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  1. @PetarKa I recently got back into this. It was lost and forgotten for a while and, when it is remembered, it sets a better track. In the end, Leo makes a point that raising your own consciousness is a means to another end - to contribution - and maybe also not. Because if you are enough of a vessel, God should be doing its thing whether or not you are hustling for a contribution. It can be seen that what is happening now is perfectly beautiful as it is. The project is taking off the blindfold. I contribute angrily all the time. "I'm such a giver grumble grumble grumble." Take out the grumbles and I'm contributing. Boom. @Leo Gura You mention caves and cabins in the woods. I've lived relatively isolated in the woods for a couple of years. I did a lot better this way and, once reintroduced to society, fell back into depression and anxiety quickly. Is there a further benefit to a cave or is this for literary effect?
  2. Godspeed. Don't look back and don't give up. It only doesn't work if you abandon it (which a lot of us do from time to time).
  3. There is a deeper loneliness than sleeping alone and that is sleeping with another when you are incomplete.
  4. Exactly. It sounds like you overly cared about this day date due to inexperience, so you acted awkward and scared her off. Keep messing up!!! Get those experience points.
  5. @SFRL It's the opposite of childishness. Children are impulsive, selfish, myopic, impractical, ungrateful, and manipulative.
  6. @Winter Would you describe your meditation practice more? Are you certain it's not a concentration practice?
  7. So, someone needs extra time chasing success so they "get over it," by truly experiencing it rather than understanding the concept intellectually. Let's be real. Many people don't live their lives based on intellectual understanding, you're right. Many people have to go down the dead end path for themselves. And at that dead end is this video, which can help explain this lack of satisfaction and happiness they experience. Otherwise, they may make the mistake of assuming they just weren't chasing the "right" success and begin the dead end path anew.
  8. @Winter I just started the video, but you need to be careful about confusing the chase for success with having a life purpose. The life purpose will have projects. Success has end goals of x amount of money, certain style of house, hot spouse, hot car, x fancy job title, etc. Success in the way Leo generally discusses it is about the acquisition of stuff for validation. His life purpose course is about being a creator.
  9. @Noname There are some concepts and practices in psych that are about watching thoughts and modifying them. This is completely in alignment with spiritual work. Of course, psychologists are behind on a lot of this. My therapist used the word "ego" from time to time. When i asked her to explain what it is to me, she couldn't. Like, they aren't mutually exclusive, they just don't get to play together as much as they should. You could help them play together so, in the future, a therapist could define such a word with some confidence.
  10. 💙
  11. @ryancantfly End the friendship so he can find better friends. You know, ones who don't talk about firing him behind his back and publicly declare him a loser. Just a thought.
  12. These results are jarring. What does your life look like?
  13. @jjer94 Where do you live? It's berry season! They should be cheap.
  14. Teach me your non-neurotic ways. How are you low activity? Look at all the effort on this one post.
  15. @Mrkvn8 Firstly, I love this question because, as a sensation seeking person, this has been difficult for me in my still lower stages of development and maturity. Honestly, I want to get super drunk, fall in love, and listen to blaringly loud music with people I barely know. The routines and sobriety required for self-actualization are suffocating and depressing at times. Hikes, river rafting, and planning solo road trips seem like the most fun I will have. Of course, enlightenment experiences are fantastic and satisfy the urges of the sensation seeker. We can say we need to enjoy being still, but....come on. Motorcycle?