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  1. This is the character in the story, who is the actual entity Nahm that you are referring to? Hint: Nahm has never been in the past or future, Nahm does not exist as story. The story is the dream! If you kill someone in your dream tonight, when you wake up are you going to beat yourself up?
  2. Meaning the self that experiences is also experienced? To think of it, This is the reality always. The body (the self that experiences, aka Ego) is experienced and there's no experiencer to be found of the experiencer (body-mind). Just isness. Isness always wins!
  3. I want to give you a potent pointer I heard from one of Eckhart's transmissions. It's the question: "How do I know that I have a body?" The answer to that question is the experience of being aware of the inner body. Just go to that and when you find yourself out of touch, perhaps daydreaming, use the simple question again to get you to the simple experience. Thought will definitely retaliate. You are moving the attention away and Ego knows it's days are numbered, so be attentive - your thoughts will try to make you forget about how good this state of no thought actually is.
  4. I'd like to add something on number 3: I like seeing the letting go process more like a recognition that I can't hold on to anything in awareness for that long, so might as well just let it pass through without resisting. So we can realize letting go naturally occurs and no effort is required, but simply the allowing. Btw noticing the inner body is one of the most profound ways to raise your vibration. Your entire body and awareness meet. You are returning to your temple and healing it from within. You are absolutely merged and you feel the spaciousness feelings from within. It's a beautiful practice. The most advanced. Like reading, the more you do it, the more quality the results. Keep going, look no further for the Holy Grail, this is the place.
  5. If you TRULLY want a risky career, you can try Poker πŸ˜€ The centering in the present moment and all spiritual practices turn the already beautiful game of Poker into Gold. It's a beautiful dance. It feels like I am playing with cheat codes, when I can just recede in myself and experience bliss while I perceive others are getting bored on the table and play way more hands than they should - making mistakes. In the toughest situations self inquiry and meditation have helped me remain calm and collected no matter what - no matter if I lose big. Instead of getting angry, i go deeper within. I bet this has made a big difference in my performance. Beautiful place to do both money and spiritual practice all at once. But you need to have experience in poker to be good.
  6. @Ascend The silent knowing of your own being is there in any and all experience. Die to that one.
  7. Wait one moment. Enlightenment is not to be achieved, Enlightenment is the reality of the situation right now for anyone willing to notice. Now, are you not the one knowing your experience? The one knowing the one who knows, or the one who doesn't know - that one is silently and eternally there and it's everyone's reality. So right now you are enlightened. Before one second and after one second you were/are no longer enlightened. Only now, not in the story of time can enlightenment be. 🌈
  8. Sound is vibration, we are vibration, we are sound. But there is also God - The space of awareness for all these different vibrations to arise and be known.
  9. This is the root - all experiences (sights, sounds, feelings, thoughts etc) appear in the same space of knowing. Notice they do not appear in different places. It is the same dimensionless point of awareness which contains all. Btw, this was one amazing performance
  10. But look at the way he interracts with the caller that speaks about being aware of the inner body! He even gets angry, because there's another approach that would contend with his approach.. Like wtf? "meditation has failed you, and thats why you are here" This gotta be an egoic sentence. He must feel awesome about himself by implying his teachings are better than meditation itself. Perhaps he doesn't know yet that he is meditation. (cant delete this quote on phone)
  11. The Ego is flowing out of this Ramaji guy. I actually really enjoyed what the caller had to say. Very closeminded enlightened being... Let's give this Rasa thing a try anyway... Well he did name it after himself, so there goes another ego strike lol. He asked God for a simple and easy way to teach. He wants to be the most potent teacher, wants to be special. I know, because I've asked for the same thing - i just asked for a visualisation that would lead to an instant enlightenment. The way these people defend being looks incredibly egoic and made me look in disgust the way they are handwaving people's opinions that differ. These people are not enlightened and the sad part is I can see myself defending the truth in the same manner. Makes me sick of myself really. But what do I know anyway? My judging of them is already a shot in the foot
  12. Trully extreme scepticists should be extremely sceptical even of extreme sceptisism!
  13. I prefer to dance alone when I can express anything without thinking about it. A good measure of how free you are to express yourself: if you're not free enough to get naked, you arent free to express yourself fully.
  14. Anyone tried shooting "blasts of Kundalini" by lighting the bottom candle/chakra with awareness? (flames go from bottom up) Curious if awareness can be that magic if applied in the right location
  15. Find out what you're not and then see you are one with it too (merged), but you are the pure awareness, that can go deep and light the candles to dispell the darkness. Try the following meditation for 5 minutes and report back. It should release your energy from mind and start energising your entire being - not just the attic (πŸ’­Thoughts are expensive - especially the ones that are causing negative emotions) 1) Sit and close your eyes. 2) Here is the potent pointer which will kill any thought and leave you with just WHAT IS: "How do I know that I have a body?" Follow that question to the experience it points to - simply feel any sensations that are present. You begin to give more attention to your inner energy field instead of giving it to thought! How liberating. You will sense your vibration rising through the roof if you keep at it! Yeah baby. 3) Return to the pointer whenever you catch yourself drifting off into thoughts! It is going to happen! Even sometimes you wont realize, so better keep repeating it like a mantra for a while, but make sure to Follow the experience being pointed to! It's like waking up in a dream - you need to do reality checks πŸ˜€ This pointer will bring you back to presence again and again and Presence will defeat the Ego in the end, because it is the Truth. While doing this Know that you are not any of the sensations, you are the witness of them, but at the same time you are one with them! Like you are their boyfriend/girlfriend or something!! 🌈 😁 Let me know of your experience