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  1. Thank you guys! Good suggestions! I guess I'd better read one myself as not recommend something I'd not yet read. Yep Tao Te Ching, definitely not for beginners! Also It's not as non-dual centered, and the non-duality is only suggested ambiguously.
  2. What first good book on basic non-duality would you recommend a rationalist that's intrested in spirituality?
  4. Spoiler alert for Leo, he says in one breath that he had never done psychedelics and has no authority to speak on the matter, and then says that psychedelics can't show you the truth.
  5. I believe that these are two separated cases that the the Jewish people need a safe haven, and the way the nationalistic religious fantanatics are grabbing land in the west bank, while there's plenty of land elsewhere in Israel. This my friends is just piggery. Our beloved prime minister Rabin believed the same and was murdered for that by the radical right.
  6. That's absolutely not what I said. I'm against segregation, racism, nationalism, zionism land grabbing with tents kind of shit. Deeply ashamed about how things turned out. I didn't chose to be brought here by my folks, and I really wish I was more capable of immigrating the hell out of here. But I really don't like the narrative that was created around the world because of the focus on one side of things, and a lack of focus on the other side. It's easy to blame the big guy, easy to find the villain. Israel is trying its best to protect itself against terrorism while maintaining a democracy and trying its best at achieving peace. It's not an easy task at all when facing the radical islamic movements that have been terrorising Israel, and also the rest of the world for decades now.
  7. Because they don't demonize Israel like you love to. This Palestinian man had dared to speak against the palestinian authority and was brutally murdered by Palestinian police:
  8. There can't be comapssion without detachment, because being attached is keeping you seperated.
  9. Thank you! You've really shed some light on the topic. I'm guessing it's that old depression knocking on my door again, but I don't remember that feeling of almost complete indifference in the old episodes. But I did distance myself from almost everyone. (Not that I was close to that many people either way.)
  10. But surely Detachment is much more than that. Isn't it about not expecting and not having an emotional attachment to the outcome?
  11. How would you guys describe the feeling of detachment? Does indifference come to mind or are they two seperate things?
  12. Here are a few pictures of their "peace" demonstration. Interestingly enough there are many countries including Russia and China that don't recognize Hamas as a terrorist organization. (It's still all about the cold war, the countries that are with america and countries that are against it.) When your culture is war, violence and suicide there can't be peace. They have launched rockets at innocent civilians time after time and they will keep doing so, mark my words. One can't be a peaceful leftist with the constant threat of rockets and lynchings in their own country. Just look at the rise of anti-Semitism around the world. I agree occupation sucks balls, but the Jewish people don't have another place to call home.
  13. @Husseinisdoingfine How can you expect to hear something intelligent from someone who calls himself "woke"?