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  1. My answer is One or Zero. Definitely not two. Can I verify that? Easy, I ask Who am I? And I feel the beingness. And it's not split, it's not me and it, there is only it. It is full and complete at any moment (ofcourse there is only one moment). Whatever happens, beingness is there and it's 100% full and complete, if you pay attention to it and not empty stuff, like thoughts, you ascend to the Kingdom of Heaven right here right now. It is a state of being that is unshakable. The I am being. Keep Beeing! Buzz (also save the bees)
  2. Beautiful and well made. Well needed inspirational highlights from Leo's videos. Great work! It must've taken a while browsing through his work.
  3. Nice predictive dreams! I've had one before where we were getting paid at work, and the next day, out of the blue we received cash bonuses! Freaky I've also dreamt the end of the world many times, but that didnt happen
  4. The name of her method - "The work" is a put off for lazy peeps. I have enough work. For me spirituality is not work. I prefer Eckhart Tolle for destroying beliefs. Also he's mentioned that he doesn't like the word "work" - he's my type of teacher <3
  5. Love is not content. Love is the space in which content appears.
  6. How can a state of non-dual love not be what enlightenment is? That would be one of my definitions of enlightenment... I probably heard a guru or two talking about Enlightenment in these terms! The highest high. Unconditional Love? The Love/Bliss that passeth understanding and is your true nature? <3 <3 <3 <3 YAM <3 <3 <3 <3 Mu
  7. I was not aware of my hard work ethic... You overestimate me, padawan. I'm lazy af Do nothing meditation it is..
  8. <3 the Calmness that passeth understanding The Calmness that was not born and will never die? Ether Consciousness engaged
  9. How can I chase it if it's right here!
  10. I read about the effects of opening the Heart Chakra: "Opening the heart chakra is an essential practice in a number of spiritual traditions. The fourth chakra becomes the mediator for divine love and access to non-dual states where there is only love, where the one who loves and the object of love, the lover and the beloved are one. As a person living in your 4thchakra, you may start to see love in anything and everything, being at peace and centered in your heart no matter the circumstances. You may find yourself effortlessly trusting other and interacting with people in a loving and graceful way." This sounds awfully familiar. So I guess the Enlightenment we are all seeking is opening the Heart Chakra? The other Enlightenment (which everyone has and you don't have to seek for) is something different So LOVE is the way then! Buddha taught the middle way. There are 7 chakras. The middle is number 4! What a coincidence!
  11. The peace that passeth understanding? So you found Christ Consciousness <3
  12. The conscious agent creates reality. Consciousness must exist before any I exists. It doesn't matter much, but if this consciousness is created, it must be created by a "No I" and Non-conscious process. This means that this process will always happen, if it happened once - It's spontaneous and works in "No Time", because there is no conscious agent there to make time. This means that even if consciousness is created, it is eternal. If it is not created, it is also eternal, because it IS.
  13. What does a "movement of the dual" mean?
  14. Im well versed in the lawyer nonduality myself kind sir.