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  1. I would urge you to read the Bhagavad Gita. It will help you out a lot imo. Here's a snippet. So here is said that action is not a problem on this path, as long as one is detatched from the fruit of that action. Selfless action gets us closer to liberation than selfish inaction. But I can relate deeply with what you're saying because I too was a programmer and i just couldn't take being in my head so much. And it didn't feel like my life purpose. It feels mechanical and dead to me. But just like Arjuna had to fight the war he didn't really want to fight, so too maybe I have made a selfish decision to not continue with programming. Maybe.
  2. Thank you so much for this, I can't wait to have some progress with Kundalini. Although I am not the most eager for it, tho I hear good things. And bad ones. My chakras are mostly locked up I would assume due to addictions, but on the path of clearing now and brahmacharya, so it might be coming. But I am aware that this is not what "I" am looking for, ultimately. <3 love and light Oh, and the soundtracks are magical.
  3. It's been said above, but yeah, for me a cushion works. Now if you want to be sure you remain with a straight back, just meditate next to the wall and put a cushion between your back and the wall and then lean back. But also I think this problem is similar to the one where people start thinking during meditation and completely stop being present because they go on many tangents.. Then they must notice this and return to breath or other thing that centers them in the now. Gently and lovingly so. SO do the same with your back. You may try to not lose awareness of your back during meditation and use that posture as the thing that centers you to this moment. That way if you slouch without noticing, you will know that you've become distracted. It's just something your body is used to and the more you get it out of that conditioned pattern the better.
  4. Holy shit I can relate. Unfortunately I wont disclose what happened, cause one- it will be too long and two - its just too long, many small things glued together. Nobody else will understand through reading is what I mean,has to be experienced. Hehe you can probably relate to this also.
  5. This is deep. I resonate with this. Thanks, as an advaitan and semi versed in the great dao, I see no fault with what you're saying
  6. Ok I think I am preaching to the choir, I feel you're way ahead of me on this one and I look like a fool trying to force-teach his "theory" lmao soz I know how I would feel if someone started teaching me something I already know It's one of the worst.
  7. yeah lol, there's nothing crazier than this life
  8. But the Self is Here, there is nothing other than the formless Self right now. There is an object that APPEARS to be you, doing things in an apparent world. Both the character and the world are witnessed by the Self. All of the states are objects to the Self. The Self is the container, the prerequisite for anything to be there and be known. But it itself can never be known, it can only be "beinged". A good contemplation to see what I mean is to inspect your experience during a dream at night and to see how easily you can be fooled into believing that you are a different character - the character in your dream is different to your waking character. Both of which are not you. You are that which knows the states of Dreaming and Waking. You are that which remains in deep sleep when all objects are gone. Don't underestimate nothingness - it's not really nothing in the sense that it is not there, it's God, it is everything.
  9. Here is some 5meo, idk if it works, but it sounded cool to me.
  10. I do not understand what you mean and what this competition is, but my ego would really love to win it
  11. its actually funny that creating and reacting are using the exact same letters. Im sure thats why you are using them tho lol! But I know the common new age stuff is Felling is the secret etc etc, you have to feel it and so on, for it to be real... But if we are really intellectually honest, we see that all feelings are an object to the Self, so the Self can never be felt. The Self can never be thought about, it is that which knows all thoughts. The Self can not be an object to the Self. You know you are having a relationship with something other than the Self if you are feeling it/seeing it. It's an imposter if you can know it as an object to you. Well there is nothing other than the Self, that would be a duality, but that doesnt mean that what you are seeing/feeling is the Self. It's more like a mirage, generated by the Self's imagination. It's not really there and it's dreamlike in nature... But lets dive into the relative now and continue talking about Twin flames LMAO
  12. I guess we can speak about a relationship between the form self and the formless self. Guess that's what prayer and meditation is all about. But when the identification with the form self is gone, so too goes any kind of relationship, because that relationship was based on the illusory identification with form. Thinking that you are both the body AND the subject that knows the body. I can't say I'm there, but I am applying various spiritual practices to make my form identification transparent enough to disappear.
  13. I found the book "UFO Flying Saucers over Britain?" by Robert Chapman - or the book found me, it was under the clutter in my room. I was looking for the Bhagavad Gita and this book popped out during the search. Haha. The universe is mindfucking me, because after I took the UFO book and the Gita to the park and I met one Indian guy who started talking about Aliens and later about 5meo... Lol! True Mindfuckery
  14. <3 Not sure how people perceive my words, but I am not implying the reality is out to get me. Haha! No, I see on one hand where you're coming from, but also wanted to add that I am not a big fan of duality also So when people start having relationships with themselves, I cringe a little