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  1. Just wait a couple weeks, this means nothing yet.
  2. Besides that I find that highly questionable, yeah bodybuilding for vanity reasons is not weight lifting for strenght and the pump.
  3. Then start treating them like it. I know
  4. Why is that so important to you? Maybe after his long psychedelic ventures he is probably more aware of him minds mechanism such that it would not get him stuck unconsciously in addiction? But i dunno, he said he has always been horny.
  5. It depends on how you view porn, as for a classical role model, yeah it's probably not a good idea to open that, but i don't think leo cares about being a role model, he is just giving his understanding out for you to use it. I think it is best for everyone here if we stop expecting nobleness from him and view him rather as a friend.
  6. @CultivateLove His body fat seems too low compared to his muscle size, without external hormones you should not be able to keep that up, especially someone with his body type.
  7. when you only have a week, you better make the best impact in their minds. and gordon is not a conscious being of light.
  8. Can you play along for as long as you got a job and then be able to afford moving to another county? Can you even get a job for yourself?
  9. I can relate to the rotten tree feeling i think. for me it is more like foul core of darkness in my chest working my feeling of connectedness and light-soulness through itself and giving back feelings that put me down and submission to feeling unjustifiably guilty and therefore thoughts.
  10. that's very sweet of you, thank you. but i just want to check if she is happy and fine. unfortunately i don't know how to find her anymore and her number is long gone.
  11. strange, i was thinking a lot today as well about a former girlfriend.
  12. i don't know why you did not like it it was a genuine reason for me, no self bullshitting. i would have admitted if self-image were the reason. it's a difference lifting with heavy weights compared to "fitness". but you would not know.
  13. that's not the ideal physique.