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  1. @Revolutionary Think Why does something become impossible simply because an individual actor isn't "doing" it? Actually, now that this is brought up, enlightenment is the perfect example of reality happening to you. Look at how people work on enlightenment but they don't even know exactly what it is. They aren't putting a jigsaw puzzle together following the picture on the box. Nobody gives you a picture. Nobody can help you really do it, they just give exercises that correlate with it occurring in some people. Cool huh?
  2. @Nahm Reeeeeally not understanding the mechanics of this exercise. That's ok I just won't do it. 😂
  3. Sorry, I'm confused about the exercise. Which column do these go under, experienced or belief? What are some examples of what you would write under "experienced"? Thanks!
  4. Can you give some examples of what you would write in each column?
  5. Needed that, thank you! 💛
  6. @aurum I like your new picture. You look happy and seem to have made some big strides! @kieranperez My last name is Perez, too. Hope we are cousins!!! 😊 I believe you are 22 if I recall correctly from another post. You must go through your terrible twenties like we all did/do. It's an incredible developmenal period and very much an odyssey. There is so much idealism, confusion, and doubt. This is your time to figure out how to make money and what you want in a partner. You are going to fall on your ass and make mistakes while you do that. So, don't psych yourself out about getting to your end goals from where you are now. A lot is going to happen to you in 8 years. A lot. Like, a lot. Don't even try to conceptualize it. Just start taking some action, one thing at a time.
  7. Therapy?
  8. @Process Yes. Observe negative thoughts and label them without anything else. Do it for 30 days as an experiment. Let us know how that goes. You don't have to see or understand why it could work to experiment and observe the results. For all you know, the "pumping up" or fighting with the thoughts are making it worse. From my experience and knowledge of psychology, they do make it worse. After 30 days, maybe do something else with looking into root causes but focus on this one technique alone first.
  9. Start with a Vipassana retreat. It will give you insights needed to change your question to something more reasonable.
  10. Nobody is telling you to think about it this way. That is your interpretation of it, likely filtered through your own neuroses. I think about it that way from time to time, but then realize I don't have to. The insights, techniques, and motivation are here for me as I go through ups and downs, interest and disinterest. If you are feeling like a chicken with its head cut off, you are at an early stage of development, doing all of this from a negative place. Step back and regroup. Make sure you are growing from a place of joy. Good luck! And you were being pretty disrespectful to someone who has changed your life so much. Why are you so angry? Why does one perceived contradiction about should statements make you fly off the handle? You're not in Leo prison. Nobody is forcing anything on you and you obviously keep coming back here. Shit, it's free content you can stream anytime!
  11. There it is. That's the help I needed. I've been letting people get a moral C- and passing their asses in my class. No more!
  12. That's fair. Deceit is a skill for social success. And I often have a soft heart for the criminally inclined because they are fun. I wouldn't say they are nicer than anyone else, though, and that hypothetical 25% of the time they spend manipulating people is damaging. They are playing god, altering people's reality, using people, wasting people's time, shattering trust. I'm not innocent per se but there is a scale in the use of deceit to accomplish goals for one's personal benefit no?
  13. @SFRL I've watched it multiple times and yes it makes perfect sense. This is why I didn't want my post moved into the Dating section. I have this problem with all kinds of people I meet, including other women or people at work. I suck at spotting deceit. I perhaps want so badly for others to be honest and noble that I make myself believe they are - and maybe that's just the problem right there and I answered my own question.
  14. @SFRL I recall no admission of that through private message. If you actually admitted it, good for you. I'll review it. If you want to perceive this discussion as me trying to one up you and make lil jokes about monkeys, that's fine. My take on it is that you frustrate and irritate my sensibilities because you use people and teach others how to use people. I have no problem asking you questions about your mindset or confronting you.
  15. @SFRL So, you are dissecting your brain and just tossing out the evolved stuff? Like it doesn't really exist? From our discussions, I long ago figured out you are addicted to sex. You can make large claims about that being our true nature, but what goes on for you is not so for everyone.