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  1. It's the desire for sex that drives the need to repel it. Desire not to desire.
  2. @Truth Addict Good point! @Matt8800 A psycho thinks it's perfectly moral and rational to murder. Isn't the disaster real? @Barry J Is there such a thing as "full" realization?
  3. @Truth Addict I'm afraid I didn't get the analogy.
  4. Let's discuss the implications of the absolute on moral questions. Does it erase them completely or should we still relatively evaluate each case and think if we are moral or not? For example, if I deem something immoral, should I say "All morals are imagined" and keep doing it? Sound like a recipe for disaster.
  5. So the solution is that the person is charging for his time, expertise and effort, and not for the spiritual aspect of the service. You also can't transfer wisdom, so it's also not a valid currency. Yet I still feel like there's a missing part of the puzzle here.
  6. Also a good point and really a big part of the dilema. As the old Zen masters would say: "There's nothing to teach, nothing to know."
  7. @Jkris Thank you, good thoughts.
  8. @ajasatya Some very good points. I give as much as I can for free. My ability to give is diminished thogh, because a lot of energy goes towards making a living in a completely unrelated domain, which is very unfortunate in my opinion. So the real question is whether to make my living separate from, or a part of my spirituality.
  9. @DrewNows I shall check it. @Jkris Thank you dearly for your input. Donations are a good idea, perhaps even of spiritual meaning.
  10. Hello dear Nahm, good to hear from ya! I would love to hear more about your proccess of reaching this conclusion. Aren't you already treating "yourself" well when you treat "others" well? @Aakash Hey man! Please no derailing and unrelated chatter.
  11. @hamedsf @Keyhole @tsuki @Knock Thank you dearly for your input fellow travelers. There's much truth in what you say. Allow me to share my current view about it: A zen master would say that he has no value to offer, he can't teach you anything you don't know. I think it's up to the system we inhabit, right now we live in a world of money, and so it has to be kept in motion. In that kind of system one has almost no choice but to recieve payment for most services in order to live. On the other hand you can have a secondary mutual arrangement of exchange with no goals of profit, but a sharing and receiving of energy which forms a self sustaining circle, where money isn't necessary. So in short the answer is: It's relative to the current state of affairs. Also, in order to be able to learn and teach full time one must recieve support from sponsors. The confusion could all be rooted in deep unconscious low self esteem issues where one believes he doesn't have enough to offer in order to charge for it.
  12. Hi everyone! The question is: Can spirituality have a price? Can you sell spiritual wisdom and turn it into a buisness? Isn't it better to try and give it for free? This question has bothered me for very long, and I can't seem to reach any conclusion. Dear friends, please share your insights! Long time no see. I've really missed the discussions here.
  13. I believe it's a masterpiece, an instant classic, and an unforgettable piece of art. The fact that it's mainstream doesn't bother me much. It all depends what you are looking for in a show. There are deep big picture lessons to learn from it that Martin is concerned with: 1. The horrible nature of war. 2. The corrupting effect of power and authority on a person. (Ex. Putin) 3. That heroes can end up being villans. Enjoy and keep you judgment to yourself please. Cheers.
  14. @legendary Thank you very much for sharing, Keep at it! This is very good. Wish I did more of this. Cheers!
  15. Why is there opposition, triggering, judgment, condoning? Ask the devil. Usually when one's own deep fears are exposed he becomes over protective of his own belief system.