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  1. Veganism itself is a feminine movement. It's a very good example of Stage Orange moving to Stage Green in Spiral Dynamics. This in itself might give you the impression that vegan guys are more feminine, this is because they are in the process of integrating more femininity into their being. As Leo often says, it's completely swinging the pendulum from one side to the other. Eventually, if these guys will keep growing, this pendulum will get more nuanced and they will be able to go meta to this whole thing, but for now they have to swing it from one extreme to the other. But, you are fooling yourself if you think there aren't vegan guys with muscle that aren't on hormones. If you are really honest and not fucking around, go widen your perspective and see what kind of people are out there.
  2. @Rilles Sure, hahah If I was to pick someone that is more openminded and can help people get into vegan eating without the whole shaming around it, 'Simnett nutrition' seems like quite a good guy.
  3. @Rilles Although of course I cannot verify, there are lots of accusations towards him for using steroids to bump up his image in order to be a rolemodel that vegans can be strong and buff. Also, I recall him making lots of videos shaming people for not being vegan or quitting veganism. This rubbed me the wrong way since for me veganism was supposed to be a movement that was loving and compassionate, and wanted the best for people. He's part of the group that contribute to veganism seeming to just be another cult. I'm not vegan anymore myself, because I found the diet to not work for my body. But for those who are vegan, I really don't like how he taints the image of what it is supposed to represent and thus might stop more orange type folks from exploring the whole conscious eating.
  4. @Rilles Although I do agree that the image that all vegan men are effeminate is dumb, please, don't use Hench herbivore as your vegan image of masculanity.
  5. Although I do somewhat understand your perspective, my own introspection said something different. I started pursuing enlightenment when I was 16. After about 2 or 3 years of meditating and contemplating the nature of my self every day, I realised that I was hugely bypassing parts of my life that needed growing first. The strength of me as person, discipline, my life purpose, social anxiety, learning more about who I am as a person, dating. These things I feel like need attention first. Whenever I reach a moment where that towel is completely squeezed dry, I will do nothing but contemplate until I find the truth. I mean random in this sense: If I sit down right now and ask "who am I?", I don't grasp it. (of course, I might, but the many times I've tried up until now nothing clicked) This makes me think it isn't in my control when it happens, apart from growing myself and metaphorically getting to a place where lightening has more chance to strike.
  6. @Leo Gura I see. So is it just a matter of finding methods that work for you and becoming skilled in using them?
  7. This has been on my mind for a while. Although personally I'm not at a point where I've chosen to full on pursuit enlightenment, this is because there are many things I need to work on first, from all the sources I've read and listened to it appears to me that Enlightenment is a random thing, not something that one can instantly choose to have happen. From those that have a deeper understanding of the Universe than me, why does it work this way? It seems so weird that the people that have chosen to step into complete Truth cannot just decide to awaken, but have to wait for some random moment. All the best.
  8. I live here too, it's been quite surreal to have something like this happening. You feel awful seeing it in a country like US, but it is so far removed from your reality, having it happen so close hits totally different.
  9. I want to make this a featured topic. Very helpful, especially for us non-americans with staying up to date with everything happening. Good idea!
  10. @Preety_India I think it means they can still carry the virus, but their bodies now have the ability to deal with it that much better, hopefully to the point of not getting sick at all. That's my idea of it though, I don't know for sure.
  11. @rnd Oh, you’re right. Read over your post while being tired, apologies. Hope what I said is still valuable to you
  12. I am probably going to disappoint you with this answer, but yes it is all completely personal. You have to design a system that works in perfect alignment with the way your super idiosyncratic mind functions. Perhaps I am not a good example since I get overwhelmed by organzing and planning very fast, but it took me 4 months to get a basic outline of how I wanted stuff to work and function in my commonplace book. Every day, I still think about adjustments and fleshing it out further. The thing you want to design is basically an extension of your mind, a second brain. Although asking someone else for some basic tips on how to start might be a good thing, expect to really have to sink many hours into thinking about and setting up this whole thing. As for my book, I use Roam Research. I chose it because OneNote didn't work the way I preferred. For my basic categories I have it set up like this: Me Visions Contemplations --- Projects Areas of Life Personal Wikipedia --- 2021 Weekgoals Unplanned tasks Appointments Logging books Hope that gives you some ideas and ground to stand on. Good luck
  13. @Space I see what you mean. I would say that if we come at it from the perspective of how Cyberpunk is overall a positive in the issue of Trans-rights and progressive ideas then it would be a bit more fitting. @Forestluv xQc is fun to watch, Shroud is someone I like too