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  1. One of my favourite things to say these days: Psychologists think they know everything, Spiritual beings know they know nothing.
  2. Check it out
  3. U dont need to do it. You are it.
  4. By being here now ! Being aware of the breath doesn't do it, because it is already happening LOL
  5. Yes, but what you are describing is not me. I am formless and indescribable. The conditioned me is not me. I am pure consciousness always, I can't help be what I am. I am riding on the top of existence. Aware, here, now.
  6. Even hell is heaven when you know yourself as the highest, formless.
  7. A: It doesn't look like anything you can imagine.
  8. I know it as Jnani. Knowing thyself
  9. That's an amazing quote, thanks Cetus
  10. Let's have a Q&A on consciousness Examples Q: What is the highest you can get? A: The highest is reaching the throne of Formlessness consciously. Q: Who are you? A: Discover for yourself, only you can know you fully. If you have an important question to which you know the answers to, please post! Also if you have a question you want others to answer, why not! I am very curious.
  11. The variations are infinite. You are riding on top of the infinite wave of life and you are that little helper, making small changes on the micro level, creating a unique experience never experienced before. Always fresh, no matter what happens. <3
  12. Jesus = Je suis (french) = I am Code broken