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  1. Yes, it's better to keep it secret and share it only with people who are open to spirituality.
  2. I discovered him recently and agree that he is impressive.
  3. Primary: 2 Secondary: 2.9
  4. I personally think that most people should move out of this forum and find a proper therapist.
  5. Great realization. I hope you will be out of this place soon. Over reading this forum caused a serious deterioration of my mental health in the past.
  6. @Tyler Robinson I agree and understood the issue that you pointed out too, but I'm a bit careful with the usage of the word "narcissism". Narcissism is rare. I had coworkers who had similar traits in the past but I wouldn't call them narcissists. They were only afraid to take risks or speak up and would laugh at the person who will do it.
  7. @Adam M Let me know about your stage when you'll be 50
  8. @Consept Hello, I was also one of the first users on this forum when I registered in 2016. I noticed some of the things that you mentioned and also fell into some of these traps. I watched Leo's videos from 2015 to 2021 and used the forum mostly between 2018 to 2021 after some traumas. I saw the evolution of actualized.org almost since the beginning and have a lot of thoughts on how it affected me and how it can affect other people. I thought about sending a message to Leo but I'm backing up for the moment. I currently prefer to avoid actualized.org and this forum for an undetermined period of time. I'll maybe come back with more thoughts much later.
  9. I don't know but the one I found did it for me in a fraction of second. I tried to controlled it in my case but it was too painful and difficult as they were a lot of emotional blockages. After the sessions that I had, I also barely know anything about Reiki but if the healer is good it can get better very quickly.
  10. A Reiki healer can shut it down very quickly. Also, if you find such healer it's better to ask him to heal previous traumas so that you have a clean energetic system for the Kundalini energy to move up in your body.
  11. What else do you think about megalomaniacs?
  12. In the video below Christina define synchronicity as "A strategically placed sign from your higher self and the universe to help guide you in the material world.", she also adds that "Synchronicity happens when we don't expect them" and "A synchronicity have meaning to the person". At a moment she makes a distinction from the science perspective that see synchronicity as confirmation bias "The tendency for the brain to see what it is looking for.". I'm currently in a phase of life where I experience what seems to be synchronicities almost everyday. This is a bit overwhelming and I hesitate to take actions on them but my intuition is telling me to take actions. I noticed that my intuition is often right and not following it in the past led me to difficult situations. I'm often afraid to follow my intuition. What are your thoughts on synchronicities and confirmation bias? Do you operate more from a spiritual perspective here or science perspective or a combination of both?
  13. I'm currently experiencing a lot of growth, everything is changing for me. I see it happening and this is a bit disorienting. Also, my entire life's emotional baggage started to come up to the surface a few months ago and in consequence, I have been experiencing strong emotions that always led to some healing so far. Because of that, my state of consciousness varied a lot very quickly and I'm noticing things and opportunities that I wasn't noticing before. This is overwhelming sometimes. I noticed a lot of what seemed to be synchronicities or confirmation bias yet I preferred to stay careful and didn't take action on them immediately except in 2 - 3 cases. A few months ago, I got more interested in learning how to learn and learning about how the brain works and neuroplasticity so I decided that I would take a course this year and also bought the book "How to Think Like Leonardo Davinci". After that, I noticed that some people on this forum are interested in learning how to learn and Leo wrote some things about Alpha waves, Beta waves, etc., and his brain training machine. This example looked a bit like a mix between confirmation bias and synchronicity. Two weeks ago, I took the decision that I would live my life in a way that contributes to the development of the most sophisticated brain that I can develop by forcing myself to see things from different perspectives, trying to find paradoxes, be as neutral as possible, stay open to learn from positions that I dislike, trying to see the systems into place, etc. After taking this decision, one person that came to my mind was Daniel Schmartberger so I got curious about him and wanted to know more about his education and started a do some research to understand his path, and yesterday someone opened this thread... This one looked more like synchronicity. What do you think about this?