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  1. Is it energy? Is it good or bad? Is it toxic? What is food? What "food" means to you?
  2. @sgn I don't have the need to fit in. I'm just describing the people I have met to @smd
  3. @smd eeeemmm it's nothing related what you talked about. 1. First, this kind of social anxiety attact appears with specific type of people during a day or night; any time. 2. Second, Toastmasters members are really motivational, energetic and inspirational people. 3. Third, I didn't prepare anything on toastmasters. Anyway I have tons of reasons about not being related what you have said. I think one of the reason that causes me social anxiety is because something happened in my childhood experience. Also, my parents are normal, mediocre, disfuntional people. I believe this is the origin of my problem.
  4. @I Am That Thanks! I'm gonna definitely reading it! I love understanding psychology. I love understanding what is happening around me.
  5. @The Monk I watched that video last year
  6. @Vinnie I let them be themselves I don't try to change them. But, what I hate the most is when they interfere with my life; also I hate having fights with them. When I say my opinion while we argue, they think I'm being disrespectful and arrogant. I'm just tired living with them. They are making me unhappy and frustrated.
  7. @Vinnie My parents wanted me to work in their business; I hated their job; I neglected them during a year. But, Now, my parents are letting me do what I want to do. They trust me more than before; maybe because I grow as a person and I am more responsible with my life.
  8. What do you consider a toxic family? (not to extreme; for example; abusive family) In my case, I consider my family as a toxic family: They are gaining a lot of weight. They are average and mediocre. They are addicted to TV and computer games. They can't control their emotions. They are stressed all the time in their business. They don't grow. They are unconscious. My parents fight most of the time. I don't admire them. Today we fought on something really stupid and tiny thing. I'm crying right now. They are making me emotionally and mentally unstable. One of my goals is creating passive income and living alone in 2019. So... I just wanna listen to your opinion. What do you consider a toxic family? Do you know some great books about toxic family? If so, what is it?
  9. @Shiva I was thinking; if those clients read self-help books, they would have instantly cured bulimia! One of the reasons that I cure bulimia in a year was changing my mindset, my perspective; I change my way of thinking. I read lots of nutrition book, self-esteem, self-love, self-acceptance, confidence, etc.
  10. @see_on_see @Max_V I really love your posts guys! I'm gonna listen to your advice! Thanks for your great answers!
  11. Which one is better? Psychologist (hospital) or self-help book? I overcame bulimia in a 1 year by reading lots of self-help books; And other clients overcome it in 5 years by going to the hospital. Is it really worth going to the hospital? Wasting my precious time and energy in a slow and long process (aka hospital)? I recently went to the psychologist twice and she isn't solving my problems. It's frustrating talking to her. I can learn 10 times more in a book than going to the psychologist; But the psychologist said that I MUST come to the hospital no matter what. What do you recommend?
  12. @Mad Max no need for love and approval; I learn from videos! The video names are "How to be yourself" "How to be attractive"
  13. @Mad Max I really appreciate your answer! I tried to read your answer many times. It was a little bit complicated to understand. I definitely gonna look for more information where you highlighted! Yes, I have a normal and dysfunctional family. My people pleasing attitude maybe comes from my dysfunctional family and my past experiences. Thank you so much! You helped me a lot! I'm gonna learn a lot more about psychology!
  14. I'm SUFFERING SOMETHING. I don't know the name of this disease or whatever. I'm gonna describe it to you and I hope you can tell me the name of this suffering! On Thursday, I was in a Business classroom; I was really confident; I was being myself; Energetic; Happy; I was so comfortable on my own skin; I participated the class and asked questions. BUT That same day (on Thursday), After finishing business class I went to Toastmaster Club (Meet up Club). It's my favorite Club; On toastmaster club; I started to be anxious; Uncomfortable; Fake (I wanted to be myself); Unconfident; Unhappy; Started to become a people pleaser; I can't focus the present moment; Really conscious of everything. After toastmaster club I felt sad and depressed because of not being myself. I was suffering internally. I wanted to relax but I couldn't control it. It happens many many times this situation. Sometimes with different people or places. I don't need anyone something valuable. I don't need approval. I don't care other people 's opinion. I don't need love. CAN YOU GUYS PLEASE TELL ME WHAT AM I SUFFERING ABOUT? IS IT SOCIAL ANXIETY? SHYNESS? INSECURITIES? WHAT IS IT? I went to a "really confident girl" to an "unconfident girl" on the same day. I went to "being myself" to "a people pleaser and fake girl" on the same day. I want to stop this kind of suffering; What do you recommend me to do? and How can I call this suffering name?
  15. "If you don't like how things are, change it! You're not a tree." - Jim Rohn Stop living like a victim. You are responsible for your own happiness. Change your mind and change your life. Life is beautiful and awesome. Focus on what you want. Focus on your goals and purpose. Remember, You have the power and choice to; eliminate toxic relationships; stop working on a job you hate; starting a passion business; doing what you love; eliminating toxic habits; being happy; moving out another country; contributing to the world; etc. You only live once. Don't waste your precious life.