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  1. Burn baby burn, Disco Inferno! Back when I was in Nam, (9 months a go) I remember the tour guide saying the Vietnamese president at the time was shot and bled to death, within reach of the American embassy. Got to fire an M16 that was left behind on a tunnel tour. A cartridge casing went down my dad back, at the shooting range, made him jump a bit. I suppose this is something else though.
  2. The flip side of Libertarianism would be Authoritarianism. Socialist = Empiricist. Capitalist = Rationalist. Right Libertarianism. Patriarch. Left Libertarianism. Matriarch. Left Authoritarian. Despot. Right Authoritarian. Dictator. Left & Right Libertarianism. Spiritual Leader. Right & Left Authoritarianism. The Fuhrer(Father) Principle. Centre Elitism.
  3. @Bodigger No, I think a "Land Value Tax"(including the ocean, natural resources), on unimproved land. Is a way to go. Was thinking about company shares, as opposed to dividend payments as shown by the Alaskan state example. A Land Value "tax" is simpler, however. Socialise Land, but keep improvements privately owned. The value of land is derived from the community, and not the landlord. If the improvements are socialised as well, voluntarily, then you have communism. Less than 1% of the population of the UK and USA own nearly half the land. Any improvements people make, are consumed as a whole by a rentier class.
  4. @Revolutionary Think Saw that video, a while a go. With consciousness being primary, "taxing" the machines doesn't really work. Issuing "shares" as a UBI is a possibility.
  5. That is a terrible way of having UBI, paying a 'dividend'. Even if it's now popular. That's the sort of thing that'll lead to even more over fishing, and increasing oil production. If it was changed to issuing 'shares', that would be better, the people then have a stake in the resources. There's lots of abandoned gold and silver mining towns dotted all over the Midwest, one particular town "Victor, Colorado" from nearly 20,000 residents to a few hundred, when Gold was nationalised. So it's not like resources aren't available, the issue isn't with who owns them, but with how they are managed. It is a shame that Laisse Faire Capitalism, evolves into monopoly capitalism.(perhaps with deeper metaphysical concerns). The problem is when the fundamental assets are owned by a small number of people, or chokepoints controlled in a monopolistic fashion. (eg. Land Trusts and Banking) . With cashless societies developing controlled by a few monopoly capitalists (or the government), coupled with negative interests rate that sucking sound is a possibility.
  6. Blood. Not all plants need sunlight to grow, and Grapes need boron in the soil.
  7. @Cykaaaa Sovereignty. "Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's, and unto God the things that are God's."
  8. I could see how that would be difficult, or impossible. War is doublethink.
  9. Unless the great man is some other guy. The quote I could find on google is attributed to Ross Perot. Who was against NAFTA, North American Free Trade Association.
  10. @Preety_India Christ is "The Archetype of the Self." (The Son of Man). There is only 1 Christ. Mark 10:40 But to sit on my right hand and on my left hand is not mine to give; but it shall be given to them for whom it is prepared. "The best of men cannot suspend their fate: The good die early, and the bad die late." - Daniel Defoe.
  11. There's "States" in socialism(Empirical) and "Estates" in Capitalism(Rational). Communism has no state. What I'm suggesting is a Manorial system. So there's a more even distribution of power. Without mass marketing, there can be no Capitalism, a unit of World currency takes over. In the past Gold and Silver. For now the dollar. Would be like originally purchasing land and goods from Ameri-indians, With gold nuggets, lying around for firewater and firearms. If the community is stable it isn't a problem. A manorial system Paid for upfront in blood or compassion, as opposed to in arrears. The kingdom of God is not in word, but in Power.
  12. @Bodigger The "Homesteading Principle" loses it's meaning, when all fundamental assets are owned. Either directly, or indirectly through rentier classes. The board is sold. If based on "economic activity" collecting £200 for passing Go, as UBI makes no difference as a whole. If based on economic activity all that will happen is "rent seeking". The Landlords game or Monopoly. Plus the cost of the bankers fee. If the fundamental assets are redistributed. To base existence level, then people are not dependent on the Government or Corporations. Making possible cooperatives. 1% owning 40%+ of the worlds wealth, let alone, base assets hidden in shell companies. I find it hard to believe they're just that good. Given modern computing technology, management, laws regulation, patents etc. Where is the original creativity? The government does a good job at killing or neutralising people, it should retain that position, only. Socialism, would be state owned assets. Railways, Trains, Hospitals, Oil & Mineral Wealth. Communism, the abolition of private property. It's either Communism or Distributivism. Capitalism and Socialism are false Dichotomies.
  13. @Revolutionary Think An average land value per acre can be worked out per state(based on capital resources, reservoirs, mineral wealth etc), so people would move to areas that can best sustain the population. Whether it's converted to cash or direct local land grants, it would be pegging the UBI to something and not by arbitrary dictate. The point is redistributing the assets and not the produce, or economic activity. So that people adapt to the environment. If a UBI linked to fundamental assets, is used as cash for expenditure on consumption goods, it's does not fundamentally affect the assets of the country or region long term.
  14. UBI should be set to Assets, like land so it varies according to the population. If it's set to economic activity, that can lead to an over exploitation of resources. Depleting agricultural land, aquifers, oil, and fisheries. Whether a welfare state, UBI or combo, better to tax and redistribute, the fundamental assets as opposed to the production from those assets.