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  1. @Markus hahah yes, I was quite suprised too Unfortunately never done it before so, no experience I can share with you hahah
  2. @see_on_see Ye I'm having trouble too now
  3. What I am is not somewhere, but at the same time I am everywhere
  4. Ahh I have not seen that video yet, better go watch it I suppose
  5. @AilinKyung Yes, very interesting to talk about these differences in culture, I'm from the Netherlands. So there really are some major differences. Also, don't fall into the trap of having knowledge mixed with having the direct experience If you read something about it, you intellectually understand it, but that doesn't mean you have experienced it. For example, someone says to you the earth is round. You have not really confirmed or experienced this for yourself, therefore it is not something you deeply know is true. You only belief it to be so.
  6. @AilinKyung Not really sure if this older thing is something that is more cultural. When my little brother screams at me, I feel like I have no right to touch him what so ever. We are on equal ground and I respect him like my equal. I do have respect towards my elders, but I don't feel like I'm inferior to them. He has no right to touch you.
  7. @AilinKyung Yes but I recognize what @Annetta is saying, if this is really physical abuse and not just a familiy fight, please get help Be safe
  8. @AilinKyung No problem! Good luck on your journey
  9. @AilinKyung I'm still living at home too with my little brother so I'm kind of familiar with this scenario. What I've learned from the past is that if you act with anger or annoyance, this will only steer things up much further. It then becomes a never ending clash of ego vs other ego. When I started to get deep with my meditation I started to feel more compassionate towards my brother because he is doing all this lower consciousness type stuff. This must mean he is trying to run away from something, avoid something. There must be something inside of him that is hurt. So even when he annoys me, I become conscious of my own emotional reaction and then act in such a way that I convey love and understanding towards him. That doesn't mean you should be a emotion doormat though. If something that he does is respectless, you should confront him then and there and honestly tell him how you feel. It is never just the act of doing lower consciouness type stuff because someone is lazy, ignorant, etc. It is because deep down there is something that is hurt. Doing these lower consciousness things is his way of trying to find happiness. Even if that is that in an inefficient way. It is the only way he knows of and is familiar with.
  10. You simply have to become conscious of the fact that certain thing are happening automaticly For example: You are walking down the street to buy something. Notice, your legs are moving automaticly, your arms are waving with them automaticly, you are automaticly engaged into thinking as you walk. Stuff like that. When you become conscious that you do this, you can start to do everything with mindfulness. I've been working at this hard myself lately, and now I can finally say that if you do this, you will be able to enjoy every moment that normally seems dull to you. Love is everywhere
  11. @Shiva I used to listen to Stairway to Heaven every day, I was so impressed. How songs can bring you to tears sometimes
  12. I'd honestly not be able to do this, would get a panic attack then and there.
  13. I don't have many yet, since my life did not start that long ago But one of my proudes moments was when I played 'River Flows In You' by Yiruma on the piano at my grandmothers funeral. I did not know anything of personal development back then. But this idea of mastery and giving it my all was very implemented in my head. I went through fire to learn this, practiced 4 hours a day as a 12 year old kid and was determined to show her. Kinda breaks my heart when I think back playing it before her just days before she passed away. We hugged it out after I finished playing for her, then days later my dad came to school to tell my she had left. So that was the last time I saw her alive aswell. When I played on the funeral it was not really the same because she was not there, but still happy I did it. I'm glad I got to say goodbye in my own way
  14. This is so interesting, thanks for sharing!