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  1. love Ido, interested in what he has to say
  2. People who are trans have an inner experience of their body's presentation being so far removed from how they feel like they are inside, that discrepancy causes so much anguish, that they feel like they have to change. Most people feel this too in one way or another, but trans people are on the extreme ends of this.
  3. @Aleister Crowleyy well that’s amazing and I’m happy for you, but you have no idea what my situation is like. And to be fair, I find it quite rude how you seem to think otherwise. I’ve been suicidal since I was 16 and it takes every ounce of willpower not to end it everyday. I’m in a different place as you.
  4. Currently I have no idea if God exists or not, but if God does exist isn't this bad/flawed design? Your points actually make a lot of sense, thanks for laying everything out so clear and conscisely for me. I don't want to further bloat this thread with my problems, it's not the place, but I've been in a really bad place so will ask one last thing. Doing it "For me" requires that I feel some sort of self-worth, which I don't. I feel this immense hatred towards the being that I am and have been since early childhood, every year it has been growing like a tumor, which leaves me close to suicidal at age 22. I've been to multiple therapists, meditated since 16 when I stumbled upon your channel and tried different things, but have yet to find the right help and am running out of options. What would you say are the best places for me to further explore? Thanks for all.
  5. @Raze I just need somebody or something to love me, I can't do it myself
  6. @Raze Probably not for a normal person, I'm just messed up. Extreme low self-worth, unable to love myself in any way.
  7. @Leo Gura Perhaps it’s just me, but all this sounds so absurd. Why does it take 1000s of hours of self-help work to get a girlfriend. How can I be so messed up that it requires that amount of time and where is the fairness in that? Isn’t it better to just give up? Bad rng?
  8. @Rishabh R @Michael569 @RendHeaven @BipolarGrowth Thank you guys for your comments, appreciate it a lot
  9. @Carl-Richard hahah, looking forward to it!
  10. Felt really insecure and worthless today. Going to the gym has been one of the things that has kept me somewhat sane during my long bouts of depression, so I decided I wanna share these pictures to potentially inspire some people. If you work at it step by step, you can change. We’re all gonna make it
  11. @Realms of Wonder I’ve only recently started listening and he has already become one of my favorite artists, he’s incredible!
  12. @Carl-Richard Damn, that's insane! She's such an amazing artist