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  1. You could replace 'navy seal' with any other pursuit a person may find personally meaningful. Taking 5-meo-dmt to explore consciousness for example, or 20+gr of shrooms, or doing a 9 day SDS. Or just getting over depression, weight loss, starting a business etc. Please stop being dense, people are going to read that genetics govern their destiny when the truth isn't as straightforward. Genetics are as imaginary as brains and chimpanzees in the end. Show me a chimpanzee that isnt successful. The NBA is often brought up as the prototypical steelman argument for genetic determinism as its the sport most heavily influenced by genetics in the world. Even so, you could aspire to a career or profession on the periphery of the NBA and live passionately. For example, you could become a data scientist and write books about every facet of player selection and greatness, as Seth Stephens-Davidowitz did, or you could become a podcaster who interviews such people, or a coach that revolutionizes teamplay like doc rivers, or you could become a dunkking dunker that leaves shaq speechless. Dont forget, even in the NBA itself there are exceptions. Never say 'never' just be realistic about your chances and then decide if you want to go for it, while keping your mind open to possibilities you can't yet see.
  2. All true, but think of it this way. If you told the average person they had a hole in their heart they wouldn't even attempt to become a Navy Seal or run 100 miles for fear of dying, let alone failing. The true limiting factor in most cases is mindset.
  3. He achieved all that before the surgeries, he couldn't afford them. The military paid for them once he was a seal. I don't think it's a stretch to say that a fucked up heart is a significant handicap when trying to complete some of the most demanding physical training in the world and run 100 miles in under 20 hours, irrespective of whatever other physical advantages he may have. Also, I never said anything that contradicted what you were saying, just the way you express it can skew people's bias away from working harder to achieve their dreams.
  4. He completed Navy Seal training including 3 hell weeks after being rolled back due to fractured patella, shins, and feet with a negative buoyant body composition (basically couldn't swim) after losing 106lbs (48kg) in 3 months to make the weight cutoff (without any special education or guidance) ran 100 miles in under 20 hours with no serious training ran 205 miles with training ... and much, much more with sickle cell trait and an undetected atrial septal defect so large he needed 2 specialized heart surgeries over a 2 year period to fix. He is not at all about the 'alpha' grindset mentality, just mentality. Genetics play a very large role in outcomes, but the magnitude of the effect of mentality is sorely underestimated and overlooked by modern humans who have a large bias against developing discipline and a capacity to endure discomfort. Chalking results up to 'mostly genetics' obfuscates this fact from people and can be a disservice to them if not properly contextualized. No matter how you slice it, Goggins is an inconvenient example of what's possible for a human being to accomplish even with extreme handicaps in life.
  5. This cost 4 times as much as my dreadmill, but it's time to level up. Sat, 22 June 2024 - be there or be square.
  6. Class clown 100 miles in less than a day, Months of work to finish that way, Shaving my head to go faster, Not for the look, but to master The art of letting go, to be free, From the weight of suffering, I see A path clear, with mind so light, My spirit ready for the fight.
  7. YODA Image 1 Image 2 Image 3 Image 4 Image 5 Image 6 Image 7 Image 8 Image 9 Image 10 Image 11 Image 12 Image 13 Image 14 Image 15 Image 16 Image 17 Image 18 HEART
  8. BOAT CREW In this first draft My heart yearns for great Leaps of Faith Taken in courageous bounds Beyond all previous borders So I've been doing some math here This ghetto ass treadmill still hasn't broken down on me yet I need to get 2.3million xp to get to level 99 That should take about 38 hours... I done ate a little too much chicken over Christmas and New Year's if you know what I'm saying. Credit for the drawing above
  9. Chuuuch Gracious God, Our Father, Lord of Lords, King of all kings, Ruler of the Universe, Alpha and Omega, Beginning and the End, Bright like the morning star, Hair like lambswool, Feet like bronze clay, Wings the mount up and FLLLLLYYYY.... FAAAAAAAAAR 'WAY! GREATEST GIVER! OF THE GIVINGNESS!! THAT DONE EVER GAVE TO THE GIVERS! THAT DONE ASK ... TO BE GIVEN ... UNTO! I ask not for a lighter load but for broader shoulders. We ask all these things, In his name. May the chuuuch say Amen.
  10. I moved my treadmill back into my living room. I will get this motherfucking cape if it's the death of me.