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  1. Day 12: Success I am re-reading Neville Goddard’s works, and it’s amazing, for everything. This thing I am writing about here is not an exception as well. Also, Quazi Johir’s videos which I have watched previously, is spectacularly helpful for this.
  2. Day 11: Success I feel focused, concentrated and most important, feeling from the wish fulfilled. After reading Newport’s book Digital Minimalism. I adopted that philosophy, and it is amazing. My world always takes care of me.
  3. I think Neville Goddard is stage turquoise. Way he sees reality, and his understanding of consciousness is stage Turquoise for me. No problem in correcting me: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neville_Lancelot_Goddard
  4. Day 8: Success I love being focused and concentrated. My world always takes care of me. “This strategy is classic digital minimalism. By removing your ability to access social media at any moment, you reduce its ability to become a crutch deployed to distract you from bigger voids in your life. At the same time, you’re not necessarily abandoning these services. By allowing yourself access (albeit less convenient) through a web browser, you preserve your ability to use specific features that you identify as important to your life—but on your own terms.” - Cal Newport, Digital Minimalism
  5. (Upfront) Day 7: Success Being grateful is really helpful here because while feeling negative energy, it will pull towards more negative behaviours, I don't want that, therefore gratitude is really helpful. Being grateful helps me in being more concentrated and focused Claudia Gadelha: "Gratitude is a practice that benefits you and the world around you. It is a gigantic thank you, which comes from the soul, which hardly needs to be said; it is the body, the look, the energy that speak. It is to be grateful before you even reap the rewards. It is to be grateful for the seed, for the sun, for the water, for the earth."
  6. @Husseinisdoingfine Read Cal Newport's Digital Minimalism. It will really help you with self actualization and enlightenment, it is a must read.
  7. Writing upfront, I will not come online at night: Day 6: Success Dre Baldwin: Focus is easy, distraction is difficult.
  8. In your example, you would learn better than me, but I would not learn anything like that.: Key is to do both. This is what Balancing Theory vs Practice is all about.
  9. I don’t agree, reading one book per week and reading Leo’s book list for example is must because individual needs to built mental model of how to live, that’s same as not developing skills just because is non urgent. If you read books,only if it is urgent, that’s a mistake in my opinion. But also I see your point. If that works for you, do that, I am not saying you are wrong I am right... Guy in a video, I don’t know him, I barely watched the vid, but he is like stuck at orange. Of course, if he is pragmatic and only cares about urgent stuff, materialistic stuff, he will not read books.
  10. Is it better or is it not? (2-3 books vs 1) I mean, I just finished reading book for this week, should I start new one, or wait for Monday, while re reading other book?
  11. I was thinking, maybe two is better...
  12. Is 1 book per week enough?