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  1. I'm inclined to say there is only consciousness, neither collective nor individual. Although have been playing around with the idea of materialism, and perhaps the degree to which consciousness is at least partially socially influenced, I think if a person were fully non-dual they would be enlightened. The collective unconscious is something that is present in society, an expression of it perverted would be something like the Borg out of Star Trek. The unconscious self being an expression of the empirical self. However, perhaps there is also a collective consciousness that could be simulated, instead of mirror neurons related to empathy, direct telepathy, either biologically or electronically implanted organ. So if someone feels pain, you feel it as well, same for joy happiness unhappiness etc. It would probably be limited to a few units however, rather than thousands in tenement blocks or borg cubes. The Omar (Cyborgs, meaning conscious pilots) off the game Deus Ex Invisible War as an example, of a collective consciousness limited to small teams. I Liked the quote by Montaigne at the end.
  2. I think fear is a response to not being able to authoring a path. So yes, I would say it leads to incomplete and corrupt actions. I think to let go of the notion of the I, to not be aware of the I, well that would be something. I remember J.Krishnamurti saying something like creativity occurring in moments of stillness. However, with almost crypt keeper like hands hold onto the I.
  3. I don't know. But I have observed that Determinism often leads to double-think and there is a certain blindsidedness with those who assert freewill. Not sure if dicing things like fine mince is the correct approach, but I'm gonna try for a bit more.
  4. The USA & Canada are really poor for cheese, compared to the UK or France. French make a thing of it for Breakfast, although they have better cheese on the black market due to taxes, too much Camembert in their supermarkets. Feel kind of deprived not having Prime Rib in the UK, and beef not as cheap as the US or Canada. I remember the BSE crisis as a child, mounds of cattle set on fire, was kind of apocalyptic, hellscape like. Still, plenty of land elsewhere relatively unused, Portugal was a bigger exporter to the UK, lot of longhorn cattle in the North. Does roadkill still count for karma reasons?
  5. Weaker immune system in northern countries, colder climate less pathogens and pests, cold kills many of the diseases, one reason more seed production tends to take place in northern climes, tend to be compensated by increase in intelligence instead of immune system. Same may apply in hot arid environments, although you have the possibility of producing oils for energy storage, even if water is scarce. More tropical climates greater variety of pathogens, generally a stronger immune system.
  6. Capita, means per head of cattle, i.e something like, GDP per capita. Interestingly the defunct political faction "The Whigs" (meant cattle herder). Superseded by the conservatives & socialists in the UK, Democrats and Republicans in the USA. Personally I think relative high birth and death rates would have put more resource pressure to remove the less able, poor Abel. So if a woman has 7 kids, 4 should die not reproduce, if looking to improve the overall fitness over time, whether or not you think I.Q is relevant. Mass bloodbaths in the past allowing for a higher turnover rate. Even Sadaguru used a car analogy for people.
  7. I find the term consciousness more helpful than freewill. Haven't really seen Determinism(or Determinism plus i.e Compatiblism) vs Freewill slugfests that sometimes plague other forums. Whether consciousness can be equated in someway to god or what it even really means, I don't know.
  8. Nothing. There would have to be limits.
  9. Grand Canyon (1991) Simon: I've gotta ask you for a favor. Let me go my way here. This truck's my responsibility, and now that the car's hooked up to it, it's my responsibility too. Rocstar: Do you think I'm stupid? Just answer that question first. Simon: Look, I don't know nothing about you; you don't know nothing about me. I don't know if you're stupid, or some kind of genius. All I know is that I need to get out of here, and you got the gun. So I'm asking you, for the second time, let me go my way here. Rocstar: I'm gonna grant you that favor, and I'm gonna expect you to remember it if we ever meet again. But tell me this, are you asking me as a sign of respect, or are you asking because I've got the gun? Simon: Man, the world ain't supposed to work like this. I mean, maybe you don't know that yet. I'm supposed to be able to do my job without having to ask you if I can. That dude is supposed to be able to wait with his car without you ripping him off. Everything is supposed to be different than it is. Rocstar: So what's your answer? Simon: You ain't got the gun, we ain't having this conversation. Rocstar: That's what I thought: no gun, no respect. That's why I always got the gun.
  10. Read through a chunk, copy and paste a section to the forum for commentary. An audiobook would be ace, but haven't seen one for Being and Time. Maybe people have read it, but prefer other books, I remember @Joseph Maynor mentioning that he had read it.
  11. I think in the eyes of God all is equal. My my perspective is more like the following video........ Not that there isn't necessarily value in people/animals. Inequality, not sure what that even means, if reality/being just is. Got to be some element to it, I think it's mostly political, thought it was interesting listening to the history of the Peloponnesian War that the Athenian Democrats complained about exacting tribute from smaller states, "thinking that because we are a democracy, that they are our equals." Funny part later in the book when many of the men were freaking out from a particular town(more like village in modern numbers) allied to Athens, under-siege by arrow fire, trying to commit suicide with the arrow heads. Before they were all killed, and the women and children sold into slavery and the town turned into a colony of Thebes, didn't mess around then. Hilarious that they made a fairly well, although not well enough put together argument beforehand. The clincher being yeah Thebes sold out Greece to the Persians, but you guys were offered the opportunity to remain neutral, maybe it would have made a difference, maybe not.