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  1. its a highly leveraged game. People win and lose in 1% moves either direction even. There will be people losing no matter which direction it goes. In fact the chart constantly tries to fool leveraged traders with sharp moves and quick reversals. If you know what its doing this can help you get in low risk, if you dont, then the price movements will play with your psychology and you will consistently make wrong decisions such as buy high or sell low. Its a very tough game. In fact, i have to be ready to lose, because there is no reward without risk.
  2. Brother, this is a banger
  3. Is fine bro, its not a secret, that used to be my username back when i posted chart.
  4. Indeed SOL is great. But Gala and SOL were the 2 top gainers during one bull run, so just because GALA lagging behind doesnt mean its not just as good. of course SOL is great, I've had it on my radar since it bottomed. I literally predicted and drew its bottom on multiple charts but gala giving the opportunity to buy cheap prices for longer, and thats a good thing for me, because I dabble with high leverage and I want to buy LOW and hold!
  5. Well you have to buy when there's blood, as Warren Buffet says. You see gala in blood and don't buy, thats fine. Others like me are ready to take the risk, I know the long term potential. Dont get too conditioned by the past, the present moment is what matters. Even your guy is pro-gala, he just saw a move in between, and you took it as him not liking gala. Everyone wants to buy, he just saw an opportunity to grab it cheap when everyone's rekt. @TrojanMan321 11 months ago You did good during Bear for sure, but I think you are gonna be surprised. It's going to pump in my opinion. Just keep buying. Who cares when it's goin 2-5 dollars in yhe next 2 years. In the end you gotta do you, hope you fill your bags at 1.5 cents man. Either way, see you on the moon @CowboyTrades 8 months ago Wish you the best when we moon
  6. But you are holding large quantities of it judging by the amount you're winning. Spot does not mean low risk... if things went south you would be nursing huge losses.. good luck to you, but if you have that much money to gamble with, thats not something everyone can afford to do, so saying how much you're winning out of your big gamble does not mean others should gamble like that too. Especially since you're already on a profit cushion and someone investing now is taking even more risk. One has to balance out the risk and the reward, as mentioned by Leo its not a get rich quick scheme
  7. This is what your gambler anonymous opening statement will be? Jeez dude, if your reward is so big your risk must be pretty big. Good luck but dont say its not gambling even tho you caught a heater.
  8. whether you do meditation in sports car or in a room, it dont matter, why would it make him miserable
  9. How about dont listen to me, but to Warren Buffet. His most famous saying : buy when there's blood in the streets. Your last chance to buy on that advice was 2004 2005 judging by the chart. After that it gave no chance to buy blood. If you are buying it now, you are buying the opposite of blood, and are not doing what the legendary investor Warren Buffet advises. On crypto there was just recently blood, and predictable one too. Absolutely perfect Warren Buffet style buy. What you're essentially telling me is to buy and pray with no strategy whatsoever at any price, while you claim that what im doing is watch chart and pray. I dont have to pray, its maths. If i buy mcdonalds and make profit, those who bought at the right time in 2004 2005 will be compounding while I make 1 dollar dude.
  10. Im not talking about stocks which are artificially held higher. Those will get their deserts when the recession comes around, and crypto will be the safe haven with a healthy market structure. Im talking about crypto and its mathematical nature, on manipulated stocks they will halt trading and pull levers, plunge protection teams to protect their fat cats. Its a freak show and it will end badly. The dumps are just as needed as the pumps for a healthy market. McDonald's is overbought af. That market i will not invest in. If btc never dropped to 16k and complete its bearish pattern target, i would be calling it a scam brother, because it did not play the perfect technical move that was suggested by the chart. In stocks I cant trust the chart because they will close the market they wll not let you buy lower, they will halt trading under pretence of protecting investors. They are protecting only the fat cats and those who dont have a brain of their own to read the chart and screwing over those who do read it. I dont touch stocks for this reason. Absolute scam if you ask me.
  11. If you dont analyse the chart you will just make uninformed decisions. Whats wrong with an informed decision? Just yolo buy at any price and hodl? Thats the gambling. You end up holding through entire predictable bear market and call it sophisticated investment. Gve me a break!
  12. Consciousness is consciousness and fractal is fractal, i give you that much