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  1. The polyphia one? I see tim henson and I click like especially with Steve Vai lol
  2. They finally gave that 100million 5meo breakthrough doses deal huh? Thanks for making it accessible
  3. I try to hydrate sleep and let it pass. But if its brutal, excedrin is the best.
  4. Well said! I still catch myself falling into people pleasing at times, then ask myself : what would I do if I were the only one watching? That brings me back to effortlessness everytime. Ive also noticed effortlessness enhances everything I do including things like basketball, making music and working out. There's no formula that can out think flow.
  5. What kind of techno? Ive been more into midtempo, bass house, some dubstep when i listen to dance music but techno trance sets are pretty cool. Totally depends on mood for me. Sometimes ill play bass to some old soul funk jams, sometimes lots of different reggae, hip hop, r&b, even guzheng music lol. Always looking for new genres. Depends on the mood fasho
  6. You guys ever try a subpac? That shit will blow your mind. Wearable sub frequencies really lets you feel music instead of hear it
  7. Visionary leadership being embodied is special. Always gonna have those who want to persist in their homeostasis. Much love to everyone trying to be better!
  8. Hours of practice, trial and error. I was curious to see your take on confidence vs competence because theres a lot of fake confidnence fronting going on these days
  9. This is true in my experience as well. Most women want love and someone they can build their life with. That type of person is whats rare and valueable. Its hard to trust a lot of men because so many have manipulative intentions. There needs to be genuine connection, passion, trust building, and willingness to change for mutual benefit. A great way for women to get to mans heart is through humor and friendship. A ton of relationships today start from something more casual with very loose, fun friendship bonds that become irresistable. Most men do not want to be guilt tripped or controlled early on so take things lightly and see if there is potential to build.
  10. Im not disagreeing entirely, but isnt confidence just a matter of not hesitating and doubting due to competence? A lot of people try to lebron james style phych themselves into being more confident and "alpha" which is a front and not authentic.
  11. Id really prefer if he didnt spend his time on this tbh. Its much easier to figure out on your own naturally than the deeper abstract topics are. Really comes down to throwing yourself out there, seeing what works and what doesnt, and learning while being as authentic as you can be. When I was in that pickup phase the largest obstacle was being to in my head too much and not aware of the unique perspective of the people I was interacting with. Focus on the process of connecting like any friend instead of thinking about the end goal of wanting to sleep with women. Also think about why you want to. Is it for self or peer validation? Is that still gonna be important to you in 5-10 years? My best tip would be to stop looking for strategies and formulas because that just leads to disconnect and anxiety in my experience. Be you, throw yourself out there and learn lol you dont wanna be in your head bro.
  12. lmfao hey man only when theres no difference between self and log ? .. in all seriousness I actually have had an awesome gf that has been willing and able to grow with me the past 5 years, so just keep being your authentic self and let reality play its cards. I definitely would have taken her for granted and ended up finding people in the wrong, places going out all the time if it werent for the actualized channel. Come surfing and do some yoga and hiking in hawaii post covid lockdown if you don't believe me
  13. Adding to this, he points out that god is everything including the devil, but watch it for yourself and then discover it for yourself instead of taking it by word or belief
  14. was really hoping leo would comment on this situation. Maybe hes making a video or maybe feels it is not his place. But a lot of us look to him for perspective and I really would love to hear his perspective
  15. Harry Mack is an incredible freestyle rapper who seems to exude a ton of high conscious qualities. It reminds me of the way leo can discuss topics freely in an entertaining manner. Is this a combination of high consciousness and dedicated work ethic? Or does it only seem high conscious due to comparison of materialistic rap? He is worth checking out, and does live streams on twitch and YouTube where you can type words for him to go off of in the live chat. Thanks for your time and thoughts ?