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  1. Tank you cetus. That’s a good way of living as a constant practice of mantra meditation, whatever moment you’re in life be aware. Like now as I type this I feel ‘my’ fingers and ‘my’ breathing. Or today I was in a car driving and I was very amazed by every movement and colors of traffic, something that normally is boring or annoying is incredible. How everything is running smoothly. Being aware of more beautiful details.
  2. Interesting. Yea 3 hours is a lot, but that’s what this stuff takes. Do you have some yoga resources? Like videos to follow
  3. Really appreciate that answer. Mindfulness, open mindedness and being more loving. the loving part I’ve been implementing recently after listening to Leo’s how to practice love. (even though they don’t know I’m doing this work, because it would freak them out if they listened to Leo.) And I think people close to me can feel that, because I’m more loving towards everything.
  4. Thanks. Good perspective - to see it as a balance between the spirit/awareness and form. I’m working on not neglecting the spirituality practice, so I can integrate that more and do that while I am doing other everyday modern world stuff.
  5. Yes, thanks! Sometimes I can forget it for long periods, because my ego feel it’s waste of time and unnecessary. How do I integrate it over time, and remind myself that I’m actually not this story of a young man, I’m not my body or thoughts. I’m just a bubble of consciousness right now letting some fingers write on a keyboard to produce symbols. How do u keep reminding yourself of the fact that you’re not your thoughts, but awareness.?
  6. When I’m alone I try to practice enlightenment and sometimes it really works especially with Leo’s guided inquiries Where I become very aware. But it is so hard to stay enlightened in society, it is so hard not to play into my role in culture/society: I have always believed I’m a boy from Denmark (now 21) who has an athletic body, likes to play tennis, do gymnastics, have a nice family of economists, lawyers and who are doing well. I use Instagram and Facebook where I post pictures of friends, experiences and me. I am high ranked in tennis in Denmark, I go to University and study IT and business I want to look good outwardly. And ego-wise/“survival-wise” im doing good. But I really just think I pressure myself. How is it possible to surrender all this that I think is my identity? It’s so hard to not believe Im this young man, part of a family, Danish citizen. But instead believe im actually not this body or face when I look in the mirror, I’m not part of a family, I’m just awareness. It’s reAaaaaalllyy difficult to change that, and detach from all my stories of my life. please help me, do I get happier the less I feed my ego with more “success” to my ego, and instead slow down and do less, and “erase” my ego more? Be less on social media, with friends, increasing ranking, but instead doing more guided awareness work with Leo’s videos?
  7. Humans have eaten meat, milk, fruit, berries and organs for the past thousands of years. Only in the past hundred years have we gotten diabetic, obese and had diet-related problems, because of processed foods (made by big companies). Somehow we blame meat, fat and fruit for what big pharmacy has done to our health. Meat, organs, milk, fruit and berries is the foundation for a healthy diet. It is all you need to be incredibly healthy. Please try it, it will change you.