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  1. Green; Happy as a Hippo. I think Ben Stiller plays a Yellow - Orange Actuary, Character in the movie "Along came Polly". A Yellow -Green Character in "Meet the Parents". Yeah, as a way of thinking I have an inkling towards yellow, though only scratched the surface. I think very few people are full yellow, and even if they were sometimes, I think there needs to be a kick sometime to jolt someone out of one stage to another, environmental or otherwise. Not just spoken language, but how the mind itself operates & integrates with the whole, blows my mind. Carving the world up dualistically has it's uses, but to think non-dualistically and successful intergrate that, one major challenge. I think people do it to a certain extent, unconsciously and conscious through God(the unrealised self, or otherwise). It's funny how different colour can get associated with different things. Sometimes different colours in nature can mean danger. Purple: Tend to think of Idol worship associated with royalty, purple being a royal colour. Red: Ego centric, kind of synthetic. Star Wars Sith!!!! Blue: Dogmatic morality. Stars Wars JEDI!!! Orange: I guess there's the Dutch, can't get much more materialistic. Green: Environmental, Ecological and Relationship based. Yellow: Tend to think of the Sun (Self), that burns on it's own fuel. Turquoise: A composite, is a mix of silver and copper. Tend to think of it like plates on a tortoise.
  2. Materialism - Deterministic; Theres is no Morality or Evil (delusional), instead what you really are thinking of is utility. "Existence precedth essence." The fact of being comes before consciousness. Although materialism has it's advantages, in one sense it is perhaps the most empirical you can be, if taken to it's logical outcome. Neutral Monism - Oblivion; Consciousness is a potential property of matter. Once you die nothing has to remain, as a necessity, not even an echo. Freewill exists as a potentiality, an accumulation of a "Will to Power" never reached. Such as infinity "existing" as a potentiality. Things exist becasue they can. "Amor Fati" (Love of Fate) Idealism - Mind of God; Consciousness is primary. It maybe possible, to come to know apart of the mind of God through morality or other means. Freewill may exist as an actuality, The mind of God itself, perhaps. --------------------------- Panpsychism - Everything (a Monad) has an individual apriori revelation of the divine. So your chair is compromised of mutliple souls. Everything that occurs is divinely inspired, means that anything negative that happens will ultimately be "The Best of all worlds". Dualism - Mind(Soul) is Distinct, from Matter. Once you die your soul can remain. --------------------------- Personally I'm biased towards Neutral Monism. Though it does not explain creation, is that necessary? However, Idealism does have it's appeals. If Idealism were true, you are literally in a battle for your soul. I'm open to Idealism, but closed to the rest. I think pure Materialism is incorrect.
  3. I would say stage Orange. "Material". Taken to its rational conclusion. Coupled with another stage. Beige (Masculine) - "Basic Instinct", "Species". Purple (Feminin) - Idol worship. God King or Queen. Red (Masculine) - Dominance. Blue (Feminin) - Protection. Orange(Masculine) - Material. ------------------------ Green (Feminin) - Relationship based. Yellow (Masculine) - Complimentary to the self. Empirically values based.
  4. Green - Ego Inflation. (Common Good). Possibly increased through Yoga, Psychedelics. Yellow - Ego jacked more into the person's empirical self. Less dualistic. The self observing Ego. I'd imagine there's possibly ways to feed various stages or to come to discredit or embrace various aspects.
  5. I would say no. Perhaps unpacking emotions might help, have a few thoughts. Joy, Happiness, Love. Trust, Acceptance, Solemnity. "Where there is trust, mean nature can not enter." Bram Stroker's Dracula. Nausea, Confusion, Pandemonium. “All is not lost, the unconquerable will, and study of revenge, immortal hate, and the courage never to submit or yield.” Primordial Emotion, Pleasure, Pain, Hunger & Thirst. Honor, Shame. ------------------------------ Truth. Dislike, Disgust, Revolt. Fear, Terror, Horror. "Horror has a face, and you must make a friend of horror. Horror and moral terror are your friends. If they are not, then they are enemies to be feared. They are truly enemies." Rage, Anger, Hatred. "A stick sharpened at both ends."
  6. Why would you want to move up, in stages of consciousness or to a different "consciousness area"? Could be like Hamlet(a dead end), a renaissance man, stuck in a medieval world. God and Country!
  7. @John Iverson I would have thought stage Blue, are the criminals & saints. Crimes and Punishment. Given the pletothra of modern laws/regulations, everyones probably a criminal, to some degree if you go by that.
  8. Old Testament (Red) overcome/subjugate(usually massacre) the idol worshipping cultures of stage purple. "Canonisation"(Ecclesatiscal Law) of the New Testament to stage Blue.
  9. Does it matter? compared to what?
  10. Was wondering what people think of Red & Yellow as Spiral dynamics stages? Personally I think I'm a combination of Red, Yellow & Beige. Though I consider Turquoise to be hostile, or at least to avoid. After reading "1984" and the term collective solipsism, I think that is what Turquoise is, though was suspect of turquoise even before reading 1984. Green, Orange & Blue. I have little interest in as stages. Though to be more Yellow and decrease Red might be worth while. Looking at a few diagrams online there seems to be a bit of a crossover between yellow & turquise in terminology. But at heart I think Yellow is Self Orientated, where as Turquise is group orientated. Given the decadence and addictions of the West I think, Turquoise is a potentially destructive stage, being the sum of corruption. On an unstable base. Maybe as a super organism it is the most highly evolved stage so far, but most highly evolved doesn't always mean better. As a mode of being in the world, I think spiral dynamics has merit. Perhaps a conceptual way of understanding how to throttle as much consciousness, through being as possible. Not sure if consciousness is primary(Idealism), or neutral to "matter"/substance (Neutral Monism). Musing.
  11. If all is Conciousness, how do we then explain the Law of Attraction? An Empirical Self independent of the concious mind. Get glimpse of such a phenomena through sleepwalking or after truamtic events. Sometimes just if the person is neurotic and the self crushes out the Ego. You know more than you can consciously recall, so a suspended ego can be useful or sometimes catastrophic. Better to perhaps generally make the Ego more conscious of consciousness. Carl Jung talks about what I have mentioned in Aion in the first few chapters. The rest is musing on the individuation process. So if the apocalypse were to happen and fireballs were to start reigning down from the sky. A philosophical zombie; no conscious mind would continue business as usual ala dawn of the dead, they might swerve to avoid fireballs, but emotional impact would be nil, little different from an AI character, the best they could do to "learn" is copy another. A conscious person would be OMG wtf is happening. Compared to a person with high Consciousness might feel a little annoyed, but would generally be chill with it.
  12. Not stubborness, Envy. Might be some projection possibly. Stubborness would be more in line with pride and that's not it, if anything hubris. As you said you need space to breath. What you do, do it for your daughter. How well do you know the mother of your friend? If she's usally calm, maybe you can get some closure together if emotionally painful.
  13. I don't think the focus should be on fault finding. If you feel guilt explore that feeling, don't try to suppress or ignore it, either through rationalising it or through other means. There's a price you pay for not feeling guilt. In my opinion your focus should be on what is best for your daughter. Build with what you have. I'm going to guess that the people who are attracted to you have needs. But like all needs there is a cost. Your husbands addiction to Methamphetamine I believe leads to a long term reduction of dopamine receptive cells in the brain, which in turn leads to an eventual decrease in motivation, requiring a constant dose to stay motivated for life. In contrast to say something like Heroin or Morphene(Morpheus; Greek God of dreams) that suppresses or suspends the conscious mind. There might be ways of dealing with motivation, but I think it would require a person to be straight with their needs. Reminds me of the Stephen King movie "Needful Things", King was also an addict. (Interesting that the word addict(addictus) means debt slave in Latin, heard that from listening to a psychology book on addiction "In the Realm of hungry ghosts"). An alternative to being straight with needs, would be to look for ways that the dopamine system could perhaps better balance itself out.