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  1. The moon has its influence over human beings, animals, .. this is undeniable. Making them more agressive or calm. But the intepretation that they give in magazines horoscope its bullshit. Id just take it as a reminder to be more conscious avoiding conflicts in days when my sign is under a influence or a star.
  2. Me too. I almost never talk unless its necessary. I dont see nothing wrong with it, but I'm worried if this would create me some disease. A far as Hamer german medicine explanins that cancers and diseases are unsolved phychologica conflicts so strong than affect every cell of the body. My mother says I'm quiet since my father left home and abandoned us. I dont think so, its my inner nature.
  3. We live in a limited "reality" we all can see it, while you dive deep in your psychedellic trips you describe the true reality as infinite and absolute. Do you see the contradiction? Please watch this video and before calling him a materialisty devil tell why is he wrong.
  4. According to Leo, "your psycho-physical individuality" is a illusion derived from the ego
  5. Do you mean nitric oxide or the N2O that put in the cars of fast and furious?? Dude this is serious, can cause death easily
  6. The positive side is that you'll get discipline, a very rare quality in young people today. The negative is that youll become a slave , and youll contribute to the agenda of corrup politic leaders, instead of helping humanity.
  7. The more you work on yourself the more lonely you will feel. Because you are raising your frequency while surrounded of others with lower ones. Try to meet people in the same stage like yours.
  8. You cannot die ok. But the sequence of experiences cohesive that your consciousness see that you call "your life" and are intimate and irrepetible to yourself will stop. And the memories will be lost. Loss is sad, always, no matter the subject. To the Op, you can call death a concept, moreover call it illusion or whatever you want. But consequences of death are real. You wont be able to see your loved ones, have a walk in nature hearing the birds singing never with capital N.
  9. Trump and other Presidents are fantastic actors who interpret a character to make the population believe this farce. He only obbeys the agenda of the true rulers of the world: the owners of giant multinationals, banks, (club bilderberg, rotschild) the 0.5% of elite that owns the 90% of the money. So it has no point debating the acts orpersonality of a fictional character.
  10. You must understand that conservatives or right-wingers are not devils or evil people. They are driven by FEAR by the kind of beliefs they have. Fear is the most powerful primal insctinct and can teake the worst of a human being. You, as a awake people souldnt react with anger, or fall in the trap of being triggered. Before judge people is important frist to understand his background and circumstances that lead them to become who they are. I observed this in the show game of thrones. I hated bad people, but the knowing their personal life could understand their reasons, and didnt look so bad.
  11. By making the retreat at home is easy to fall in distractions or stimulations. The best is doing it in nature. The time you arent in full meditative mode you can go hiking, running into the forest, whih is basically contemplation and is very useful.
  12. I would like to deal with this easily like you describe. We all have our referents or gurus we admire and build our lives and belief system aroun their teachings. I used to like a lot the old version of Elliot hulse, before being obsessed with his strenght camp, he treated lots of fascinating topics like bioenergetics which he learned from Paul chek and shamanic knowledge. It helped me a lot! Today Elliot version is packed with toxic masculinity and red stage stuff which in my opinion is downwards. Maybe I'm a nostalgic, but I feel sad when my idols or masters in life change, not always for the better.
  13. Thats the state that ancient greeks described as ataraxia. But the edge between ataraxia and apathy or depression is very thin. Maybe this state is implicit after enlightenment. But the thing is, after that, having realized everything is a game, why not play it fully? Surrendering to human desires and purposes, while being aware of them?
  14. Today I watched one of my fave videos of Actualized, the one where Leo goes on a solo meditational retreat in the forest of Arizona. He appears with goods and food packed in his car before starting his new adventure. But there's one thing that catched my attention: Leo looks one of the most optimistic and happy person in the world. He looks so excited about his trip and his eyes are full of JOY. It contrasts with the post psychedellic era, where he started to wear the white shirt and full beard. After the mythical video where he became God, and the absolute infinity, he started to look sad, kinda burned out. Maybe something happened in the other side, or maybe he catched a parasite entity in the other dimension like newage woos theorise. Or maybe is the post enlightenment dowfall. What i feel that after the DMT era the "gap" between the master and the subscriber has become too big. Back in time Leo used a language and explained things the way he reassured that his public would understand everything. Today (maybe due excess of people asking him questions) his answers are like: This would take you years of practise and intricate self-inquiry to understand that (spiritual ego dismissed the questioner,its not worth to spend effort to explain things to plebs). Whats left is accept without questioning his dogmas about his new topics about politics, religion, epistemolgy, and trust Leo blindly (faith)because we cannot understand his meta stuff. Very cult-like attitude. This lack of effort to translate his spiritual epiphanies and finding about the nature of reality in "words" and he resolving the problem by saying: "This cannot be explained by language and concepts" has costed him lot of misinterpretations and critiques in internet. At least he could have tried to create metaphores like christians did to make some acute minds grasp the message behind, or conceptualize in the form of rules like the hermetic principles, or describes visually like the movie Dr Strange. The misinterpretation of Leo's revelations to plain people calling him solipsist, taking out of contexts bits of his videos, all come down due the main problem.. The GAP If I try hard to understand Leos viewpoint I can. It would take time, but I can. He cannot say: you dont exist, everything is mind... out of context. It need to be shown the contects the viewpoint, the paradigms... The correct way is to explain, contextualize, put the viewer in your viewpoint: You dont exist the way that society told you, you are not a physical body, you are not a ego, but the things is deeper because I start from the premise that everything is imaginated by a mind. Also i thing that nothing exist, all its hallucinated by a great mind. Viewer: ah I start to grasp your point, thanks for the explanation dude! Back to the topic, I dont want Leo explain us why his happy mood has changed during his spiritual path, because its his personal life. But Id like to know if this is gonna happen to us if we dive deeper to the rabbit hole. Is there a kind of toll or cost we must pay to devote out time to spiritual practise? I honestly would prefer to be a ignorant and having the bliss that Leo had in his beginnings. His positive attitude was contagious.
  15. Its not a logical choice? So how would you base your decision? Im sure its logical. Why would I bring a innocent soul to struggle, to be brainwashed and indoctrinated in school to become another slave to feed the machine? Untill this cruel human farm collapses I wont bring kids here. Locical reason.