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  1. @Goldzilla So you mean this guy is more human? @DIDego Thanks! Good Source, I've been hooked with the Ra video series. YES! You got it. I voted for you bcs only a high-energy being could have spotted it.
  2. I have been in a zoom call on an AI-related meeting, then we pass to a networking activity where we had breakout rooms assigned to random people. I end up in a room with a very AI-experienced level guy, and while we were talking I see his face as a non-human, I don't mean about their looks but their energy. Seemed like there is pretty much energy in the space between his eyebrows like he was not a human being but just energy emanating from there, creating from there. This has been an experience rather than thinking about the energy. I felt shocked but without thinking or interpreting just trying to follow the conversation. Like when you're high but trying to follow the conversation. I couldn't even process it at the same time, later I came with many ideas about high-beings between us. Just started to think a lot about the experience of seeing his face like a non-human face. It reminds me of when I was on LSD and sees people's faces as a very strange thing but without the energy. Maybe I'm misinterpreting but this started me thinking about this kind of experience. Could it be possible to emanate that energy and other people notice it? Or could it be possible that high-beings exist among us?
  3. Yeap, I've following that page since Bret spoke. Some of that papers are not from good sources. Still no consensus about it. Check this argument https://www.reddit.com/r/BretWeinstein/comments/nzy4o0/is_brett_being_responsible_with_ivermectin/h1s6wat?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3
  4. I can relate this with my Country case. Here in Lima-Peru Ivermectin was broadly use as a treatment rather than prophylaxis (where research is more supportive). At the beginning of the pandemic, medical doctors started to notice that it seems to be a shift in deaths with ivermectin treatment, later this affirmation was not too supported by the local academia-media since there were no significant deaths differences between hospitals that used ivermectin and the others which not. Later, due to the collapse of the medical system covid patients started to self-prescribe ivermectin on 2-4 leaks per kg and maybe more... The drug ended restringed for the authorities (based on WHO) since patients got high amounts of doses and go to hospitals with advanced symptoms because they really believed ivermectin will help. My opinion is that more research is needed on this drug with a focus on dosage, use-cases, and consequences. It's not a topic to be conspirative about, everyone wants the pandemic over. Personally, I trust Bret Weinstein and got surprised by his thinking on this, then re-considered this drug as preventive but still feel skeptical about it. I've seen many people with bad and irresponsible behavior, treating this as a miracle drug. As a third-world country, we didn't have the tools to make more research and the big-academia didn't pay attention to this earlier. Ps. There were a lot of people using ivermectin as prophylaxis too, that couldn't stop us from being the highest COVID-19 mortality rate in the world: https://www.msf.org/peru-covid-situation-remains-critical-worst-hit-country More research and discussion are necessary.
  5. @SageModeAustin Nice to helped (:
  6. @something_else Nice, going outside and see what happens could give you unexpected experiences. I'll try that this week, but in my country people are distrustful and not too friendly with strangers. Enjoy yours! (:
  7. Personally, I distinguish commitment as things that I'm required to do for a bigger purpose, and often that purpose comes from intuition. For example, the intuition that you have to meditate in order to be conscious. Commitment comes from accomplishing this doesn't matter what happens. So, What does your intuition say? We have to push ourselves in order to accomplish something. What do you get from doing these 2 open mics a week? Does this align with your life purpose? Where does this lack of inspiration come from? Would you get value if you treat open mics as a chore? Maybe you have to experiment in order to know that. Also, can you negotiate with yourself in order to feel better and accomplish your goals?
  8. I know randomness is implicit but sometimes we want to control every aspect of our lives, which is impossible and often leads us into frustrations. So I heard the recommendation to act - sometimes- without knowing the result and I'm trying to implement this into my life. For example, calling a friend randomly and asking about book-series recommendations and why. Today I decided to take some wine and coffee before work and worked well. It would be nice to hear your examples, visions, or advice about this topic (:
  9. Lol, so true. I tried NoFap and notice that for me has diminishing returns on the 20th day above. It's a matter of experiment and doesn't become obsessed with it. First things first: order your life and purpose through self-inquiry and your selected tools. Also, be aware if you think masturbation it's an addiction for you since it could be a symptom of anything else in your life. You just only know, just don't fall into the temptation on measure your life progress on your NoFap 'marks'. If you get benefits from it, good, your tool. Watching porn is another topic since there is some research about the consequences of that into your brain. I guess the same happens with Instagram and TikTok and all of these quickly dopamine-rewards systems. The question to ask will be why do we get stuck on these apps and habits?
  10. But Leoooo, what about Brahmacharya?
  11. Don't trust your savings on technical analysis. Instead, try to grasp the theory behind the technology and the market. Bitcoin could become a good store of value but nothing else, their transactional costs are too high, and it seems is not a sustainable coin (environmentally speaking). The store of value could change to another decentralized crypto. Check out this video, it's from Cardano's founder explaining how the crypto market is expected to work in the long term and how his project adds value to that. I think society needs decentralized systems. There is too much sh*t around our current financial system and the P2P financial way that smart contracts propose it's a good solution for that. The technology behind this is pretty innovative and could really change our entire financial system. There is no free lunch. Invest in value or create value, that's what money represents. Don't just be greedy trying to figure out ways to profit without contributing to society.
  12. Yeah Right? Felt the same when I was on a mushroom trip. We, as humans, are pretty hilarious in maaaaany ways!
  13. @Trayambakam Nice! I tried the session on these days but kept stuck on some asanas. Did you have the same problem? @acidgoofy Thanks! I'll consider as getting more practice
  14. I found this session different from the regular (most popular) hatha yoga tutorials around. What are your thoughts? It's something different about it? Since i'm just starting in Hatha I'd like to read your opinions.
  15. @Brivido Nice and curious to read that, thanks. I'll try and put more attention on my breathing now, but I have this nasal septum deviation issue which leads me to strain my breathing on pranayama techniques. I wonder at which point that interferes with my meditation development. @Yasmin I tried kriya meditation after Hatha today but my body was shaking a little distracting me from breathing. I guess a body-aware meditation technique would be more convenient. Thanks, I'll try. ?