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  1. My entire life has been a letting go of money, that's why i am currently in financial ruin and need to run after money even more. I HAd a gambling addiction, and lett me tell you I have let go more money than most humans (percentage wise). I beat this addiction, and meditation is a tool I do use, but when I open my eyes from the trance state, I see my debt, and I can feel the pressure more and more, which leads me to search for money more and sometimes evwn makes me look for quick fixes, because I don't want to be a debt slave. I feel anger every time the universe conspires to make me broke and it only ever keeps me on the edge somehow between being broke and just enough to ppass by. Definitely meditation and not thinking about time makes things easier, but as soon as a hurricane of worry hits, it does have a point and I listen. I don't even have attachment to things. Giving up cigarette addiction, weed, everything. I just don't want to give up my home and comfort. I like staying warm for a reason.
  2. So you don't mean to let myself die. Why type it then? Because you heard some non dual teacher write it? Please, you are just as lost in concept as me. Please allow someone else to answer me on my greed comment. I have met 100s of wannabe nondualists in this forum, I know the signs. I would like someone more experienced to answer me.
  3. That's what I mean. You are using the phrase "Kill yourself" and when I mention what actually means to kill yourself, you are saying that's not what you mean. This is selective non-duality, I've mentioned this in another topic. When things sound sexy, its ok, if things sound nihilistic, all of a sudden it's not what is meant. What am I supposed to kill then? Kill awareness? Impossible. I think the false self is not awareness, it is the body.
  4. Giving love to yourself is an unnecessary move. You already have the love that you are giving, so what is the point of giving it in the first place if it's already there to begin with? To give love to yourself there need to be 2 you's - One that is giving and one that is receiving.
  5. but this dying is very abstract. I have taken rat poison in the past in a failed suicide attempt. Hard to die. But don't we die every night anyway in deep sleep? Come to think of it, I am more deep sleep than a person, but now I have a veil in front of me, a dream which says "I am a body and need to survive as a body"
  6. How to let go of greed if i need money to survive? The one that can type in this forum at least, not the eternal I am behind all of us.
  7. I had this thought recently to post about the easiest meditation ever, but my idea was different. Instead of "do nothing" or "focus on breath", this meditation is more like :"do whatever you want, move as much as you want, make yourself as comfy as possible, as long as you are sitting with eyes closed and awake. Even moving rhythmically if you want or doing sitting yoga/stretching to keep you going." I like your idea too!
  8. Well I would not want to begin a debate on those things, because it is against the forum rules and guidelines. I am asking about the non-duality issue here. David Icke seems more sane than those who do not believe the things he is saying based on my personal experience.
  9. I've been reading a book from David Icke and I've noticed a little contradiction in his words. In one of the chapter he talks about how "Cognitive dissonance can be a form of schizophrenia in which two contradictory views or facts are both believed to be true - war is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength. " In the next chapter, he talks about how "a prince or pauper, it matters not. The prince is the pauper and the pauper is the prince, for they are expressions of the same One Consciousness" Couldn't he say the same about war and peace? Both expressions of the one Consciousness? Seems to me like us as humans like to do the selective non-duality where it fits our agenda. Nevertheless, I am pretty interested in David Icke and the ideas he puts forward. Interesting to see why he is contradicting himself so clearly here. I've seen this phenomena happen all the time on this forum as well. People saying there is no "I" just to follow up with an experience they had about how there was no them... Is selective non-duality avoidable?
  10. We have no evidence for a world made out of matter, because our experience is of the 5 senses(and beyond). We are decoding vibrational frequencies, as you mention, into the experience we have,which is of this 3 dimenaional world. It's the matrix. It takes a religious mind to believe in matter and most of us were indoctrinated at an early age.
  11. You shouldn't. Enjoy the "normality" of your incarnation while you can. You'll be going to the higher dimensions soon enough anyways.
  12. You cannot escape this forum once you begin. After your first post, you become slave Im sorry. Shouldve never taken the first hit!
  13. I am way open minded. I've recently been warned by Leo for being too open minded and falling in deep rabbit holes. I understand from energy that much: You are talking from an egoic vibration, and that doesn't resonate with me. Enjoy your ultimate knowledge (or fantasy there of) .
  14. And a butterfly can cause a tsunami on the other side of the planet *which is flat*. Seriously, stop following Sadhguru in such a fanatic fashion. He is saying things which are intended for his audience for the time of saying, it doesn't mean it is the ultimate truth. Only silence is the ultimate truth. "If Sadhguru says it then its true!!". Don't put people on a pedestal, that's just cult-like behaviour. Intention is the most important thing when doing transmissions such as the one Mu is doing. The intention of Love and Peace will heal the world, let go of the fear that something will go wrong. Even death is beautiful, why not? You realise you are all that ever was or ever will be, the veil is lifted and you are infinite awareness knowing itself? Wow, that's so bad. Give it to the western world to demonize something beautiful.