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  1. @Monkey-man hahhahahah i did
  2. @Thinh Thanks for your recommendation! I sent him a message through the forum! I wish he would read it
  3. The best learning experience is when you really NEED something; and not just in case. University and schools teach us just in case subjects; such as History, Politics, Anthropology and so on. All these subjects didn't remain in my mind. After studying it, I forgot almost everything. If I take High School subjects test right now, I would fail the test. But, when I had bulimia and depression. I started to learn self-help; such as happiness, life purpose, nutrition. All these subjects I learned it when I really need it and still remain in my mind. I believe all this knowledge will remain until my deathbed. Also, school and university teach you to become a slave to your boss. They don't teach you money management, leadership, public speaking and social skills. I was feeling miserable going to University and School. Nowadays I am self-educating. I am learning and growing every single day. I feel satisfied and happy.
  4. @sarapr But he is seeing my private stuff on the camera. You are gonna feel annoyed if someone see your private stuff without asking permission. It doesn't make sense what you are saying.
  5. I purchased the Life Purpose Course and I used it. Then one day, they blocked me for security violation out of the blue. It happened two times: At first, they blocked me because I was using the course on Ipad, computer, and cellphone. I sent him an email about technical support and they unblocked me. After that, I was careful and I started to use only on the computer; and guess what? They blocked me again. But this time I sent them an email and they ignored me. I am really annoyed about what happened. I didn't do anything wrong. I was just using normally. What can I do? @Leo Gura
  6. @Spiral I like so much! What you said!
  7. @see_on_see I am independent of people opinions. I don't give a fuck what others think about me. But, right now I'm depending on my parents. If I don't attend family reunion; I am gonna have a fight and a really bad time with them. So, when I start living alone, I can decide freely
  8. @see_on_see I am forced to go to family reunion because of my parents. They consider impolite not attending them. When I start living by myself two years later, probably I stop attending family reunion.
  9. I have nothing in common with my grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles. Absolutely nothing. I tried to start a conversation but we don't have interesting stuff to talk about. They are kind and nice but; I can't relate them. I'm really sociable and friendly with people; but I become a shy little kid when I am around with my family. It's uncomfortable and boring. I see family reunion as a waste of time and energy. Also I see as a useless gathering Why family reunion exists? What is the purpose of family reunion? Do you guys feel the same as me? Or Am I the weird one?
  10. Is it energy? Is it good or bad? Is it toxic? What is food? What "food" means to you?
  11. @sgn I don't have the need to fit in. I'm just describing the people I have met to @smd
  12. @smd eeeemmm it's nothing related what you talked about. 1. First, this kind of social anxiety attact appears with specific type of people during a day or night; any time. 2. Second, Toastmasters members are really motivational, energetic and inspirational people. 3. Third, I didn't prepare anything on toastmasters. Anyway I have tons of reasons about not being related what you have said. I think one of the reason that causes me social anxiety is because something happened in my childhood experience. Also, my parents are normal, mediocre, disfuntional people. I believe this is the origin of my problem.
  13. @I Am That Thanks! I'm gonna definitely reading it! I love understanding psychology. I love understanding what is happening around me.
  14. @The Monk I watched that video last year
  15. @Vinnie I let them be themselves I don't try to change them. But, what I hate the most is when they interfere with my life; also I hate having fights with them. When I say my opinion while we argue, they think I'm being disrespectful and arrogant. I'm just tired living with them. They are making me unhappy and frustrated.