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  1. @Galyna I am not sure if you have a firm understanding of the terminology you are using. It seems like you are just saying things for the sake of being opposing. None of your points made sense so far and when that is addressed you blame it on the other, questionable if your intention is to seek conversation but rather leech. So it would be better for all to learn honest approaching here.
  2. @Galyna You would have to specify here what exactly is just an opinion?
  3. @Galyna it would be insincere to do because I am not god conscious.
  4. @Galyna Look I don't know why you are presenting this as if it was some mindfuck for me. In your first take you disagree with me and in the second one you confirm it. Blame it on the paradox if you want, but you still have to take a bias to take any action as a human. We can disagree that only when you are god realized that then you become creator of your own reality. It's not a single if else, in depends on your desires and how much you are aware of, so a degree. And Meister leo would say in the absolut sense you already are. You are painting this too dramatic.
  5. @Galyna in certain terms i am, in a way i am also contributing my individual take onto what is influencing me. Marketing is not influencing everyone in an objective manner equally, people spin their takes on it and some go with someone's original idea less than others. In general, it can be too easy shrugging every higher value position as just brain washing, that itself can be a very comfortable self brainwashing technique. Where i see this going is do people have their own free will to begin with? Up to you to decide.
  6. @Galyna I don't know what your point is social democracy isn't marketing and this is certainly not news to me. If anything this a critique on capitalism. I do feel free in many areas of my life and in some i do not.
  7. What you said makes no sense, you have to explain to us how social democracy is the same as communism. Or even better just don't. It's too obvious that you don't like seeing green people as above you on the consciousness scale, have some humbleness, you are definitely not out thinking all the people that have researched this for years and created this model.
  8. This is such a deluded view. Do you even see people on regular basis irl? I honestly question your intellect.
  9. Just wait a couple weeks, this means nothing yet.
  10. Besides that I find that highly questionable, yeah bodybuilding for vanity reasons is not weight lifting for strenght and the pump.
  11. Sometimes i really have to question people's ability to live in this world. You're talking about stage blue not green, leo specifically mentioned that. If you look at the green model and how the soviets ran their ideology, you will see it won't align.
  12. Then start treating them like it. I know
  13. Why is that so important to you? Maybe after his long psychedelic ventures he is probably more aware of him minds mechanism such that it would not get him stuck unconsciously in addiction? But i dunno, he said he has always been horny.
  14. It depends on how you view porn, as for a classical role model, yeah it's probably not a good idea to open that, but i don't think leo cares about being a role model, he is just giving his understanding out for you to use it. I think it is best for everyone here if we stop expecting nobleness from him and view him rather as a friend.
  15. @CultivateLove His body fat seems too low compared to his muscle size, without external hormones you should not be able to keep that up, especially someone with his body type.