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  1. Suffering. To me it was the best spiritual teacher, even better than the most advanced masters and yogis.
  2. @blazed i agree with you. I started taking these notes last year and all I did was watching video after video ansd I did nothing expect meditation. It took me 3 months to realize what I was doing and in all that time I thought I was actually growing. Now I'm taking action and doing the things I'm taking notes on rather than daydreaming about improving myself.
  3. 1) Retrain your subconscious mind Best methods : visualization and having goals - reading them every day This way you reshape your self image. You have to have more positive patterns- thoughts etc Be persistent with it! 2) how to be more confident Dig in your beliefs- do you feel like you'll embarass yourself? Do you feel like you'll get rejected? Find situations where you're not confident, what exactly is causing you to feel insecure? What would a confident person do? What would she think? Write a concrete list of actions. Actions steps: Two affirmations to do every day: 1. I love being confident 2. I am indepedent of good or bad opinions of others Visualization- picture yourself in the situation you feel least confident- take an action that would a confident person take, feel it, image it vividly Start pretending you're ultra confident. Push yourself a bit and socialize more 3) how to eliminate negative thoughts Be aware of your thoughts more often- what is the topic? 3 times a day ask yourself what are you feeling and what thought you had that created that emotion Make a list of negative thoughts- in which category it fits. Action steps- reshape those thoughts : meditation, affirmations, focus on other people (have a cause, don't think about yourself too much) & focus on doing +MINDFULNESS- observe yourself without judgement. Notice when you're having negative emotions. Let it go, simply watch it By doing this you will develop emotional mastery and gain more control 4) Sensitivity Look for subtle effects of behaviours you part take in. Do you notice how you feel when you do a certain activity? Does that action help you or harm you? Look at what you're feeling your consciousness with - we are overwhelmed with media, culture. We are overstimulated. Being sensitive to those things takes time because the effects are not bombastic. Action steps: Find 3 activities that are toxic- get rid off them 5) positive affirmations Your mind believes everything you repeat enough times, by doing these affirmations you create empowering beliefs. Repeat a single affirmation for 5 minutes, keep them short. Start them with I AM Be specific! 6) how to never quit You will come to a point where you'll have this defining moment : is this what I'm pursuing worth it? If yes, do it. If not, quit Not qutting will set you apart from everyone else. You are learning somethint if you don't quit, if you go on. You have to go through emotional labour it you want to achieve that goal! If you want an amazing life, prepare for obstacles! It won't be easy, but look at the big picture 7) peak performance You have to have a cause, a dream that will make you excited. You have to have a reason why you're doing it. You have to build up momentum- start small and increase it slowly. Be patient and build discipline. Nutrition and exercise are important because they give you more energy to do your best. 8) how to relieve stress Stres is coming from you - you create it. Bad ways to relieve it: gambling, shopping, smoking, drinking, video games, tv, internet They are creating guilt, low self esteem and laziness. Good ways: exercise, going for a walk, riding a bike, reading, yoga, listening to music, quiet time, creative hobby, meditation They are good for you long term Ask yourself: where am I most stressed? Take responsability! Recognize where you relieve stress badly, pull yourself out of that acitivity 9) how to handle challenges You are created to cope with hardships, you can handle it, you can deal with it! You made through so much shit, you survived! Be realistic, you rarely face anything horrific. You will learn something by having to go through something hard. Action steps: Read a book Man's search for meaning, use an affirmation: I can handle any situation in life & contemplate the challenges you went through and what you learned 10) how to be attractive Be detached from needing anyone to fulfill you in your life. You don't need anyone to make you happy! You have to learn to be happy by yourself. When you are being authentic, you attract naturally. You have to be able to let people go. Realize that there is nothing in this world that anyone can offer me that I can't offer myself. Be comfortable by yourself, take care of yourself and people will notice that Ask yourself: why do you feel the need to have someone? 11) benefits of meditation 1) eliminates stress 2) eliminates negative thoughts and worry 3) it unhooks you from stimulation 4) you develop gratitude because you are alive 5)it makes you happy 6) it builds your willpower 7)your brain will be healthy 8) mastering emotions 9) eliminates addications 10) more focus 12) what it takes to create an extraordinary life You have to have courage-ask yourself why are you afraid? What will happen? You have to have a big vision - what will your life look like? Stop striving for quick solutions to stay stuck in mediocracy Be conscious of your own death, the shortness of your own life often! Keep it on your mind when you feel lazy etc 13) how to succeed in life Discover who you are - what you value, what you want, what you don't want, your flaws and talents etc Have a life purpose - this is crucial Set big goals Be willing to work hard Master your thoughts and emotions Study success and DON'T QUIT! 14) how to stay commited to a cause You have to keep recommiting yourself because you will fall of track To stay commited is hard because mind wants to keep you where you're at, it doesn't like to change. Say to yourself: this is tough, but this is what I want! Do exercises and principles for their own sake, not because you want results 15) setting goals / smart goal setting Smart goal setting Is that goal specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely? Write details! How will you know when you' ve achieved it? Make sure it matches your skills, strenghts and desires. Is it impossible to do it? Put a time frame on it. Make sure your goals are inspiring and big. Make sure you really want it. Action steps: visualize your goals every day at least a minute or two- write it, think about it , create a daily routine that will help you accomplish them
  4. @Shin Yes, tables turn. It sort of feels like you were searching for the infinite and when you stop with the whole thing it ends up running after you.
  5. For the last 2 months I've been crying every day out of either pain or pure beauty and love for existence. I doubt it's even healthy at this point. I don't know why I'm writing this post, seems kind of useless, right? I feel obligated to do so since I'm in this state of seeing things more clearly. Every single thing that you ever experienced, every tear, every negative emotion, every bad word, every bad look, every heartbreak, every single fucking time you felt you weren't good enough, every time you felt you couldn't on living, is a fucking blessing! It is a part of the endless beauty of this magical show called existence, that we could clearly see when we first encountered this mystery, but got so disconnected from. I'm telling you right now, whatever your situation is, you are so loved for having an experience in the first place! You are love itself, you are that innocent child that loved everything unconditionally. YOU ARE IT. No words, no analogies, no images, no songs and no millions of thank you's couldn't capture the endless gratitude I feel for having survived up to this moment in my life. I love youu all. Thank you thank you thank you
  6. Peter Ralston, Rupert Spira & Adyashanti. They cut through a lot of bullshit and tell you what you already know
  7. When you have one, you'll know it can't be fake because it's unlike anything you ever experienced. It's not even an experience, it's something more. Ofcourse there is room for delusion here. The mind comes in and tries to make sense of it. Watch yourself carefully and be brutally honest, deep down you know wheter if the state was true or not.
  8. 1)Productivity strategies How can you be more prolific? Look at your distractions during the day that aren't making you prolific. This prolific attitude will make you successful. You have to be in flow, do something you truly love and are passionate about. 2) how to feel happy 1) be grateful (have a gratitude diary etc) 2) turn your attention to positive things that are happening in your day to day life 3) find something to be excited about 4) stop thinking so much 5) eliminate addictions 6).build relationships 7) be mindful - slow delibrate action 8).meditation 9) flow states (in work etc) 3) how to express yourself You have to be a force that controls the world, not the other way around. Work on yourself, but be yourself- do it in your own way. Don't copy others, it will come across as fake. You have to discover your strenghts and develop your own personality. Organic personality attracts people. Own your style and expression. Give it time! It will develop if you stay on track 4) how to stay focused Focus on one thing only. Don't multitask! Work block- sit down for 60-90 minutes and focus on a task. Don't do other things! This is critical Have 5-10 min breaks then come back to the task. This requires discipline, but each task will be done faster and you will be more productive and satisfied. Define 5 things that are distracting you and find solutions. Ask yourself: how do you control yourself and your enviroment? + how to get more energy Have purpose, something you adore. You get energy from thinking about doing things you love 5)Strengths vs weaknesses You should work on both, but start with your strengths, live those on a daily basis. See where your weaknesses limit you. Define what they are. Working on your weaknesses will make you happier even though it's more challenging. If you want success- focus on strengths If you want happiness- focus on weaknesses 6) how to increase results of self help Be prepared for hard work and no results for months - this is key You have to be consistent and patient You need various perspectives from many different people to create the big picture. Expect emotional labour, you have to put real effort into it. Be realistic, changes will be subtle! Experiment! Listen few times ( videos, books etc) but also take action. Don't simply rely on theory 7) how to become a life coach Join a life coach program As a life coach you get to be self motivated You have to understand business, money and marketing. You have to be specialized for something- more specific, the better You have to be passionate and set an example, people will look up to you 8) big life changes Be clear about what you want, set bold goals- make a list. Learn your values and strenghts, set a foundation on which you can decide properly 9) resume writing steps Be specialized, confident and reliable as a worker. Keep it simple, don' t write random bs. What does employer really want? Put yourself in his shoes. Mention your skills and what you can provide for his business 10) how to stop worrying WORRY IS USELESS if you worry your focus and willpower will be drained. Worry is not making you productive, focus on what you can actually do! Things that you worry about mostly don't happen! (By 90%) Adopt a habit of positive worry - what if I do really good? What if _____ (something positive)? 11) how to change the world Set an example for other people. You have to master yourself in order to help others. Understand how you work! Build foundation on which you can over time transfer from yourself to the rest of the world 12) the law of attraction Focus on what you want- you'll attract it. Thoughts generate your actions, what you think becomes real. You can attract positive things with positive thoughts. You have to recondition yourself Things-action- things you want You have to be persistent! This works in all areas of life 13) getting back on track Even if you screw up, its okay just don't give up easily. You're playing for the longrun, it really doesn't matter if you slip once. Expect there will be screw ups!!! Make the best of what you've got and go gradually. Don't live in the past, only way you can fail is if you quit 14) how to stop procrastinating YOU HAVE TO ACT cut out need, must and should- you create resistance saying that. You don't have to do anything Allow the feeling of resistance. Vision something that will be positive in this experience, get excited Starting is the hardest part, if you get over it, you're done! Start small- baby steps 15) how to be happy Every person has a happiness bottleneck. It's an addiction, a belief, self image problem etc. Identify your happiness bottleneck and fix it! Focus on your biggest bottleneck. Be patient with it
  9. @Milos Uzelac yes, I'm from Croatia! Drago mi je sto nas ima s Balkana.
  10. Try sitting in a chair, if you don't already. Sit comfortably and do wim hof method before SDS or wash your face with cold water, that helps a lot. You will be more alert in matter of seconds. As far as your schedule goes, you know that better than anyone, but I can recommend installing break free app or some kind of app of that kind that rejects calls and notifications so no one can distract you. Sretno!
  11. Hey guys, it seems that it'll take me about 3-5 more months to finish watching everything so I'll just share what I got. I'll post here notes of 10 videos every week. I took notes mainly on how to videos, not intros or rants. Keep in mind that my notes are very straight to the point and short. They are mostly imperatives and are designed to take action on, not fantasize about. First videos aren't very long so my notes are short which is why I'll just put them all together in one post, later I will make one post per video as my notes get bigger and bigger. Hope it helps 1. Eliminate resistence Get in touch with resistance- with that feeling Ask yourself could i let this feeling go? If i was a jedi, a monk? Would i like to let it go? When will i let it go? Am i more interested in short term or long term results? Stop avoiding your feelings- face them, they will only get worse if you ignore it. Stop resisting resistance. Force your body- brute force 2. Mastery 1)Expect periods of much effort and no results. 2)set realistic expectations. Say to yourself: im doing fine. 3) Be present in what you're doing, find ways to make it fun. How do you feel doing your mastery? 4)Have patience! 5) push your mind out of it's comfort zone 3. Motivation 1)set up goals 2) get excited before you start 3)make a daily routine 4)be patient 5) don't doubt yourself 6)Find what you really want to do, have an image of yourself- sense of direction 7) write or draw your vision 8) have something you're willing to fight for Important-rely on internal motivation! Positive vs negative P: what i want to be like? You have a vision N: you're looking for solutions that are less painful Positive is better because when you accomplish that one vision, the other one is waiting, you're getting more and more motivation. 4. What a Roman emperor can teach you about happiness Ask yourself: what values do I have? What society values? What is bringing me down- write traits of your lower self. Think about death and shortness of your life. Realize that worrying about opinions is useless! Listen to your higher self. Remind yourself of the difference between where you were and where you're now. Exercise: Write 40 things that are important to you! 5. Self control Find what patterns/ behaviours you have. Build your inner world so you can create your outer world. 1)Discipline yourself- be consistent, it trains your brain. Install new positive habits and 2)Unhook from media and stimulation- be alone and introspect 6. Time management STOP DOING STUPID SHIT Look at what you do during the day. Ask yourself : is this important? Is it essential?What am I doing that's not important? Is this producing joy? Is this giving me value? Do the things that will make you better! Listen to your higher self. You' re building momentum when you're checking in with your habits. 7. How to think about failure Look at the big picture, be less outcome dependant. Learn from your mistakes. Look for failures so you can have a reference experience- find out something new about reality and yourself. Failure doesn't cost a lot in reality- ask yourself how costly is this mistake? So what if you fail? How important is it really? You'll be stuck in your fear if you don't face it. Make a choice that will enhance your growth and not your comfort. Most importantly, start seeing it as a good thing. 8. How to train your mind - how your mind is like a rider atop an elephant Rider- logical mind, elephant- subconscious mind Observe your subconscious mind - how do I train the elephant(sub mind) aswell with the theory I understand consciously? You have to coordinate your rider with the elephant! Have habits that you do on a daily basis. Focus on your vision 9. How to give advice Take a step back and remember how you learned the lesson you're trying to give advice on. Allow people to have their own learning process, some people just have to struggle to understand. Ask them questions - they start thinking about it and let them fail- errors are learning experiences they need 10. How to become successful 1) trust and know yourself 2) hard work 3) be specific - what do you want to master? What do you actually want? 4) master yourself 5) provide value for others P.s I won't be writing notes here of this year's videos because @Juan Cruz Giusto does a wonderful job summarizing them.
  12. I can go through anything I am meant to do great things Everything is a gift-even the painful things I am safe and just where i need to be every minute of my life There is nothing to be afraid of Reality is perfect in every way It's pure magic how situations work out I can see beauty in everything I am complete I have many talents I trust in myself I love myself
  13. @Virgo Yes, it's absolutely normal. Detachment is part of the process, the more detached you are the happier you'll be. It seems you are meditating properly and the only thing that is asked of you is to allow everything and embrace it as much as you can.
  14. @Hardik jain There is nothing wrong with being alone, your ego is the one that says: I should be hanging out with people, I'm not worth of other people's time bla bla bla. I know how it goes. Sit with it, feel it deeply, don't distract yourself and notice the feeling disappearing as you stop resisting it. The truth is you don't need anyone or anything to feel good. You are sooo complete, just haven't found out yet. If you are into enlightenment work, ask yourself : am i awareness complete? Do i awareness lack something? To make sure you don't get depressed, go out and do some physical activity, make sure you get some sun on your skin, listen to music or whatever excites you. It also seems you get a lot of joy from interacting with others, like I do, so just handle this 'loneliness' issue head on and from then on, your relationships will become better because you don't need other people anymore to make you happy. You got it handled! Good luck
  15. @Ilya i do self inquiry while doing SDS and it works wonderfully. The key is to build enough awareness, which means sitting and observing the monkey mind. Once it quiets down, self inquiry can begin