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  1. living in society and meditation are incompatible because: a/society requires you interact as a ego, the bigger your ego is the more success youll have socially. To be attractive you need a strong ego-presonality otherwise youll be percieved as beta, weak, wishy washy b/ for meditation and spiritual development interaction in society is a big distraction than make your pogress slow down.
  2. positive thinkings is a great tool to make easy to get what you want the problem is a lot if idiots confuse people in youtube making them believe that whatever you want you cant manifest it. Manifesting things by thought and the law of ttraction are the biggest scams ever!
  3. Do you see that the lack of sun have a impact in mood and depression or is just a stereotype?
  4. I dont have health problems since i stop eating fruits. i eat meat, eggs, cheese and some rice, and my health and mental agility is better then ever. And the alkaline-acid theory is a fraud. The ph of the foods have nothing to do with the ph of our bodies, no relation cause-effect... our body have the mechanism to mantain and regulate its ph and nothing can change it.
  5. Overpopulation is a serious problem, and the elites who play to be god in this planet prefer global sustainability because it would be impossible that all the population eat meat. They dont care about health and its ok for them having starving people who eat second class nutrients if its sustainable. The right solution would be incentivate politics of strict birth control in china, india and africa but no, they prefer to have more slaves feeding the system instead of less population more healthy. Of course bank owners, ceos of multinationals, bilderberg club,monarchy... they eat high quality meats while pushing veganism to the plebs... hypocrites
  6. To pay for sex is a great idea if you are a hard case like you are. Its obvious that if you are anxious, nervous and socially ackward you wont get an erection because is scientifically impossible. When you are nervous in front of a hot girl and you are scared you are in fly/fight mode and full of adrenaline, this kills erection and any chance of orgasm, its antagonic. But going with hookers is pure therapy better than any psychologycs because youll lose the fear of being physical with women and youll get comfortable with them and sex. The thing is have 3-4 sessions with the same hooker/scort and get confident, set familiarity and youll feel comfortable, start kissing huging, and then try your fantasies. This will destroy your wrong beliefs about girls that your parents and TV told you. Youll learn that girls dont bite, they are human like you and like sex and is right.
  7. How to know if I'll regret my actual decisions when I'll be old? For example for my convictions actually ignore women and sex to focus in other things. But possibly when I'll be 60 yo watching a romantic movie in my coach I'd think: I wasted my youth and missed the experinece of a young love... how is to hug and kiss the soft skin of a young woman, her vibrant eyes, the smell...
  8. The elites are so predictable ... pushing the vegan agenda thru their media platforms These athlets improve magically with the antinutrient diet, with low bioavailable nutrients, with imcomplete proteins and B vit deficiency... but dumb masses will believe it, of course
  9. Investing is rigged by bears, bulls and the elites. Very risky and can lose it all, very bad idea. Even cryptos are risky.
  10. Nothing is absolutely black or white. Dont fall on the ego trap when he wants to label everything.
  11. low frequency= dense energy=low vibration in people= less possibility of awakening the elites are scared and the want to delay the maximum the awakening of population.
  12. You are not everybody, you are everything. People dont exist they are only illusiory selfs. You are the universe and is a single one thing.
  13. Why people associate the idea of life purpose to choosing a career inside the matrix of wage slavery? Im sure that if you asked to a black slave in Missisipi in 1860 what is his life purpose, he wouldnt say: I want to attain spiritual enlightenment, or create something useful, of have a big impact in the world, no. He would ask, my purpose in life is to be free. Everybody is lost in stage orange and green dreams, but they dont see the cage and the jail bars.
  14. For a woman is ok. But according to the oriental classification is a cooling food, that means will make you lethargic and a quiet. If you have a quiet temperament per nature too much soy may make you feel exhausted even depressed. For men soy is forbidden imo.
  15. Yes I avoid toothpaste because all of them contain fluoride that is neurotoxic and calcifies pineal gland.