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  1. Don't know how this topic suddenly got revived again, lol. I don't really know who to trust and to listen to, I guess if you like watching RSD and feel like their videos are helping you, go for it. If not, you could try other dating-related companies that offer different perspectives. In the end, just consume content that you resonate with and helps you further your journey.
  2. Thanks, that video was quite interesting and helpful. I guess I have learned-helplessness in a lot of ways. Trying to find my way out of it .
  3. Nice clickbait, m8
  4. Much love dude. Either way you show it, we all know you have the best intentions and just want to help. Thanks for participating on this forum.
  5. Right now I’m contemplating something that has (I think) always been at the basis of experiencing myself. There is always a feeling of worthlessness, brokenness, weakness, and inferiorness present in my experience. It’s something that for long I’ve taken granted as the experience of ‘me’. Sometimes when this self feels threatened, it comes very strongly to the foreground. When it feels relatively safe it is still in my background experience. Uncovering the Truth about this will radically alter and change the person that I feel myself to be since this is one of the most intimate parts of my self-experience. So, I have been contemplating it’s origin for a long time and these last of couple weeks daily. I don’t know how to deal with it’s defense mechanisms. The two that I’ve noticed mostly is sudden sleepiness and losing the consciousness of this feeling in my experience. I suddenly cannot sense it anymore. It feels like my questions go nowhere and my focus cannot pinpoint what is the target of the contemplation. How do I deal with defense mechanisms?
  6. @Rachityczny I'm almost similar with what you're going through. Also 19 and trying to find my way. Wish you the best on your journey. Be loving on yourself and work to understand your fears and barriers that keep you stuck. Very important, focus on understanding them instead of solving them.
  7. Beautiful, Nahm, thank you for sharing this story and helping that woman. I bet you just opened up an entire new world for her.
  8. Yesss dude, James is the man. Love the whole TNL team.
  9. @Shin What do you mean? if this is what @Shroomdoctor feels like, why can't we discus it and possibly help him dispel some of the issues he has?
  10. @Patrick Lynam People experience life through the set ways their body-minds view the world. It’s a bit like everyone is living in their own dimension. Ralph experiences the world a certain way. Leo experiences the world a certain way. You experience the world a certain way.
  11. hahahahah
  12. Rupert Spira once talked about this when I was at one of his lectures. He has never, ever shared something about his work to his son unless he would ask him about it, and he hasn't yet. His take on it was that the search for Truth is something you should organically come to when everything else has failed you. Unless his son would ask him directly, it was not the right time. However, in his day to day life every interaction he has with his son and his behaviour around him is driven by Truth. In other words, decide for yourself if you want to tell them directly but in the meantime, convey this Truth indirectly by embodying it. Deep down your vibration will have effect on them. By embodying it yourself you free the world.
  13. An insight I’ve gotten recently is that in order for life to exist, there has to be a movement of some sort. If there is complete stillness, something dies. Think of the heart for example. What interested me a lot is that this also is true for falsehood. In order for a lie or untruth to exist, it has to be on a constant run. Distraction, manipulation, avoidance. Does this mean that physical life is some sort of lie relative to the Absolute? I feel this insight is premature, but nonetheless significant
  14. Thanks everyone for commenting your thoughts and opinions on this topic. I will continue to become more authentic and get aligned with my own personal style. One day I will get to the point where I know how to heal and free myself. I will then heal and free other people. Everyone good luck on their own journeys!
  15. Yes this has been a very important process for me this year. Before I had been almost copying other people's styles because of an inner issue that stemmed from me thinking I'm worthless and thus my own style would be that too. Thank you for your message, Joseph