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  1. As inspired by Paradoxical Quotes, lets have some wisdom drops in image format! My actualized family and I will save the world and we will spread the truth! :)) Enlightenment quotes - All about love, truth, wisdom, etc!!! All the good stuff :)))) PS: I searched for Enlightenment quotes thread, but it didn't exist (Or I couldn't find it ). There is Enlightenment One-liners, but nobody is posting pics there anymore, if ever
  2. Mate if you get these sort of swings on your trades you are using way too high leverage... There are different trading strategies and I believe it is important to be more responsible rather than seek get rich quick schemes which often leave you with a get poor quick result. Proper analysis and risk to reward ratio is very important and definitely trading teaches things like patience and being able to accept losses and also get very very transparent as to how much fear and greed can influence your decisions.
  3. Some people would prefer to go to hell because at least interesting things happen. But when you're there you will be crying to get back to the boring ol "normal life"
  4. I have noticed a pattern playing out on Neo, so it might be a great opportunity to get in. All crypto charts are returning to bullish territory right now after a correction last few months. Here are some charts to show you multiple indicators we are heading upwards, at least for the short- mid term. It is better to enter on a technical analysis rather than FOMO at the next all time high or seek to buy the very bottom. Bitcoin turned around exactly on the golden ratio 61.8% fibonacci level, so that's why I believe strongly it is headed to new all time highs. The support is strong. My bitcoin analysis also supports the 100k figure, using fibonacci alone. Altcoins provide more upside opportunity % wise and it might be a great spot here for a long entry on Neo, which is also called the Chinese Ethereum. XRP breakout already happened and shows the power of the inverted head and shoulders pattern. I hope this helps someone and remember there is always risk and research the patterns and concepts I am talking about. I am into trading since 2017 so I am somewhat well versed in charts and analysis, and I recommend a technical entry here. Risk to reward is definitely skewed to the upside on this one. Cheers! Such charts are the closest thing you can get to a crystal ball
  5. David Godman is arguably one of the best to listen to on this subject, he has spent a lot of his life in studying Ramana's teachings and speaks very clearly and eloquently. This is a new video of his which I found today, so I am sharing it immediately. its very profound and concise as usual.
  6. Sometimes detox BY music is what is needed! Check out the oldies, not that new stuff. I understand about the singing songs in your mind - that's one insight from an old friend from this forum (Snick) - his insight was that whenever you keep repeating a song in your mind that's your ego at work, basically you should just notice who notices that song and you will use it for self inquiry! But yeah I have caught myself doing it many times and my wise friend's words ring in my ears not to trust this self-singing and halt it by self inquiry. Hope this helps
  7. @BipolarGrowth Do not mix poison with the milk. It will still look like milk, smell like it and taste like it, but don't expect others to drink it. Shit like this makes me want to leave this forum. You can seriously mess up someone else here, these things are not a game and you should likely keep them a bit more private. Especially if you will talk about demonic beings as if they are your friend. Wish for the old days with high consciousness threads on this forum, they are less and less now. Get yourself cleaned up. You can't play both sides
  8. Spirit does not give a F*ck what your experiments show PS: Belief is pretty important bro... Really perhaps you dont know the power of collective belief in creating reality... For me it is true because I have seen things in direct experience which cannot be proven by science. Sorry bruh! I dont like that post at all! Science is about glorifying the physical and trying to explain everything on the level of physicality. Belief is the first step of moving away from physicality before Truth. Matter<Mind<Spirit.
  9. Being is nothing! Being is Everything!
  10. In this channel, there is a lot of golden material, including Self Inquiry as taught by Sri Ramana Maharshi. But here is another point of view, to make a more whole picture of this practice. Enjoy while meditating or while falling asleep
  11. Do you think God is a wussy that wants everything easy? Thats our ego's idea, but perhaps God's character wants more from us and that is actually good for us - that is love. Think about the difference between spoilt and normal kids. Really from a limited perspective I agree with you, my ego also has a problem with this! But the real problem is my ego haha!
  12. Well read your last comment to find out
  13. basically, follow your heart but take your brain with you
  14. It was just the saying, "God knows" when you don't know something , not a statement about what is true. I thought you also meant "Who knows" as in the statement, not inquiry 😂 Wow this quote definitely rings true and I cannot possibly disprove it because its a paradoxical loop
  15. When you trying to escape the matrix but your mind is too good at creating believable illusions by pulling your ego strings
  16. lay off the shrooms bro if you are saying nothingness is a bundle of sensations thats some mad-talk. The page is the page and will remain the page when the text is deleted.
  17. Even still, no one has authority over God. It is so infinite that no one entity can speak about it with accuracy from where I'm standing. I listen to Ramana and other spiritual teachers, but I don't take all words as gold. Have to remember that they are all human and make errors. In maths those errors can be proven, but when we are not dealing with an exact science, those errors will slide and will get spread like a virus. God knows nothing? You know nothing, John Snow! Big respect for Ramana and his Self Inquiry pointings. Dont take all words of gurus as golden truth. I can call bullshit on anyone, even Buddha, when I see it. That doesnt mean they werent profound, but when you put yourself out there, you are bound to make mistakes also. Just a simple example, there are these tricky math questions on YouTube and people in the comments usually speak complete BS out of ignorance, but there are many likes and groupthink and if it wasnt maths, those BS comments would be considered truth. Well.... You can see how a subject as big as God, we have to be extremely careful and its not as easy to verify - see you are asking others what they think, and if they agree, you will agree... And since Ramana said it, you agree...
  18. I doubt Ramana Maharshi has said this. Usually when people talked about God in front of him, he made sure to turn them back to the self investigation and said not to concern themselves with God. At least from what I have heard and read from Ramana. Anyone can write up any quote and put it as if someone from the past has said it - Einstein.
  19. Thats an inspiration for others on this forum to start semen retention /Brahmacharya. And really we have all made mistakes, it is human. All that matters is what you will do now, we can't change the past. Kudos on the 5 months.