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  1. @Nahm He says "try for yourself and feel free to disagree". But I found his stories about clients he had where things backfired very interesting. It isn't that he thinks that the personality is a stationary object, but more that it has a complex dynamic consisting of several unconscious beliefsystems/social circumstances/fears/wishes/etc. So when you change certain things in that system the whole system changes and adapts. There are sometimes dynamics for example where one is focusing or fixating on thoughts that ultimately do not serve them, but still one is continuing holding on because they are getting something out of it. (Like a victim mentality: It doesn't do good, but the fixating on a bullying, negative world that want you see suffer is prefered to having to face fear and admit mistakes)
  2. @Nahm Did you "purify" or uncover your unconscious negative thoughts/beliefs before/during practicing positive thinking? I'm asking because I watched this video recently He states that it will not work if you just cover your deep rooted convictions about yourself with a superficial layer of positive thinking, because the different personality-fragments will be in conflict and find expression sooner or later (simplified). He bases this statement on years of observation as a hypnotherapist
  3. @Dharam Your time was not wasted. That's a bullshit story you are telling yourself. Actually, the regret could be a defense mechanism having it's roots in fear of taking action now. Do you want to spend your energy and time now in dwelling over the past and regret, or actually do what you want to do and spend the energy creativily? The regret story is an unconscious ego-maneuver to justify staying in old patterns. "Oh had I just known this, my past would have been glorious and I would be perfectly happy and proud now looking back; but since this is not the case, I'm unhappy, because my life story should be better/more complete/contain more success/contain less of what I'm ashamed of/etc. Since I wasted all this time, I would forever be behind of where I could be, and the awareness that a more successfull past could have been possible is hitting me so hard that it feels futile to take action now" All this had/would/should/could is just you arguing with reality. It's a pure fantasy story like Harry Potter (Look up Leos video "Stop moralizing") You have to call bullshit on the part in you that wants yesterday to be different instead of doing what you want to do now. It's just a story; the past doesn't even exist except in the telling of the story.
  4. @Dizzy I have no experience with something like this. But what I found out is that whenever there is negative energy, it is there for a reason. And it is (imo) not enough to assume or speculate on a intellectual, superficial manner about the source of it. You have to shine your concentrated awareness on it. Just experience the energy and look where it takes you, and be patient (but usually it doesn't take long). The energy is the conscious consequence of unconscious personality-fragments and belief structures. You have to go to the underlying core. "What is this feeling? What fuels it? Which part of me is resisting?" This is what I would try first. I've adopted the attitude to view everything that happens to me as a lesson to reveal something. Even simple things like feeling uncomfortable when somebody looked at me in the grocery store. It's really surprising and quite shocking often to see what mechanisms where running all this time in the organism and steered your behavior and emotional responses. Best wishes
  5. @Scholar
  6. @Nahm Thanks dude. Maybe I'm paradigm locked. But as I said, I ultimately don't know what's true (Even if my attempt to explain the opposite perspective might seem like I think I do ) I just don't understand how you can be so confident about it and absolutely sure of it, so that you dismiss all doubts who point to the "nobody is in control" perspective. Seems like you don't think that absolute truth exists, but that everyone can just decide for themselves what's true. For example deciding that it's true for me that I'm a giant megalodon living in the ocean right now. Have you any other good sources of quantum mechanics to share? any digestible books or other videos like that? I find it very interesting
  7. @Alicja_ I wouldn't press this whole personal development thing in a category and subset of specific actions and thought patterns. You started your journey on this path and know that it exists. You take it seriously, even if there are phases where [specific subset of action patterns] not happen for a while. Your whole life is a process of personal development, it isn't limited to what you have read in a book or a video, or even what you project into this category. How do you know that this phase you are in right now isn't contributing more to your growth then any studying of theory? My advice: Keep things simple and don't pressure yourself. Stop telling yourself the story that you fell of the wagon and should as fast as possible return to [specific subset of action patterns] and that something bad will happen if you don't. The motivation will return on it's own, you can't "should" yourself into it. That will only produce guilt and neurotic worry. I can't recommend this video enough:
  8. @Leo Gura Do you still sometimes have periods of doubt about nonduality and fall back into assumptions of the "old" paradigm? If yes, how do you deal with such periods?
  9. @Nahm "You are a sleeping sheep while I'm awake and see things clearly!" Nobody knows why one fat kid chooses different then the other. In one the impusle and will to change arises and in the other it doesn't. The origin of the impusle is unknowable and has probably infinite causes. It's like saying: 2 healthy hearts in a 30 year old beat. Both eat healthy food and do sports. One heart stops beating while the other doesn't. Did the heart chose to stop beating? No; there isn't even an inherent heart able to chose anything. Various causes led to the event [heart stops pumping blood]. similarly, there isn't any inherent "I" that is able to choose anything. What would a choice be anyway? A choice is just the story/thought that events could have been played out different as they did. The innermost intimate feeling of a chooser is in itself just a sensation arising. Choosing is a mechanism. It is always "chosen" what seems to be the best choice given the available data and existing conditioning. No, I don't believe to be a physical entity in an objective world. What you are describing is relative experience. Yes, any "individual" lives in it's own reality, and things are experienced in the way the individuals perspective on reality is. Take for example the ego. It's an assumed construct consisting of thoughts/sensations/images/beliefs. But for someone who never heard of nonduality/spirituality/etc, the ego is not just a construct but a taken for granted living reality. It is his experience that he is a person living in a material world. But his experience is only ever be an experience. And no experience is absolutely true. Just a relative or individual or temporary feeling. Reality is fundamentally unknown. All choice happens within a bubble of a conceptual or assumed reality and of collected data. But since we are living in this thin spontanious layer of NOW, we can't ever actually choose, but only tell ourselves the story that we can. Choosing happens in a thought cloud of [time, memory, future projections, assumed outcomes, chooser] <- but all this is just a web of reinforcing interactions arising in the matrix of mind. Which is itself just a projection and interpretation of the unknowable reality of existing. And so is quantum physics and the double slit experiment. Ultimately they underlie the belief that observed symbols/patterns/causalities are able to explain with the intellect that in which these symbols/patterns/causalites arise in. Which is just a belief
  10. @Nahm Very interesting video! You seem to be on a crusade for free will though. I remember many posts of you arguing for free will. Are you not suspicious of that yourself? smells like some fragment could resisting the possibility that no free will is existent. I'm not claiming to know the answer. But I don't understand why you seem so convinced of it and disregarding the opposite position as ignorant and egoic. Yes, it's easy to just say "Ah science is just a concept and it's ultimately all false" But it's also easy to cherry pick the aspects science that proves ones beliefs. I'm sure there are a lot of experiments that point in the other direction. For me, reality seems way to complex to control. I don't even have control of most of the body functions. And there are so many unknown and complex variables beyond my comprehension. Besides all that, I didn't find an observer. Just reality happening and living itself. Like a movie watching itself or a dream just appearing.
  11. Maybe this would be like a psychedelic Mahasamadhi
  12. @PetarKa Isn't it wonderful? It doesn't matter how one spends his lifetime: miserable, fullfilled, pathetic, anxious, depressed, joyful, lost, ... Total freedom! Nobody cares what you do. No "higher" meaning dictating anything. No jury at the end of life where you have to hand in your life, so somebody can judge if it was a good life or not. "I better be fullfilled in life and make the most of it, so that I get my degree and official certificate of a "good life"". As a child you just played, seeing miracles everywhere, entranced by life. Then you entered the neurotic school system, where every thing had to have a purpose for some later point where this "very important" previous actions where tested. Suddenly everything is so serious, because some external authority is judging you. Now you have the possibility to find this awe for life again and enjoy your freedom, without a superimposed important meaning. You even have the freedom to kill yourself. Notice how easy it would be... no big deal. Not as hard as people make it. But why do it? Just play with the thought that you could do it everytime and look what arises. "Ah ok, yea I could hang myself now...But I can also do this and that and someday maybe see this place..." And all of it without fear because you made friendship with death and have absolutely nothing to lose. Freedom is the only thing there is. The freedom of choosing your mode and perspective of living. Ranging from ecstatic wonder to neurotic search for meaning. I wonder though why someone would choose the latter?
  13. Leo Gura = Enki the wicked confirmed
  14. whaddya think boys and girls? My suspicion is that infinity is inside awareness. How else could we become conscious of infinity? But how could infinity be infinite if it's limited to awareness?
  15. @PetarKa Ask yourself which part of you so desperately wants a meaning. What would this meaning be anyway? Pointlessness is in itself pointless, it has no inherent meaning. It is neither negative nor positive. So why did you decide to judge it negatively? Investigate your beliefstructure about why meaninglessness is a bad thing for you. dig until you hit the core