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  1. Did you just try to explain away the mystery? That's silly you think too much
  2. If he says too little you will say "not enough" if he says a lot " thats too much" He's supposed to say nothing at all and look mysterious and all, but then you get no clue whether his awakening has any depth... To me, whenever Leo asks "What did you become conscious of?" in such threads I always feel like there is no correct answer, you will either look like you're trying hard to prove your enlightenment, or you will not give enough proof that you are enlightened. It surprised me, but Leo answered positively to the reply! Oh my
  3. Sometimes boring is better than interesting. In fact thats what you want, you just need to appreciate all the space you have been given right now. Its only boring because you are not aware enough to appreciate the space and all the possibilities within it
  4. If you are conscious, you are aware. Its the same thing. Not talking about the degree to which you are aware. For some awareness may be a circle shrinked to the point of a dot, but its there to be expanded, for others its a bigger and bigger circle. Babies are conscious and aware, they are just not developed mentally to make sense of anything. As Ekhart says, babies and animals are below the level of thinking, but that doesnt mean they are not aware. In fact the lack of thinking can be an argument they are more aware than the average adult.
  5. For the part of your comment above the pillow. Obviously, whatever happened, appeared in your awareness or you wouldnt know about it or be able to speak of it. So there is your evidence that you were there! Maybe not the you you take yourself to be, but you were definitely there, if we are to speak factually.
  6. False analogy, in dream if conscious enough you can indeed say "I am in a dream" and that's what lucidity is. I would think Awakening means you are Lucid dreaming, and not just dreaming. Aware-ing of awareness is automatic, I have no idea what thing you must have experienced to say you "dont know" while you're experiencing it... Knowing and awareness are synonymous in this case. You are either aware and there or unconscious/unaware and not there - you cant have both. What you are pointing at is you probably temporarily shrinked your awareness, that's the opposite of the goal of Spiritual work.
  7. I think you're too deep in the rabbit hole. How did you cease to exist if you were aware of anything at all or absence of anything (in this case the absence of you) ? You don't bullsh`t a bullsh`tter with nondual paradoxes.
  8. @RMQualtrough Your soul, my soul and everyone else on and the world (and every other being's soul, including animals) are working together in holding and co-creating this life. We intertwine and interact with each other. My feeble mind cannot begin to comprehend the details of it all, but experientially it can be seen that we are all making form matter (as in, it matters that there is something - it matters that there is food on your plate for example - if there wasnt your individual soul, it wouldnt matter whether there's food on your plate or stones). You say there is no I, but the soul, the very wrapping of your experience right now is You. There is no This or That or Here or There, without a YOU. And it is the same for Me. Spacetime is real in this life we experience, thats how we interact with each other and can have this conversation. Who is having a conversation? Two Souls. We are not one Scizophrenic Soul talking to itself. God works in mysterious ways. Balancing sometimes means that we have to keep moving, because in reality you can't really keep a perfect 50-50 balance and sometimes it will tip to one side, and if you try to correct, it will start tipping to the other side. So best course of action is to keep adjusting and adjusting, and never stopping, an infinite game of balance called life. If you say No I, I say I, if you say I, I say No I , that's me continuing the game, because otherwise you've reached "the end" and that means the seesaw has stopped moving and is not balanced. Confusing isn;t it
  9. Found that funny folder in my PC with the good stuff. Kids describe Leo on frog juice
  10. Searched Leo Gura on google just to see what comes up: "Leo Gura is God. He also has a part-time job as a mystic self help Youtuber and course instructor where his low IQ mindless drones know him simply as "Leo". " That's the funniest shit ever! 😂