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  1. Yes, true. Looking at shadows has been really helpful for the times you aren't doing anything dynamic enough to catch attention. When sitting on a train or waiting in a lobby, this has been very helpful. Of course, you can sit and feel other things but looking at shadows struck me as very effective.
  2. How about it? Opening doors is a really good one - also, switching on/off lights. It's amazing how long those things can take. 😂 Relating to objects - like, touching them? I do that at times.
  3. Just a tip. Noticing, observing shadows throughout the day has been especially helpful at getting me in the moment.
  4. @Elton Great! Let's do this!! @Ether For me, going to a Vipassana retreat (10 hours a day for 10 days) made 3 hours no big deal, basically. @Charlotte @Nahm Leo has said before that if we want to do things "together," we need to talk on a thread, so we can just check in and encourage each other here. <3
  5. @Charlotte I will check in the day after because I won't use electronics, but you could check in that evening if you'd like. 😊 If there is a legitimate emergency - pick a different day that week or maybe have to skip? Real emergencies are pretty few and far between. I'm excited! It's like Self Actualization Shabbat! 🎉
  6. Yesssss 👍👍👍
  7. Yay! ✨ I am starting the 27th.
  8. Nice - whatever day is fine! I am going to begin Sunday the 27th. One day is definitely better than falling totally ass off track.
  9. Y'all gotta get out of advice mode. I was asking for people who want to do this with me and that's it. This is more like observing Shabbat than going to church for 2 hours. Very different. Listening to a Leo video is like going to church. Doing the practices and cutting off society for a day each week is more akin to Shabbat. Of course daily practice - actually moment by moment embodiment - is best.
  10. @Key Elements Told y'all I was cranky. 😂 Maybe this method will be doable for you in the future, but if you're doing well without it, that's best. I hope to be able to respond to the moment more in the future. Right now, it's pretty clear to me I still need training wheels through structured practices.
  11. On a scale from zero to ten - zero is incapable and ten is quite capable -How capable are you of embracing life without friends and booze, even if it seems empty at first by comparison?
  12. No, thank you, I want a system. If I were more unfettered and aware in the present moment, I wouldn't need it, but I am not, which is why I need a system to help me raise my baseline level of awareness and sustain it. Wasn't asking for advice. 😉
  13. Hey, gang. I've been mismanaging my time/energy/focus and not doing any self care or self actualization work lately - it shows! I'm cranky and gaining some weight. It's time to set some boundaries with myself. To borrow a technique from religion, I want to have a holy day of the week. It will be holy in the sense that it will be sacred (no letting other plans or people's requests impose) and it will be dedicated to becoming a better person with a stronger connection to Earth and God. Would anyone like to try this out, too? I am choosing Sundays, but your day could be any day of the week. We can support each other in maintaining it here on this thread. My SA Day activities will include activities such as... Longer meditation sits (the nearby Vipassana center does 3 hour sits on Sunday mornings). Meal prep for the week. Mindful eating. Exercise. Yoga. Time alone in nature. Contemplation. Journaling. Reading, taking notes. Relaxing and mindful touch experiences - massage, bath. Of course, some activities would be disallowed on Holy Day but idk which yet. No friends, intoxicants, TV that day for sure. Maybe no speaking? Anyone else down? I think it's an organized way to stay on track without constantly deciding when you're going to do SA work. You don't have to think about it - it's already planned and in your infrastructure.