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  1. If we assess western philosophy, one can easily conclude that most of western philosophers (assessing it from SD 8 levels of development) were stage orange, Derrida was green. Looking at western psychology, most of psychologists are orange again, Jung and Perls for example are green, Fromm and Maslow are Yellow. Ken Wilber is rare western intellectual who reached highest levels of development obviously but as I have said: most of western philosophers were quite underdeveloped including likes of Nietzsche, Kant, Spinoza, Descartes i.e these are big name philosophers who actually did not pass rational level…Imagine that for a moment. Hence reading these philosophers maybe quite waste of time because one might not develop by reading them, that much… Maybe I am wrong…Please explain why.
  2. Why is therapy (by therapy I mean psychology therapies...) expensive but at the same ineffective?
  3. Week ago I asked if ChatGPT will replace humans...When I further thought about the topic I realized I asked the wrong question. My real question was not will ChatGPT replace humans but: How will ChatGPT influence income of knowledge workers? e.g. How will it influence incomes of programmers, artists, writers, marketers, so on and so forth? My question is not if this will people be replaced, no, my question is: How will ChatGPT influence economy and incomes of people who work with their mind, and do not do manual work with their physical body...
  4. Thanks everyone for answers, I found them really helpful.
  5. I don’t know…I think we have woken up in super uncertain, super fast changing the world, ChatGPT and AI will change entire game for every single industry more than invention of internet, phone, TV, radio, Wi-Fi ever did…It basically makes intellect and knowledge work obsolete and pointless because how can one compete with it? Impossible
  6. I was asking about coders i.e programmers not software architects…Just noticed that actually…
  7. What are other careers at risk? ChatGPT is nuts…. When will be then next iteration? This thing is supposed to develop fast? What do you mean by “long run”…If this things develops and delivers on the promise, most people won’t have food to put on their plate because human cannot compete with ChatGPT
  8. Will 'ChatGPT' make people lose their jobs? Jobs which 'ChatGPT' can easily threaten: Accountant Programmers Content Writing Marketers etc...You can fill in the spaces
  9. Thank you. That’s what I am going to do and what I am doing, your book list is very, very powerful. What else do you mean “alone will not be enough”? I did not really explain myself at the top of the thread, my goal is to write a psych theory book, not really therapy even though I am studying that as well… Like, my mindset is If I read good high quality 100-200 books about psychology, would I not be able to write high quality book myself? Maybe I am wrong, I don’t know…Is that wrong mindset and approach to have?
  10. But what about wanting to write a book, I want to write a great psych book, this thread was not about coaching…
  11. @Leo Gura My main goal more than therapist if was truly honest is to write a great psych book in a future. So key for that would be more meditation, contemplation than reading books. I consider Ken Wilber helping people more indirectly than a therapist, I mean he helped me shit ton for example I am actually studying psychology in University
  12. Really? I thought reading psych theory was all that is needed to become a great therapist. OMG… but I care about psych theory as well, like that would help me to write a good psych book in a future…I suppose maybe I am wrong about that as well
  13. that is what I am doing actually and that is why I am asking here what to do, I don’t waste countless hours reading these therapy books, and get nowhere in the end because they are so long winded mental gymnastics
  14. What should I do then? I am reading these books by Freud, Jung, Carl Rogers, Friedrich Perls…basically from Ken Wilber’s recommendations…Most of these books are long winded, super impractical. Like mental gymnastics for no good reasons. P.S Sometimes I feel like I might read 100 books by psychologists such as Freud, Jung, Perls, Fromm, Carl Rogers and still not come out more developed than I started. Ken Wilber has 15+ books by Freud and Jung in his bibliography, I can’t imagine how he managed to actually read those.