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  1. I have a lot of trouble making friends and allowing myself to meet people. It feels like everyone in the world is out to get me and stab me in the back as soon as I trust them. I don’t know how to feel more safe and trusting in the world. Right now this feels like the safest thing to do to escape hurt. Yet, as a result, I have pretty much no friends and no dating experience. There is an inherent sadness that comes up when I look someone in the eye. Beforehand I have already decided that I will try to kill any sort of connective opportunity. This whole dynamic of wanting to keep myself safe and as a result being isolated makes me want to stop existing. I don’t know what to do anymore.
  2. It could have something do with an inner transformation and as a result wanting to change the outer to align more with the inner. Also, it could just be that he wants to change things up and wants to wear a different shirt, lol. Don't overcomplicate everything.
  3. @Leo Gura I was wondering, have you done any research on this topic that you could share?
  4. Hello friends, I have a couple of questions about autism and the efficiency of the brain and nervous system. Since a while I've known I am on the autism spectrum. Which manifests in multiple ways in my being, but the number one thing I want some help with, and perhaps advice or answers to, is processing sensations/perception/data, and the fastness of my brain in connecting dots, creating solutions to problems, and things of that sort. My nervous system and brain process data at a much slower pace since it doesn't really have a filter. Wheras people not on the spectrum, most of the time do have a functioning one. I am very, very sensitive to all perception. Which is a plus in a lot of pursuits, but also a negative in that it slows down the rate at which I can think and put stuff together. This in turn makes it so that my mental and emotional energy is spent very inefficiently and so makes it hard for me to do more of what I want to do in life. It also causes me to get overwhelmed really quickly because my capacity to process is that much slower. Perhaps IQ and this processing are related or perhaps not since there are people with autism who do have a high IQ, nonetheless, I am searching for a way to one increase the efficiency of this system. And also (perhaps related to increasing IQ) make my thinking brain faster, more capable, and sharper. I would love to be able to form sentences better and faster, become better at planning things, and being able to hold a big picture without it being overwhelming, and lots more that fit into that category. If you know anything about this subject, or would like to add suggestions, please feel free to do so. I would love to discuss this topic and look for solutions together. All the best, Max V
  5. You gotta feel how you feel. Maybe that sounds boring or same old, but it's the truth. You cannot start anywhere but from where you are, don't feel shame or bad about that, it just is. Work your way up slowly and invest time in the subjects of life that you are actually interested in. Eventually they will start paying dividents and give you tiny boosts of excitement here and there which eventually turns into your whole life gaining positive momentum What do you want to do? Start with that, and honor that. Love you man, wish you the best. If you ever want to reach out, feel free to do so.
  6. @Apparition of Jack I absolutely love Mushishi, it is my favourite ever created.
  7. @CreamCat Mhh, true. Find things to replace that activity with that you actually like doing. And also question, why do you want to quit in the first place?
  8. @CreamCat Those addictions are a little different to hardcore drug addictions in the sense that your body starts building up a certain tolerance and relying on them. When you quit cold turkey and depending on the amount of dose your body is used to, the withdrawal effects can be so overwhelming and intense to your body, you can end up dying. Depends on which drug, but said by Mikhaila Peterson in her latest video, the drug Jordan was using classifies as one of those with dangerous withdrawal. So, controlled lowering of intoxication at a pace your body can handle is crucial in this case.
  9. @CreamCat Don’t be ignorant. The drug he was on and other drugs like that have been said to in the worst case have lethal effects when withdrawal is too much to handle for the body.
  10. Can you do and become masterful and proficient at something without identifying to it and with it? What happens when you set out to master something without taking it as part of your self-image? Can you be as involved as someone who completely takes it as 'who they are' ?
  11. I felt so incredibly loved and safe while I watched that video. Thank God
  12. I got diagnosed with autism about 3 months ago. I’m 19 right now
  13. Yeah, when there is nothing to do or say, I become silent and observe. Many don’t understand or get confused. I think it is and imbetween stage between unconscious chatter to full authentic, present being. I feel like it’s not mature yet. Observe it, and stay with it, try to grasp what is happening. You cannot control the perspective of others so try to practice releasing resistance to this. Wish you the best.
  14. I wish you the absolute best man. Much love.