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  1. Thank you for your replies @St Clair@YaNanNallari. I was waiting to see if I could get some more points of view, I guess I ain't getting any. Thank you.
  2. So the primary question that I should ask myself is what is the most meaningful impact I can have. Once I find out that, finding how I accomplish it will be relatively easy. Right ?
  3. Is life purpose that Leo talks about is about doing what you love or doing what you find meaningful and worthy do be done ? I've always thought life purpose as finding my passion, but I just had this thought today that problems and Lows come everywhere. In that case, at that time, I won't be enjoying my work. But if my life purpose is about doing something that I feel is worth doing, then I will have an inner drive to do and punch that problem in its face. But again, what if I consistently don't like what I'm doing but it is meaningful to me..... So I'm confused here, what is this life purpose ? Meaning or Passion ? Or both ??? Or neither !!!
  4. @Nahm That sounds cool.
  5. What ? I'm asking this because I don't have knowledge about how my life will be in a 9-5 job or if I am self-employed... I'm not aware of how much work I would have to do if I wanted to become rich quick and the retire quick. Since I have no knowledge about these things, I'm asking you guys. How can I use intuition here when I know nothing about these things.
  6. I'm 17 and I'm currently at college studying Computer Science and Engineering. My ultimate goal in life is to live a worthy life that I can clearly know I didn't waste (And what I think that means is I need to get enlightened as I don't know anything more worthy than understanding what life is) So I've been thinking about what kind of career I should choose so that I can do personal development and achieve my goal... I thought it would be okay to have a 9 to 5 job while doing personal development in free time. But now I think that might not be very efficient (or can it be ?) So should I aim to amass a lot of money quickly and then retire quickly so that I can do personal development for the rest of my life or is there a kind of job that can facilitate me to do personal development simultaneously ? I've heard Leo say that we should not work under a boss rather we should be self-employed, but still even if I'm self-employed how will that change things ??? So which is the best course of action ?
  7. I've asked these questions to myself and I this is the answer I got from myself. First I didn't know why I was born and how I was born. I don't know what will happen if I die. Now I'm not even sure of who the fuck I am because I don't think I'm the body or the mind because mind is because of brain which is a part of the body which is there because 2 cells from my parents multiplied and formed this. Now where is 'me' here ? The 'I' seems to have suddenly realized that this body is its. But where is 'I' and what the fuck is 'I' , i have no idea. And you are assuming that there would be nothing after death. How do you know that there is nothing after death ??? I wish to find what is there after death while I'm alive. If I don't find, well I at least tried. I don't think there is anything else worth doing other than trying to know. If I find then great. If I find that there is nothing after death, then great. Given that it seems some people have indeed known, it may not be impossible... That's why I'm trying to know.
  8. @Deep There is also a branch called kriya yoga which includes all those postures and Im pretty sure it also comes under spiritual yoga. One technique in jnana yoga is the neti-neti technique - The self-enquiry. And yeah, it seems we have to mix and match everything. According to sadhguru every person needs a certain amount of every kind of it. @YaNanNallari You should go through sadhguru's website. They offer isha kriya meditation and chit shakti meditation freely downloadable. I saw a youtube video of upa yoga too which is a yoga that is only for physiological benefits. For understanding what is yoga I think you should watch sadhguru's videos or read his blog. I knew all that I know about yoga from there only.
  9. FUCK !!!! 2hrs of rigorous concentration and meditation and still it doesn't suffice !!! If you are able to maintain perfect concentration for 2 hours how can it be not enough to know the self ? Wtf is needed other than concentration ? Time ???
  10. The only ashram I've visited is Sadhguru's isha yoga center at Coimbatore. Check if it meets your needs:
  11. Thank you all for your replies.
  12. @How to be wise @SFRL Hey I already took the test. I know my personality - INTJ. I've read a lot about MBTI. I just want to know how "you" guys use it for personal development...
  13. What are your opinions on MBTI ? How do you use it for self improvement (if it could be used) ?
  14. @Joseph Maynor Download sadhguru app. You'll get some basic practices. I've tried isha kriya and nadi shuddi in it and I've got decent results with isha kriya. I don't know what kind of result I'll get through nadi shuddi but I'm keeping up the practice... I've just started doing yoga namaskar but since it has some weird dietry condition, I'm not able to do it regularly. Give it a try. They also teach something called upa yoga ( If you are interested in doing kundalini yoga i think you should sign up for their programs. They teach those things only through their programs. Check their website for more info. Also check this blog :