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  1. Today, I did 2 hours and 30 minutes cold approach session outside during the day. I did this for the first time. Basically practicing all the insights Leo talked about in his series about dating. Thing was that at the 90 minute mark my legs got tired. That is because I was approaching and walking around during this entire session. At the end of 2 hours and 30 minutes my legs were really tired. Therefore, my question is: Is 1 hour of cold approaching per session enough? I am asking this because I know and agree with Leo when he focuses upon importance of building your state while approaching. Is 1 hour enough to build a state? How long should each session be? and what should I do to avoid tired legs?
  2. https://www.actualized.org/insights/elite-universities-are-a-scam
  3. This is just a tip of an iceberg, I wrote in 3 minutes so….
  4. I am telling you, this is easy Ken Wilber Leo Gura Rajneesh Ramana Maharishi Nisargadatta Gurdjieff Ouspensky Peter Ralston David Deida Krishnamurti Eckhart Tolle David Hawkins Many more I either don’t know or remember…Haha Kind of a weak list…guys add more to these list to help out the argument
  5. No, that is my answer without any thinking. I mean you can find more examples of course or maybe my point is wrong, who knows…
  6. Easy, in front of your nose: Leo here and Ken Wilber for example What do you mean by “impressive”?
  7. This is my opinion and point of view. Agree or disagree and explain why if you want. No serious (by serious I mean really conscious, developed both development wise and consciousness wise) intellectual, philosopher or psychologist will work at a university, be an academic and a professor. When I say university, I mean: TOP universities such as Harvard. I mean, they won’t work there. What do you think? Sounds controversial but I think this is true.
  8. How to ask him personally???...Hehe, so I decided ask it here. @Nilsi Honestly, how can person do that? or how Wilber did that, I don't know, that is why I am asking...
  9. In Ken Wilber's books, he has basically 400+ book in his bibliography. You can find example of it in books such as 'Up from Eden', 'Spectrum of Consciousness' etc...My question is: - Did he actually read all those books?
  10. How long should MANUAL spiritual practice such as Meditation (like do nothing or self-inquiry) be? I am talking about a serious committed practitioner who is ready to practice for 10+ years? Is 1 hour per day is enough? or it should be at least 2 hours or more?
  11. I agree 100%. What do you think about psychoanalysis, Freud and concepts such as ego-id-superego in general? I know you made a video about it, but that was long time ago, that is why I am asking.
  12. Also I wanted to add that entire psychoanalysis got built upon study of abnormal men. And what essentially Sigmund Freud is doing is building a picture of an individual based upon his study of abnormal men in suffering and that creates very, very inaccurate and distorted picture. Realizing that, I cannot take any of these concepts seriously and it clearly shows me how they ain't useful.
  13. But in childhood rational mind is not developed, formal operational appears 11 years and up, therefore entire Freud scheme collapses. In my opinion, childhood years way Freud sees it is completely overblown and out of proportion. Ego itself is illusory, now Freud comes up with id and superego. + look at relativity of concept such as superego, what if your parents are criminals, what happens then? I don’t see superego or id in my own direct experience. Honestly, Idk what to make out of this, at least as I see psychoanalysis is hugely overrated and it delivers for me at least no theoretical or practical value.
  14. I read this book: https://www.amazon.com/Primer-Freudian-Psychology-Calvin-Hall/dp/0452011833 Ken Wilber advised reading this book in his book 'No Boundary'. He has end of chapters his own book recommendations and I decided to read 3 books from each chapter's recommendation. I am a psychologist and I am self-educating myself into it therefore, I thought I would read this primer, then Freud's own 'A General Introduction to Psychoanalysis' and then Otto Fernichel's 'Psychoanalytic theory of Neurosis'. I finished this primer and I am not going to read any more of Freud or anything about psychoanalysis because I realized it is complete waste of time. His theory is complete hogwash, nonsense. Completely inaccurate and not only it is inaccurate theoretically, it has 0 practical value. Whole ego-id-superego theme is BS. There is nothing like that in your own direct experience. You can read this book and you won't get any practical benefit, it is way better to pick up simple, normal stage orange self-help book and you are probably going to get better strategies and advice, understanding of psychology than reading Sigmund Freud. This was my observation. What you think?
  15. I am going to university as well but I do not want to stop there, I want to take thing deeper like Leo says in his post.