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  1. Dear mods, please pin a Mega Thread about free will, so that we stop getting a post asking the same question every couple of days. Thank you in advance, Cheers.
  2. @Shir Thank you for sharing dear Shir, You raise a lot of good questions and you go deep, it's very good! Keep at it and you'll be amazed at how much is there to discover. I would say that this feeling of nothing is not god's void. A feeling is not it. Void is the ground of experience, what's prior to that feeling. It allows for all to exist, but it stays invisible in the background. Depression is the loss of connection to god. It's your soul awakening and yearning to seek it's source. I wish you health and goodluck fellow traveler! Godspeed.
  3. Isn't something that causes intense pleasure addictive? Like heroin for example. Is awakening addictive?
  4. I second that. Very good and sober insight as usual! Thank you dear friend, Cheers
  5. Amazing! Thank you for sharing dear friend.
  6. How dare you come here and have fun! We only suffer here, seriously and systematically.
  7. Clean your schedule as much as you can before and after. Start meditating as much as you can days before. (Obviously don't push yourself or it'll backfire on you.)
  8. Why on earth would you want these?
  9. @Wisebaxter It's not your choice. You may decide you are ready to receive anything that comes your way, and allow god's will, but the rest is up to god, and the depth of your surrender.
  10. @FredFred Hello and thank you for the great question, When any sensation or emotion comes up you should welcome it with an open heart, let the love within you heal and transmute any negativity that arises - that's precisely what Spiritual Purification is. Yes go as deep as possible and don't try to seek a rational explanation for the emotion, most of the time there's no reason for it, other than the fact that it seeks your attention in an attempt to achieve resolution, and ultimately integration. That anxiety is in fact you! Your missing part which you repressed, divided from yourself, and judged as "Bad". Your subconscious mind is a miraculous mechanism that sees exactly when is the right time for you, and you are ready to receive the repressed shadow. I hope it helps you dear friend, Good luck!
  11. Playing is its' own purpose, if its' purpose is other than itself, it's not it. You only play for yourself with yourself, by yourself.
  12. Neither, there's no you to be either of those.
  13. Thank you for sharing dear friend, Good read and rich with insights.
  14. Same here. I have an affirmation like that, and I read it as part of my routine. Thank you for your input dear friend.
  15. How did narcissism enter into this conversation?