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  1. Healing the shame that binds you is a pretty good but expect a lot of painful shadow work.
  2. My girlfriend is in her final year to get masters in Environmental Protection & Sustainability in UK. It is her great passion and I am proud of her for following that however she is not clear on how to transition next. Ideally, she would like to have something of her own but is not sure how to get around having experience in this industry. Does anyone have any work experience or any useful resources for people who have careers in this area? Or maybe some sort of coaching programme in the industry. I am not really sure what I am looking for so just stabbing in dark here. Thanks
  3. @LfcCharlie4 what makes you assume your TT is low btw? A lot of guy who I spoke to who assumed it was low, always had perfectly fine levels. You sure this is not coming from a place of media push or some Instagram hype?
  4. @Vagos based on the above it seems like you got the basics covered but it is really hard to say without deeper investigations and looking at all the test you've had done. Have you heard about cronometer.com? It is a tracking software. I'd encourage you to try it for 3-4 days and put in 100% of all foods you eat every day. This way you can assess if you are missing any key nutrients. May also be down to lipid profile imbalance. Happy to have a chat about it.
  5. @Nahm sharing is the the greatest joy in life @LfcCharlie4 the first steps is always to get your testosterone tested. If the values are fine, don't interfere. The body knows how much it needs to produce. If too low, stress and living in hyperdrive are usually the first factors to look into. Or nutritional deficiencies. I wouldn't suggest taking medical TRT in your 30s unless you absolutely run out of all your options and start losing muscle and bone mass.
  6. @Vagos tell us a bit more about your diet , lifestyle, sleep and exercise regime.
  7. exactly my thoughts
  8. @Girzo did they think you have a gastric ulcer? Or no diagnosis at all?
  9. Just download the "dark reader" addon on chrome and it will blunt some of that bright white EDIT: dark reader actually allows you to turn this forum completely dark with only white text so there you go
  10. I would start with looking at your diet and overall lifestyle before grabbing a lot of supplements as the issue could be as simple as some minor nutritional deficiencies or imbalances on some of the metabolic energy cycles. Any nutritional deficiencies will be driving hormonal and neurotransmitter deficiencies so it is always important to look at whether the individual cells of the body are well fed. 1. if you are consuming a lot of foods with high glycemic load (white rice, white potatoes, sweets, pastries, white bread) those will give you a nice insulin rollercoaster destroying any cognitive capability 2. caffeine can do that 3. dehydration 4. lack of individual micronutrients from fruits and vegetables 5. imbalances in your dietary fats as every brain cells needs to be surrounded by a lipid layer made of all essential fatty acids and phospholipids. If you are someone who does not consume sources of healthy fats and there is a lot of saturated fats deposited in this are it may actually give your brain mild insulin resistance 6. protein deficiency can cause a reduced production of different neurotransmitters that help your brian synapses communicate with each other. Protein from diet is also needed to create acetylcholine, phosphatidylserine and other essential elements allowing brain cell-to-cell communication. Ideally, you'd get that protein mostly from plants. SO before you burn a lot of money on tests and supplements make sure your diet is spot on, that you sleep well, exercise daily, hydrate well and avoid being in chronic state of excessive stress.
  11. He is 72, that's not that old.
  12. Acne is not an issue of the skin but like@Roy said it needs to be targeted from the inside. You can use calendula oil, azelaic acid creams, tea tree oil (5%) or things like that but surface cleaning is just mopping around leaking pool. Acne is mostly caused by typical western diet of high GI carbs, sweets, chemicals in food and dairy. So opting out for wholegrain alternatives like sweet potatoes, brown rice, quinoa, buckwheat etc is a good idea. Omega 3: Omega 6 balance should be optimised. Consume lots of fruits and vegetables of different colour, they have compounds that can downregulate the rate that skin cells replicate themselves and also downrate inflammation in individual pimples. There is also a hormonal component of too much DHEA, Testosterone, and DHT but hormones can also be regulated by consumption of phytoestrogens: Flax, tofu and brassica vegetables and lots of fibre to detoxify these hormones better. If the lymphatic system is stagnant that could be contributing to get a lot of exercises especially the type that makes you sweat more. Basically you want to prevent rapid spikes of insulin as that stimulates IGF-1 a growth factor causing increase skin growth rate and often that leads to inflammation on the skin. You can use the best acne cream in the world if the diet is not spot on, they will keep coming back.
  13. Have you actually tried taking the Myers Briggs Test? It's available online. It is unlikely that everything in the character description will fit for you but at least 50% should depending on where you source the information
  14. INFJ would like to have their own thread