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  1. Wish you the best man!
  2. Quinnoa, rice, buckwheat, other gluten-free grains, fruit, beans, lentils, leafy greens, nut’s and seeds This is how I get my daily caloric intake + a medium sized surplus. This is basically 2800 calories and on some days a little more.
  3. @dude Eyy you’re dutch too! Awesome
  4. Keeping your meditation habit consistent is important so if you can only manage 20 minutes a day, that's fine. In the end it will be so incredibly beneficial to you. I have troubling planning my reading too so lately I've been trying to incorporate it into my morning routine. I wake up --> Meditate --> Eat breakfast ---> Read for 30 minutes. Finding space in your day might seem very difficult at first, but when you write down what you do all day (at least it was for me) there was a lot of time spent on unhelpful stuff such as watching Netflix, browsing the web, etc. while I actually thought I had no time. So, try this out yourself and see if you can find different times during your day where you are not doing something valuable. See if you can fit some reading in there if you are able to create some room in your day. Wish you the best!
  5. Recognise that there is no such thing as being on the path and being off the path. It's just something you make up in your mind. Be free from this meaning. When you have a deep inner intention to work on yourself, grow your consciousness, spread love and compassion, there is no such thing as falling off the path. It's just your life situation that made you feel like you are not in your 'prime', which is illusory and not true. See that whatever you are doing right now is your best. You are doing the best you can in this situation, and for that you deserve to be loved. Give that love to yourself and allow everything to just happen. I hope you'll be alright.
  6. @Lorcan Nobody can judge for you if you fucked up your text game. When you say something that feels authentic and real to you, it's all good. When pretending and misrepresentation starts happening, you took the wrong turn. 1) You feel deep inside that you are being fake and that eats away at you 2) People are attracted to authenticity so when you are not, they will pick up on that This is what I've learned this year of school so far. Stay real man, it's worth it.
  7. @Nahm I'm a high school student and never had quantum mechanics or anything related to that. Do you think I can make use of this video? I'm scared that I'm not educated enough to understand this
  8. @Leo Gura I don’t mind having a long process. 10 years is fine. If I were to commit myself to this, which meditation/contemplation methods would you say are most affective on long term? Right now I have a practice of 1 hour mindfulness with labeling meditation, and 30 min of self-inquiry every day.
  9. @DocHoliday Ye exactly, assumptions arise real quick from such a short video. But ey, seems like if he was in the right environment and had some people around him, he could get some profound realisations. It seems like his life situation is just limiting him from looking deeper on what's really going on, which is a shame.
  10. Pretty interesting video. Is this a good example of somebody half-assing enlightenment?
  11. @Extreme Z7 hahahah
  12. @Shin But... Master Yoda..
  13. @Shin Thanks a lot for this. I have found out a while ago that I can release my worries like this (If I'm scared to go to school, talk to someone, etc), but never thought about taking it to this extreme. Sounds interesting, cheers!