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  1. A while ago I started a topic on Allergies . that I have been struggling with for years since moving to the UK. I wanted to share a quick update that perhaps could help others around here struggling with constant mucous discharge, sneezing, itchiness and nasal iritation like me. Having researched what other people did and what many experts advised I got quite hooked on what Robert Morse ND (Naturopathic Doctor) has been teaching. For nearly 40 years this guy has been pulling people from wheelchairs, treating MS, autoimmune diseases and cancers, many of these diseases where allopathic medicine is completely clueless. So I though this might be someone worth listening to. Also the fact that he makes hundreds of free videos, not monetising his channel, giving out free herbal tinctures to people all the time and spending literally 0$ to market himself told me that this guy is genuine. He talks a lot about spirituality, the ego, nonduality and is someone I would peg into heavy yellow, light turquoise. He says that the cause of majority of diseases (cancers, autoimmune even congenital) is toxicity , acidosis and genetic weakness of the body. Acidosis caused by food but also cellular waste not getting out and toxicity a cause of all the crap that we are surrounded by from the food, toxic air we breathe to synthetic clothing, pharmaceuticals, supplements and hygiene products. Dr Morse says that what Allopathicc Doctors don't consider is that the lymphatic system & kidney cooperation is the real key to waste disposal, not the circulatory system. Yes, these systems are connected but the key here is the lymphatic systems and kidneys to work in a perfect harmony. He also teaches that most body weaknesses come from the endocrine system not functioning properly. This involves all the glands: thyroid&parathyroid, adrenal glands, pancreas, the liver, thymus, ovaries & testicles..all of them being regulated by the pituitary gland a master gland located in the brain. Most of us have genetic weaknesses in any or multiple of these areas that according to him contribute massively to diseases. Dr Morses also promotes fruits, berries and melons as the most cleansing food for any disease. So it started making sense that my lymphatic system is clogged up as f**k from years of garbage eating and that all this sneezing and discharge was body trying to rid itself of crap which I was always stopping using antihistamines and considering as "bad". So i've decided to give this protocol a try and for around 2 weeks went on 90% frutarian diet (10% veggies) while also purchasing 4 tinctures from him. (Lymphatic , Kidney, Bowel and Endocrine formulas) in total around 100$. And boy, did I trigger a shitstorm. The tinctures lasted only 2 weeks but during this time and for some time after, I was getting rid of some much mucous it was sick, sometimes even yellow and brown.... But slowly I've started to noticed improvements in my itchines, sneezing and reacting to dust, pollen etc.. A month later and it seems like the allergy is 90% gone. My daily 200 sneezes have turned into less than 5. I am not doing the frutarian diet anymore, more like 70% raw and some cooked (all plant based) yet the benefits are still there including clearer sinuses, easier nasal breathing and hardly any sneezing and discharge. This convinced me of the true healing powers of fruit and herbs and I wanted to recommend to those of you who are struggling with the same or other disease perhaps to have a look into Dr Morse's protocols. No, you don't have to buy his herbs although they help massively. Just wanted to share as perhaps there is someone who could benefit from his videos on youtube. Coming from a place where absolutely nothing helped with my struggles, I believe that it is definitely worth listening to what this guy has to say. Ofcourse I absolutely believe that there are other ways to treat these things like prolonged fasting , chakras and energy circulation but for me this worked beautifully
  2. Do you have any skill that could be sold in western countries, such as UK or Germany or France for example? If not, many people come from middle east in pursuit of services jobs such as in restaurants, transportation, cafes, shops. Also many corporations like constantly hire Custoemr service reresentatives which are mostly people from Middle East and India. As an immigrant from outside of Europe, it won't be as easy but you would probably be able to find a basic job to start you of and get a basic income. If you find a shared rental, the costs does not have to be astronomical. Don't know how realistic it is but perhaps could be possible?
  3. Do you mean an inhaler? Does she have asthma?
  4. Some people do plant Keto but that seems nearly impossible. I'd say many carnis won't touch plant food. Some because they believe its toxic and other because they can't process it with their messed up digestions. Your diet seems a typical Atkin's style high protein, high fat, low carb and fibre. Omad can be helpful in short term or when in conquest of disease or looking to lose weight rapidly but I'm not convinced of the long term benefit....it is definitely not suitable for women as it wrecks their hormonal profile.
  5. Never heard of this. What is the difference to traditional one?
  6. @youngshinzen I've put those in cronometer just to see the values and there is just so much screaming right there. I mean, if you want to do carni keto by all means... But man.. you are getting 65g of saturated fats, that's like 5 times the recommended threshold.. and 1600mg of Cholesterol while getting tiny dose of Omega 6 and nearly no Omega 3s. I can't comment on how much of that is oxidised cholesterol etc. On the top of that 180g of protein is also quite a lot unless you are an athletic person training on daily basis to achieve gain of muscle. Too little fiber as wll but I know that's not a concern on Keto diets. I know many other guys on the forum would say this is perfect....to me this is a "heart disease diet" So keep experimenting just be careful
  7. this post is 2 years old folks the guy probably doesn't even come on here anymore
  8. Need more info. You may be dehydrated, could be mild ketoacidosis, your blood pressure may have risen over past 3 months to, lack of sleep, excess stimulants, histamine response to something you haven't eaten before and are eating now....
  9. Life purpose course taken in early 2017... Why? Well why not?
  10. Cheers mate ! I am myself still confused by a lot but I think in this field it's not about "what's right" but "can you hold multiple percpective that contradict each other for long enough to modulate your own pathway?"
  11. What time do you usually go to sleep? Just wondering if you are cutting your sleep short or going to bed really early.
  12. Judging by the symptoms I currently have/don't have and used to have I'd say it has massively improved. But it may still be waiting to be triggered so I'll see i weeks and months to come. It may be that I am just keeping the igEs on the leash and haven't given them the "right environment" to trigger histamine release in mast cells. But basing this on last year at this time, I have 80-90% improvement. As to what % of this was cleansing and what the mushroom and nettle, I'm not really sure anymore. I think the cleansing did a bit of deep tissue cleaning and the mushrooms are kinda now holding the histamine response back and potentially helping to modulate the hypersensitivity of the adaptive immune system that has been messed up during my childhood....at least that's what some of the research on pubmed show but could be placebo all of it.
  13. Thanks for sharing, that makes a lot of sense. I think I partially get it because I grew up in extremely tidy environment so didn't get a lot of exposure to allergens. Antibiotics theory makes a lot of sense as well, that may be a big contributor as well. One final for me is that I took roaccutane for acne in my teens for 8 months, I think that fucked up my liver a little bit and liver is highly involved in many immuno-driven processes I feel for you my brother. My symptoms got a lot better but still remember getting these a lot. Once it went on it wouldn't stop until night. Antihistamines do work to an extent but also make you drowsy . Who knows what the long term health impact of that is..taking it for months every year. LSD is something I am probably not yet ready to experiement with for allergies . Besides the herbal/fruit cleansing I did that helped, other things that work for me was Nettle tincture, taken daily and Mushroom complex. I got an 8-mushroom extract (reishi, shitake, lion's main cordyceps etc...). I am currently still taking those after a bit of research, it appears they have some adaptogenic and imuno-modulating properties. So perhaps something you may try as well This is what I got https://www.amazon.co.uk/Mushroom-Complex-Cordyceps-Coprinus-Betox93®/dp/B07B3LXJTY/ref=sr_1_3_sspa?keywords=mushroom+complex&qid=1555317684&s=gateway&sr=8-3-spons&psc=1
  14. True there is some decent SF content but still a high monounsaturated ratio, probably as much as 50% that would rancidify quickly...but maybe not
  15. @Swede Excellent points over there ! @RobinOntwikkeljezelf Generally you want to fry as little as possible. Plant oils (especially nut and seed oils) are the worst for frying because they rancidify quickly and become free radicals (molecules that wreak havoc in your body, "steal" electrons, render other molecules uselesss and have potential to damage DNA cells). Frying produces acrylamides (in carbs) a known carcinogens. Frying meat also produces PAH's (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons) which when inhaled are again carcinogens If you have to fry, use saturated oils (coconut, palm, animal fat). That being said you can use nut and seed oils but put them on top of your salads, don't fry on them. Bear in mind that 1 tbsp of oil has 120 of mostly empty calories give-or-take EDIT: you'd be surprised that for most meals you don't need to fry on oil and can only use water. For meat products you probably do but for any plant foods, water is as good, it only takes a bit longer and you have to make sure to splash in some more every now and then to prevent burning Wholegrains > processed grains. Gluten is only damaging if you have sensitivity to it or are Celiac, otherwise there is no evidence to suggest it being harmful although abuse of it may trigger some gene expression over years in those genetically predisposed and start causing problems. You are better of making granola yourself. Just mix (with hands) bunch of chopepd seeds, nuts, oats and some banana to keep it together and bake them for 25 minutes on 180 degrees and you got yourself sugar-free, chemical-free granola Don't be afraid of seeds & nuts, your body does not use polyunsaturated fats from these foods to store in fat reserves (unless you significantly overeat), they are used to stabilise your cells and produce steroid hormones....saturated fats are more likely to make you fat . Of course doesn't mean eating 200g of nuts every day, a handful is perfectly fine.
  16. What @pluto said. All of it is junk and should have no place in human diet anyways. Thanks for sharing though !!
  17. @Girzo been using that for ages, doesn't really help. I've had partially clogged sinuses for years, it's something I've been struggling with for a long time. The question at this stage is not anymore "How to unblock it" but "Why is there so much mucous being produced in the first place?" When I find an answer to that, my self-healing conquest will be accomplished as that is probably linked to the allergies One of the things that was partially helping was Buteyko breathing but I did not enjoy daily self-suffocation exercises and dropped it after few months. Do you suffer from seasonal allergies? Anything that helps you?
  18. That's a very Yellow approach to veganism, well done ! Acceptance does not equal ignorance and one can still take part in making the world a better place without becoming a bleeding heart and pain in the ass of other people.
  19. @Girzo hey dude, Strangely enough, I did have 1 really bad allergy day, that was 2 weeks ago. But other than that haven't really had anything this year. Don't know if that was a sort of a pre-adaptation or some residue from last year..or hasn't blown up yet. Will keep you updated how it goes as the Spring awakens. But I can tell that it is still there to a degree, my sinuses are still not as clear as I'd like them to be. I might do another round of fruit/herb cleanse in summer once we get riper fruits here in UK
  20. @bejapuskas It's definitely worth the investment if you can spend the extra money. AX-2 also comes with a daily abs-shuffle which is absolutely brilliant, not sure if that's feature of AX1 as well. I don't follow Jeff's meal plan, that is one thing I don't agree with him the ungodly consumption of animal foods 4 times a day. He does have a plan in there but it's more of a "side product", the training plan was the key for me. I don't really follow any meal plan, I mostly use Dr Greger's Coockbook for meal preps and just try to make sure to hit all my micros, eat regularly and stay in slight protein excess on my workout days.
  21. Wow I never realised so much work goes into vlogging! That's a lot of time spent on one video
  22. Matcha is an incredibly therapeutic herb. Good for focus without the spiking impact of regular coffee. The dose of caffeine is just perfect to naurally raise your levels of alertness without the anxiety and jittery effect. Not to mention it was shown to reduce chronic inflammation and radical damage, protects the heart, reduces LDL cholesterol, protects against diabetes and joints from degradation and may help with depression as well. Haven't tried the other ones.
  23. @Viking Yeah I probably would. You can approach it with "newbie's perspective" as if you were doing it for the first time. Make sure to take proper notes and re-read them after the end of each week or month. This way you'll extract way more than just your life purpose statement.
  24. A general nutrition guidebook would be a good start to learn about Micros, macros, a bit biochemistry, enzymes etc. Anything titled Nutrition with some boring picture on top would do. On the top of that you may pick a simplified anathomy to learn about how different systems in the body work and interact. Knowing this helps to udnerstand nutrition better I find. I'd probably stay away from any sensational book (anything titled Vegan, Paleo, Raw, Fit ..) because there is always a conflict of interests and a bit of manipulation of available data. Go for a generic academic book.