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  1. Hey bro. Lovely post. What I've found is that resisting the happenings of life is pointless. You dont need to bring others to freedom of mind, your goal is to get there yourself first. You know you're there when absolutely no happening can trigger unconscious responses and defensiveness in you. This can only happen if you disidentify with your mind and body and become absolute friends with your surroundings (environment and friends). Let everyone and everything be exactly as is and view it for what it is: A spontaneous happening which you do not control. Some people's identity is suffering, so they Like it. I used to be in that storyline thats why I know. There is pleasure in suffering and in "poor me". Don't take the candy out of the baby's mouth, they will drop it if they decide to. We cant manipulate everyone to the same view of life and we dont need it to be happy. Let everything and everyone be, dont think they are all ignorant and you need to change them. Everyone is here to fulfil a purpose and absolutely everyone can teach you a lesson - willingly or by chance.
  2. Either way though meditation cannot be called shit. It's the equivalent of a wonderful nutritious meal as opposed to eating literal shit. One can eat junk and call the healthy food shit, but that doesnt change the reality of the situation.
  3. Prayer and Meditation are psychological antivirus and defragmentation tools, why would they be bullshit, you are just giving in to your negative thoughts which is resistance. Oh, I don't understand why they do something, therefore it must be bs because I know everything obviously.
  4. Meditation is a blossoming of peace, love and joy. It's what you water that will grow.
  5. "Feel the calm in your skin, no one else can feel it for you, only you can let it in"
  6. All of life exists within a bubble of imagination.
  7. I want to test this with you, because it works for me when I meditate. To achieve our own unique paradigm shift and experience of imagination in real life, we can focus all our mental energy to think one thing, as best we can, focus on exactly One image in the mind and think only that while doing everything else! The more continuously you imagine that thing, the more clear it gets and the more details you can project on it, a picture on top of reality, which will shape your reality to follow the image, because if all your concentration is on that one image, you become that image \/ . You will drag your own ass to heaven.
  8. but joy is about every step right? This means the no-step, our default state! Of rest and relaxation........................ Wooosh. It's important to feel at home anywhere anytime.
  9. Doesn't matter if there's path or no path, you do it right now. Wake up right now if you feel sleepy and you have awakened! Are you angry? Lighten up. Are you lightened up? Then you are Enlightened!
  10. Forget 5 meo, im currently trying to breathe through my forehead lmao. I actually never tried, this is a meditation, thank you senpai.
  11. Yes, he makes analogies with Screen and movie, I really love watching Rupert.
  12. If you did it, I'm happy for you the dude
  13. Because I am enlightened only if everybody is enlightened
  14. I've had the actual Gta paradigm experience after a long time playing it. I've also thought of it in terms of sims and that im the guy infront of the pc, sleeping on the keyboard, letting the stupid AI do all the decisions.. "Wake up!" I scream and wave hands towards the screen. No answer.
  15. We are saying the same things, even though I felt the written as being opposed to what I wrote for some reason (its in my first comment on the topic)