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  1. I watched this same clip yesterday. Also - Elon giving info on how his mind works
  2. Proof that we live in electronic universe and someone keeps using the cheatcode spawnjoint420
  3. Alternatively, do you recommend doing some yoga, mr devil sir
  4. Same problem, but cigarettes. Tbh I'm being zen devil about it saying to myself constantly in one form or another "if I am doing it, then that is God's will, there is no such thing as my will" Btw, I used to be a heavy drinker, but I stopped naturally and easily, but I replaced it with cigarettes and cannabis... I think because those fit more with my zen devil persona Actually the number one reason I stopped alcohol is because I found out that it is anti spiritual and it makes me less conscious.
  5. I stand corrected (actually sitting down)
  6. I would choose 100 billion USD + any partner I want. Enlightenment is my true nature, it is here now always whether I like it or not. In fact I cannot even choose enlightenment. Being is not a choice, it is absolute Truth.
  7. There is a mind hallucination and then there is consciousness hallucinating... Same thing, different dimensions. One is within the other and cannot compare.
  8. I am only sure of the Truth that is here now. I am sure, because it is always here now.
  9. Questioner: Sri Dodiwa, does the Self exist? Sri Dodiwa: The Self is a figment of imagination. Experience consists of 99% emptiness and 1% self. Let go of the 1% and be knowingly the 100%, not 99, because the Self is gone here. Empty, infinite, drop the 1% and gain the 100% of yourself. Questioner turned Knower: Thank you Sri Dodiwa, I will remain as this vast emptiness. 😁
  10. Well i thought enlightenment would be something like this, but on the positive side. Like God doing all actions for you perfectly and you can just sit back and enjoy the movie! Could it be possible God stop Messing with people and instead try to help? 😁 And I know some will say God is not separate to me.. You are also not separate to me, but you can still do my homework!!