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  1. @modmyth We have something quite similar in Aus. Black and Gold.
  2. How your yoni feels like:
  3. The OK branding reminds me of the OBEY clothing line.
  4. Shhhhhhhh Take a deep breath and calm down. I personally like the cat's purr with these settings: Feels like a lion lying next to me.
  5. I'll jot down some half baked thoughts and ideas. These starter pack memes are quite funny and illuminating in some respects: Causes of suicide The causes of suicide are complex and enmeshed. Factors that may contribute to suicide include: stressful life events trauma mental illness physical illness drug or alcohol abuse poor living circumstances By contrast, there are protective factors that make us more resilient and can reduce suicidal behaviour, such as: supportive social relationships a sense of control a sense of purpose family harmony effective help-seeking positive connections to good health services available Signs that someone may be suicidal: sleep changes (too much sleep or too little) withdrawing from family and friends loss of interest in things changes in eating irritability, being moody or easily upset self-harming (e.g. cutting) putting affairs in order, giving things away, saying goodbyes, writing suicide notes or goodbye letters risky behaviour (e.g. consuming excessive alcohol or other drug use) decreased academic or work performance mentioning or joking about suicide, death or dying They might be feeling hopeless, depressed, angry and irritable, distressed, worthless, exhausted like there’s no way out of their problems or no reason for living at all. They might say things which suggest that: they see themselves as a burden – e.g. “You’d be better off without me.” they can’t see a way out of their situation – e.g. “I’ve had enough.” or “I’m over it.” they’re feeling a sense of hopelessness – e.g. “There’s nothing to live for.” or “There’s no point.” Self-esteem For men typically a lot of self-esteem is derived from their sense of worth as a capable individual who can 'do XYZ' and has achieved 'ABC'. i.e. "I have worth because of what I can do, or what I have done, or what I have" For women, a lot of self-esteem is derived from what other people think of them i.e. "I have worth because others think I do" These are loose generalizations, but I believe there may be skewed reasoning between genders for wanting to end their lives. transitioning to spiritual self-esteem, i.e. "I have worth because I AM, being, presence etc." can be a very destabilizing process and people on spiritual paths are likely to be somewhat more prone to suicide (my intuition). My own experience of feeling suicidal at points in my life was rooted in the sense of nihilism and the futility of life... there's no point, nobody makes it, I'm just another monkey on a rock spinning into the void. If death is the finish line and life is a race, why not just win? Also, the sense of 'me vs the universe' me being a small, inconsequential, flawed, fragile, limited entity against overwhelming outside forces ... as opposed to the sense of 'me as the universe, flowing with it'. Also, it's generally emasculating to admit problems and there is a tendency (especially among men) to keep everything bottled up. This makes problems feel much bigger than they may be in reality and the sense of isolation only aggravates the suffering. It can also feel daunting (as a man) to try helping people who may be feeling that way... like it's going to take SOOO MUCH time and energy to get someone back on their feet, and I have no idea what I'm doing I don't want to be responsible for fucking someone up with shitty advice etc.. but ime that's usually not the case. People need astonishingly little encouragement and a sense of support to feel like it's worth it to keep going. Again it's a generalization, as there are people with deep pathologies that do require extended intensive and professional help. I think Leo posted this video on his blog a while back that delves into what we understand about depression on a physiological level quite well: The Upward Spiral: Using Neuroscience to Reverse the Course of Depression, One Small Change at a Time GREAT BOOK! Delves into how people can end up in depressive situations from different external factors, the neurobiological underpinnings and courses of action out of each.
  6. Algorithms are spitting out some alt-rock that takes me back.
  7. I like that beetles song, the beech boys also drew inspiration from old mate some other songs in my bodybag playlist:
  8. @tsuki Nicely put. I hadn't contemplated it for very long but I tend to agree with what you say. You could also make a Venn diagram of all the pathologies from each technology so you know that if you're a completely dry, unrelatable, rigid, unrecognized artist/genius that's struggling to live and would scam at the drop of a hat, then you're truly living your LP. I guess having the categories defined helps me to see where I am tripping up. I have tended to base too much of my identity on authenticity at the expense of fitting in and marketing myself well or playing by the social rules. When I was younger I experienced a lot of internal struggle with this. I think if I could have seen that there needs to be a balance between these things then I probably could have made things easier for myself. I agree they're interlinked, and perhaps stackable, at least prolificity stacks on top of authenticity and sincerity. It might also be useful to contemplate what the conflicts between each of them could be, so you could better navigate life situations where it might be tough to decide whether you want to be authentic, sincere or profile building in a particular situation.