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  1. Haha, I don't think anyone agrees with me on cabbage, but it was something creative being in the process of elimination for my autoimmune symptoms. Was also trying to watch my glycemic load so didn't eat much fruit, but do so on occasion now.
  2. @pluto I would really like to go on some sort of retreat for this. 2-3 months, waking up, being outside until it's dark without glasses or lenses possibly with some exercises. I'd like to measure my eyesight and various other factors before and after and see if anything changed. Isn't this a perfect combination with a long meditation retreat as well? I haven't tried one, but it sounds like it would. We could all go on a retreat together, not seeing a thing, and play some games that exercise our vision. I imagine it would look ridiculous to an outsider.
  3. Thanks. Will check it out in case I've a blindspot from my own perspective.
  4. @Dan Arnautu Good point. How would you take psychological tests? I've recently been "testing" myself psychologically, on my own and getting my meditation straight. Turns out I was not doing it quite right. I mostly forgot to bring it into daily life, letting a huge amount of self-criticism, others criticism and self-centeredness among other things reign as regular thought patterns. Thankfully, I at least acquired the mental strength in my meditation to quickly turn this around. I feel much better than when I started this topic and I keep improving. I've a feeling this is going to help with my dermatitis problem, we'll see about that.
  5. I've a ton of experience with trying to get rid of my myopia naturally. It's a work in progress, although admittedly I haven't stuck to my routines that much as of late. I believe wholeheartedly that it's possible to reverse it, but it takes time (may be years) and implementation of good habits. My primary source of information comes from the blog of Jake Steiner (, great guy. Before checking out his stuff, I tried some gimmicky things that didn't really work that well. His stuff is based on good research. So since using info from his blog on April this year, I dropped from -3.0 diopters to (nearly) -2.5 diopters. It's an unusually slow beginning for me because I already was using different glasses for closeup vision and distance vision.
  6. @Torkys I prefer the simplicity of Vimwiki, and keeping the wiki easily accessible as plain text files. Even if the plugin somehow breaks, I got my files without needing to fish them out of the browser storage. Also, just require being able to use my favorite text editor locally. Vimwiki doesn't have drawing options, but I just did a bit of Vim scripting so that I can make a link that opens a new/existing drawing in MyPaint, a dedicated drawing software. Text coloring is just done with some Vim plugin for Markdown files. It has infinite notebook depth too (as many text files as you can fit into your file system). So, I'm a bit of a special case when it comes to requirements. If Laverna works for you, that's that.
  7. @Girzo Same here. When I bring consciousness fully to the food, there seems to be more of it in front of me. More consciousness, more food somehow.
  8. Not sure what you mean by unconsciously, but I've been trying to be more conscious and present while eating. Interestingly, a song of some sorts starts to automatically play in my head when I eat, but I try to listen to my chewing sounds etc. instead. Also when I eat, I usually try to do just that and nothing else. Since changing to a healthier diet, it's much easier because the food just tastes so much better so I want to experience every part of the deliciousness.
  9. I'm seriously falling in love with eating raw (organic) cabbage as a snack. It's so juicy, crispy and it has this lovely tang to it. Recommend! Share your healthy snacks here.
  10. Thanks for the video Leo. It motivates me to be a more avid note-taker than I have been. Not sure if there are any people here who would even benefit from this, but if you at the slim chance happen to bother with Linux, powerhouse text editors like Vim and some configuring, there's a really nice plugin called Vimwiki. It has everything that OneNote software has (at least from what I saw in the video), except maybe displaying a picture on the open page, instead you'd click on a link to open the picture in your preferred image viewer or editor, as per your customization. I could talk forever on the benefits of this approach, from open source/free software to practical matters of saving the commonplace book in the form of simple text files and being able to edit super fast without needing a mouse. If not handy with Linux or Vim, this approach has the cost of time for skill building in this area over a fair stretch of time though. You could look at it like expanding your Cyber-Consciousness. My consciousness may be low, but at least I got that!
  11. @MiracleMan What about coconut products for fat? I like to use some combination of vegetables and fat in the morning of as high a quality I can get. Just get a vegetable of some sort and smear some coconut oil on it. Low sugar and fat gives high satiety. I would try out some other kind of fat, but can't find anything else here besides olive oil, and that's too liquidy to smear on anything. You could make a vegetable soup like in one of Leo's videos, with olive oil in it, that is, if you can tolerate (proper, high quality) olive oil.
  12. For speakers who need to communicate effectively to people whether for life purpose or just to sound great in personal life (both my case), I wholeheartedly recommend this book. I've been reading it and doing some daily exercises it has for about a month. It has revealed both the flaws and potential of my own voice and the tools to tweak it. I'm writing this after a big breakthrough for me, to the point where I'm actually certain that if I keep going, I'll be able to record and deliver my message in a voice people will want to listen to. Yes, how you sound matters immensely if you're trying to influence people. And you can train it. It's not something we're stuck with. Tip: Make sure you don't base anything upon how you feel or sound to yourself when you speak. Only rely on recordings of yourself. I got stuck in an illusion that I was sounding great for a while but then listening to my recording shattered it (got a little depressed, but then I managed to fix the problem).
  13. I've been thinking of making a regular journal here, but I'm not quite ready as of this date. I'll make a separate one for that. I will write in this journal whenever I have thoughts and insights I feel a deep need to just put out there to the world. ---- I went through one of my phases where I just wanted to watch some mindless movie without as much low consciousness material as possible. I noticed Moana, a new disney movie. Great, I thought, a new movie with some straight forward hero's journey. In just the first parts of it, I found myself tearing up. It was something about all those tan, healthy looking people living happily in a tropical paradise. It was all so magical! I felt drawn to it with something like wild abandonment. I believe it has to do with my real human values I've come more and more in touch with and the vision I've built around it: A home in beautiful tropical nature, with a body, tanned and healthy from the plentitude of sunshine and juicy and delicious natural real food. In a community of other similarly healthy people, accepted, loved, respected. A gorgeous woman to love to the ends of the world. I think I also teared up because I've been eating natural, real food for most of the past half a year which is increasingly becoming healthier. I feel somehow more connected to nature because of it. It leaves me wanting to feel more of it, to revel in my own nature as a human, connect to the earth, eat from the earth, ravish women, eat, sleep, fuck, repeat to BE ME AT THE ROOT and throw away all else. I cried because I've never experienced that kind of absolute freedom and abandon and I want it at the core. Sweet, sweet nature, I want to connect to you!
  14. @pluto Okay. I don't have anything against fruit, but in my experience, the insulin drop I experience soon after eating fruit makes me want to devour something probably as little as half an hour after, when I rather want to be satiated for longer. For that reason, I've eaten my fruits in my latest meals of the day when I've already been largely satiated by my main meal. It could be though that I've just not eaten enough fruit in my meals to get to that satiety level. 500 - 1000 calories of fruit seems much higher than I've tried in a single meal. I might give it a go sometime and see how I respond.
  15. @pluto Don't those fruits make you hungry soon after? Insulin spike and drop and all.