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  1. You'll know
  2. Being loyal to a true Guru (not spiritual teacher) can be very effective if you find the right one. If you find the right one and then continue to listen to this person, that person - it can complicate things.
  3. Great effort mate. Been growing YouTube channels for 7+ years and immersed daily in YT culture - From what I can see, you've got the some of the basics down which is great. Creating a different style video (documentary) would give you more data to play with, and now is the perfect time. With that said, documentaries can take 10's of hours to create. @Mike-Clum posted his first documentary video and now has nearly 150k subscribers, 4M views: Tonnes of work put into it but the quality is very obviously there. So I'd say if you do try a documentary, spend a good deal deciding what to do your documentary on, and then make every single second engaging. Go all out. Otherwise, stick to optimizing what you've got, pretty sure I've seen some successful channels doing the style you're doing. I've posted YT videos to Reddit before and get similar results retention-wise. My thinking is that a reddit user is in 'reddit-mode' and so they are quickly going through threads, they aren't in 'sit on the couch mode and watch long-form content' frame of mind. But reddit is still good in early stages for getting your channel exposure, so I'd keep promoting there. Keep it up.
  4. 💎 Divine Bliss International BG-1, 226, Block BG 1, Paschim Vihar, Delhi, 110063, India Happy travels 🕉️
  5. God Speaks by Meher Baba Ah, This! by Osho Surely You're Joking Mr Feynman I Am That by Nisargadatta Maharaj The Truth by Neil Strauss
  7. What is one thing you admired about your uncle? ?
  8. Yes. Paramahansa Yogananda speaks on how he wanted to be more plump than skinny and so he would affirm to himself of how he wanted his body. It has an affect. If I were you though, I would pair with the basic actions that lead to weight loss like eating healthy and over-time, begin eating less.
  9. After having discussions about metaphysics and epistemology with a rationalist / materialist who's versed in linguistics, and speaks English as his second language, it has come to my attention that linguistics is important for effective communication. Not so important when we are discussing who's going to the shops to grab potatoes for dinner. Do you agree that linguistics is worth investing time and energy into learning? I'd imagine Leo takes this seriously, given his commitment to doing his best to consider how others will receive his ideas, and what the best way is to communicate them. But I haven't seen this discussed much in the community. Is there any book or video recommendations you have? Cheers!
  10. Love these. Thanks, added to my watch-later list.
  11. @Danioover9000 He respects Sam Hariss and is somewhat in tune although doesn't agree on everything. I'll see how the eggs on toast response goes!
  12. In spite of seeing the message to consider creating a new thread, I never considered this. Now I know, thank you!
  13. @Bobby_2021 So it sounds like when speaking in terms of strict mathematicly-natured stuff, this is true. But in normal human matters, as @zurew is suggesting, agnosticism is a thing.