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  1. @Commodent You may try seaweeds for iodine then. As weird as it sounds, having a piece of Nori sheet that is used for sushi can be a good way to get in some Iodine. I would start with a piece double the size of your thumb. Or if you buy the shredded Nori, put a tablespoon on your salad or just in water and drink it. The taste is not great but I am sure you can manage Other commonly available are Wakame, Kelp or Dulse. Yeah, that should be looked into as well. . see if you experience the same from eating seaweeds then. There are some indication here + also adding what you mentioned about losing eyelashes, that is a very common sign of hypothyroidism, especially distal eyelashes. But before you have a formal diagnosis we can only speculate. If your doctor doesn't want to test you, you may consider private testing such as Genova although that's not the cheapest. Or finding a Naturopath if you'd like to try a combination of nutrition and herbal remedy. Botanicals can do a lot fo endocrine problems. Otherwise, just take a leap of faith and look up a good book on Thyroid healing such as the one from Anthony Williams (bit controversial) or the one from Samantha Welti. For something more naturopathic, you can look into Robert Morse's protocol but perhaps there is no need to do a raw cleansing right now, I'd prob focus on getting Iodine and Selenium from foods first for couple weeks. Anyways, good luck. Give us an update in few weeks just to see how it's been going
  2. If its really a thyroid then there are two minerals that are absolutely essential for its function: iodine and selenium. If you are vegan or vegetarian, it is possible either or both are low. Iodine is especially rich in seafood and seaweeds. Selenium is the highest in breasilian nuts. You can try taking 1-2 brazilian nuts daily for some time Make sure it is from South America though cause the ones from Asia can be from depleted soils. Try to raise your intake of both and see if there is any improvement in 2-4 weeks. Additionally other things that could be draining your thyroid: Stress - if your cortisol is high, it will override TSH and could cause thyroid problems. I see a lot of women in my company with mild goiters and I bet most of it is from stressful lifestyle Radiation/EMF exposure - probably not an issue unless you are a pilot or a cabin crew. Or work in nuclear power plant. The excessive EMF could be a problem thou if you live in places like NY City, London, Tokyo.....any of the congested cramped places where you get so much exposure to electronics and various frequencies. Heavy Metal accumulation - again depends on where you work and whether there are chances for any such accumulation? https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/19594417#targetText=Micronutrients%2C mostly iodine and selenium,brain damage in the world. I haven't read the whole thing but it might be helpful if you are interested and can find the full paper. In terms of making sure it really is thyroid how about the following: Get cold hands and feet? Do you often feel cold even if its warm outside? do you have irregular heartbeat? headaches / migraines? low energy? easily irritable? excessive sweating? do you have a mild swelling in your lower frontal neck (just beneath the adam's apple)
  3. Even the most enlightened master still has to find a way to secure an income in this society, to drive his survival. Many of the guys on this forum who are highly evolved still hold jobs in major or smaller orange corporations. There is a spiritual development and a personal development. Both need to be alligned as one without the other creates an imbalance. In an ideal world you would be making a contribution to the world through a conscious effort and love while being spiritually evolved yourself. But to get there one needs to go through materialism, achievement and success to savour it all and realise the limitations of it. There is nothing wrong about desire for success and money as long as you see that this desire stems from the part of you that has not yet evolved higher on the spiral and that's ok. Perhaps there is also the factor of fear of poverty and failure....we all have that. It's all a part of the journey Whatever happens is ok just don't let it stop you in your tracks
  4. btw are you ok with most fibrous foods. Any particularly scratchy veggies? I assume fruits are ok?
  5. @PretentiousHuman yop that's the man. Now before you go ahead, I just have to warn you that a lot of what Robert says goes very very much against traditional medicine that you have been educated in during your nurse training. So keep an open mind when listening and as always question everything you hear . I think that because he speaks from stage turquoise, people misunderstand a lot what he teaches especially when talking about "god" which refers to nonduality and not religion as many of his subscribers assume in comments. But I think that for chronic inflammatory conditions, cancers and autiummunity, this is the best way to go. Bet there are other efficient ways of course but it is not through immunosuppressants that's for sure. Are you based in US?
  6. @non_nothing do you think fixing any of the "no's" could help?
  7. Try walking around pushing people's buttons or make sure to look like a fool until you realise that eventually everybody is too concerned about themselves not looking like fools or pushing other people's buttons that they won't care too much. Try some of these public challenges and while you do, take it all in. The pressure, the shame, all the judgemental looks and sighs and annoyed looks. Walk very slowly on escalator. when queuing for a meal don't make a choice until your turn in queue has come then take forever to choose while making sure to "forget" your pin for a minute or two. Wear silly clothes every now and then Initiate staring contest with random people on public transport Deliberately spill your drink (ideally just water) on public transport and feel the shame and embarasment creeping up your spine. Ask for instructions then ask to have them repeated. Then ask again.
  8. Seems like there is a loose brick in your Maslow's pyramid. Even though you have climbed o the highest point, there is something in the basics that is jeopardizing the integrity of the whole structure. What is it? Do you have a purpose / fulfilling career? Do you have something that you deeply care about? Are you making any contribution to the world and people? Are you loved? Do you have someone to love? Do you have a social circle? Do you have any health issues? Nutritional imbalances causing a havoc of various neurotransmitters causing lack of interest and depressing thoughts? Perhaps severe adrenal fatigue? Are you happy where you live? Do you live in a disruption-free environment? Pollution, excessive EMF from surrounding wifis, noise, too much light at night could all mess up with your brain's capacity to produce important stimulating chemicals that drive desire and creativity Do you have a satisfying sex life?
  9. Would you be able to do 20 minutes of rope skipping instead somewhere outside? Benefits are that there is greater brain involvement and higher metabolic activity especially during more complex moves. + working out outside is way more fun then stationary bike and you literally need 4 square meters of space.
  10. Man in his arrogance thinks he has mastered all elements and forces of this earth. It is not enough that we kill people by irradiating them and call it a nuclear medicine (read "Oncology") we now aim to instal nuclear powerplants all over the world and call it safe and sustainable. It is a new profitable orange industry. Nuclear is the new cool-kids toy and nobody cares about the the infinite resources we have in terms of available hydro, solar and wind energy. Playing around with unstable isotopes is way more fun then catching sun and wind...that's what newbies do. Let's call it nuclear fision and fusion, let's give it fancy names alpha, beta, gama radiation, create complex calculations that nobody understands and pay few billions for fake advertisment to the biggest and most corrupt media corporations so that everybody starts believing this nonsense same as that every child needs 15 vaccines by the time they are 3. Wait...what? You guys found hazardous leakage and contamination of undground waters....oh well here is another 100 milion for your trouble. Let's not tell media shall we? And now repeat after me: "Now I am become death, the destroyer of the world"
  11. @PretentiousHuman Besides the obvious which is putting a lot of mechanical stress on your muscles such as lifting weights, it also means increasing your body needs to be to be in constant state of positive nitrogen balance which means eating up to 2 grams of protein per gram of bodyweight so that there is always an available pool of amino acids in your blood. Whether you source this from plant or animal sources is up to you. But I am worried that if you start upping protein too much your Crohn's may flare up because protein is acidic and mostly pro-inflammatory. Are there foods that are giving you flareups or are particularly scratchy to the colon? How is your Crohn's right now? This is a personal opinion and I know you didn't ask but if it was me I'd do everything possible to get rid of the IBD before trying to put on muscle. And I mean getting rid not suppressing with corticosteroids. I would probably try to follow something like Dr Morse's raw protocol, I still hold him as one of the greatest healers in this world. ...but that's just a my biased opinion. Purely for exploration purposes watch one of dr Morse's video on Crohn's and Ulcerative Colitis, I think he had a few and see what you think Good luck !!
  12. Get out of your head. Information detox is needed. Stop feeding in information for next couple days. Go on a hike in nature, observe the night sky, watch birds or swans in like. Nature will help you heal. Some things cannot be accessed through intellectual mind and this will only cause suffering. This way you will miss all the beautiful moments of the NOW. That is all there is.
  13. By finding time and place where you can completely and honestly open yourselves to the other's genuine feedback. A good place is in nature. Nature's purity and lack of judgment will help you get it out of the system easily. You don't have to look into each other's eyes, just sit next to the other and start talking. You could also just sit on grass and lean on each other's back so that you both face a different direction, this is a comfortable and safe position to start from. While you talk she remains quiet and listens. After you are done, then she goes and you take it all in without any comment. You don't have to release everything in first session. It may take some time top burn through all the mutual demons. Then later you both spend some time and contemplate. Mind you this is extremely vulnerable situation, it will kinda feel like being naked and if either of you shows a hint of negativity or judgement the other will close himself/herself completely and the session is done, potentially for good.
  14. @Luna I think you need to find a conscious healer. Someone who can bring you back up energetically. Your lack of desire for life may very much be physiological. Depression can be induced by many things not just lack of purpose. I think there is something in there that prevents you from seeing positivity, hope and love all around you. It may be heavy metal accumulation in your brain tissue, it may be undereating, it may be brain inflammation or lack of vital force/energetic frequency circulating your body. I'd either look for a good naturopath or a spiritual healer. Alternatively, consider a longer-term retreat if you financial situation allows for it.
  15. Fuck gucci and their 480 USD T-shirt. These brands need to die and make way for more conscious businesses that actually care.
  16. Talking completely openly with a partner can be scary but extremely therapeutic. We did that couple times with my partner. You become extremely vulnerable while you give your partner an opportunity to tell you what bothers them and vice versa. Afterwards you both go your own way and allow time to heal and to process the information and consider if there is something you can remedy. It is important that this delicate procedure is not too long, not judgemental and that all emotional reactions to what you hear are put aside. A deep meditation can be a good way to process what you have heard. As uncomfortable as this is, hiding shit under the rug will build up mutual resentment and at some point it will be beyond your both's ability to ignore and will either result in divorce or a cancer of the weaker one from the couple.
  17. Blood tests are defo not health indicator. It is a snapshot in time and it does not even measure things like energetics and frequency/vital force. A lot of things on blood tests could be misinterpreted or you simply don't catch what you were after E.g. Folate can easily hide B12 deficiency "which will only become obvious once your myelin sheath starts getting irreversibly destroyed and you lose function of your legs "and regular test for B12 is completely unreliable. Low ferritin does not necessarily mean needing to take iron supplements but could be a sign of infection or internal bleeding. Cholesterol readings do not take LDL/HDL particle size into concern not do they measure any inflammatory markers. Blood pressure monitoring is often skewed due to "white coat syndrome" Health is hard to define by scientific measures and th best way is a self-observation Anyways, here are few question you can ask to define for yourself How is your energy in the morning? Throughout the day and at night? How is your sleep? Do you get 8 uninterrupted hours? How is your long term memory? Can you concentrate effortlessly? Can you go through day without coffee? How about a whole week caffeine free? How is your skin? (Acne, Psoriasis, Eczemas/dermatitis, dry skin ) How are your nails (white spots, brittle/breaking, lots of linear cracks and marks) What does your tongue look like (bitemarks on side, heavy coating, yellow coating, hairy, lot of cracks) How are your teeth? Lot of yellow plaque? Cavities? Mercury Fillings? Do your gums bleed when brushing? Does your breath smell bad often? How is your libido? Problems getting it up sometimes? Do you keep losing hair? Do you have good sense of smell and taste? Do you have any -itis? (inflammatory disease) Do you suffer from an autoimmune disease? Do you get bloated often? Do you have any allergies or intolerances? Do you poop 3 times a day? Does your head spin when you stand up rapidly? Do you exercise at least 10 hours a week? (includes walking) Is your body fat content above 20% (25-30 for ladies) Or is it below 5% (dangerously low Can you touch your toes? Do you see your penis without pulling back your belly? Can you plank for 5 minutes? Can you do 40+ pushups? Can you do 5 pullups? Can you hold a deep squad (butt as close to ground as possible) for 2 minutes? Can you run 5 miles at 100+ heart rate without a break Does your lower back hurt often? Do your knees hurt often? Do you get stiff neck often?
  18. ^^ agreed. I see lots of guys bashing on what Jeff delivers but the amount of free content he pumps out,...splits and tips that would cost you months of trial and error and hundreds in personal training to figure out. He brings in a lot of anathomy to back shit up. His humour is a bit dry but Jessie, his side-kick is kinda making sure that gets added in
  19. Actually I feel like we only talk about what masculinity is NOT these days Perhaps gather resources and go on a journey of finding out yourself. Once you do come back to us and share with us what you have learned.
  20. If your goal is the growth of muscle then consistency and frequency are the key. There needs to be a repetitive mechanical strain. If you are going to split such as chest+triceps, back+biceop, legs, delts + abs then each body part only gets trained once a week which is not massive but it will get you some result. Alternatively, you can squeeze legs and delts in the same day and add a day of cardio/bodyweight/stretching or just restar the whole circle. Being a beginner you will see initial gains pretty quickly but it will slow down after some time which is when repetition of stress will come in play. Do you eat a mixed diet or mostly plant-based? On a diet that includes animal products, it is possible and quite easy to get the protein. On plant-based, it is slightly harder and a good clean protein powder such as Vivo Life (personal preference) can help with that. Whatever your choice is, there are no limits and it can be absolutely done naturally. Protein is just a little bit of cheating we do Athlean X made a great video on a whole-body split. You should check it out. The guy also has some pretty amazing programs if you feel stuck and don't know where to start.
  21. read David Deida's book to learn about this.
  22. Agreed with @ChimpBrain dairy can be a contributor. Other likely events: frequent consumption of foods with high glycemic index (pastries, pastas, sweets, sodas, chocolates...) excessive consumption of meat and other sources of animal protein frying, barbecuing, roasting lack of cleansing, alkaline, anti-inflammatory foods...especially fruits systemic acidity of the organism - possibly due to above or due to PH balancing mechanism struggling to cope (acne may in this case be an effort of the body to get rid of toxins and acids through its largest organ, the skin) lot of stress, anger, lying, cheating and living with lots of negative emotions or in bad relationships and such can actually cause things like rash and disrupt skin hormonal problems - such as excess DHEA or Testosterone common in male adults. Imo this is not a disease but a sign of something else going on. It is suspected that this may also be caused by some dietary factors.
  23. My girlfriend likes to listen to a video here and there. She is under transition from orange to green so its mostly the older videos but otherwise I don't know anybody else. Most people I know see this as either" too much effort" or "too far-fetched" especially if they would start with the latest videos.