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  1. 💙
  2. @ryancantfly End the friendship so he can find better friends. You know, ones who don't talk about firing him behind his back and publicly declare him a loser. Just a thought.
  3. These results are jarring. What does your life look like?
  4. @jjer94 Where do you live? It's berry season! They should be cheap.
  5. Teach me your non-neurotic ways. How are you low activity? Look at all the effort on this one post.
  6. @Mrkvn8 Firstly, I love this question because, as a sensation seeking person, this has been difficult for me in my still lower stages of development and maturity. Honestly, I want to get super drunk, fall in love, and listen to blaringly loud music with people I barely know. The routines and sobriety required for self-actualization are suffocating and depressing at times. Hikes, river rafting, and planning solo road trips seem like the most fun I will have. Of course, enlightenment experiences are fantastic and satisfy the urges of the sensation seeker. We can say we need to enjoy being still, but....come on. Motorcycle?
  7. Cognitive Style - Intellectual Organizational Style - Flexible Energy Style - Extraverted Stress Management - Reactive Interpersonal Style - Collaborative Imagination - High Artistic Interets - About Average Emotionality - High Adventurousness - High Intellectual Interests - High Liberalism - High Self-Efficacy - Low Orderliness - Low Dutifulness - High Achievement-Striving - About Average Cautiousness - Low Friendliness - High Gregariousness - About Average Assertiveness - High Activity Level - High Excitement-Seeking - High Cheerfulness - About Average Anxiety - High Anger- High Depression - High Self-Consciousness - Low Immoderation - High Vulnerability - High Trust - High Honesty - About Average Altruism - About Average Cooperation - Low Modesty - About Average Sympathy - Low So....crazy bitch, at your service.
  8. @Joseph Maynor Practice achieving results with small tasks. For example: Save up money for something. Exercise. Chant. Or look up breathing exercises that affect heart rate variability. Use the sedona method to quit a bad habit. ...everything you really do in personal development will improve your self-efficacy.
  9. The suit metaphor really is fitting. I have only been able to describe enlightenment experience as being alive with nothing in the way.
  10. Enlightenment "experience" is open and powerful. It's, of course, both and neither. There is no need to discuss it in masculine/feminine/yin/yang terms. Such concepts go out the window. As to @Snick's original thing...women are statistically more adept at being students. Psychedelics and meditation without study don't yield the same effects, so include that in your consideration.
  11. @Snick Why do you think so much about gender? You seem to have a lot of work to do on your issues with misogyny. You aren't growing out of it.
  12. Cybernetics is a field. It's not weird or out there. Just start with that word.
  13. There are too many people around to say "excuse me" or "how's it going" or "crazy weather, huh" to everyone. You would be overwhelmed having to speak and respond so often. Sometimes, blabbing a nicety at someone is not kind or polite - it's just intrusive. Not speaking is a way to give each other some space when there is no space.
  14. @alyra You need to start with a simple and impactful habit. In your case, you want to start a concentration practice. There are threads here about concentration and a video by Leo to help you start.
  15. Same. I miss being able to walk. I used to live in San Diego with no car and walked everywhere.