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  1. @Leo Gura Have you ever looked into this? 5-MeO is fat soluble so subq seems like it would work? Also it would be a slower release as it absrbs into blood stream via capilleries. Injecting via insulin needle is super easy and clean
  2. Ive slept with mahybe 600-900 girls (and some trans), and currently in recovery for sex (and porn/masturbation) addiction. I first spoke to Mystery via email before the book game was published so am an early early adopter, Im currently 36 years old. I have also built several succesful companies and am financial well off (was making $250-500k+ per year since early 20s). I am 6ft 2" and somewhat attractive, but always struggle with weight and have to work super hard and be mindful to be lean, but am in relatively good shape most of the time (12-14% bf) Attraction is multi-faceted, and has different degrees of depth. I have several friends who are super model good looking, tall and naturally ripped. In terms of initial attention, or attraction I simply dont compete or compare. There are several times in my life Id be talking to girls for 30+mins and one of my friends would show up and Id instantly not exist, this is a regular occurance. You can compensate for this by being in utter perfect state, i.e. feeling amazing, funny, cofident, non reactive etc, but ultimately the initial surface level attraction is more or less the same for both sexes: more symettrically beautifully looking people are simply more attractive and valuable, and look more healthy. However having money and character definately helps too, and anyhting past a one night stand your character, personality, financial freedom and interpersonal compatibility is going to come into play. Jungian depth psychology and ennegram tri-type are great models for explaining pyschological/personality compatibility, for example Im the same ennegram as Andrew Tate/Kanye West, Im very intense and ambitious, so I get along well with chill and easy going girls much better compatbility, then say an intense domineering girl - it would not work out at all for me. But several of my really good looking male friends are super easy going and chill (probably why we are friends), and they always end up with average looking dominant girls (but not a hard rule). Ultimately sexual and romantic attractiveness is complex and multi-faceted, and you need to figure what your ultimate goal is, whilst coming to terms with the reality of your situation, Alot of times its much easier to heal the trauma, then spend years fighting the reality that your never going to have supermodel girls regularly throw themselves at your feet. Its utterly possible for most men to work on themselves to the point they can date attractive AND compatible girls, and have fun healthy sexual relationships. The key is to narrow the pool of girls down and to focus on the ones who are compatible with what your USPs are, and not beating or dwelling on the cohort of girls you would want to be with anyway Sleeping with tons of girls just for sexual pleasure (sex as a drug) is toxic, and is self-destructive, out of all the girls I slept with 5-10 to 15 max I actually genuinely had good sex, good compatbility, enjoyed hanging out with them, was good in all the ways. And 1 girl like this is worth 10,000 cheap one night stands. God speed to you all
  3. Why is no one talking about dissolving HCL (salt) forms of compounds like 5 MEO DMT-HCL into sterile water and injecting Subq? This seems like the most stable and effective way to take it on the surface. You can get small pens or insulin syringes that barely can be felt, and super quick and easy to make the injection?
  4. @Gerhard how does nasal spray like you mention compare to rectal administration in terms of onset time, intensity and duration. I was wondering why wouldn't you inject the hcl + sterile water subcutaneously?
  5. I have done this mix, 2.5g of shrooms and 170ug of acid. Meh - its better to just take one and take a proper dose imo. There is no percievable benefit of mixing them, stick to one or the other would be my advice
  6. This is the most accurate analysis of the current situation, and the only unlikely solution IMO
  7. Does anyone who has more knowledge on this explain how and why Hamas still exist? what is their purpose or intention, what benefit are they bringing in this whole thing? It seems like Hamas themselves are the main instigator of conflict and obsturction to peace
  8. But the reality is they already live together anywhere lol, do you not see the ludcrusnouss of it all? IT isnt a Utapian dream its literally reality, its just there own ignorance and deceoption lol
  9. ISnt the best deal to integrate all palestinians into Israel as one nation with equal rights? why wouldnt Israel do this is she is so kind
  10. Is Israel occupying palestinians and controlling them, or are palestinians free people like the rest of us
  11. Would you ever go to Palestine with a camera and film it for your audience, so the truth of the situation can be seen? Ill come with you and fund the trip
  12. But the issue is simply Israel are occupying palestine, and treating them like 3rd world citizens. I mean how the fuck is this allowed to happen, and how does it get resolved?
  13. You havent actually specifically addressed any of my points lol
  14. Why are they impossible, they seem like sensible solutions to me
  15. Yeah this view is all too myopic for me The only possible interpretation and conclusions are the ones I gave before: Ultimately The Islamic states should recognize the orignal borders, Israel should give back the settlements, everyone apolgoixe and get on with life, OR Israel combines palestine into a single state with equal rights