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  1. the motives of these folks were very green
  2. @preventingdiabetes thanks for sharing. I could somehow see that in myself too. It seems like the system of spiral dynamics is being influenced a lot by orange thinking ways, where it was supposed to a Yellow/2nd Tier system. I have heard somebody teaching SD first tier stages as 6 slices of cake with different flavors. Each slice is not better or worse than the other. When you're on first tier, have to savor each of the flavor of the cake.
  3. It looks like you were hitting resistance. Social media is only a tool, like money.. you just hold it when you use it, but not letting the tool hold you. Some reasons I know for sure why you hit walls sometimes is when you try to "initiate." Why urge to push your self on the market?? lots of traps going on there. sometimes your mind has lots of agenda in it. Why not listen to your body?
  4. I find the videos of this channel named Dragon's Den with a very interesting orange game! Series in which budding entrepreneurs get three minutes to pitch their business ideas to five multi-millionaires willing to invest their own cash!
  5. Thank you for sharing @ajasatya
  6. don't be lazy. you can do your research about it. it's not my duty to put food directly into your mouth. also, beware of the Filipino mentality, lots of toxic stuff around
  7. Hey John. I think a strategy I found helpful is to have several income streams. Having only one income stream could be drastic. And, not all income streams does not always have to be giving profit every day. Some of my gigs were long-term and takes lots of preparation and practice, not paying off money in the meantime.
  8. @DefinitelyNotARobot woooow! thanks for sharing! I don't know, it resonated on me. lol
  9. great to hear that! I love Surrealism too. looks like you have an inclination towards Blake's brush strokes. You might want to check Vladimir Kush and Android Jones' works. they're good too, touching concepts of spirituality and consciousness. I have also seen several great works on Behance, not really that famous, yet they're more towards using cgi's and digital works, more of like independent studios doing art.
  10. Do schools truly prepare kids for a rapidly changing world? From the misty mountains of Bhutan to the concrete jungle of Singapore, brave schools are embarking on a journey to evolve the idea of what it means to be educated.
  11. @Jacobsrw impressive man! may I know if you have several inspirational creatives/artists?
  12. Social media used by unhealthy orange society. I think so.
  13. Step on this girl's shoes. Watch till the end.