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  1. After a lot of digging, becoming a writer is what is most prominent in my mind. I think about it all the time. Yet, I have a lot of trouble deciding that this is what I will choose for life. From an early age I've always been someone with an all or nothing approach. If I decide I want to do something I commit to it until the end. This is exactly what is making it so difficult for me to fully commit to this path. How do I know I'm making the right choice? How do I know I won't regret this? So much fear and limiting beliefs are going through my mind that it's very difficult to separate if I truly don't feel sure about this or if my fears are effecting my perspective on becoming a writer. It is just so frustrating not knowing what to do, it makes me crazy. I'd like some help with this.
  2. It seems like a waste really. You’ve been given this body and a world to play in and explore, learn and grow, experience awesome things. Why end it?
  3. @SpyAquamarine Lately I have been moving very deeply into myself. I’ve found my life purpose and feel myself becoming more authentic every day. It’s just that I don’t understand life at all. I feel so lost. What am I supposed to do? How do I know I am living this life correctly? These are all questions that float through my mind on a daily basis @Torkys So if I just let everything happen as it wants to unfold, eventually I will get to a place of being anyway?
  4. @aurum I am judging every day based on what I did and how valuable it is. It takes me away from experiencing life as it is.
  5. Why do I feel so pulled towards ‘doing’ every day? It seems there is this inner motivation driving this urge of ‘doing’ because of the fear of wasting my life if I don’t do anything. After realizing how fast my life is passing by and that I’ll die eventually, this fear of not-doing has become intenser. I’m aware I can’t directly change this since it feels like I have no control over it, but maybe unraveling the motivator of this urge could help. I’ve tried not-doing and sitting still for 1,30 hour multiple times, but for some reason everything seems fine while sitting and it doesn’t change how I feel about ‘doing’.
  6. @SgtPepper Well, even though it is made in the lab, chicken and meat has a worse effect on your body and causes animals to die. What is stopping you from going vegan?
  7. @White Which is what Matt Kahn was suggesting in his video
  8. @Nahm I’ve been noticing the same problem when I draw. Your comment is really insightful, Thank you.
  9. @Colin Yes, it’s so mystical and beautiful.
  10. Main character from a show that inspired me a lot, Mushishi
  11. @Nahm Thank you for that story, inspiring. It makes me very emotional thinking about how I want to help people with these stories. I sincerely hope I can transform the world with them.
  12. I'll go for it
  13. @Nahm The illusion is just so damn convincing though!
  14. @Nahm Thanks for your words as always Nahm, they help a lot. It does seem hard to recognise that this moment is perfect with all this turmoil going on, but I guess all this is only just here to help me. Seeing it in that light will probably make it easier for me.
  15. In the LP course at some point one must list his domain of mastery. I found storytelling to be something I want to master. However, for me this does not only involve writing as a medium, but also drawing and illustrating. My question is, is storytelling available as a domain of mastery or does it have to be something like, writer/illustrator I don't want to limit my storytelling to only writing or only illustrations