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  1. I'm sure it has been asked, but it this monkey mind has a strong valid point?? If god is utterly complete, why would separation arise. If God is enough unto itself (beyond time and space), why would time and space even arise? It feels like God is missing something in it's original form (beyond time and space) and what it is missing is time and space, so they are created... The timeless is incomplete, it needs timeYES. God is incomplete, it needs 7billion+ Egos to feel complete I guess..... !
  2. By the way, did you read what was written? What exactly does a point with infinitely small radius sound like to you? Mathematics is a tool of course, I didn't claim otherwise btw! We use tools to get results. Meditation - tool, This forum - tool, The body - tool, what is the point of labeling them tho, just let everything be and respect creation a bit, there needs to be an equilibrium.
  3. There is no Truth = Truth is nothing Mathematics has nothing to do with nothing Sounds like it is spot on to me!
  4. For me it depends on what the knowledge is. If it is truth, then yes. Mathematics is one example of truth and thinking in terms of mathematics and spirituality can bring clarity. Here is an excerpt from one Kabbalah book written by a very respectable Bulgarian author Ivan Nikolov, which added another level of clarity to my spiritual practise (and this was just from chapter one... Beautiful to contemplate this book)
  5. Balance between the two! Almost always the answer is balance. However, in my view closed eyes brings about more insights, because your attention is not being flooded with visual information.
  6. Don't be mean to retards, comparing them to me, you're super harsh to them Laughter is a medicine
  7. I want to escape and I found the best way to escape! If there is no I one day, my current illusory I will have successfully escaped :-D
  8. I usually don't say for the opposite reason lol. I dont want to sound like I am all high and mighty and don't care for being a "normal" human being, because of my deep desire to transcend. rofl
  9. Recently I heard inner voice in awareness singing, angelic voice, but at the same time I knew it was coming from within me, like I tuned into that frequency. And it couldn't be separate from who I am, because it was jamming Bulgarian children songs in previous encounters. Since I have watched a conversation between Ekhart and the man who wrote Conversations with God, I tried to ask that voice/frequency things, but didn't work.
  10. I was talking with a guy in the park who mentioned Osho. So I naturally asked him: "Are you Prabhaker?"
  11. "Oh! Ok, I was asleep that whole time. Ok, now I understand, I was asleep. Thank you for waking me up." - mystery quote (anyone knows where it's from?). The silliest thing keeps repeatedly showing in my awareness again and again when I drift into unconscious thought. My ego has been hurt. What a miracle. My ego was trying to play dead. Thank God for events, people and situations that test the validity of that trickster Ego. Oh boy, am I glad for learning self enquiry. Whenever something bad happens to this body+mind now, I am able to clearly see this idea I have, the ME entity that is getting the "SHORTEST STICK AGAIN!!! >.< " and etcetera... The ME that is "NEVER LUCKY" (roflmao), the ME that "WILL SHOW THEM ONE DAY" and most notably, the ME that "KNOWS/WILL KNOW THE ABSOLUTE TRUTH" or whatever. I can see that it's a battle going on in the mind. The battle is between mirage and real. Which will be victorious? Which one am I? Could I be both? All I know is nothing the mind can tell me or show me can be IT. I Love You, Thank You.