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  1. @tashawoodfall Sorry for just posting a video, but she explains this topic in a really great way. Can also recommend her Emotional Mastery series
  2. If I am not mistaken, the AI "cheated" in the sense that it was not affected by Fog of War. Is that correct? Still impressive tho
  3. @Paul92 There is obviously nothing wrong with that. But what led you here if you were happy with everything you had?
  4. Are you angry at the doctor for telling you that you have a disease? He just made you aware of it If the doctor is wrong, that can lead to disaster. Be glad that if Leo is wrong that's not a disaster because you have the tools to think for yourself
  5. @Aakash Why are you not going to continue doing Kriya Yoga? Just curious. Did you see results?
  6. nice one. You might like the book "Finite and Infinite Games: A Vision of Life as Play and Possibility" A few quotes from the book: “The issue here is not whether self-veiling can be avoided, or even should be avoided. Indeed, no finite play is possible without it. The issue is whether we are ever willing to drop the veil and openly acknowledge, if only to ourselves, that we have freely chosen to face the world through a mask.” “Some self-veiling is present in all finite games. Players must intentionally forget the inherently voluntary nature of their play, else all competitive effort will desert them.” “[...]Therefore, poets do not 'fit' into society, not because a place is denied them but because they do not take their 'places' seriously. They openly see its roles as theatrical, its styles as poses, its clothing costumes, its rules conventional, its crises arranged, its conflicts performed and its metaphysics ideological.” “A culture can be no stronger than its strongest myths.”
  7. Caring because you think you have to or otherwise you think you are: arrogant, guilty, egotistical, narcissistic, a bad person => Is not real "caring" because it's based on a feeling of obligation. That's just you faking something and feeling resentful for feeling obliged to be a fake. Caring as obligation and pressure feels like hell. Caring because you see that everybody is just slowly going to die, lose everything and everybody they love feels like healthy "caring" for me because it's based on compassion. Go to a mall or some crowded place and see that they are all dying, and that they are all aware of it on some level and are deeply terrified of that. Caring as intimate feeling of compassion feels like love. Why would you want to be in that "asshole-not-caring" state if you deeply see that everybody already has it hard enough behind the social fake facade
  8. @Preetom I believe we are in terrain now where language is reaching it's limit. I want to thank you for the honest talk! enjoyed it and learned something
  9. @Preetom 'Liberation' might be a more accurate concept. But if liberation really is possible it can only be from the desire of wanting to be alive. As long as the desire to survive is active the fear of death must be active also. Only if I don't care anymore about cancer, aids, alzheimers, losing arms/legs, becoming blind/deaf, homelessness, losing everything, old age - can I be liberated. Then I don't need the term "enlightenment" anymore, I just need to acknowledge that all of this can literally happen and there is no escape.
  10. @Preetom No rudeness perceived! The interpretation thing is a valid point. I'm not sure though if there is the one final 'happy ending' interpretation.
  11. The truth must always be the case or it's not the truth. You can't escape the truth. Even pretending to not know it and having to find it is the truth. And yes, even paying for something that you already are is the truth. So in the absolute sense there is no problem with that.
  12. @Preetomthe ego taking it seriously can never be a good thing. Thats the classic maharshi metaphor: "a thief will dress as a policeman and convince you to help catch the thief!" Anyway, I just wanted to say with that statement that finding "the absolute truth of life" will not free anyone from the struggles and brutality of survival, since the ones who claim to have it are so obviously still in need for your money.
  13. @Preetom Well the truth must be already always the case. And they know it. "The greatest truth you can ever know - it will make you forever satisfied and solves all problems of life, we show you the way - for only 400$". They know that you already are the truth and still try to sell you the way to yourself. Every solid gym trainer is more legit than that
  14. @TomDashingPornstar Trying to run away from emptiness doesn't work. A goal can only cover it up because you project fulfillment of this empty feeling into an imaginary place that will never be reality