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  1. My take on law of attraction comes from testing it, giving it a fair shot and it not providing. You cannot say that because I say its not working that's why its not working. This is just faulty reasoning. The reason I am saying its not working, is because it didnt work.
  2. Thats funny, my ex says guys have it easy and wants to be a man. But definitely I would like to be a busty sexy lady in the next life, easy life. I know you will say easy life is not really what I desire, but for me easy life is heaven, so it is. Why do I have to put effort into an illusion. To be used as a battery?? Matrix stuff. All I want is to be enough, without having to do. I want to be a flower.
  3. Thats the difference between man and woman. Man wants to be used.
  4. I will also throw a name - Ramana Maharshi. He sure was at the top of the pyramid. The pyramid is by definition anti-enlightenment. To have it all, both rich and enlightened - thats the Ego's biggest dream.
  5. The complaining is also embraced in awareness and deserves to exist as much as any other illusion. What's wrong with complaining. I will complain that Humanity cannot be connected and help each other - better to let others deal on their own and pretend you're doing it for their own good, so they grow. Humanity is a failed project and we are all going to hell, me first. This is also fully embraced and allowed in awareness.
  6. My Ego also strives like yours to be comfortable in the illusion, but maybe nightmare is better for the goal of Awakening. Definitely not what my Ego wants, my conditioned human self.
  7. Yes, even me asking for help is predetermined. I don't see an entity that made this choice, it just happened.
  8. Where is the choice coming from? There is no-one in control. You are deeper in samsara than you think.
  9. Maybe will reach samadhi and will all be worth it.
  10. The pros of being homeless is I will be able to meditate all day. Will meditate with a cup in front of me, will just have to grow some thicker skin I guess
  11. I wish you to lose the next ten 90% win possibilities you have in order to know my pain. I wish you to win the anti-lottery. I wish you to hold your head in disbelief when reality fucks you over and over again like it is fucking me right now. Please do not help, I will do this the egoic way. Fuck everyone, and everything, I will try to climb out of this hole myself or die trying. Peace out.
  12. Don't lie, you were never going to help. People are all talk. Selfless bla bla, when it comes time to show if they can part with a small chunk of money, everyone chooses to whistle away in the other direction.
  13. You dont know the things that happened to be and the anti luck I had in the process. It's the reason for this post. It's like hitting the 1%, I guess 99 out of 100 versions of me are right now fucking rich, but I chose to experience the version where I suffer lmao. It's like the more I listen to "luck mediations" and "luck/abundance binaural beats" the less luck I have. Everything in this world is luck. Imagine Usain Bolt having a knee injury that doesnt allow him to compete in running, before he won all the things he did. That's kind of what happened.
  14. When I die, I will have big stacks, the perfect joke by God :))) I definitely didnt get the timing right
  15. Investing takes time which I no longer have. I am sure that my investment would succeed in the long run, but you know everything