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  1. This is a very good example of healthy Blue-Orange material which shows the capacity of a limited rationality to explain moral principles as objective facts. You should totally check out that channel. Pay attention to how much positive feedback there is in the comments.
  2. The ultimate peak of Truth recontextualizes everything there is back into Truth. "Nirvana is Samsara, Samsara is Nirvana."
  3. This seems so only from a non-awakened state. The content of belief is false, but belief as phenomenon is a part of the unity, it is a manifestation of god.
  4. Well I guess he can join the queue line to the "No one cares what you think." booth.
  5. What if no one at all is connected?
  6. @Leo Gura Agree, we all have some small percentage of psychopathy in us, it's nothing out of the ordinary. I was looking at his behaviour that witnesses described in the video, and that's a classic psychopath's behaviour. Also they very definition of psychopathy come from a lower tier which doesn't see the big picture as you do. It's a difference of words, Survival or Psychopathy, the result is the same.
  7. In my opinion it's a psychopath that saw that trend and adapted the Green look to have more charm. Btw, I think you might be overly charmed with Bernie. (as a reaction to not liking Trump) He has anger issues and left radicality, which aren't a sign of a highly developed person. It seems his anger is leading into health issues, which makes him unfit to rule. In general I wanted to say to all you Trump critics, that you are helping him by criticizing him, the fact that you even react to him gives him power, you carrying his name over and over through the readers minds, and you are obsessed, that's his goal, that's how he wins.
  8. @Lento To respond - Yes the majority of people would help the Hamas, they were after all democratically voted into government. My disagreement with the status quo goes as far as leaving Israel if I had the chance. (There's bad karma here.) I'm a wage slave, with a family in a similar position, from which we don't actually have a choice but to stay here. (We actually immigrated here in 1990, escaping the fall of Soviet Union). It's basic Survival - Immigration is highly counter survival, in fact it's considered one of the biggest traumas a person can have. In each group the majority of people are low consciousness and just a tiny bit are high consciousness, so I don't judge a group by it's majority. I'm against any barrier whatsoever, but we gotta be realistic, it will take society a thousand more years to reach the level of development required to remove all borders and walls. If we could hypothetically take all the radicals from each side and separate them from normal peaceful people, it would be ideal. But the world doesn't work that way.
  9. That's the point, there are many Arabs here, but no jews there, if one happens to step foot in there just accidentally he will be tortured, killed, or kidnaped. My position is highly progressive, and it is to make the country non nationalist, global and open, maybe Israel-Palestine? What's not allowing that is the fact that Jewish people aren't feeling safe because of the massive anti semitism, and they need a place of their own to practice the jewish faith and customs. (Places need to be kosher)
  11. Ignorance: To not know that you don't know. The deeper you go the more you realize how much exactly you don't know, it's scary. In fact you don't know anything at all, to know anything about reality is completely useless. (Besides of course the address of your grocery shop.) In spiritual practice epistemic principles are as basic as walking. Without it you won't get far in the best case, and in the worst case you will become ideological. Consuming ideas without an epistemic foundation is like opening the medicine cabinet and eating a bunch of pills without reading the labels. Epistemology alone isn't enough, you need to also ground it in direct experience. Cheers
  12. @Focus Shift Im sorry but I can't call it "awareness", because it's not objective, it's highly left-naive-pacifist-hippy biased. They are looking for the bad guy, and it's easy to automatically assume the stronger side is wrong. You can't listen to me either because I am also automatically biased being an Israeli, of course I work on that and try to be as objective as possible. Actually I'm all for the Two Countries solution, maybe even to allow Palestinians who want to become citizens of Israel with full rights a chance. This is a deep systemic fault, and it has multiple factors, which makes the quest for peace even harder. How about the world's ancient anti-semitism? We have nowhere to go, this tiny piece of land is our only home. How about the fact that we live peacefully with israeli arabs and we are at peace with many arab countries? It's them who want us gone no matter what, we are the ones who seek practical humane solutions. There are multiple peace programs that work with palestinian kids and israeli kids to be more united. At least half of our parliament is Left-Wing Progressive Stage Green, which actually these days isn't allowing for a Right-Wing government to assemble. Did you know that they educate their children for vengeance and violence? But don't listen to me, listen to the Jordanian's representative speech: The main problems that aren't allowing solutions are: We have a right wing religious-nationalist government. We were attacked many times by neighbour arab countries, we sustain attacks almost daily from Hamas and Hezbollah, which are stage Purple-Red Terrorist groups that exist just to kill us. Gaza is occupied by Hamas, and has no stable government to establish a country, which actually happened because we took our forces out of gaza many years ago. Plus if she really cared about her message she wouldn't charge for the film. I would totally watch it if it were free.
  13. This woman is a conspiracy theorist. "Martin was, before starting her career in journalism, an active member of the 9/11 Truth movement, views that she later disavowed." Wikipedia
  14. Acceptance of suffering. Not wanting to not want it. The desire to stop suffering is in fact the source of suffering.