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  1. I eat around 3 handfuls a day, more than the recommended. Haven't had any issues.
  2. After many biohacking adventures and a twinkle of insight, my conclusion is that powder-this, supplement-that... You don't need all this garb. Eat healthy whole foods and maintain a calm mind and ya gravy.
  3. Stress is bad for you. Junk food is bad for you.
  4. I don't eat meat because: Eating meat, I take on the emotional and thought energy of the animal which are negative if factory farmed I value the animal's life more than the acquired taste of it (my pallete for vegies and simple whole foods increased enough to where I don't miss the taste of meat anymore, even though it still smells good) Takes a lot work and time for the body to digest compared to fruit and veggies It's not nutritionally necessary (scold me trust-the-science meatlovers )
  5. maybe its easier to stop complicating things
  6. Pretty much what Kensho said. The best answer IMO is the answer that comes from your heart. It may even get to the point where you realize it's not worth diving into it so you can gently pass on it and move on in the conversation like the question is nothing.
  7. Have had crazy love-inducingness listening to Vuela Con El Viento
  8. In spite of having done all the books, journaling, videos, exercises etc... I've often found myself out of the lazy slump into driven by more action, less think. Most recently it has been jumping into copy editing which is one of those activities that when I do it, I lose track of time because I love it so much. Also doing work that earns stable income gave a big momentum / motivation boost out of financial whackery. You got this.
  9. No wokkaz. It was challenging. Did push past some limits though by holding it out for so long. Was also interesting to see my recurring thoughts since I was with my own mind for such an extended period of time. I've decided it isn't the sadhanna I will focus my efforts into however, not to stray anybody else away from it. The first one I wasn't as committed. I just did it try something new since I was travelling in Thailand. The second time round was years later, this time seriously committed to the Truth, so I put more effort in and valued it more. Got a little more out of it.