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  1. @Ether It’s not an idea, when you have an experience of this yourself - even a very short one - you will know what I mean.
  2. @Ether I would say the opposite. We are talking about your death here.
  3. Me too, if you still need help, feel free to message me.
  4. @Young Padawan I actually found it very motivating.
  5. After watching Leo's new motivational video (which I found really great) I got the idea of creating a page in my commonplace book specifically for visualising my Self-Actualisation journey and goals. I never really did something with visualisation, so I plan to watch the video covering that as well to get some more insight into how it works. I have a couple of ideas of what to put in there but I was wondering if you guys have any more suggestions of how I can make this page ultra-motivational to read when I'm down or having a tough time.
  6. @Anna Konstantaki I’ll use this, thanks! Don’t be so hard on yourself.
  7. @Mount Bananas Maybe they’re serious strong determination sitters
  8. @Mount Bananas No worries! Always awesome to meet another person of my age that is interested in this work
  9. I’m going through exactly what you are describing here. I’ve cut out everything except whole grain bread which I still eat little portions of every day. What would you say are good meals throughout the day that keep my clarity and energy levels high, but at the same time fill my body and don’t make me feel so weak?
  10. @krazzer I know right, I love Radiohead too. It's so chill you can just let yourself get taken away by the music. The creativeness is dripping off every song.
  11. @Mount Bananas Have you listened to this? "How to disappear completely" Thom Yorke is definitely on to something..
  12. @Faceless Very significant points. I will go and inquire into my fear of death Thank you!
  13. Lately I’ve been feeling this neurosis coming up inside of me that I always have to be doing something meaningful or that has great impact. At the end of the day there is always that subtle evaluation if I did good enough. If I did not waste day of my life. Every day gone by without working as hard as I can on myself or a project feels like a failure. It feels like I have to make every day count because I will only have 70/80 years more to live and then it’s over. I want to die fulfilled and happy. How do I release this neurotic belief?
  14. I know this feeling very much. 50 minutes into my meditation and my posture is incorrect or a lot of repressed memories come back, I must force myself not to move and punch the wall It's really hard sometimes but persevere, you got this.
  15. @Shroomdoctor ahaha, that picture's fun