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  1. What I found among my close family and friends is that they are afraid of themselves, they are addicted to stimulation and they have this dogmatic belief that, if they start doing it, they will get possessed or something. I'm not even joking. Plus, there is that part of them not being comfortable with themselves, a year ago, being left alone with myself without distractions sounded scary and now it's a delight.
  2. Spirituality: This is my playlist on non duality, I collected all of my favourite videos here. Check it out if you like
  3. Or maybe, surrender or suffer
  4. I will once I finish and when I have enough free time. Probably in june lol
  5. Actually i've been rewatching all of them and taking notes everyday hahah I don't know what I'll do once I finish, it'll be my last addiction to overcome
  6. Happy birthday Leo, thank you for everything!
  7. "You" only exist in your head, contemplate that!
  8. Check this out guys, from 1 hour mark. It goes into the heart of this.
  9. What @Prabhaker said , on a more relative level, Shinzen Young said strong determination sitting and I can confirm it's the fastest way to see big results, but it's also really emotionally challenging.
  10. On week days: 06.35 - wake up 06.40-07.00- affirmations 07.00-07.30- prepare for school 08.00-14.00 - school 14.20-lunch, check out the forum 15.00- working out 15.30 - concentration 15.40- meditation for 10/15 min 16.00- 17.00 nap 17.00-18.00 meditation 18.00 studying/ reading 19.30 contemplation 20.00 dinner 20,21 self help, meditate again 22.00- forum 23.00- sleep Weekends mostly same things only without school and sometimes I watch a movie or something.
  11. I feel you man, this spiritual purification isn't all rainbows and butterflies! I never thought I carried so much anger inside of me, its unbelievable. Let them be, express them (not on anyone-check out how to deal with anger thread) and like @egoeimai said,accept them. There is no point in resistance, see anger asit is, temporary ego bs which will actually leave you more peaceful and grounded and won't matter in the big scale of things. Good luck!
  12. Go somewhere where no one can hear you, a forest perhaps, and scream. As simplistic (or crazy) as it may sound, it really does help with anger And when you get rid off it, you can enjoy the nature
  13. Yeah, happens quite a lot actually. I just randomly swing my arm while meditating sometimes. Consider there is a huge pent up energy inside of you that needs to be released. Lately I've been screaming during my meditations. At first I was afraid that I was going insane, but realized it was just ego doing its thing. Don't worry about it too much, distractions will get even worse but your job is to see through its falseness and keep your eyes on the prize!
  14. I also remember when I was a kid I had these random moments where I felt confused I existed, especially when I went to church. I remember sitting there and actually feeling like I wasn't a real person. 10 years later and boom, turns out I was right
  15. I had two awful dark nights right before I had an realization. I went through depression several years ago and dark night of the soul is much much worse than depression because you feel like you are the entire suffering that ever existed, but not only that, you are also so alone and everything is meaningless. To make things even harder, any human comforts and distractions are seen through and all you can do is to face all of your darkness and fears on your knees wishing either to surrender or just die. The tricky thing is you can't willingly surrender, you have to wait until your personal will vanishes entirely. In my experience, those nights are followed by unexplainable bliss and profound insights. There is no way to understand the terror and bliss of this if you haven't experienced it.