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  1. I think the biggest con is that there won't be a "you" to experience enlightenment. @Shin you can't be serious?!!
  2. Wow, I just realized we have Shia Labeouf on this forum! Not a big fan of your movies, love the just do it speech though
  3. if you're feeling lost and confused right now, know that things will work out if you just stay on track, be patient and live with an open heart. You can do it!
  4. You only wish it wasn't true because it threatens the shit out of your current reality. Get real with meditation, self inquiry, do a dark room retreat, do LSD or whatever and you will realize that this post is nothing but ego trying to strengthen its delusion. Be truly self honest, get real!
  5. I would recommend doing some form of mindfulness practice first, because you don't yet understand the difference between awareness and thought. Raise your awareness first and then start asking the real questions. You can do self inquiry first, but it won't be as powerful. It depends, people who have been doing inquiry for years can do it in any situation with a lot of people around them, but in your case, because you're starting out, best option would be to do it alone in silence. And yeaah keep asking, ask as much as you want, I ask myself from the moment I wake up until I fall asleep(when I remember). The mind has to exhaust itself somehow
  6. Ofcourse you weren't. You went into this thinking you'll get answers to every single question, like the rest of us, but guess what? Greatest answers are non verbal and the more you provide your understanding from silence, the clearer it will be : i don't know anything. And that is okay!
  7. Get used to it. Enjoy the shit out your not knowing
  8. Thank you Leo, I'll work on it.
  9. The ironic thing is, I actually feel like nothing happend this morning. Like Buddha said, this too shall pass and no matter how dark the night is, it will slowly transform into light. Life has proven this to me way too many times and my gut tells me it's all going to be okay. It goes perfectly with what Adya said once, all is well even if it's all unimaginably unwell. Hahahah @Shin your time will come, don't worry about it. You don't want it now, trust me
  10. @Shin lol and when I posted about my enlightenment experience you were so hyped!
  11. @Stoica Doru I actually overcame all of my addictions (at least I thought) in last 6 months and was free of them until post awakening. I guess that's what Leo calls ego backlash. I'll check out the video. Thank you, much love
  12. Thank you all so much! I'll do my best @Shin yeah I see what you're saying. I am aware when I'm doing the unconscious behaviour that i am actually running away from myself. It's painfully obvious now.
  13. So I had an enlightenment experience less than a month ago when I realized that all is one/me. Since then I gradually went back to my old ways- bad habits, getting drunk, judging 24/7 etc. I feel haunted by this irrational fear that I will become reality(?) and I haven't been able to do a proper inquiry and meditation this whole month. It feels like all the desire for truth and huge passion I had just vanished totally. And everywhere I look I see suffering, but I am aware that I am creating it. All of it is fucking ME I feel like I'm losing my mind and suicidal thoughts have never been more present. It's strange that I'm having full on nervous breakdowns and yet I feel untouched by them, there is like a part of me that feels totally okay with it, it never happend to me before. I know this post is a mess, but I had to get this off my chest This is a cry for help, any advice how to deal with this shaky, reality -shattering ground would be appreciated.
  14. Good one! This one is mindblowing. Check it out if you haven't.
  15. I've tried it when I was just starting out and it was amazing. You can easily learn how proper meditation is done. As I progressed, I installed insight timer and it works great for me nowadays Also, Calm is pretty helpful too. I suggest trying out all of them and see what works the most.