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  1. Yes, because I want to. For example, I recently suffered when I was out on a grape harvest and I didn't do my job correctly. I potentially left thousands of dollars worth of grapes on the vine. All that was required of me was to look at the vine to ensure the grapes were falling in to the machine, and tell the operator to adjust the machine to catch them. But I was day-dreaming. Simple job but I messed up. And I suffered, because I feared my supervisor's response. It was really fear of my perfectionist self-image being tarnished. "I'm perfect and I want everybody to know, I can't be seen to make such a foolish mistake!" I suffered because I wanted to hold on to the image, more than being free of the image and therefore the suffering. I continue to catch myself suffering because of this deeply-embedded and many-tentacled perfectionist self-image that I developed in my Youth as a response to some personal experienced I had. Work in progress to let all aspects of it go for good.
  2. They are conditioned to that response by others around them. Conditioning starts in the womb. Parents, teachers, movies. Psychological fear is made of thought (expectation) and time (of the future). "If this body stops, freak out!!!" There is instinctual fear as a self-preservation mechanism. God's design that makes humans humans. If we didn't have this, we'd most likely die very early, thus negating what it means to be human! The typical individual doesn't recognize there are truly no individuals that exist. To recognize it (not intellectually), they'd have to experience the Truth.
  3. Why do you want to exit your comfort zone?
  4. What makes a life purpose selfish is whether it's about your self-image, or others. In the ultimate sense, its both selfish and selfless because God is serving his own life purpose for himself, through himself, as himself - but concerning yourself with this will likely just lead you down mental masturbation lane!
  5. Kudos to you for reaching out for support 🙏 Let's get truthful so you can not just combat the issue, but solve it for good if you're open to it ❤️ You'll get the most out of this if you are honest with yourself and set aside time to carefully reflect on each response. Don't skim read and don't always go with the first answer in your head! Are you sure you're not? If you keep telling yourself that, indeed! Great job on giving it a go. You haven't failed, you've made an attempt and didn't get your desired result yet. What was the thought that entered your mind to take another swig of alcohol or smoke that blunt again? Was it a helpful thought or non-helpful thought? Would you like to listen to that thought next time you feel like a swig? You do, but you don't want to. You want the substance more than you want to discipline yourself to not have the substance. The substance has made a big impression on your subconscious, which has you feeling it's very difficult to give up, but it is possible. Avoid this language like the plague. It will never lead you to a solution. Try: "I would like to know what I can do". This is psychological fear speaking. It isn't necessary. Don't listen to it. Indeed, this is escapism and will not solve your problem. The key is to want to give up alcohol and smoking more than you want to keep doing it, but first you have to get honest and admit to yourself, and really feel it, that you want to keep doing it. You keep doing it because there is enough benefit to you to continue it. So consider the pros and cons of continuing the habit, versus giving it up. Set aside sufficient time to do this. If at the end of it you still see more benefit in continuing the habit, then think harder! Or feel free to ask for further support. Would be great to hear from you if this helps
  6. 🙏
  7. Why do you want to develop a reading habit?
  8. I ran like my life depended on it. Got my cardio up at least 10 minutes a day for weeks, then it gradually went away. Lots if science backs this up as equal if not more effective than SSRI's. Then focus on the basics - meet survival needs, eat organic wholefoods, get your sleep, have a goal you are working towards, speak and share what's on your mind with a trusted friend, mentor, or therapist.
  9. Dm me if you would like to chat 🙏🏼
  10. DM me if you would like to chat 🙏🏼
  11. When I moved to the East coast of Australia a couple years back, I had moved in with a self-proclaimed Narc. I was accused of moving his nuts in the pantry. On the day I moved out, I hopped on my motorbike to get going and the postman rocked up. There was this awkward scenario where as I was about to ride off, narc guy made multiple attempts to step in front of my bike so I couldn't leave along with erratic verbal prompts that seemed to be stemming from abandoment issues. There were also multiple occasions where he would say things to 'try and pull me in' to an issue. It was my first time dealing with a true Narc and I learned quite quickly that when involved with a Narc or anyone for that matter, always stand in Truth and a Narc can't get the satisfaction they desire, and so the sitch they are trying to create never gets momentum. There's many tricks they will try but If always just took what they said on the most objective grounds possible, I would remain unswayed. My replies were often just a few words because that's all that was needed, and gives them less bait to work with.
  12. How do you feel about Nithyananda? Didn't he run away to an island off Ecuador after being revealed as sexually abusive?
  13. Cool share. Noticed he has a video interview at the gas pump: In case anybody else finds it useful to get a feel for an author before diving in.