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  1. I see many LGBTQ support Arab countries and don’t understand that they couldn’t live there for more than 2 days. Yemen: 13 Sentenced to Public Execution for Homosexuality https://www.mambaonline.com/2024/02/10/yemen-13-sentenced-to-public-execution-for-homosexuality/ Sometimes you need to ask yourself, which side of history would you want to be in?
  2. Stop answer like a lil kid.. There is a huge difference between abusing women because it’s inherent in your religion than some random acts of insanity.
  3. These pro Palestinians are like a broken record. They will say whatever they can do make Israel look bad.. Sometimes it feels to me like they are bots. They highly ignore the spread of hate towards the Jews and the effect it has worldwide. Antisemitism is climbing and Jews around the world get attacked. They ignore the basics. Schooling right now in Gaza and the West Bank are teaching children about Hitler and brain wash their minds to die as a Shaheed (In their teachings it’s to kill Israelis). Palestinians state with the current authority will be a disaster. Admit it.
  4. I imagined it being smaller.. It’s more like a helmet rather than glasses. The price is high for most people. Even if I would buy it most of my friends wouldn’t be able to.
  5. Maybe the misinformation in your statements is celebrating.. Btw your hate comes from it as well.
  6. Israel is in peace with Germany even after the holocaust. Stop with excuses. Palestinians need to grow up and focus on themselves. Lol your mind was able to justify Hamas actions and you say that Israelis are inhumane.
  7. Again you’re blaming someone else. For policies and regulations. I can also say that I am poor because of taxes etc.. The system isn’t the problem. You are. Ta da. Before the story of “Wrong policies” everyone was talking about the land. Like there is scarcity of land in the Arab world. Lol. Excuses excuses but never taking responsibility. Palestinians chose their government. Their government made a mistake. They pay for it. Simple. It’s the harsh truth but it is what it is.
  8. Many people like to distinguish between the Palestinians and Hamas but in fact Hamas was elected by almost 50% of the Palestinians. Obviously they made the wrong choice. The easiest thing in life is to play the victim and blame someone else. Guess what? It’s a trap. When you complain about someone else and don’t take responsibility you can never make a change. Each one of us can learn a lot about wars. Hamas members beat civilians, steal humanitarian aid. Source: https://m.economictimes.com/news/international/world-news/hamas-members-beat-civilians-steal-humanitarian-aid-received-from-intl-organisations-israel-defence-forces/amp_articleshow/105870965.cms
  9. I love tech and I think it’s here to stay although I would like to see a less sloppy version of it and the price is extremely high. Until then I won’t buy😌
  10. Of course. Just feed it with TikTok and it will become antisemitic. With the misinformation in the internet it can become dangerous. That’s why the regulations about it.
  11. He is right but an answer that it’s a bit down to earth I would say it isn’t a bad thing. Wanting means you are striving for more experiences and that’s living life. When I want something I feel inspired and happy. Of course try to always appreciate what you do have.
  12. 1. My fiancée 2. Being young 3. Being healthy physically and mentally
  13. When you think about the greater good is when you are on the track of development. The more selfish you’re the less developed you are. Obviously when you have slavery, corruption and funding poor people to kill others that’s a good sign that you’re evil. My grandparents left Russia because of antisemitism and Iran is funding terror organizations that killed 2 of my friends while they were in a festival and made my family evacuate their home.
  14. I live in a Western country and I know for a fact that China has slavery, high in crime rate(inside and outside). highest social gaps, and very little value to the world and women rights are at its lowest. Same applies to Russia, Iran and North Korea.
  15. The world is divided by two groups: One is supporting the Western culture.(USA, EU, Israel, UAE, Australia, Japan, South Korea) Those countries value open mindedness, safety, freedom, development, justice, less corruption And the other is supporting the Eastern culture.(China, Russia, North Korea, Iran). Those countries value dictatorship, corruption, full of drugs, terror, religion, I would never live in an Eastern culture country. I believe 99% of the people wouldn’t. Why most here do support them(The funniest part is that 99.8% here do live in a Western country)? The answer to that remain unknown to me. Please educate me.