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  1. You are home. You dont need to think about absolutely anything. Because you are home.
  2. I wanna add: To let go of a situation, you, awareness, have to see how you are completely merged with the situation, and at the same time untouched by it. Do you think is good explanation?
  3. If the white fish eats up the dark fish, the white fish ceases to exist. The two fishes are supposed to dance, not fight Alan Watts on Yin Yang. Destroying evil is itself evil. Destruction is not the way of light. God works in silence. Good and evil exist in duality. God allows both equally. Just let the present moment be and enjoy it. I will take my own advice on this one, because i am also getting way more energy than I nees to on this one. I liked the exercises, but this dogma is so cult like, you need to see the wisdom in being silent. All the best
  4. My brother, who are you? Just focus on the one aware of your experience and calm down a little bit. I think you are putting too much undue importance on the contents of mind. I also think that this forum section should not be for talking about such dogmatic things that I see as figments of your imagination. Sometimes love doesn't mean that one should say yes to what you're saying. Sometimes love is the rude awakening you need. Just let go of that junk and see who is the one that has a problem with evil. Is it you? Who are you? Become interested in awareness, as Rupert Spira says. The evil will fall by itself.
  5. If anyone is still confused as to why you are not the person.
  6. @Snick-The ThinkTank Life is grace <3 Love you too
  7. But John, how do you know that it works and it's not just some kind of obsessive behavior to try to think you control the universe? Just asking... How are you so sure that it actually works
  8. I have no idea what the lyrics mean, but this song touches my heart
  9. I can flex my braain as well, isn't it normal? I mean I just decide to tighten it up and it tightens from the back of my head. Then again I just opened a thread about my brain pulsating when I put awareness on my inner self, so I guess my brain is weird Next we'll have to see which brain can bench press more, not just flexing at each other cmon
  10. Here are some other hand gesture affirmations one can use. Not claiming they work or not, but its fun to use them when meditating or at any time really. Yoga for the hands. And Ofcourse lets not forget the crown 👑 @John Flores This tapping exercise is really therapeutic to my hands. It feels really good, because I overwork my fingers at work, so I don't care if it works or not, I'm going to do it
  11. Im the red energy saying to the blue one that im more enlightened than it!!