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  1. @Nightwise Wow. That’s exactly what I need. Thanks for sharing bro🙏
  2. @Moksha Always love your explanations❤️
  3. If anyone isn’t familiar with the video game “Sims”, it’s basically a game which you create households and you choose people with a certain personality types and skills and let them be(here and there you can “manipulate” the situation and make things happen) and you watch how things unfolds.. I’m wondering lately if life is happening similarly..That God created us with certain abilities and let us be or if God is always in “control”.
  4. Actualized in its TikTok version🔥😆
  5. Keily Jenner is an example that women value isn’t static.. Women can absolutely increase their social value.
  6. Thank you father🙏❤️
  7. On the social media era I strongly believe that it’s not the minority but the majority of first world countries..
  8. @Leo Gura I love you out of very selfish reasons😅
  9. Wow this is great for you! I'm constantly improving my diet but obviously not enough.. The environmental allergies(Pets, dust and pollen) triggers my asthma. So probably if I was able to heal it, the asthma would be less significant. I guess I need a radical change but it's pretty hard to maintain it.
  10. @Michael569 May I ask if you overcame the allergies and asthma? If yes, how? Thanks🙏
  11. Lol what is about 3 hours sleep?
  12. @Nahm Your contribution and help is in a different level🙏🔥🥳
  13. @Carl-Richard Thanks for sharing. His explanation resonates🙏