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  1. I have had a similar notion. Life's the gift that keeps on giving. I had this idea a few months ago that Life's like a chest box you open at death, like you would do in the end of a level of a game. It's important to add consciousness to the chest.
  2. Also, just to add this dream memory that always pops up when the talk of aliens is here. Once in my earlier days, when I was a kid I had this super cleqr dream where I travelled to some place I knew somehow was not entirely safe to go into. I went in anyways. I was then caught by alien entities and tortured. It was one of the most amazing experiences before the torture began, because of the things that were in that building. But unfortunately I wasn't welcome there.
  3. Well I don't remember meeting any of the entities listed and I dont know how id know its exactly them if i meet them. However I am a dream enthusiast and recently something eyebrow raising happened. I dreamtabout an old girlfriend I had back in my school days. we hadnt spoken for years. My dream was pretty weirs and dont remember much but remember she had a husband and they put me to sleep on the bed between them. Few days after this dream, she messaged me out of the blue..! What's also interesting is that after that dream I travelled to Bulgaria (where she lives) to go Skiing and she messaged me on the first day of my stay, wanting to meet me... With her husband!! We talked for a bit on facebook that day and also found ouut she and her husband are into non duality and she told me she had actually awakened back in our school years when we used to date! So yeah I believe I did meet an entity in my dream, and its my old ex sweety.
  4. I don't love people too :D. I try to avoid them. Actually love the statement that hell is other people. Ofcourse there's different types of people, I am just not bothered to care about them. I only care about those who are honest, or I perceive them as such. Ofcourse, I dont know what happens in their minds and I try not to guess. Most annoying people are kids because of how irrational they act. My ego goes kaboom So yeah, I just like to do my own thing and dont get involved with people unless necessary . Its too much drama. I actually only feel true freedom when Im alone, rest of the time I have to censor myself.
  5. Haven't heard about this before. Will try it and come back to you.
  6. I have one hour of meditation a day in the evening and sometimes I sit for 10-20 min in the morning if I wake up earlier for work. I find myself trying to distract myself with other things during the weekend and I dont use all the free time for a separate consciousness work, but I do self enquiry always throughout the day almost with any action. I find the activity which makes me lose consciousness the most is watching a movie or playing a computer game. I lose the sense of being, because I get too drawn in to the storylines and action. I should provably take your example and do separate self enquiry session too. I started each of these paragraphs with the word I.
  7. Ok, say we are the chooser. Does the chooser have control over which choices to be aware of at any given time in order to choose one from them? You can't choose something you aren't aware of. So where is your freedom, if you don't choose what you are aware of? Furthermore, from the limited things the chooser is aware of, who gives the chooser the preferences for one thing over another and why? Who decides when the chooser chooses and what and why the chooser chooses? Do you know how the next thought in your mind pops up, cause I have no idea. I also have no Idea how the chooser chooses. Also, you observe the so called chooser entity too. It's not you.
  8. If you ever are afraid to completely let go, remember that you do it every night.
  9. Again, who are we talking about? The body-mind organism? Or you? If you, have you found yourself? But for the sake of mind vs mind discussion, it's easy to answer your question, even though it's not directed at me. Everything can be viewed as a happening. No doers, just spontaneous happening. The proposed Lack of free will does not change the feeling of free will for the mind and the appearant making of choices and decisions. But those choices and decisions, who drew them into your awareness. How did they pop up there? I don't know from where the next thought in my mind comes from, so my mind has concluded there's no proof of free will. Even this conclusion, who made it, it just came to me based on genes and conditioning.
  10. Does "who" have free will? How debate whether we have something or not before knowing who we are?
  11. (dont read, i havent done 5meo and just guessing ) If all is one and one is God, would it go for misery or love. Thats how I view it at least from my very very limited perspective. The horror is there for the sub-gods, objects, but the one? I expect the one, that contains all the horrors and love wirhin it, is at peace, because it is everything.