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  1. The content of Leo's videos is dense as fuk although listening to him makes it more bearable. I dont want imagine reading that would be like a quantum mechanics book.
  2. As Im facing the last week of summer vacations I want to take the maximum juice of it. I though to create a strategy to make time pass slower and enjoy it more. Starting from the basis: -If time flies at work its a really good thing. -If time flies on vacation time is a bad thing. Also there is a important aspect in the equation, what I call the "sense of acomplishment" is when you do a lot of things in one day it seems that you have taken the max of your day and you didnt just wasted it. Things that make time FASTER: 1-Spending all day in internet(Youtube , forums and videogames) this is the worst time thief, time speeds up 10 times faster and the sense of wasting it is big. 2-Doing the same routine day after day. That include eating the same everyday, staying in the same place, having a schedule... Every day looks the same so it make 10 days look like 1 day. Things that make time pass SLOWER: 1-WAITING. In the airport, in the row for a museum, a delayed flight, everything boring and tedious make it slooooow time, although is nota pleasant experience. 2-Spend a full day meditating. As we all now, living in the present moment make time looks eternal. Avoid timers and alarms. Things that increase the sense of acomplishment, fulfillment or taking profit: 1-Visiting lot of places one day. 1 day traveling feels like a week at home. 2-Multitasking. Although it would make time go faster the sense of fulfillment is really big: Cleaning the house, fixing furniture, taking care of the garden, hiking or a walk, painting, playing a instrument, going to the gym. 3-Watching movies, reading books. It sounds counterintuitive wasting time on TV but when you watch some films it feels that you lives lot of diferent experiences in your vacations, even if its from your sofa. *Personal case: I went 4 days to Turkey to have a hair transplant, these 4 days and the amount of places I visited, people I met, made feel these 4 days loos like a week. in the other side when I arrived home the doctor said within 15 days: No sun, no swimming pool/beach, zero sport/gym. So I wasted 2 weeks at home in internet and these passed like 2 days, sad. Conclusions: In order to take max profit of our leisure time we find a balance between the perception of time proifitable use of this time. I could grab a chair and seat in the street all day, it would be boring like hell, time would pass slow, but its a day wasted. Wanna know other opinons and activities that give fulfillment in vacation time
  3. I started listening to leo in 2014. If I coul go back in time Id focus first in: -achieving financial freedom (ending wageslavery) -Trying to be in high consciousness most of the time. The time of life you live run by the monkeymind or low consciousness states is like watching a blurry movie with mental fog. For me: high consciousness= quality time worth living, the rest doesnt worth.
  4. I think the root of my frustration is living in the following dissonance: -Im perfectionist in my job, I do everything the best I can, and try to finish my tasks on time. Everything out of this has no place in my principles. -So I expect the same. Things should work properly, in 2019. Its so easy to bring a perfect service: If you are sick and cannot open your restaurant call other empleyee to do that. If you run of x model of product, or x title of book replace it. Uncompetitiveness of others hurt me so much when its easily fixable or avoidable.
  5. save from what? If its from death, which kind of death? painful? If its a painful death obviously the human has a more advanced nervous system therefore would suffer more, killing an ant would inflict him less suffering. Also humans are mammals that only have 1-2 babies at a time white ants are a plague with hundres of eggs, so eliminating one of them would have insignificant impact in the world in comparison
  6. Im real, im a bag of muscle and bones with a brain run by software and is interacting with you, im a flesh robot and my thought and decisions are random and the result of bias, hormones and multiple factors althought my ilusory ego (that is who's talking now) thinks hes in control. An behind that is God observing everything as a consciousness, in my head, in your head, in everybody's head, at the same time but unconnected.
  7. There are still lot of important self actualization topics that Leo never covered, and we as human beings will have to face in some moments of life like: How to del with the death of a familiar, manage frustration, the psycological aspect of aging... Now with the fashion of spiral dynamics he tend to explain religion, society and politics, which is not very useful. In fact the more away we keep from religion, politics and belief systems the happier and mentally healthier we will be.
  8. I dont understand the link between toxic masculinity with incels and mgtow, these 2 are the effect or the result of certain cultural changes and phenomena. The white knight syndrome is also a effect of society over men, would you blame masculine toxicity too?
  9. I may wake up some day feeling optimistic and happy. The i plan to go to a nice restaurant and when i arrive its CLOSED. This have a impact in my mood and change abosulutely to happy to disappointed or frustrated. The same for example if I go to the library to buy a new book im excited to read and when I ask the store-dependant says that they dont have it and Ill have to wair 2 weeks. Id like to be immune to negative external events but I cant. in fact any frustrating event ruins my day easily. How can i be happy or content unconditionally. i know meditating, but I mean when Im not meditating and Im making my daily life activities.
  10. Basic things we can do to improve the environment: Boicot to avocados that are generating HUGE deforestation in south america. Boicot to Soy products that create deforestation in Asia. Dont buy products with palm oil, its destructing the habitat of most animals in the jungle.
  11. catholic religion also told to the population that the european Kings were designed by the grace of God and people believed it. masses can be so dumb.
  12. Yes, the real 3d world we live in is finite. For example humans harvest salt rocks, turn them into small granis and eat it, the excrete it and the salt goes to the seas. Theres no way that small particles of salt in the sea will compact and turn into a hard rock again, so one day salt will disappear.
  13. Epstein was caught for not being careful. Their elite freinds were worried about if he could tell the truth and expose them. They killed them to make it look a suicide. The problem is not only pedofilia involving politicians and elites, taht would be a minor issue. The thing is they are into satanism and blood rituals which really harm the children inflictim them severe suffering, death, in their rituals. Either way, those who consider Epstein suicided for feeling guilty... your naiveness is insulting me.
  14. In the articles says these drugs induce feelings of numbness with oneness. As far as I know, numbness is opposite to a high consciousness state, which is what we want.