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  1. @Leo Gura Also thought's just a tool, the trap would be to overly attach to the number. Altough so far I found the Enneagram to be more helpful and accurate then MBTI. @Girzo It's useful to make us see that what we believed to be personal aspects of ourselves are really just impersonal habitual tendencies. Even the most intimate thoughts/feelings/habits/preferences of behavior are not really personal. This makes it more easy to become aware of them and to disidentify. I think this was the original idea of the Enneagram, and in that sense I believe it can be of good assistance to meditative and yogic practices
  2. Hey, are there some people here who have done research and have experience with the Enneagram? I never really resonated much with these personality type indicators, because it is only able to describe the ego, and I thought it was a waste of time since the goal is to become free of it. But the Enneagram describes the human personality in 9 different forms of pathological fixation, basically 9 ways to cope with the basic underlying terror every human is facing: Fear of death and fear of helplessness/powerlessness. There seem to be 9 strategies of defense, subdivided into the 3 categories Thinking, Feeling, Instinctive. And I was very surprised at how accurate the type which seems to be mine (Type 5) was describing me. The idea is to identify your type so that you become aware of your specific defense dynamic/patterns of unconscious and destructive behavior, and then to transcend the dimension of personality and to realize infinity. My question to people who have some experience with this system: Has it really helped you to become more aware of your habitual patterns and first and foremost to change them? Or was it a dead end?
  3. @egoless I think in this case it's not possible to receive any advice of real value from someone else. There are various strategic approaches like "try to slowly build your LP as a side business and then switch if you are more sure of it". But all of these advices have no real essence or soul behind it (altough they have it's place at times). I think you should contemplate death..death and clarity are the same. So if you want clarity about your life, ask death
  4. @egoless If it's not authentic and you are influenced by all this stuff, have trust that you will recognize this "mistake" sooner or later. That's what I meant. Imo, it's a trap to wait for absolute 100% certainty and then declare "I have forever found my Life Purpose". There is always the possibility that you find something different later. But being interested and passionate for something for 2 years is in itself already sort of a hint. I mean, somebody who likes Painting, and is painting everyday for years could also have been influenced by his parents or something. And in this case the inauthenticity will make itself appearent somehow. So I would just pursue your current interests and trust that life will show you if there is something not right. And then you will have gained new experience and can transition into the new thing. But there is really nothing to lose if you 1. Do what you like in this moment at this time and 2. Try to get what you want in this moment at this time and stage of development
  5. @egoless "Forever" is a quantity box that is unknowable. You want to find [authentic LP] and put it in the box [forever continues to be authentic LP]. Why the need to pin everything down absolutely with the nails of certainty? You can only try to do what you like now and try to get what you want now, paradoxically, forever. But making the object [LP forever] out of these two things doesn't make much sense imo.
  6. @Shin IMO, it's the disney fantasy of the special relationship taken to the extreme. It all comes down to the same thing: finding a special other, being seen as special in the mind of a special other, and having something special together. There are no special animals.
  7. This is Ben Smythe/Jack Saturday on the idea of finding a Life Purpose. If you listen carefully and are currently trying to find a Life Purpose, you might get another perspective from which to approach this "problem". The whole setup of trying to find a LP might be the exact mindset clouding the realization of what you really love to do.
  8. @daniel695 It's the same with Alien abductions for example. Very hard to differentiate if real aliens abducted the person or it was psychotic hallucination. It requires a very high and subtle level of discernment to distuingish real and unreal in these cases. The current paradigm of western psychology doesn't allow these things to be real, so it discounts all as psychotic episodes. But that's the same attitude as the Church who refused to look through galileos telescope
  9. @electroBeam The way I reconciled this so far is in seeing this reality as a materialism simulation. Reality is not absolutely material, but we seem to have here a very, very, very, very authentic simulation/hologram of how it would be if materialism is the truth of reality. And things like "how can it be that the monitor is exactly the same when I look at it again?" is just underestimating the intention of the simulation to appear real. This force of [making something that is not true appear as if it's not true] is infinitely intelligent and is outsmarting even god in a sense. It's a huge mistake to underestimate the power of deception
  10. @PsiloPutty Omegle is also a great tool for the same reasons.
  11. @Nahm Very fascinating stuff indeed. I hesitate at the moment to go deeper into it though, need to focus my time on more practical aspects for now. Isn't everything superposition? The stuff you (seemingly) know about and the stuff you don't know about. And everything you can't even imagine. Even an unopened google tab. All is unknown ultimately, even if we think we know "google" by calling it "google" and describing it as a "search engine". But what is it really, existentially??
  12. @Outer I can't explain it with my own words to be honest. This video does a good job in explaining it. (btw, I don't want to imply here that I have the final perspective or even average knowledge of QM. I really don't know jackshit about it, being a absolute layman. Just get triggered every time by this "debunking" dead end straw man of materialists. It's not that simple...) We shouldn't jump too fast on any interpretation of QM experiments.
  13. @Outer The people who say"no, it's not consciousness you new age woo woo people! It's the measurement devices!" are not as smart and "debunking" as they think they are. Search for "Delayed Choice Quantum Eraser". Quote: "You don't have to interact with the particle/wave through measuring at the slits to effect a change. Merely being able to DEDUCE what happened at a particular set of slits - by virtue of the experiment's design - causes the "wave" to manifest as particle. In addition, erasing, after the fact, our ability to deduce the "which slit" information, via the system design, renders a wave result. The only thing in play in this case is human awareness - not a measuring instrument interacting with the particle"