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  1. Did you just try to explain away the mystery? That's silly you think too much
  2. If he says too little you will say "not enough" if he says a lot " thats too much" He's supposed to say nothing at all and look mysterious and all, but then you get no clue whether his awakening has any depth... To me, whenever Leo asks "What did you become conscious of?" in such threads I always feel like there is no correct answer, you will either look like you're trying hard to prove your enlightenment, or you will not give enough proof that you are enlightened. It surprised me, but Leo answered positively to the reply! Oh my
  3. As inspired by Paradoxical Quotes, lets have some wisdom drops in image format! My actualized family and I will save the world and we will spread the truth! :)) Enlightenment quotes - All about love, truth, wisdom, etc!!! All the good stuff :)))) PS: I searched for Enlightenment quotes thread, but it didn't exist (Or I couldn't find it ). There is Enlightenment One-liners, but nobody is posting pics there anymore, if ever
  4. Sometimes boring is better than interesting. In fact thats what you want, you just need to appreciate all the space you have been given right now. Its only boring because you are not aware enough to appreciate the space and all the possibilities within it
  5. If you are conscious, you are aware. Its the same thing. Not talking about the degree to which you are aware. For some awareness may be a circle shrinked to the point of a dot, but its there to be expanded, for others its a bigger and bigger circle. Babies are conscious and aware, they are just not developed mentally to make sense of anything. As Ekhart says, babies and animals are below the level of thinking, but that doesnt mean they are not aware. In fact the lack of thinking can be an argument they are more aware than the average adult.
  6. For the part of your comment above the pillow. Obviously, whatever happened, appeared in your awareness or you wouldnt know about it or be able to speak of it. So there is your evidence that you were there! Maybe not the you you take yourself to be, but you were definitely there, if we are to speak factually.
  7. False analogy, in dream if conscious enough you can indeed say "I am in a dream" and that's what lucidity is. I would think Awakening means you are Lucid dreaming, and not just dreaming. Aware-ing of awareness is automatic, I have no idea what thing you must have experienced to say you "dont know" while you're experiencing it... Knowing and awareness are synonymous in this case. You are either aware and there or unconscious/unaware and not there - you cant have both. What you are pointing at is you probably temporarily shrinked your awareness, that's the opposite of the goal of Spiritual work.
  8. I think you're too deep in the rabbit hole. How did you cease to exist if you were aware of anything at all or absence of anything (in this case the absence of you) ? You don't bullsh`t a bullsh`tter with nondual paradoxes.
  9. @RMQualtrough Your soul, my soul and everyone else on and the world (and every other being's soul, including animals) are working together in holding and co-creating this life. We intertwine and interact with each other. My feeble mind cannot begin to comprehend the details of it all, but experientially it can be seen that we are all making form matter (as in, it matters that there is something - it matters that there is food on your plate for example - if there wasnt your individual soul, it wouldnt matter whether there's food on your plate or stones). You say there is no I, but the soul, the very wrapping of your experience right now is You. There is no This or That or Here or There, without a YOU. And it is the same for Me. Spacetime is real in this life we experience, thats how we interact with each other and can have this conversation. Who is having a conversation? Two Souls. We are not one Scizophrenic Soul talking to itself. God works in mysterious ways. Balancing sometimes means that we have to keep moving, because in reality you can't really keep a perfect 50-50 balance and sometimes it will tip to one side, and if you try to correct, it will start tipping to the other side. So best course of action is to keep adjusting and adjusting, and never stopping, an infinite game of balance called life. If you say No I, I say I, if you say I, I say No I , that's me continuing the game, because otherwise you've reached "the end" and that means the seesaw has stopped moving and is not balanced. Confusing isn;t it
  10. Found that funny folder in my PC with the good stuff. Kids describe Leo on frog juice
  11. Searched Leo Gura on google just to see what comes up: "Leo Gura is God. He also has a part-time job as a mystic self help Youtuber and course instructor where his low IQ mindless drones know him simply as "Leo". " That's the funniest shit ever! 😂
  12. Here you are a nice VIpassana guided meditation. PS: Girl has Shaman blood in her. she's a good guide.
  13. I've noticed there isnt a dreams mega thread, even though dreams can be very much like trips. If there are enough interested in sharing and discussing dreams here, mods can add mega thread label to it, but for now I will just leave it, because it might not be that popular. Foreword: I've had insane dreams including Eckhart Tolle, Leo, but i wont write about those because they are from a few years back. But i will mention that they were very profound and were like pointers to the absolute. I often wondered whether the characters in those dreams were really figments of my imagination or real, because Eckhart and Leo really acted as themselves. I fully believe such dreams come from higher up/very deep with intent to teach or show us something, because they are way too elaborate and meaningful. Please share your own that you would classify as that, anything that includes magic/witches/representations of infinity/spiritual teachers/angels/demons all of it. Actual dream: Last night my dream began like a normal dream where I was running away and trying to hide from someone. They kept on finding me , even though they shouldn't have as I was making sure to hide really well and run in a way so they cant see me. I got quite annoyed as it was like they were cheating, and I kept trying to run away when they catch me. It was innocent and fun at first, but later it turned into a nightmare... At one point, I saw Janette McCurdy (the actress) and she was "acting" with others, but in a very malicious way and it was like the others had no right to fight back properly and she kept on laughing and having fun with them any way she liked and laughing at their inability to do anything about it. I was high up on a roof and looking down at this and felt disgusted and angry for them. She was having a blast though! That was when the dream moved into a full on nightmare... I saw this huge and creepy priest who presented himself to one black woman who was pledging her allegiance to him. He said he was the head Mason or something of that nature and then looked directly at me in a very creepy way. Huge red flags popped in my head I felt like i was in the wrong place, even though the whole dream I was half lucid and knew, without thinking about it, that it was all just a dream. But this felt so much more real and all of a sudden I felt my third eye area burning and pulsating while he was looking at me. I immediately started to run and try to hide, but this time as they were chasing me, they were laughing, in the way Janette was "acting" earlier and they were calling me out like a dog and laughing at my attempts to escape. I was caught and they started calling me sweet names while tickling me viciously (dont laugh haha) and trying to force feed me horrible food and appeared like they were treating me like a "sweet puppy", but I was horrified and helpless. They were all female by the way, I might have stepped on some witch's turf. It was horrific, one of the worst nightmares I have ever had since childhood, because not only I was being abused, but at the same time they were all sounding so innocent as if they were playing with and loving a real puppy. They kept saying who's a good doggy, and I cried out at one point, I clearly remember this: "I am not a dog, I am a human being!" and was crying tears and trying to push them away but kept failing and they kept laughing...... As they were force feeding me horrible food, they were shouting menacingly to "EAT IT" and laughing, and tickling me, which felt real, I am really ticklish to death.... And I've had dreams in my childhood of demons with millions of fingers tickling me and it felt worse than death, because you can't escape..... I think it was at that point that I woke up and was so thankful that I did... It felt like hell, even so much so that now if you read this, you would not think that it was this horrible as I am trying out to make it...People pretending to be good and doing you harm while pretending are so much worse psychologically speaking... They would be those people in society which everyone thinks they are good, but in the shadows they are doing horrific things that no one will find out about (at least that's what they believe). I wonder if anyone here has had a dream where they felt their third eye pulsating? That shit freaked me out seriously because I know this sensation from real life and usually in dreams I would not feel real sensations... It was like after the third eye activation, in the dream, I was more real there and they could finally abuse me for real...... Crazy AF, now I need to go pray or something... Looking forward to reading anyone elses epic dreams, perhaps something more positive and less illuminati and evil witch related to balance it out haha!
  14. You in love with existence, till you aint - Party pooper To be honest, it's all fun and games, but imagine the following. Now if given the chance , you want to be eternal or not, you would probably wish "Yes, ofcourse", but here's the catch, they didn't say whether you will be eternal in heaven/earth or hell. If you are eternally in Heaven now that's the dream right? Then if you are eternally on earthly like realm its great OK, there will be hardships there will be good times, its awesome overall not too bad and you will learn a lot. But if you are eternally in hell, there's a problem now.... The problem can be seen immediately, if you are in hell, you will beg to be dead! And some people are in "hell on earth" so they would not be so happy about existence, hence suicides exist... Its an attempt to escape from existence. But maybe it doesn't succeed, I am not in the position to say.
  15. Oh yes the Masons were white male and very large, like half giants, but they were not the ones who chased me. Thats really striking that two different people can have so similar experience in dream... begs the question of it having some sort of reality to it..
  16. Found this bad trip report on youtube while listening to horror stories and such. Insane, but in line with some things I have experienced during my own "trip" that was non drug induced and turned sour. I am not as good at representing my experiences in words, but listening to this experience I can draw so many parallels, like when he talks about the machine which for me was like a quantum computer that I thought I was communicating with and also about the homosexual demons... lol... But my experience, since it wasnt LSD induced, was quite a lot more realistic, I did not see demons, it was real people. Everything was realistic, as real as it can get, I just thought I was in another dimension but enough rambling about my experience which I cannot represent well enough in words anyway lol. Listen from the timestamp if you are interested in these! Its very good and whoever wrote it has a way with words
  17. I find it easier to write a program to raise the vibration of the universe in all directions and dimensions than to clean my room hehe
  18. Isn't that gaslighting right here, to tell me what i imagined or not.. Obviously for some you guys everything is imaginary even me eating breakfast. So no point debating much further. These experiences of meeting these beings were as real as eating food today is - thats what I would say. And not so fast.. Its just a story you're telling me and there is no evidence, I directly disprove it in my direct experience but sadly I cannot show you footage. And even if I did, your belief that its imaginary will prevail again, because thats the weed belief you keep feeding (yes from my view its just a belief system you're showing here). If one is even half awake, they know they don't know. It seems pretty egoic to think you are alone, and being God too... Spirituality was about at least lowering the ego, right, not become the one and only ego in existence lmao. I prefer people just say they are nothing or ask "who?".
  19. That's a word, I want hard evidence I have spoken to beings who had access to a hive mind and who could read my mind and have also spoken with the devil who took over my friend once. Very intelligent dude I must say, he can trick you into anything. (i am not joking about these things, but would you believe me at my word? I have no evidence for you, just hearsay like yourself) My awareness is different to your awareness, because mine has a different quality attached: a bullshit detector ♥