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  1. It can be, if misunderstood. In essence it's like antimatter to paradigms, it cancels all other perpectives and you remain in the void of an unexplained appearance. Nonetheless it is still kinda boring to use it to cancel all possible questions. "It's all just thought..." etc Non-dulity is the truth, but we can't live in that state, we have to materialize to have a sense of meaning and purpose, and in that interplay of illusions there are still interesting questions to ponder. Thank you for the great discussion dudes! Good to be here
  2. @mandyjw It's more about not suffering because of in-authenticity.
  3. @Nahm Yes, you may use the non-dual paradigm to solve all questions, but some questions are still worth asking. The question of being authentic is of the psychological domain, and I guess you may say that awakening is the ultimate authenticity. Or so it appears from a subjective point of view. There are just appearances, so how can we even tell? Are we back again to imagining that our subjective experience is the objective truth?
  4. As an introvert for me all those are true, but i guess it's not a rule of thumb. Great and precise definition!
  5. No idea, what's yours and how is it transcended? I like to think I'm not in any pardigm since it's not of any use.
  6. True dat
  7. Can't a person be authentically introverted and not very expressive?
  8. Is it possible to be absolutley authentic? How can anything in nature be inauthentic?
  9. @Leo Gura Is it possible to practice surrender sufficiently before the trip or is the trip necessary to teach you to surrender?
  10. Can you really separate the spiritual from the psychological?
  11. I mean you really can't question it. Any argument will be reduced to: "just a thought" or "everything is imagination" or "you are a materialist" or "you are thinking too much and over analyzing" or "who's asking?". Of course we are separating here the actual practice of non-duality from it's ideas. Please, don't get me wrong here, I'm a seeker myself, and a very diligent one. I've been on this path for more than 6 years, and my skepticism comes from a loving place. Speaking of Open-Mindedness this value got me very very far, and I believe that a healthy skepticism plays an important role in keeping an open mind. Why? Because in order to open your mind to new possibilities you must have the ability to question your current paradigm.
  12. Well he wrote a few.
  13. @Nak Khid Thank you! Very good insight.
  14. Let us not forget about the power of hypnosis and placebo. If you read or listen to teachers don't you think hypnosis is taking place?
  15. @Serotoninluv Very cool! Thank you for sharing. @Mu_ Just pushing the boundaries of mind. I get what he's saying. I suspect it might be a grand ideology that seekers buy into, and end up reaching through confirmation bias via altered states. I also suspect that the problem is that I'm too grounded in the materialist paradigm, since I have not had many higher states.