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  1. A Harvard study showed that 73.6% of all statistics are made up
  2. But it doesn't work like that... I get evidence for both that it's ugly and beautiful. It's just how it is... There are ugly and beautiful parts of my life too. I could easily quote what you are saying and say that what you're saying is just a belief.. Really I am in a process of looking at all my beliefs, including those picked up in nonduality. I just want to see things as they are. And I dont have evidence that my beliefs change my reality directly. They may change it indirectly because they would change my reactions, but that's another story. What I'm saying is that I could be in my biggest depression and something amazing might happen which contradicts your theory that my state of mind shapes the outside. And vice versa. What I'm saying is that reality doesnt give a fuck about what I think or belief. It is the way it is independent of my opinion or view. I could believe delusions all I want, and believe them to the point they are true for me, but reality would still not care. I could believe I can go through a wall all I want, but I will still get my face smashed if I try is what im saying. I've observed before I had a belief that I cant go through the wall. This is what shaped my current fact that i cant go through walls in this reality. It's not that I first had to have a belief on the matter lol? You see how there are big holes in this belief-manifestation theory? It doesn't hold up. Manifestation is prior to beliefs in my experience and beliefs are based on the manifestation.
  3. I dont have limiting beliefs about money. I have limiting facts about money. Facts of my experience. They are not beliefs. It would be a belief if there was no evidence. Anyway I can and do focus on other things. I can easily stop thinking about it and cease any suffering by inquiring. That's what I do all day every day, because life is a shitty ass place to be where you cant just enjoy yourself, you have to first transcend all fucking possible realms of existence to start enjoying. Ahhhh nice to get this out my chest
  4. Yeah I don't think create / manifest reality is the correct wording... It is just focusing on different part of the reality already present. I can agree about it on this level. I really don't know if visualisation affirmations work. I never visualized / affirmed being broke, but here I am. I do have a new job however, which I'm getting heavily taxed on. Barely enough to pay loans and rent. Anyway that's my shit to deal with, my "karma". Studied all my life for this...?
  5. But this is not a belief about money, it's a belief about whether or not you would be capable of doing work to get the money. I'm talking about the law of attraction, not just noticing opportunities and taking them/ not taking them. I agree if you don't believe in your abilities you won't take the chance and you won't succeed in the end. I don't see how it is relevant to the law of attraction. How can one attract money. If it's a law, it should be possible to do it effortlessly, like dropping an apple. Go When they say "But there is an I"! You say: "Show me this I". When they say "But there is the law of attraction", why not say "Show me this law"? Where is it in actuality? Perhaps it's just your imagination. It just fits the narrative you are experiencing, but that doesn't make it universal. Really if it doesn't work for one thing, it doesn't work as a law.
  6. I trust the messenger, but still there's no actual evidence unfortunately..
  7. Then let me put it in a different way. If you live in a country with a highly corrupt government that steals money from its citizens, you will not be able to earn money easily whether you believe or not. Or if you could, it would be less than you are getting with the same efforts somewhere else. I'm saying these things to prove to you that the belief you have is close to irrelevant... It's ALL about the environment you are inhabiting. The outside, not the inside. Law of attraction? No, it's just the luck of starting variables such as environment and conditioning - which are out of our control.
  8. What I mean by conditions is that you were (I presume) born in a thriving country where in actuality money are not hard to come by. You had the proper education and other tiny but important aspects to make you into the human you are today that can get the money easy. What im saying is that you only dont have the "belief" "money are hard to get", because that is not the case in your surroundings and conditioning. While if you move to other surroundings - as I suggested - a desert, your belief in easy money will count for nothing, because the surroundings will not allow you. Live there a number of years and you will see how your belief that money are easy to get will change........ Obviously... Because there it wont be easy. It will be impossible. In a 3rd or 2nd world country it would be hard.
  9. I know its not proof, because I know for a fact if you were born in less favourable conditions you would not be having those beliefs. Mainly, because when you get born in worse condition it's not a belief that money are hard to get. That would only be a belief in a prospering country and if you weren't one of the unlucky to be born in poor family or have bad dna. Not everything has to do with false beliefs as many people here like to believe. Man, you can test this easy, go to the desert with your beliefs of easy prosperity and see what will happen. Some places in Africa are good locations to drop people who claim belief has such a strong power. Let's see when the test is there what will happen. Your environment / surroundings play a huge role, and they are not based on your belief. It's reversed, your beliefs are based on the surroundings. This has been proven many times. Main proof: Religions
  10. What does within even mean? Do you refer to mind? If so, where is my check for $5,000,000 that I just visualized clearly within? I could imagine more, but lets just materialize this one to test the law ok? PS: It's dated today....
  11. @sarapr Yet this is not true on the consciousness level. You know this, in your experience you have always been the same - back when you were a kid, now and when you grow older, you will still be the changeless which is untouched by all the changes in your experience. So the true you, in your very experience, never died.
  12. If this is an example of the use of law of attraction... It only works with thoughts and spoken/written words. Because they are Mind stuff. Words (or mainly the meaning of words) are not physical. Physical things exist independently of thoughts/words/meanings and so don't follow the same law. I think we should call it the law of distraction.
  13. Do you really lack the foresight to use your arguments against your own posts? Based on your argument your argument is just as invalid or valid as any other including this one. So it is useless, it could just as well not be there as it could be there. Just as the law of attraction. Also I dont know if the arguments were about whether it should or shouldn't exist, but whether it works or not. Not just mental masturbation, but whether you can get actual accurate results as the word law promises. If you drop an apple it falls instantly proving to you the force of gravity making it a law. What makes the law of attraction a law? Where is the evidence?
  14. I'd like to make cash out of thin air as it is one of my strong desires on this earthly plane. Kindly enlighten me anyone who is into this "law" what frequency should I vibrate in to get the cash materialize out of thin air. Seems to me I have to work for the cash and it doesn't include any attracting, just doing the job and waiting for a payment - very mundane and down to Earth. At least that way we don't upset the economy by adding extra unregulated cash in the system. So it turns out the things outside we cannot change by the law of attraction... But they change by the laws of physics, economy and etcetera. I can only grant the law of attraction power in the inside - as in the way you feel or react. And yes, there is a difference between the outside and the inside. If I have cash on the outside that doesn't mean that I have cash on the inside. And vice-versa - if I have cash on the inside (mind), it doesn't mean I have cash on the outside(material). I can definitely see how the material can be seen as mind, but that version of mind seems too dense for me to shape into whatever I like. To the point that it no longer has the same properties as mind, so we can call it something else. Just like we can see a poo as food, but we really don't wanna call it food. I'm sorry for my low vibrational desire guys, but I am mixing it with the high vibration of honesty.
  15. The law of attraction as I know it doesn't work. The law of attraction as Bentinho tells it is too abstract and non-practical to be called a law.