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  1. No experience or sources on such here, but below is some stuff I wanted to talk about anyway for your benefit hopefully. I had been on a Primal/Paleo diet for 3 quarters of a year, which did nothing for my eczema condition, but now I've found a new approach after careful consideration also with holistic health in mind. I'm seeing if it works out, just begun recently. ---------------------------------- I've found this issue of good health and diet requires some careful epistemological consideration, also knowing well what this health you're going for is all about. But we can all kind of agree on what health is in general, longevity, feeling good, looking good etc. So how to determine what's healthy? What are the best sources of Truth for this matter? In my personal experience, there's so much data and conflicting scientific data out there that it's impossible to analyse all of it. So I started to look more inwards for answers, own experience, what makes sense in tackling this question. It made sense to me to assume that the diet my body is designed for is the one that would let me run most smoothly and give me the best health. From the question "what food is my body best designed for?" then followed some introspection from the little data that I could collect. The conclusion so far is that we're best designed to be frugivores. From what I know of history, it seems to me that our evolving species were eating fruits and other plants much longer than meat. Then at some point we became more adventurous, started eating meat, exploring and actually relying more on meat because we had to in colder climates. Given that the period of time we've been eating meat is much shorter than the period of time we've been eating plants, it makes sense to place more weight on plants for health. I actually see meat now as a kind of emergency food, much inkling to how we might cannibalize each other if we started to starve. There are other insights to gain from personal experience too. For example, the lack of desire to attack and eat animals raw when sighted, whereas I have some desire to go after colorful fruit. I'm still kind of new to this plant-based whole foods diet I've adopted, so I've still to truly see if it gives me positive results in real experience. If it does, I know this is the truest direction. I'm fairly confident though since I've taken the approach of investigation that I took. So, I just want to give food for thought in case you haven't thought about it much. It's important to take responsibility for how you derive truth, your definition of truth what sources of truth are valid etc. It's easy to get trapped in the Matrix without knowing it. Here are recent conflicting book sources that I've been using: - The Detox Miracle Sourcebook (Robert Morse) - The New Primal Blueprint (Mark Sisson) - The Vegetarian Myth (Pierre Keith)
  2. @-T8 Indeed. The way I see it, throughout history, we've been collectively trying to get more and more control over how we live our lives. Once there were kings, now we have democracy, or appearance thereof. In earlier days, we could more easily see how the balance of power lay. It was right in front of us in external reality. The king definitely got more power, wealth etc. to do what he wants (although 'some' raising of consciousness must've been needed to imagine that things could be different). Now this power struggle has entered the territory of the mind, hidden by complexity and shallow consciousness. Because of this tendency towards obscurity, of the "center" of power making itself as invisible as it possibly can, it makes total sense that most people don't concern themselves with it. It's inconvenient to do so, they've so many more fun things to do instead, things that benefit them. That's all part of the veil. So when we talk about the benefit between ignoring the issue of privacy/information control and concerning oneself with it, we have to talk about what really matters to us in this life. What are our values and what do we really want? Some people are more conscious of their real wants than others, and some are mistaken about what they want. I like to believe I'm fairly conscious of my wants. My highest value is Truth, embodying the Truth of my own nature in authentic expression and becoming more conscious of the Truth of myself, reality, Being and certain Truths and real experiences thereof that interest me particularly. I sense a real threat to that value the way things are going, due to my technological understanding, personal experience of being locked inside "the matrix" of online video games, culture and a limiting belief system, and contemplating this issue back and forth. I must move towards the last matrix. You may ask, what does privacy have to do with that? It's a matter of power. The more you compromise your privacy/information control, the more some less conscious person out there is able to control your mind and behavior. This then indirectly compromises my upholding of my values. The causal chain of it all may not be apparent every time, but that's how the game is played. Now other people don't care as much. The people I surround myself with will eventually cause some information leaks and so on with poor information control practices. This I realize. It means I must raise awareness and empower them in this area and lead through practice. I can't follow the herd when the truth is so clear in my mind. It takes only one person to start a movement, and I'm far from alone. This isn't convenient at all, just necessary for me to live my truth. Of course there's some balance that I keep and my practices are far from perfect, but I'm updating them somewhat continuously. This view that I have has been going on for some years now, contributing to not keeping in touch with people on social media and seeming all withdrawn and antisocial therefore. I'm just constantly conscious of what the hell is going on. Blessing or a curse, the blue pill or the red. I'll get all social when I got anonymized end-to-end encrypted communication going with the intended recipient. @Epiphany_Inspired Yea, I also think intuition is a good way to go. For intuition to kick in though, people need to be aware of the underlying mechanisms of things. What do you think would happen if Facebook displayed a message in their messenger every time they sent a message saying "Your message has been sent to [friend], as well as the people at Facebook, who by the way like to sell your information as they see fit"?
  3. @Epiphany_Inspired I understand where you're coming from. I think it's also good to keep in mind the positive connections that can happen when we trust and how they really outnumber the negative cases. The Internet has brought us so much positive connectedness. The negatives just usually, unfortunately take the headlines in our minds. I think as human beings, we must have more bias towards trusting than not trusting in the end. Otherwise the wars will just go on.
  4. My intuition says, you don't love yourself and your life, therefore you mentally try to make everyone else love you to fill the void. But when they love you, it doesn't align with the image of yourself as unlovable. One easy insightful book I read recently is Loving what is, by Byron Katie. It might help you stop trying to have others love you and instead accept yourself and the world as is.
  5. Are you making sure you're not keeping the things you're avoiding around the house? Make it hard for you to get them. When you have cravings, do you have a healthier subtitute that's very easy to reach for? (around the house) Just two techniques I can think of atm.
  6. Ahh...there is so much fear around this privacy stuff and negative motivation. To uphold it is usually seen as avoiding a worse alternative. Since I'm passionate about this stuff, I wind up talking about how bad things are getting. There are plenty of fear tactics being used on the issue of privacy already and personally I don't see it working. That in combination with the technical expertise often needed to grasp it makes the issue especially unattractive. I don't know. Maybe I'm just being overly paranoid and taking this too seriously. But I also don't want to fall asleep again and become complacent. That's the nature of the beast. It wants you to stay asleep, yet it's under the bed. I've been thinking about how to use positive motivation for privacy/information control. I feel like I have a pretty good grasp of our innermost shared human values and I think what's needed is to connect this stuff to those values. One idea I've been thinking of is to compare communication between people as it happens in the "real" world with communication as it actually takes place online. I think we possess a certain instinct about our real world communications that becomes very limited when it comes to communication technology. When we chat on Facebook, we don't really realize that these messages are being recorded and kept by real people that can do anything they want with it far into the future. The real world equivalent would be to have some Facebook person following us around and writing down our conversations in a notebook and taking copies of everything we share that he can do whatever he wants with. So if I just inform people this way, I'm just telling the truth in a way everyone understands. I'm not saying how things should be. I'm just telling the truth. In the end, people will make up their own minds, I'm just giving them a chance to do so. Any other ideas on positive motivation for this would be appreciated if anyone got any. Well. Without your personally identifiable information out there, you can just have a laugh at those stalker antics. Sticks and stones, not that even. Maybe you wouldn't feel as sad about that picture if we culturally came to an understanding that being anonymous on the Internet is a very normal and understandable state, as a default, and that it's not about being withdrawn or anything like that. As we talk more, share more over time and get to know each other, trust is built.
  7. @Epiphany_Inspired I've felt this fear too, and it is a legitimate concern, especially after Snowden. Seems you've been creeped out way more than I ever have though. Maybe that's what's required for people to really wake up, get creeped out. That's what those who do surveillance account for though, and instead fly under the radar. What's on the horizon is not just mosquitos, but gnats. It's all getting burried in obscurity, complex algorithms, AI etc. I like the habits you're putting in place. I've started using cash too. No online banking must be rough though? Haven't figured a good way around that yet. Hope you haven't closed off too much to express yourself online with your real name on it though. The rewards of expression can far outweigh the risks.
  8. @Outer I'm looking at information as ALL the information as presented on the screen and going to/from Facebook and the recipient. Even the interface of the web page is information coming from Facebook.
  9. @Outer I don't quite agree. That Facebook has the power to decide what to show through algorithms only they know about, manipulating the interface and so on is not what I prefer. I want that much control over that information (information control). In fact, I'd prefer if Facebook were but a simple relay with proper end-to-end encryption, except for public posts directed to everyone. When I'm only directing your information to a limited number of people, I only want those people to see that information, but when it's public, sure everyone including Facebook may see it. So in this sense, it seems you would find adequate to have a certain level of information control, but I would prefer a higher level of information control.
  10. @Outer One idea is "information control". I thought about "information supremacy", but that's kind of hostile, like the goal is to have power over the other party. Wanting to protect and uphold one's information control makes sense. I feel information needs to be in there, but maybe there's a better term than control.
  11. I won't argue with the benefit of the general attitude of outgoingness, openness and authenticity. We want to present our core being to the world without constraint and with love. I really wish things were that simple, but I can't turn away from the reality of the situation. A goal of mine is to put myself out there and express myself as honestly as I can. It's what I really want. It's my choice. My choice is not to have my communications with my friends intercepted by a third party and be vulnerable to modification. That's a power imbalance I can't abide, unless the interceptor gave me a good enough reason to trust him (which most have not).
  12. @-T8 It'll not be a lost cause on my watch. It's closely related to what I want to raise awareness of. It's a tricky topic though. It's not well understood enough or misunderstood by most people. It also takes some deliberate contemplation of what loss of privacy really entails, which most people are unwilling to do. They would rather stick their heads in the sand. The problem is similar that way to the resistance of looking within and questioning your beliefs. It can be scary. It will transform the way you look at the world. The payoff for looking out for privacy is also super non-obvious, especially when you're just considering yourself. The problem is exacerbated by mass surveillance and AI in non-obvious ways. I recommend Bruce Schneier's book Data and Goliath for a more in depth look on that. My ideas for talking about this issue is to drop the term Privacy. Most people don't understand it as "degree of control over the dissemination of your information". The common understanding is more in the direction of "hiding your (dirty) secrets" which is not really addressing the issue. The issue is also not being connected to a broad enough context either. This connects to consciousness, (social) epistemology, sociology, information technology and security, artificial intelligence and more. To put down the issue simply as I understand it: All of humanity is a group of consciousnesses. I'm consciousness, you're consciousness. Our conscious experience is affected by other's conscious or unconscious actions in reality. In this way, reality is the mechanism by which information passes between consciousnesses. Each of us is seeking experience (information) according to what we think we want. This experiencing thus depends upon yours and others' actions. Now, people want to (or think they want to) experience different things. They also differ in their level of consciousness. If everyone were completely conscious and moved in unison with the best of intentions and love towards each other, we wouldn't be talking about this. So, that is not the case. Instead, we need to play a power game. The ones who are winning get to experience the most of what they think they want. The game is to control the information that each consciousness receives and thereby controlling what they think and do. The amount of this control distributed over some number of consciousnesses is your level of power. The more power you have, the more you're winning because you have the ability to mold reality/experience more to your liking. You also have to protect your own consciousness from being controlled by consciousnesses that don't have your best interest in mind and be as connected as possible to those consciousnesses that do have your best interest in mind. You inevitably have to receive information from other consciousnesses, so it is best to get it from those that are most likely to uphold your interests. To take an example. Facebook serves as a middleman for communication between consciousnesses. Facebook sees every single bit of information that passes between these consciousnesses. It also controls what information is presented to those consciousnesses. It can see your text messages and even substitute a text in transit for another. Most people use Facebook. Its power is thus enormous. It can control minds. But then you might say: "surely they won't abuse it, I mean, look at the privacy policies and all". This is where trust comes in. Do you trust that Facebook upholds your interests? I don't, because I know humanity as a whole is not conscious enough for that yet, if ever. If any of you are interested in addressing this issue in some way, I'd like to keep in touch. There'll be no change without a tribe. Btw. I'm writing this as anonymously as I can. doesn't know my traffic as anything else than TOR traffic. My email that I used to sign up with doesn't know my traffic as anything else either. To pinpoint me, you'd have to do a lot of work analyzing and correlating what I write here. But, once my level of trust is high enough, I can reveal myself through a secure channel to the right person. This is not paranoia, but just another habit I believe will serve me far into the future. I see how it affects the bigger picture in comparison to the alternative.
  13. @saint_charming7 I understand you mightn't want to restrict yourself to friends connected to LP. The way I see it, LP is just a part of your whole vision for your life, with other parts of it fulfilling you and giving you more energy to purse LP. So you can connect with people through various parts of your vision. For example, the area of health is a big part of my vision and I'm leaning towards some Yoga classes. Those have people I can interact with and connect with through a common interest.
  14. Good idea, removing reputation and rank. They irked me right from the beginning. Although conscious of it, I know they warp my perspective and nudge one's focus towards chasing points, similar to money. I remember when I got my first rep point from Leo. My ego went nuts. ^^ It was funny. Let's just express our appreciation for each other's input instead.
  15. I can sort of relate. Does your LP not involve other people? What I envision for myself is that new friendships will just be a byproduct of following my purpose and upholding of my values/vision in my life. The idea of pursuing friendship to have friendship, or socialize just to socialize has become kind of absurd to me. I view it as something that will happen naturally, like when I was a kid.