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  1. It was right after. I took nurofen. Then after one sleep, I am great now. Thanks.
  2. Is pain after cavity filling okay?
  3. I meditate laying down. In my opinion, it's great. Sitting causes hemmorhoids. Laying down, does not. Also,you can meditate while having legs up to the wall. That's great too.
  4. I agree. His way of talking about manifestation is amazing. He knows the big picture.
  5. Amazing YouTube Channel and brand. Promotes conscious living, awakening and conscious manifestation. Law of attraction on another level. Big picture understanding. https://www.youtube.com/c/PersonalMasteryQuest
  6. I did not know that. Maybe this can help, Leo.
  7. You said in your video about your thyroid. Maybe this can help you.
  8. When you realize, that imagination is God, and "external" is reflection of internal, this happens to what you have been told, by culture (because culture dismiss imagination as being unimportant, and tells you that it's all atoms bouncing around, which leaves people jerking off to porn):
  9. When you say doing is important, in my opinion, you already went off-side. And in when you score goal in off-side, it does not count. "External" reality is just a reflection of "internal" reality. To just work hard and take action is delusion because you are working hard in the script which someone else gave you. Instead, wake up by bringing your attention to it's center, compose new reality (new script), stay balanced, coordinate and follow alternative flow. Without composing new reality, the DOING is just juggling balls, useless. Key is to change the script You can observe your thoughts. Bring your attention to it's Center. And choose new "thoughts". You can wake up and compose new reality, you can create your own script, instead of following the script which you unconsciously accepted from other people. Who am I? To whom these thoughts are occurring? I am sure this was helpful. Thank you. + Think FROM what you want. Not OF. There is only NOW. Feel way you feel if you already had what you desire. Sustain that feeling. And you will have what you want, inevitable. Exact science. This is more accurate than mathematics, they teach you in school. This always works. Beyond proof. See for yourself. Reason, why they don't teach this in school, and they teach you materialistic DOING, because if you actually embody this, you will realise that all the school is bullshit, and you will not waste your time, listening to the teacher who is stuck, in the job he/she hates.
  10. Depends on the mindset. You can be creator or competitor anything. "There is no Jose Aldo. You are against yourself"
  11. With that logic: Becoming best entrepreneur is red. Becoming best athlete is red Becoming more conscious is red Becoming more developed is red Becoming master at the craft is red If someone is hungry, it's red If someone wants to be rich, it is red What else they can fight for? Champion gets most money. Champion inspires people. And it's all about survival. THIS IS SURVIVAL. Look at this video, Poirier talks about survival:
  12. Excellent book. Life changing audiobook.
  13. UFC is not red. UFC is blue and orange. Just because women and men fight, that does not mean they are red. Guys can talk about awareness and present moment, and they can be red. Talking about UFC. This brawl is red How can you call this guy red?
  14. I listened to self-help teacher and he said that, Donald Trump has great books but author being the author, people ain't open minded enough to listen... What you guys think?