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  1. Well I like about every type of music but uplifting metalcore is something that really makes me motivated and almost emotional. Some of the artists I listen too talk about spirituality, improving yourself and growing. Erra and Northlane are my favorite bands This is my favorite song
  2. Well there are two fundamental things you can do on your own. Meditation and reading books/researching. Meditation is something really important in my opinion since it helps you grow in about every area of your life Reading books/researching the parts of personal development you are interested in, is something that you do on your own. It gives you information on how things work and exercises on how to improve.
  3. Well, in my experience, the only thing you can do with those thoughts is not react, fight or attach yourself to them. "With your mind, all the three pedals are throttles; there are no brakes and no clutch. Have you noticed this? Whatever pedal you hit, the mind only accelerates its speed. But if you don’t pay any attention to it, thoughts will slowly subside, leaving you in a rich and vibrant silence" - Sadhguru You can't control your thoughts, that will only make it worse. If you simply accept your thoughts and create space between thoughts and 'the one that is aware of the thoughts' you will be free. Ask yourself this when your thoughts go absolutely crazy: "Who or what is aware of these thoughts?" This will make you do a 180 and focus on the awareness rather than the object. I hope I helped you with this a little, I'm still learning trying to improve myself on this topic too, it's a hard road Best of luck to you m8
  4. @ajasatya I heard Sadhguru answer this question with "How do you know when you are enlightened? Well.. It will be so significant that you won't be able to miss it, you just know that something amazing happened."
  5. Very interesting responses guys, I want to become wiser and wiser on this topic but at the same time I just want to chill sometimes too. I guess that's part of it too, finding balance. Hopefully as the years progress and I keep working hard I can get myself to a higher state of consciousness and keep growing. Thanks for the input!
  6. At my local Zendo there is a strong believe that enlightenment is something impossible. I asked the question to my master there and he said "Enlightenment is something we don't really want to talk about here. It is almost impossible to attain enlightenment so we don't want to give people the wrong idea. And even if you do get enlightened, you leave behind everything and can't lead a normal life anymore." Is this something that's wrong? Should I do anything about this?
  7. I just found out how deep my people pleasing and 'wanting to be liked' tendencies are. Was busy with my highschool exams, in the Netherlands they decide for 50% if you pass high school yes or no. So I was busy doing math and suddenly this hunger struck me, I had sandwiches nearby but I was afraid to disturb other people sitting close to me so I kept on denying myself to eat. Then after some time I just couldn't focus anymore and got in the middle of this panic attack, my head and stomach were hurting so much because I needed food. I just wrote a couple question marks at the last assignments and got out of the classroom. Now I just feel this terrible shame and regret because I was not able to bring myself to just do what I really needed to do and get stuck in this 'what will people think of me patern.' How can I forgive myself for this. Even when my health is on the line I still feel like I need to be liked. How can I get this out of my system? How can I depend on myself?
  8. @Dan Arnautu Thanks, just what I needed!
  9. @Dan Arnautu I must say, I know what you're going through. Had several of these really frightful weeks I asked about on the forum aswell. I was/ still am sometimes, really scared that I will die in one of these attacks. What I've learned from everyone's responses is that there is only one way to handle it. Don't try and overcome it, don't fight it, don't resist it. This has worked for me and when you get out of these 'cycles' for a while it feels amazing. also, instead of trying to say "I accept this", "I accept that". Say "Its okay". This works because when you try to say "I accept" you are trying to like or to love something you want to go away or despise. When you say "It's okay" this doesn't apply as wanting it to go away, but being completely acceptive with it. Anyway, good luck. I wish you the best
  10. As the title reads I'm not sure to which meditation technique I should stick at the moment. I want something simple that will help me transmute my resistance into consciousness. Do you guys have any suggestion on what techniques I should look at?
  11. @Martin123 Watched the first 5 minutes of the first one. To say it's ok instead of I accept. Very interesting, thanks for listing these two, I will watch them
  12. @Stoica Doru But how do I love myself? I have this deep ingrained loathing of my face and how I act around people
  13. @Shin When my mind suddenly goes blank and I feel this peace over me, I get hit after 15 sec from something that ranges from some anxiety to a full blown panic attack. During this backlash, everything that once was clear becomes very chaotic and hazy. Idk how to explain it but it feels like all the equanimity I had before the backlash just vanishes in an instant and I become one with the pain and fear. I would like to know if there is anything I can do to learn or grow from this. Anything I can do that helps me overcome this fear and let the peace stay without interruption @nightrider1435 I try to face it everytime. Even if I do manage to accept it, the next time when I get insight it still happens
  14. I've had this happen to me a couple times now. I meditate and I feel the emptiness and I get a glimpse of what some call 'Truth'. But then after like 15 seconds I get this rush of anxiety and my mind starts trying to cover it up. This covering up can last days, and makes me feel miserable most of the time. It passes after some time but I would like to know if there is a way I can respond to this in a way that transmutes this anxiety and helps me.