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  1. This is one of my most favorite books of all time. Was a big factor in me climbing out of the pit of nihilism and actively choosing who I want to be in this life. Pursuing things like Goodness, Love, Truth, it all taught me that, and how to reconnect to my inner guiding voice.
  2. I'm so curious though, why is this? @Ulax Personally, this can be different for others of course, I want a relationship where you grow by being together. Sharing weaknesses and aiding each other in overcoming them is part of that. That exactly has been my way of thinking as well, but the thought arises: is that going against 'nature'? If a girl loses interest when a man is vulnerable, could that simply be how man-women dynamics objectively work?
  3. @Lyubov Crying, showing weakness, talking about something you're really struggling with, needing her love, etc.
  4. I think I talked and asked about this before, but this time I want to make it a discussion instead of necessicarily a specific personal question. In a man-woman relationship, as a man, should you be vunerable with your partner? I know on a forum like this where emotional maturity and spirituality is idealized, the obvious answer would be: yes, obviously. But I'm getting a lot of conflicting information. So much stories of guys who opened up to their girlfriend about something that they are struggling with and found that as a result the girl started losing attraction and interest. I really want to know the truth of the matter, the workings of girls, masculinity and femininity, how relationships and their dynamics really work. What are you guys' thoughts on this? Also, I am primarily talking about long term relationships where a connection already has been established.
  5. Important message! All my life I've looked towards others to provide me with validation and affection and though my subconscious still works that way, it feels so incredibly good to start to feel content with myself.
  6. Happy new year everyone! Praying for everyone’s wellbeing and happiness this year.
  7. @Guru Peter Jordanson One can appreciate the meaninglessness and arbitrariness of celebrations while at the same time enjoy and partake in them.
  8. It is about your choice to how you want to live your life. It is purported that to have a grand purpose that you work towards every day, one that matters a great deal to YOU, will bring you immense amounts of joy. Now if you want to live a life of great joy, I can only suggest that this is an avenue that you check out.
  9. @Tyler Robinson Hey! unrelated to this topic, but I really like your signature. I’m in a new relationship (6 months or so) and it’s not easy to not over idealize or always want things to evolve and get deeper. Sometimes we need to recognize how already awesome this moment is.
  10. Recently, I have been going through a transitioning period; one from meaninglessness and nihilsm to hope and a belief in goodness and love. This video clicked very deeply for me and perfectly brought into art-form the resolving of all the rancour and pain aching me for a large portion of my life. If it doesn't feel right for you, click away, but if it does, I hope it can bring a similar sense of hope and love. All the best
  11. As someone who's on the spectrum myself, I see a lot of people misunderstanding here. Sure, it'll always help to become stronger and feel more physically confident, but for a lot of people on the spectrum, processing highly stress inducing sensory information causes a shut-down and freezing up, you get severely overwhelmed. @Chives99 My suggestion would be to do what we are often best at: plan ahead. Take some time to make a general plan for each of these forms of difficult situations; contingency plans if you will. Think through how you should act, conduct yourself, how best to deal with it all. Then when such moments arise, you are not crippled by having to in the moment decide and think what to do, you have a path your mind and body you can walk along, while of course taking into account the specific situation and altering your approach accordingly. But I do agree with the fact that if you make yourself more physically capable in the general sense, you have less chance of shutting down because you know yourself to be capable in handling the situation. That could be something worth looking into. All the best, bud
  12. My typical daily meals look like this: ---------------------------------------- Pre-breakfast a couple of tablespoons of sunflower butter some 85% chocolate some fruit Breakfast lentil pasta ground beef raw kale Pre-Gym Oatmeal with almond milk, banana, apple, and walnuts 5 Eggs Post-Gym/Dinner Lots of fruit and maybe some sunflower butter Quinoa Chicken breast Broccoli ----------------------------------------
  13. oh I was continuing the common Destiny phrases ? “gotcha”, “anything else”, “stay safe, buddy.” Man.. what a trainwreck this whole thing is becoming
  14. @Heart of Space bro... can you see how all of what you just said is conjecture? You took one story and added so much of your own assumptions and shit onto it. Destiny definitely has his shortcomings and immaturities, but there is also a lot of intellectual openness and deep interesting thinking. Minus all the petty shit, he definitely has stuff to offer.