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  1. Leo, I watched your video about mission statement which you made in 2014. I want to ask you this question : Do you still read your mission statement, every day for 5 minutes till this day? Is it helpful?
  2. Is Spiritually Deeply Personal? How can we know, if someone is spiritual when there life purpose is not being a guru/teacher. Like, for example: If someone is a great painter/athlete/writer/whatever/, and they are also deep into spirituality, how we know that? We will never know that, just by looking at them, performing their sports or painting...So, that's why spirituality is personal? Unless, someone is a teacher...
  3. Let's share our law of attraction success stories in this thread! It will be amazing, very inspiring. It will be very helpful for everyone and especially newbies, to feel empowered to use law of attraction, powerfully and change their lives for the better. What I see most often, people just don't take LoA as seriously, as they should because their culture brainwashes them. This thread will help people, in understanding of LoA, and they will feel empowered to apply it, powerfully. Post your manifestation stories!!! It will be very helpful and empowering. P.S. Leo and all mods, if you don't like this idea for the thread, it's okay to delete it. I hope this idea will help you in some way...
  4. Are Mirror Neurons Legit? Like, If I watch someone do X, will that help me in doing X, same way?
  5. I am thankful for keyboards which allow us to type these words.
  6. Thanks. I apprrciate you. Extremely helpful. Do you see any problem with my food combining? Maybe I am combining wrong pairs of food...What's your opinion on that?
  7. No constipation/diarrhea My poo is normal I have bloating often. I will focus on looking at my belly, after every meal. I don't know for a fact. How long? I don't know. I noticed it, for a while now. I am good with vegetables, fruits and legumes. No issues. 0 allergy. No food sensitivies. Pain in my abdomen, only when: I have excess gass, stuck in ke, and I can't let it go. When I let it go, pain goes. Acne is my issue. I cook lentils. I do not eat beans daily but I eat lentils daily...Quinoa daily...
  8. Hey Guys, I have this issue, which I become aware of, only now. This is what I eat in a day: 1). Basmati Rice with Red Lentils. 2). Buckwheat with Split Peas. 3). Millet and Quinoa. My issue: After every meal, I feel bloated. What made me think about this is: I am reading Tony Robbins book "Unlimited Power". In this book, he talks about right food combining. Wrong food combining is combining starchy food with protein source. Now my question is: - Am I making food combining mistake? I am making bad combine choices? What is causing the issue and how can I solve it?
  9. @fork Visualization is about practice. More you practice it, better it will get. Key is this: Do it daily. No matter what.
  10. How do you guys use google search in a "helpful manner"? By saying "helpful manner" I mean, to improve your development and spirituality. Can we use google search to enhance the work we are doing here? Personally, Sometimes I google something, and get many garbage sources but sometimes I find great sources too...
  11. @King Merk @Leo Gura @Moreira I am skeptical of this guy too, but in general I think, height is more psychological than physical. Modern scientists are super dogmatic, they don't consider mind's power over the body. I have seen videos of people using law of attractipn to increase height. What do you think about that? Those videos makes sense more, than this one, for me.
  12. I watched this video: and then found this website: http://www.akhmetov-rost.com I watched video of this man getting interviewed. He gives all basic height increasing advice and then he sells his book. This person sells his book on his website and nowhere else. Not in amazon. + I googled him, and there is not big info on him. I am little bit suspicious. Is he for real? Or he just wants to scam people? What you all think?
  13. Stage Blue Rap Song
  14. I think, Understanding is extremely rewarding. Example from my life is this: I used to get very angry, while looking at Stage Blue religious people. Now, they trigger me less and less, because I understand, why they think way they think, and where they are coming from. This helps me to be more resourceful in my life, and it also helps me to help them because I think, we cannot help people, by getting angry, we are doing vice versa, we are keeping them stuck, even more by getting triggered. Leo, said this in one of his videos. Now, it makes sense to me, he was right, 100%.
  15. I don't know what you mean by ethics but in my opinion, one of most important personal debelopment rules are: BEING OPEN-MINDED!