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  1. We know. If I had to guess the way it would change me...I'd probably be more blunt and unkind in my wording. Why? Because the label of "bitch" is one I try to avoid. Harsh words from a man give him authority. Harsh words from a woman strip her of her credibility. We are charged with being diplomatic, cooperative, and compassionate. But, honestly, I'd prefer to be a dick most of the time. I think super rude things at work constantly and can only keep silent. So hey. Maybe you're right. Maybe it would help us get rid of some baggage.
  2. Will it still be the same advanced people? I wonder if there are any experiments on how anonymity changes behavior. Like a Stanford Prison Experiment online.
  3. Sweet. Then we can start learning Nazi propaganda to troll each other and then...accidentally start believing it! WHOOPS. Anyway, interesting point about all being one but, since most of us are nowhere near that, it would probably devolve into nonsense pretty quickly. I don't want anything to do with anything 4chan looking.
  4. @Magic I agree with @Scholar that, psychologically speaking, narcissistic personality disorder is a manifestation of weak ego and, therefore, suffering. Note that I say "weak ego" not "distanced ego" or "eradicated ego." An ego that exists, but is flailing. It is also that case that such a personality disorder causes strife in relationships and real world consequences that add to the suffering.
  5. @Epiphany_Inspired Which video is this exactly?
  6. You need discipline not motivation. Act yourself into right thinking. Don't try to think yourself into right action.
  7. I want to upvote this multiple times.
  8. People argue with him all the time, especially about this. The clickbait was to lure in people who complain about this paradox and give them something else to consider about it. Your "mighty warriors" are all over the place, including the forum.
  9. @jse YEP!!! Why did you wanna see something so hateful? Or were you going to help the wayward soul?
  10. Turns out it's not bullshit. A lot of people get caught up in this paradox and write off his explanations. Synthesis of these opposing forces is central to Dialectical Behavior Therapy, used clinically in the treatment of some psychological issues. Here's an excerpt from an article in Clinical Psychology Science and Practice. "[Dialectical Behavior Therapy] is based on a dialectical worldview, which postulates that reality consists of opposing forces. The synthesis of these forces leads to a new reality, which in turn consists of opposing forces, in a continual process of change. In DBT, the most central dialectic is the relationship between acceptance and change. Clients are encouraged to accept themselves, their histories, and their current situations exactly as they are, while working intensively to change their behaviors and environments in order to build a better life. The synthesis of this apparent contradiction is a central goal of DBT." Acceptance + Massive Action
  11. @blacksapp meditation
  12. I've been thinking about Peter Ralston's eyes all morning. After seeing him in a video last night, I can't shake them. Retreats weren't a big part of my to-do list in the next few years, but now there is a pull to go *be around* people like this and experience them. Assuming they're there.