I don't know his purpose for sure. I thought that his initial goal was to provide tools for education. And computer is one of the best for that. But somehow it changed later. But it seems that he was definitely conscious about his work. He also spend a year as a monk.. So that can say a little bit about his outlook on the world. @Leo Gura Yes Sadhguru is amazing in business side, too. But a lot of his work is just about sharing information ( in various ways, like apps, social media, websites). He also contributes to the environmental awareness like tree planting, or rally for Rivers. His foundation also builds schools. But all that is definitely different from Elon Musk's work. He applies more creativity(different one) for his ventures. He focuses on another aspect of reality, which is also important and consciousness promoting. He builds things, applying innovative thinking, being great leader, having fascinating visions for the world and evolving human species and technology.
  5. @Maxx Yes I agree, I actually find Elon Musk ventures as consciousness promoting ones. Electric cars are good for nature, Neuralink is good way to enhance humans, SpaceX shows humans possibility to build rockets and increase knowledge in technology. All that is basically advanced and beautiful creativity... As I meditate deeper and deeper I only get more passionate about creativity in technology and science (particularly computer science). Or maybe I am delusional, but I doubt about that, cause I sacrificed a lot for constant meditation...
  6. Hello I rarely post new topics, but today while reading about AI (got tired after programming 3 days straight ) I thought maybe Sadhguru has opinion about this topic! Surprisingly he has ! He posted a message about AI just 3 weeks ago! If you are interested, please read it. It is very interesting and so accurate... I cannot understand, how such mystic has ability to understand things so amazingly.. P.S. I don't know if this forum is right for this topic, maybe it should be transferred to another sub forum Sorry for any disturbance..
  7. I also spend a little bit of time researching diet. The thing is that since 14 I have not crave any sweets and fats. Maybe, because I started to be really sensitive to my stomach. I mean I don't feel pain, but if I eat something and it still is not digested fast I feel really bad... It seems that I am really aware of my stomach and digestive system. As far as my current diet I mostly eat vegetables and fruits, however since I am 18 I need to eat some chicken, so I also include some chicken in my diet. And so for I tried intermittent fasting. It is amazing thing! I actually feared it a little bit, cause of my age, but the results are amazing. My blood had got better quality and energy has also increased.And meditation got better, then you fasting. Have you tried intermittent fasting? Also I would recommend buckwheat as a super food !
  8. @Geromekevin Yes this is really a profound book! Also there is amazing book in Leo's books list about spirituality and computer science/AI. I personally believe that AGI will be a real deal pretty much in 20-30 years. The speed of computer technology is exponential, there never was a similar science, which progressed as fast as computer science. Also, the community in computer science/machine learning is much more profound and productive in comparison with other fields, because people willingly contribute, share source codes and ideas. I bet strong AI will be much sooner than mainstream genetic engineering. I actually disagree with that. First of all, Google recently stated that their Neural networks and deep learning started to rewrite and edit itself, because it is even more efficient than to program it ( my ego was really hurt by that, cause I study computer science and am passionate about programming/AI ). Aside from that, Google's company Deep Mind has advanced Alpha Go to such level that it is capable to create absolutely new creative insights about GO, the game, which is intuitive and more profound than chess. It completely shifted idea of "perfect way of playing" in GO. I highly encourage to read this page, because it is informative and provides a new information(2017 October 16). The future will be bright with AI!
  9. Hello, I am so excited to share my first concentration improving game - android app(I believe so). So basically I got this summer a job in app development company and I got a ton of work here( However the work is not really creative, it mainly focuses on solutions for developers). Still I like my job, because I am 18 and after 1 month I am going straight to university, so experience is very important. Despite my work I still found time to develop this game. I feel that one of my most important goals in life is to create new, unique and conscious games and apps. This one is still an easy one, but it is extremely difficult for one person to create a beautiful and exciting game. In order to do that, I created a strategy: start from small apps and then continue with bigger projects. (I hope to find more passionate people, who are interested in similar apps development). The people in my work laughed and said that app is not good, however few colleagues actually were interested in playing this one, saying it is unique one. So if you have time try it I would like to get a decent critique and maybe someone would like to create apps with me ! For us IT guys, it is extremely easy to work remotely Here is a link for an app: P.S. I am proficient in Java(working with Android Studio), improving my C# skills and I have 2+ years of Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator experience.
  10. That is a real inspiration! I definitely agree with the fact that strong AI is totally possible. I bet that it will happen after 30-40 years, considering how fast information technology is advancing. A week ago Elon Musk wrote in his twitter that it will happen in 2030-2040. Also if someone is interested in pragmatic statistics, I recommend to check this new study. It is really comprehensive.
  11. @Rocky Yes I quite got your ideas! I can definitely agree with a lot of it. I just feel more motivated to pursue my life purpose
  12. @Leo Gura Thanks for valid information! I really appreciate a straightforward and prominent way of answering complex questions! I have read ideas of other people in this chat and I agree with them that computer programming brings a flow state. I can't attain that state from any other activity, aside from coding, bodyweight exercising&tennis and meditation. I especially feel that state after 1-2 hours intense coding. And I searched that flow state might be a indicator of higher consciousness. Is it true? I am asking, because I have not heard that in your videos, maybe I missed something
  13. Hello, as I am very passionate about computer programming and I have decided to major in programming, but I started to doubt that somehow computer sience is not higher consciousness activity... I am currently doing some game programming and a little of design in my cousin software company, but while searching material about spirituality and reading prominent people ideas about computer games I see that computer games are considered addictive and do lower consciousness... At the same time I know that programming is my strength, I have already got a decent knowledge in C#, Java, Javascript, C++. This is why I don't want to change my life purpose and career, but I do want to study highly conscious field. However I started to think that programming might not be highly conscious activity... This is why I think that Artificial intelligence and machine learning are related to consciousness. I made some research and currently have an opinion, that it will help to understand human mind more, and solve whole intelligence puzzle. Also advanced mathematics are required and that sounds highly conscious. I still haven't figured out a concrete plan for mastering those two domains, but I am certain that I will manage to do it. And I would be grateful if someone could share his insights about AI and whether it is highly conscious activity. I saw some similar topics in this forum, this is why I believe that someone will share his opinion , maybe give some advices
  14. To be honest, even if I might be a little biased speaking about video games(because I working in developing them, and it is part of my life purpose) the truth is that you can play video games and be mindful! It is just more difficult, but sometimes even creates a hightened sense of awareness. It happens to me, than I completely immerse in game, but at the same time I try to look at screen not from myself, but rather from somewhere else. Kinda difficult to explain I would suggest trying simple mobile games like the ones, Ketchapp are creating, they are good to begin
  15. @blazed Can't agree on process of creating games, it seems that you lack basic knowledge of game development. Story of video games is not addictive itself, it just a story, illusion and fantasy. Only person might become addictive.Many friends of my watch variuos TV shows almost for 5 hours a day. It depends of person not the game itself. You just need to learn how to be aware while playing.