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  1. @Preetom I believe we are in terrain now where language is reaching it's limit. I want to thank you for the honest talk! enjoyed it and learned something
  2. @Preetom 'Liberation' might be a more accurate concept. But if liberation really is possible it can only be from the desire of wanting to be alive. As long as the desire to survive is active the fear of death must be active also. Only if I don't care anymore about cancer, aids, alzheimers, losing arms/legs, becoming blind/deaf, homelessness, losing everything, old age - can I be liberated. Then I don't need the term "enlightenment" anymore, I just need to acknowledge that all of this can literally happen and there is no escape.
  3. @Preetom No rudeness perceived! The interpretation thing is a valid point. I'm not sure though if there is the one final 'happy ending' interpretation.
  4. The truth must always be the case or it's not the truth. You can't escape the truth. Even pretending to not know it and having to find it is the truth. And yes, even paying for something that you already are is the truth. So in the absolute sense there is no problem with that.
  5. @Preetomthe ego taking it seriously can never be a good thing. Thats the classic maharshi metaphor: "a thief will dress as a policeman and convince you to help catch the thief!" Anyway, I just wanted to say with that statement that finding "the absolute truth of life" will not free anyone from the struggles and brutality of survival, since the ones who claim to have it are so obviously still in need for your money.
  6. @Preetom Well the truth must be already always the case. And they know it. "The greatest truth you can ever know - it will make you forever satisfied and solves all problems of life, we show you the way - for only 400$". They know that you already are the truth and still try to sell you the way to yourself. Every solid gym trainer is more legit than that
  7. @TomDashingPornstar Trying to run away from emptiness doesn't work. A goal can only cover it up because you project fulfillment of this empty feeling into an imaginary place that will never be reality
  8. @TomDashingPornstar This thread was the result of trying to make a priority list for my life. But then I noticed that there can ever be only two priorities: Survival and Happiness. Why do you think that we can't be happy unless we fulfill conditions for that happiness?
  9. If you make "Happiness/Satisfaction/Peace" your direct priority without making it dependend to conditions such as life purpose/girls/contribution, the only thing left is the game of dying as late as possible (If you want to live) The only question is if conditionless happiness is reallly possible in this reality. Homelessness is no joke, working at a shitty job is no joke. That's why guys like Rupert Spira/Shunyamurti/Matt Kahn/Fred Davis and so on still keep selling "the truth" for money.
  10. @Sven I was not suggesting that, but I don't think it's necessarily stupid either. I was just trying to figure out the weird puzzle of being in a specific relative situation that I did not chose to be in, yet having to act because of a primal desire that too I did not chose to have. I think there is still a resistance in me to embrace life fully. And the resistance has taken the form of having to know everything to "be ready". The strangeness of life is paralyzing for me sometimes.
  11. @YaNanNallari Yes exactly - It's one continous stream of change. So maybe there are no situations at all but just wanting different things in different apparent surroundings.
  12. @Sven I'm not sure what he means with "resolving your entire life situation, finding your place in life". Is that not going from situation A (not having a place in life) to situation B (having a place in life)? Maybe he meant being in a situation that I perceive as valuable, good, true to myself. But it would still be a situation. And I will still need things to survive even if I have "found a place in life". Ultimately there is no situation A and situation B, because no clear, sharp line of when situation B has begun and situation A has ended can really ever be drawn @YaNanNallari But the mere fact that there is a thing that can have a concept of a moment is already a very specific happening that could be described as a situation
  13. A lot of Self Actualization work is about improving ones situation in life or learning to flow with situations and circumstances instead of resisting them. But what really is a situation? Where does a situation begin and where does it end? A situation seems to be always exactly that as what somebody defines the situation to be, because there are no clear boundaries of where and with what a situation could end. Example of a situation: [Being a man and wanting to have a girlfriend]. In reality, the situation of course includes infinitely more than just that - Every atom, cell, star, forces of gravity, temperature, etc. is also part of the situation. So we seem to define our situations always in terms of survival and in terms of what we want and what we don't want (what we fear). We reduce infinity to our desires and call it "my life" or "my situation" - we dismiss everything that is not necessary for our survival needs (which makes sense of course, if you want to survive). I was asking myself this because I am currently in a position where I want to change my situation. But then I wondered, that I will just be in a next situation, and a next situation, and a next situation, and so on until death, or for eternity. There seems to be no escape of being in a very specific and relative situation. Does to be mean to be in a situation?