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  1. @Charlotte Hey Charlotte, welcome back. Delighted to see good stuff going your way. I found this being one of the core things keeping me in hard Green and it took a lot of time and effort to get outside of it and start to see the ideology and manipulation in vegan population. The amount of guilt they put you in is incredible sometimes. Well done on getting out of that, defo not an easy task !! I think one can still remain plant based without subscribing to the "religion" and the guilt. Also happy that you got some new tips with CNM, the 9/d cruciferous veg seems like pretty hardcore healing diet going forward but they are incredible. (Make sure to always pre-chop them and chew well to activate the enzymatic reaction and get the most of them ) And finally congrats on finishing your college course. Hope this opens some new doors and opportunities and definitely new insight into the reality. All the best and keep up the amazing work !!
  2. I was talking to two of my buddies the other day and they started teasing me about meditation as we got to that topic somehow. They are both extremely hard orange guys so I found it really hard to explain it. But it made me realise that I could not properly put it in word for my own benefit either. I was tempted to say "to realise god" but at my current level of consciousness I still don't know what that really means so maybe "to raise my consciousness" would be a better response but that is hard to define by words. So I ended up giving an Orange explanation of "helps reduce cortisol, soothe the nervous system and helps sleep" which seemed a satisfying response but I know that is just the top of the iceberg. Thinking about this conversation later on, I realised I can't even pinpoint why I meditate in the first place by my own words Is it that it's not meant to be explained same as you cannot really explain what consciousness is but has to be experienced? What would be your explanation (to yourself and to an Orange person) of why you meditate in the first place?
  3. Perhaps you first need to achieve a great success to truly realise the shallow fulfilment of success.
  4. @Solace thank you. Your comment has been very eye-opening. I feel like I am not able to embody the wisdom you shared just yet without putting more work into consciousness work which I put aside often due to focusing too much on my life purpose. Nevertheless I am saving many of the amazing responses I've got here to return to again. @Curiousobserver thanks, that makes a lot of sense.
  5. Thank you folks, amazing comments from all of you, I've got much to contemplate on tonight
  6. @Commodent why stop there!! Let's chemo the guy with the runny nose and the the kid with acne. Hell, let's create McChemburger meno from an irradiated beef just to make sure everybody is getting a dose of goodness Nuka Cola from Fallout series will soon become reality !!
  7. You would have to assume that children are ONLY exposed to their parents and nobody else throughout their lives. I think most of us here have been brought up and educated based on mainstream standards which are NOT designed to make you any different to everyone else. So at some point, some of the most conscious individuals met someone who helped them get "higher", above all that. If unconscious people stop having children the humanity is fucked because they amount to probably 99.99% of population (most of us here included). Most conscious individuals often do not want children or marriage because they deem it unnecessary and absurd. So if 1 out of 100 low-lives receives help at some point in their lifes and devotes their life to something meaningful that may uplift others, it is still worth it because we don't need everyone to be awaken to help the rest of the population. Few strong individuals can have a massive impact these days and prob even more in future.
  8. @Ibn Sina fair enough glad we haven't gone that far...yet
  9. @Ibn Sina chemotherapy for adhd? Jeeeesus !!
  10. He came from a wealthy influential family. If shit went rough, he could always go back. He did not have the struggles that people go through these days such as rent, family, subscriptions, utilities, all forms of distractions and social media. While these are not excuse they do make it harder for a typical Westerner to attain enlightenment then it was 2000 years ago. Psychadelics may be helpful in breaking through all of these obstacles within 1 lifetime.
  11. There used to be a guy on this forum @Caterpillar ....used to make very similar posts to what you do You wouldn't be the same person right ?
  12. is the opposite sex infected with Smallpox?
  13. inherently that would be a manipulation on its own Orange will vaccinate the whole population and push its ideology of pandemic, Green will cut hands for using plastic and push its agenda of global warming and Turquoise will contaminate waters with 5-MEO and talk about saving humanity....whats the difference?
  14. @Leo Gura I think most people who do stock trading don't give shit about helping society or contributing to the world in any way whatsoever. It's all about "me me me me me me". I tried bringing up the topic of "contribution" to bunch of Orange colleagues..was called a naive hippie and treehugger a lesson learned.
  15. purchasing manager for unconscious finance company after graduating in business & marketing. <---- series of wrong decisions
  16. Great for cleansing bowels, constipation, treating haemorrhoids and diverticulae, better skin health, weight loss and to boost ensymes, antioxidants and phytochemicals. Reducing risk of most cancers especially collorectal with all the fibre. Also great for someone with heart disease or pre-dbaietic states. RF be helpful for rebalancing your Yin&Yang towards more Yin for someone with lot of repressed anger, toxic masculinity and lots of extreme Yang problems. It is more cooling hence calming and soothing to the mind & body. Over long term, management of some nutrients can be problematic especially zinc, calcium, protein, essential fatty acids (unless sufficient nuts are eaten) some B-vitamins. Underrating is a common problem. Hormonal issues could occur from low EFAs and protein. Loss of muscle could happen but not necessarily has to as long as one is active. And the lack of warming foods especially in winter could be challenging.
  17. Unless this is addressed, no amount of therapy will help. Remove the root cause, symptoms will dissapear
  18. Sleep is for the weak !! Stop being bunch of crybaby bitches!!!
  19. @wk197 we need a bit more. Tell us about your diet, stress, lifestyle,. relationship to your work, environment, activity levels...
  20. Do you feel that your work is alligned with your values? If you don't know your values... do you feel like there is "something more out there for you"? I assume if you have to ask, the course is good for you. Read "So good they can't ignore you" as @Knock suggested. Nobody is born with skills he/she needs. They are gained through deliberate practice in hours, months and years. The book also gives very practical tips for career navigation and disputes the popular "passion theory" saying that "you just need to grow some balls and follow your dreams" which is nonsense. Can you save some money over few months?
  21. @GreenWoods he gave up on coaching long time ago unless there was a new update. The link you sent was probably hidden but not deactivated. @StarStruck type in "life coach" and name of your city. There are decent coaches all over the developed world and most of them offer 30 min introductory session. Can definitely be good way to start if you feel stuck.
  22. Broccoli is one of the most healing and detoxifying foods there is. To maximise its benefits, chop it in small pieces and let it sit for 40 minutes before cooking to activate Sulforophane and Indole-3-Carbinol. Also definitely go organic if you consume it at such massive amounts.
  23. Done it couple times in the past, its quite fun. Definitely not as uncomfortable as that woman makes it look like. These days i'm not convinced anymore that its that good for healthy individual as you may potentially be flushing your intestinal microbiota and leaving space for pathogen overgrowth.
  24. Few random food tips: Beetroots - eat them 30 mins pre-workout (2-3 heads) to boost production of Nitric Oxide and muscle endurance. They contain Beetaine (TMG) that can also be helpful in reducing Homocysteine for someone with ↑ risk of cardiovascular disease. Blend them mixed with dark colour cherries to minimise the impact of free radicals produced during training. CAREFUL: it may colour your urine red, this is fine and not dangerous. Cruciferous Vegetables (espec. broccoli) - chop them and leave sitting for 40 minutes before eating. This will ensure that Glucosinolates will mix with ensyme Myrosinase and form an incredibly potent compound called Sulforophane. This is a cancer fighting, inflammatory inhibiting superstar. It also improves your liver Phase II detoxification. This reaction also helps produce Indole-3-carbinol, another potent cancer-fighting compound. Pistachios - highest natural melatonin content Maitake - this is a caffeine for your Immune System such as T-Cells and NK cells fighting pathogens. Powerful enhancer of immunity. Can be very helpful in state of acute illness. NOT to be taken by someone with autoimmune disease as it may make it worse Tomatoes - contain carotene called Lycopene. The more cooked they are, the higher the available Lycopene content. Powerful inhibitor of prostate enlargement and Matcha - Interacts with cellular inflammatory pathways (COX -1 and COX - 2) and helps suppress chronic inflammation. Also helpful in ↓ Monoamine oxidase, an enzyme that breaks down dopamine and serotonin when docked in their receptor. And finally suppresses growth of cancer cells and stimulates cell-induced death (apoptosis) so they don't grow beyond their normal range.