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  1. cmon dude...
  2. 3-5 beers twice a month is fine . It would be better if it was 1 or 2 as no alcohol is better than some but you are still good. If you want some more info on chronic alcohol abuse, National Institute of Medicine (PubMed) has a lot of studies, that you can look up. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3307043/. This link talks about the risk of all major diseases increasing with drinking. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC543875/ this talks about what happens with alcohol in the body and what are the involved systems.
  3. Unless one can completely isolate themselves from society it is no longer possible to avoid the impact of endocrine disruptors. They are now absolutely everywhere. So it is a good idea to avoid the most significant and obvious ones like unpurified water, cheap personal hygiene products, alcohol , tobacco, excesive caffeine and any unnecessary medicines including OCP and painkillers but it is equally important to support our bodies to ensure proper liver Phase 1 and Phase 2 detoxification as this is where all the toxins are being dismantled and metabolised (see picture). On top of that, high fiber intake ensure that once toxins are metabolised they are fast excreted before being reabsorbed. Phytoestrogenic foods can help to safeguard oestrogen receptors from docking of oestrogen disruptors. You mentioned soy but actually soy products from organic soy are very protective from oestrogen imbalances. And of course, good water intake to support all metabolic processes.
  4. if you can spend the money, the Life Purpose Course could give you a direction on where to go next. Without a strong drive in life, you will be like a ship without a captain. Most people on the planet exist in that way jumping from one slave job to another if it offers a slight hint of improvement yet they always end up in the same shithole. Find out what is your calling. Find out why you are here and what is your mission on this planet. How can you help with the suffering of humans, animals and the planet that is being fucked by unconsciousness? This earth needs more awakened people so try to become one, find your direction in life and than give it all you got until you get there. As I said, Leo's Life Purpose Course is a brilliant tool to show you the way. More like a compass than a map. It will show you the direction but you will have to find your way. At least that's what it did for me. And many many other people. Good luck! Regarding your love, long-distance relationship can be a thing for the short term but it will not work for long. You have to consider the pros and cons.Unless you or she are willing to change countries, it will probably not last. But that's just my opinion and I know many who succeeded would contradict. Good luck buddy! You can make a difference just don't settle for anything less than your best.
  5. Why not. If I am dead yet there is still someone who can survive because they recieve something from my body, feel free to harvest as much as you like. I equally wouldn't mind becoming a specimen for science after death or medical students to learn. Wouldn't donate an organ while I am alive though unless it was a child or partner needing a kidney perhaps.
  6. Get a private testing mate. It is not as expensive and can be very comprehensive.
  7. one does not go blind from needing to adjust glasses. Glasses only adjust the imbalance that is created by inefficient adjustment of the 6 tiny muscles at the back of the eye against the main focus point on the retina. One goes blind from developing cataracts, from having diabetes, from suffering of retinol deficiency, or glaucoma. Autoimmune disease such as multiple sclerosis can also create lesions on auditory nerve. And there are ways to address all of these conditions. If its because of you are needing stronger and stronger glasses than what @pluto said, bates eye method is a very successful method of eyesight correction.
  8. Forget viagra mate. Believe in the self-healing ability of your body and let it do its "magic". Viagra is a toxic shit that creates dependance and doesn't work in many cases anyway because it does not address the psychological element.
  9. @Mikael89 what exactly is the issue with your eyesight? Are you getting cataracts or is it related to the auditory nerve?
  10. I don't believe that. If that was the case, you wouldn't be the first and if a medication was proven to sterilise people, It would have been taken of the market long time ago. Antidepressants have been on market for decades and most doctors check polypharmacy (combining drugs) for interactions and safety before they prescribe. By the way, we talked about your diet a while ago where you suggested doing some drastic reductions. This will NOT help your sex drive, if anything restricted diet will kill your libido. So this needs to be tweaked as well. Make sure to eat enough fat and actually in your case I'd go for few sources of cholesterol like eggs or fish couple times a week to boost your testosterone production
  11. Sexual dysfunction is an extremely common side effect of antidepressants both SSRI and TCA. It is probably temporary because antidepressants throw your neurotransmitters out of balance by blocking their reuptake which can lead to depletion across the board. If your dopamine and serotonin are low you will struggle to have sexual pleasure. Some of them also deplete noradrenaline and adrenaline leaving the person hollow. This stuff is pure devilry in the long term. Work with your doctor and wean yourself off. At the same time work with herbalist to help you in more natural ways with herbs such as St John's Wort and different adaptogens if you need to balance your stress. In the largest meta-analyses St. John's Wort was no worse than most SSRis so that can be a healthy alternative without destructive side effects. Out of curiosity, what did you take Risperdal for? Has it helped with the issue? I am asking because unmanaged psychosis could be worse than having low libido.
  12. Is she open to higher values? Would you be able to bring her up to more hippie level? Blue people have a very strong connection to their parents and culture and it is possible that her father would play a huge role in your lives especially once you settle down. Is she religious? Are her parents religious? Btw there is nothing wrong with having house and the kids. One can still do those and remain yellow as long as you bring them up in non-dogmatic fashion and don't lose the bigger picture overview.
  13. Fascinating, thanks for sharing! Heard about the benefits of keto for epilepsy but didn't know it can be helpful for schizophrenia. Are you the 39-year-old patient? They said that it works through bypassing the insulin resistance of brain cells by feeding them ketones? Does that mean that schisophrenia is not caused by excessive neuron firing but rather brain cells being starved? Is this a permanent diet to follow for you or will you be able to get some carbs back in the future>?
  14. https://www.coeliac.org.uk/home/ Coeliac UK has some good information. I know you said this is not your case but they have lots of tips and recipes as well as educational materials.
  15. I'd try to start with this before blaming it on chakra imbalance sometimes the answer is very simple.