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  1. @Marinus It's a psychosomatic condition called Paruresis - Basically a specification of social anxiety. The stress and tension constrict the sphincter and this leads to the inability of emptying the bladder. This condition can occur in various degrees...some people can't even pee when they are at home in their own toilet when they are people in the room next to them. What can help are relaxation and visualization techniques like autogenitc training for example. Also you really have to contemplate into the matter of how the thoughts of other people are affecting you. Make a commitment with yourself to reach absolute social freedom in this lifetime or die trying
  2. Just wanted to share a short insight I had today Last night I had a dream where I lost something. I can't remember exactly what it was...but it was something of perceived value, like my smartphone or my wallet. I was searching for it desperately but couldn't find it. As I woke up, the feeling of -something important is missing and you have to find it- was still there for a few seconds... kinda in the mode where you are half asleep and half awake. Then I forgot about it. In the shower the memory came up again, together with the realization that that's what I'm doing my whole life: I'm searching for something important to complete me. But the important thing exists only in the dream of my life story. In the dream of thoughts. There isn't actually anything missing right now. There was never anything missing outside the thought-dream. I only dreamed up that something was missing. Dreamed up approval, the perfect girlfriend, enlightenment, the ultimate state of health, etc... Thinking I can find "it" in these things is the same as wanting to go back to my night's dream to find the smartphone/wallet and finally achieve contentment
  3. @Jonson I think this video can give you a helpful perspective
  4. @Nahm But their individuality/personality is also only appearing in you. It's a facet of you. It's like: "Oh, I can be this way. and this way. and this way. and WOW! I didn't consider I am this too!" When you say you have levels of them in your mind, isn't it all you dividing yourself into levels? On the other hand, if I only take the ontological reality without buying into the mind, it's basically a variation of solipsism. which I notice my mind wants to go there sometimes out of fear of the other. -The other- is a complex phenomenon. How do you reconcile -the other- with realizations of no objective world existing, and nothing outside of experience existing? Where is the other?? And what is the difference between -the other- in a dream and -the other- in "normal" reality? Thank you! You always get me interested to learn more about quantum physics Because of your descriptions it seems that is has actual value in life. Often I see the mentality "This is what we found out about reality in our experiments. Now let's get back to "real life" and act as if nothing happened and that it only applies to the laboratory!" @Natasha Yea, I think empathy is really the degree of being able to connect with another. Connect to their feelings/emotions/thoughts. The greater the degree of "strangeness" or separation, the lesser the ability to connect and empathise and the more fear one feels. The question is: What is this connecting really? On what dimension does it take place? And can we ever be entirely free of the feeling of separation? Nonduality says yes. But I don't know to what degree this is an idealistic absolute statement. In the end we still have to defend ourselves if someone attacks our body physically. Thank you!
  5. I'm struggling with this at the moment. In direct experience, you could say that others are me. I only have the perception, the voice and my assumptions of their thoughts and intentions (which are actually my thoughts). Now, the experience of "another" seems to arise in me (In experience that I am having), and therefore the other and me are one. Other bodies are, like my own body, and basically everything, facets...metaphors...exemplars of the (no)-self out of a range of infinite metaphors - So everything is the one self. My problem is this: The "other" is not the body, not the language, not the thoughts. It's the mystery of another perspective, another experience of reality taking place, the inaccessible question mark of and if another perceiving is happening. And this perspective or experience is not my own -> there is separation. When I see others as myself it feels like cheating. It feels like robbing them their individuality. They become so innocent suddenly, like "Oh, you are an experience in me, you have no existence outside of this experience" It almost has a solipsistic flair. So yes, everything I have of them (perception/thought/language) is me you could say. But what about the inaccessible consciousness? It's what keeps the separation and feeling of fear intact. Can anybody relate to this?
  6. @Ilya It's not possible imo. But you have to notice that yourself by seeing how futile it is to try to "convince" people of this path. Atleast that's my experience
  7. @Mr Memposito I agree with the video. I also don't understand the necessity of making an impact. Escpecially because Leo's knowledge is that there exists no world, so on what to have an impact? "The world doesn't exist, but you should still have an impact on it!" My take on this: The important part on having an impact is not really the impact on the planet/people/whatever itself but the mastery process and trying to become world class in what you love <- thats where the juice is...thats where the fun and the motivation comes from. The impact of this process follows as a consequence or not, but is not the main goal or even important.
  8. @electroBeam Maya or the virtual reality itself could be eternal, but no virtual perception alone is eternal in experience. Every object comes in and out of experience and is therefore not permanent. So the specific formations of pixels/maya/vg are temporary hallucinations, while the creative power to create these hallucinations could still be permanent
  9. @momo When you dream and the grass is wet, does it mean it actually rained in the dreamed world before? When you leave the dream, where has the dream taken place? The occurence of the dream is not localizable in physical space. In the dream you where in berlin. when you woke up from the dream, where did the whole dream world go? It appeared "in" a non-localizable consciousness and was made out of nothing. The ego makes a false distinction between a dream and "ordinary reality" to defend it's assumed existence and constructed safety-net of a personal life story, and to avoid recognizing the unbearable reality of it's utter non-being, not knowing, and meaninglessness
  10. All we have is experience. Whoever is experiencing this text right now: If you look away or close your eyes, where is your experience of the forum on the computer screen? This experience here right now could not be without you. The "mind" says the text must still be there, because it's whole nature is to deduce everything that appears as a causal chain and logical laws. But only because there is an apparent causality, doesn't mean that there is an "actual" causality in the way the mind interprets the reason for continuity in events. It is not that hard to imagine that reality is able to create everything it wants without the need for the type of causality the mind sees as necessary. It is reality after all! It exists out of nowhere in a mysterious way! So why do you say "No, for a continuity in events like [closing eyes] -> [opening eyes] there has to be something real there in the meantime? Why do you set this condition as essential in a mysteriously appearing reality that IS without any logical reason for it to be in the first place? I think some people underestimate reality
  11. I start dancing to joyful music (I can't dance at all, but if you let the body, it moves automatically ) While I dance, I think: How bad can the problem really be if I'm still able to dance like this? It's not like a bear is attacking me or a volcano is destroying my house (better not do it when these things happen) Try it yourself
  12. @egoeimai How could something that is, be wrong? That's the assumption behind a problem. And assumptions are created in the mind
  13. @egoless Why shouldn't you be blinded by it if it is an illusion? The whole point of an illusion is to be perceived as real. Otherwise it would not be an illusion. If no free will exists, then it doesn't matter if you force it, because even the forcing is part of the happening. The best move imo is to pretend like everybody that you have free will, because that is just your current perceived reality. I think Adyashanti said "The ego starts the journey to enlightenment and truth finishes it"