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  1. The carnivore diet is a full blown elimination diet that removes all the potential allergens and foods that may cause inflammation in the gut. That's why so many people are seeing great results from it - they're not causing gastrointestinal stress which allows their intestinal walls to actually heal themselves. Meat is very well digested and causes little to no waste byproducts if you're eating only meat with no fiber etc. It's not the meat particularly that heals but the ability of the cells to self-selectively start to heal themselves in a state of low inflammation. The effects on depression and cognitive functioning are direct as the person won't have undigested food particles floating into the bloodstream and inflaming the brain.
  2. Everything that stimulates the lymph system will have a carry over effect to autophagy as well because of increasing microcirculation. Sweating through exercise, hot yoga, heat saunas, infrared saunas, red light therapy, rebounding, bouncing around – everything that keeps your blood flowing can at least help with autophagy. Foods that stimulate autophagy include coffee, teas, Cayenne pepper, spirulina, activated charcoal, cruciferous vegetables, medicinal mushrooms, and spicy herbs. Caloric restriction mimicing ingredients like Malabar tamarind (Hydroxycitrate), Berberine, Rapamycin trigger autophagy
  3. You might have heard that intermittent fasting is great for you but do you know about the health benefits of dry fasting? It’s thought that 1 day of dry fasting is the equivalent of 3 days of water fasting. The reason is that while dry fasting your body begins to produce its own water internally during the burning of fats. After you switch into ketosis and start burning your own body fat for fuel, you release hydrogen that’s found in fatty acid molecules and you release them into the bloodstream. Physiological stressors in the right amounts can be beneficial if they’re coupled with adequate recovery and rejuvenation. Stay Empowered Siim Land
  4. You'd be perfectly fine eating only twice a day. In fact, I'd recommend it to everyone as to gain the health benefits of intermittent fasting and time restricted eating. Having more than 3 meals is definitely unnecessary and may become a massive distraction in your life. I personally have one meal a day or this 1,5 meals a day, haha. But basically, the motivation is to save less time eating and to promote my keto-adaptation further. This increases my mitochondrial density and allows my body to generate more energy even in the presence of zero calories. When in ketosis, your body becomes less affected by hunger, lack of food, mood swings, energy dips and other negative side-effects of digestion. Should everyone eat one meal a day? Not needed and it may not be suitable for everyone. Check out my video about explaining the benefits of eating once a day and to see whether or not it's something you're interested in.
  5. Why would you want to get sore muscles? You won't be able to train then... As a natural lifter, the key to building muscle is progressive overload - getting stronger and increasing the amount of weight you can lift. Soreness doesn't indicate building muscle as hitting failure can prevent you from working out more frequently. It's actually better to lift as often as you can recover as to keep the muscle building stimulus active. You build muscle by forcing your body to recruit more muscle fibers to perform a lift which leads to hypertrophy. Focus on 5-15 reps for muscle growth. Do mostly compound lifts and add a few accessories. Train 3-5 times per week and eat enough protein.
  6. How much energy you have every day is determined by how well your mitochondria are capable of generating ATP Here are 7 ways to increase your energy and become instantly energized. I just lol at the enthusiastic performance, haha Stay Empowered Siim
  7. @K VIL An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure
  8. Cardio and burning glucose make you more hungry. You should incorporate resistance training to preserve muscle mass. Going into a caloric deficit while just doing cardio without lifting weights will make you lose muscle. Training heavy is the only thing that's going to facilitate a healthy fat loss because you can lose weight at the expense of lean tissue while still staying skinny fat... In addition to that, eating more fiber, protein and healthy fats will keep you more satiated. Sugar cravings are also caused by an imbalanced microbiome and an energy crisis in the brain. Therefore, you need to teach your body to start using its own fat for fuel at times of caloric deprivation. Fasting, the ketogenic diet, and exercise light up those fat burning pathways. Just don't become a cardio bunny because it's going to cause more stress to the body.
  9. @Girzo Yes, it's a similar paradox like "I know nothing", which at the same time means that in some situations you might need absolute statements and strong convictions while simultaneously avoiding all of them...
  10. @sgn Common misconception
  11. Here are 10 of the most profound lessons I've learned in 2017 1. I Know Nothing - maintain a beginner's mind and stay humble 2. Avoid All Absolutes - never make definite statements and be careful with what you begin to strongly believe in 3. Double Down on Extreme Ownership - take full responsibility for everything 2x - I'm talking about taking ownership of living forever 4. Vulnerability is the Greatest Strength - be like water and reveal your weaknesses as to become antifragile 5. Prepare for the Future TODAY - start learning about the cutting edge technology, blockchain and innovations. Adopt the post-human mindset 6. Appreciate the Present - learn from everything and from everywhere. Find gratitude even from suffering. 7. Optimize One Thing at a Time - attain Jedi-like concentration in everything you do 8. Work Smarter Not Harder - don't tunnel vision so hard that you can't self-reflect and re-optimize 9. Constantly Assess and Challenge Yourself - Even if you feel deep down inside that you’re doing the right thing and making the right decisions, you still have to leave room for the possibility that you’re actually doing the opposite 10. Shed Your Own Skin - You have to constantly keep re-inventing yourself. What got you to this point may not be what’s going to take you where you want to get There are so many more things to learn and things to do Some of the lessons I've gained previously already but they've become even more engraved into my being this year What have you learned the most in 2017? Stay Empowered Siim Land
  12. You've probably heard that cholesterol is bad for you and that saturated fat gives you heart disease. For the past few decades we've been told to separate the egg whites from the yolks and to opt for low fat bacon? ? However, cholesterol is a vital nutrient for your health, cognition, hormonal balance and sanity. In fact, too low levels of cholesterol are actually bad for you and you never want to fully deprive yourself from it Eating more cholesterol won't raise your cholesterol because your body produces it endogenously. Your brain, heart and all cells in the body are made of cholesterol and they need it Instead, heart disease and clogged arteries are caused by chronic inflammation in the body. Cholesterol is just trying to put out the fire. Therefore, disease and heart attacks are an underlying issue of many other issues Check out Craig Emmerich talking about in on my podcast Stay Empowered Siim
  13. @Shiva Tai is legit. He only uses the lambos and girls to bait young men into actually learning and thinking about their success
  14. All of you reminded me of this