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  1. Lol Leo you encourage guys to watch porn, masturbate, and chase girls, make your mind up
  2. The goal of all this Unification, Symbiosis and Harmony within our Universe, meditation is a great tool for people to find contentment, perspective, humility and connectedness, and such is a great tool for the goal, do you agree?
  3. But isnt that the point, to learn how to love the children? lol
  4. Where are you at these days in terms of diet and health @Leo Gura do yo eat raw plant based foods etc, do you filter your water etc
  5. But you can't equate all survival strategies or that seems what you are trying to do? Or at least it isn't hard to heirarchy them based on sensible things like suffering for yourself and others etc etc, or heirarchy them based on your level of conciousness, or to say high conciousness is inherently creating a heirarchy
  6. But wouldnt you say from a metaphysical point of view that a surival strategy of: 1) Separatedness/divisivness/fear/envy/jealousy/competition vs 2) Unity/co-operation/harmony/collectiveness/kindness That 2) would always lead to less suffering in the meta, that is to say that given the context of the biggest Holon (Absolute Infinity/Oneness), that strategy 1) is always a fools errand, it just depends whether the person is wise enough to realise it?
  7. In times of current, which things seem to be becoming alien to most of us: I posit to the gura that is Leo: is there a higher goal for actualization in this realm or the next, familiar or alien, that supercedes Unity? do you concur @Leo Gura as a tautology Unity = Truth
  8. Sure, but this invokes the question, which is the best mode of survival, or which mode of survival entails the least suffering
  9. @Leo Gura you was in my dream/nightmare last night, we were sat on a wall and you were showing me to look at this field of white complex strange objects, that terrified and intrigued me, and we flicked some off them and they burst like a bubble and undearneath it just said some message I forgot about about Unity why is this dreams happening
  10. Welcome to level 5, Ive been waiting for you. When are we going to unite and design the universe, there is roughly 35-40 human years left
  11. The real challange now is how to organize and balance all subsets and derivates of infinity and love
  12. you made me do it, I registered the domain, need to plan it out
  13. @Leo Gura thank you it should be truth to the power of love, thanks for your input, i just registered that too