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  1. @Leo Gura please be as honest as possible. In the relative domain there are cause and effect consequences, I take a knife, cut my finger, feel pain, see blood etc. I do good deeds for people, bad deeds to people etc can have an effect on the type of person I become. If I am constantly resentful and angry to people, I become an angry resentful person, have bad relationships with people etc etc etc etc So within the context of my life (current dream), there are causal consequences, Will the next dream be influenced by this dream?
  2. But what does that mean though? everything is imaginary Can you please please tell me your honest opinion, is this current imagination, completely selfless and random, or is it Selfleslly designed and engineered?
  3. Leo sometimes you talk about incarnation, then others you say its imaginary etc etc, but do you believe how we behave in this incarnation, will influence what happens in our next, can you make a video on this? It seems super ambigious. Yes we are God incarnating into this experience, its eternal, and imaginary. But this doesnt really say much about the contents of experience and relationship after this physical body dies, and a new one emerges It also doesn't say anything in regards to the creation of this life, do you believe this is just a random permutation, or a concious desing etc
  4. So do you now believe in re-incarnation, in the past youve changed your position several times
  5. Aha you mean waking up is the shit, not in the shit lol, sorry Do you think ketamine could get you there now youve tried it
  6. What do you mean waking up in the shit? And how to undersand it? Is 5meo dmt the only way? Mushrooms etc dont even come close to giving me this insight, theyre too trippy and wavy etc
  7. But why is it imagining this specific permutation of all possibile imaginations? I can't figure this out, and will it eventually imagine every single possible permutations, or is there an intelligence that is chosing what it experiences
  8. No this precisely wrong, to know something is to become it, not be outside of it, this is incorrect
  9. Okay no problem. So why this present moment? Why this precise moment out of an infinite possible other moments it isnt
  10. But I had God-realizations, and none of them answer the question of why this specific life out of an infinite possible lives. And how long have I been dreaming for? How many lifes have been dreamed? None of these come close to being actually answered, not even by you, you can't answer these questions directly, you just defer and deflect them
  11. lol touche, but aren't you equally fulll of shit?
  12. Second part precisely Notice @Leo Gura doesnt even confront any of these directly, cos he doesnt know either, just seems odd why he cant just say it though, seems like he doesnt like accepting when he doesnt know something
  13. Ah okay, why is that? I wouldnt describe myself as tripping, Ive just poured myself a whiskey and coke, are we allowed to post after drinks btw
  14. How much is the difference in experience beteen 1g and 2g? I did truffles in the past but only like 5-6g at once, and mostly just doing 3g a day for a week or two straight, but they don't do much I took 1g of mushrrom like 40-50 minutes ago on an empty stomach, just feel slightly different I've take ketamine maybe 500-1000 times, nad truffles maybe 20-30 times, maybe I should up by dose?
  15. Why isnt the ego and God working together, lol Seems absurd, either this life is a random dumb permutation of randomness, and the ego is just a random epi-phenomenon stuck in prison Or there is a meta-game or purpose going on here, and this life is hihgly engineered for the ego by God