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  1. It won't let people take advantage of you if you take appropriate action even in that detached state. Appropriate action only matters in this case, not internal state, in my opinion anyway.
  2. @Michael569 Cool beans. I'd like to know how it works for you in the end. I'm taking his kidney & bladder and endocrine balance formula right now. Going to add the lymphatic one after a week along with some others. Got a protocol I'm following. Morse often mentions berries as very effective in detoxing/regenerating the adrenal glands. I've been staying away from those because I can't get organic ones at a good price. Same with grapes. I'm hoping to gorge on wild berries in August/September and get some dark seeded organic grapes this summer. That should be a kicker.
  3. I'm getting my adrenals online too, but exclusively the Dr. Morse way which I'm sure you're familiar with. Numerous times he mentions how foods aside from raw veggies and fruits, such as too many nuts, meat, cheese etc. with foreign or high amount of protein will be detrimental in regenerating those glands along with the kidneys. Have yet to see how all of this will work out in the end. My diastolic number definitely got a kick up on his herbs for the past week, which are seen as relating to kidney function. My systolic may have gone up slightly, but still not high enough yet. The systolic is seen as relating to the adrenals. So, nothing concrete yet, but I'll let you know if some more improvements happen.
  4. I liked what Pluto said. A great alternative source here I went from -3 to -2.5, now working on -2.25. Above source gave me great info to help doing that.
  5. @Quanty Thanks. I hardly ever claim anything like that these days. My conversation style has become such that I almost always refer to a third party where the info came from, epistemological considerations and me simply following it to get to the point of direct experience (or not), very unknowing like. I sound much more reasonable when I do that, I think. Also, it's closer to being honest. ^^
  6. Similar to what I was going to say. I heard Robert Morse mention in one of his videos regeneration of the adrenals to have a more proper fat storage behavior happen, including the belly area.
  7. Interesting stuff! Hmm ... a Shungite water fast. Must be profound.
  8. @pluto Hehe, Australia sounds super good to me! I get all starry eyed, thinking about sunny beeches and stuff thinking about it. Let's just trade perspectives and be happy where we are.
  9. My original reply got deleted. Anyway, so I can expect 0-70ppm from our tap water. It's formed the same way as that glacial water as far as I know (a more accurate name would be lava rock water lol). I might go with that, if I don't find a cheap enough and easy enough way to distill it. I'm frugal a.t.m. Funny how I take these things for granted, and look with envy towards more southern lands with their local fresh fruits and veggies varieties and night/day length consistency and warmth.
  10. @pluto One question. I've read that reverse osmosis or distilled water is required for water fasts. In Iceland, our tap water is mostly very soft and clean (no added chemicals) and that's what I usually drink. I'm wondering if it's soft enough and how soft the water should be. Is the softness even the only factor here?
  11. @pluto Cool. Thanks again. Makes me think that a fruit juice would be even easier to start with, but that sounds unnecessary.
  12. @pluto By different foods, you mean food groups? Fruits, vegetables etc. or are you thinking about monomeals? Like breaking a fast with only one kind of fruit first.
  13. @pluto Thanks for the info. I've been mostly on raw veggies, fruits and juices now for some time. Feels pretty good. Think I'll be trying a minimum one week water fast next then, cause I'm intrigued.
  14. @InfinitePotential Ah, well that makes sense. I usually drink some water before bed, but not too much. I'm pretty toxic too. Lymph stagnation, poor kideny/adrenals filtering, weak thyroid and what not. Been working on that since finding out about true detox. Makes me wonder, cause I'm focusing on getting good herbal formulas in, how effective water/dry fasting would be in comparison, or if I should first focus on detoxing/strengthening those tissues first via other means.
  15. @InfinitePotential Hehe, yea, wouldn't really have to do anything during dry fast. Doing that, you could interestingly get some idea of the breatharian life. But peeing in middle of the night is a sign of health? Interesting. I do that, but thought it was kind of bothersome.