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  1. Maybe this is why hell is described as a bottomless pit
  2. Hey! I was wondering. There are these more grounded guys like Rupert Spira, Francis Lucille, Peter Ralston, Paul Hedderman etc. who basically point to realizations that one can awaken to on his own. And then there are people like Abraham Hicks, Bashar, Teal Swan who claim to have metaphysical knowledge (like Law of Attraction, Reincarnation mechanisms, Aliens, Densities of reality, etc.) My question: Is it possible to also awaken to and realize for oneself those metaphysical mechanisms or laws? Or will it forever be something that we either belief or disbelief in? One possibility might be to try things like Law of Attraction and see if it works. But that wouldn't prove the Law itself would it? It could also be coincedence etc.
  3. If this void is always there, what is strong enough to supress it most of the time? Just the power of belief?
  4. I am confused with this topic. There seem to be the more "feel good" concepts about death and reincarnation like we can choose our next Incarnation and basically can do what we want after death. And that this life is a school that our soul has chosen to grow and experience even "higher" realms/experiences. That life is a eternal journey because the potential for growth is infinte. But then there are the tibetan buddhists for example who are well respected for their research and knowledge about death. In their understanding, we die as we have lived. And our whole life is basically a preparation for death. In the process of dying and death we pass through different Bardo states, and it is said that it's very difficult to maintain consciousness in these Bardos. That's why they prepare in this life (the natural bardo) for those so it's possible to escape Samsara. "If we cannot carry our practice into sleep," Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche writes. "If we lose ourselves every night, what chance do we have to be aware when death comes? Look to your experience in dreams to know how you will fare in death. Look to your experience of sleep to discover whether or not you are truly awake." What do you say? Is it possible to reconcile these concepts somehow?
  5. @Dodoster So true. Reality IS!! how sacred is this fact alone?! Remembered me on this video
  6. In my opinion: Don't guilt yourself for this losing in interest and enthusuiasm. It's probably better than the neurotic motivation of most humans. I think the desire to do something and the interest in things will come back naturally at some point. If you are happy not doing something why change it? We have to get rid of this mindset that we always have to do something imo.
  7. @Arkandeus I am. I mentioned Eckhart Tolle as example. But the "you are already enlightened" neo-advaita fraction who ridicules the more "traditional" path seems not so open minded to me personally sometimes. But this should not become a "non-duality war", I agree that for everybody there is a unique way.
  8. @Gopackgo Yes, but then why even bother about any non-duality content? Imagine a person that views Leo's video for example and then just waits for a realization without any further investigation into the topic. Not knowing anything about the mechanisms of thought, emotion, the trickiness and capability of ones own self-deception. "Ordinary" Humans are seeking happiness in the future; The seeker is seeking enlightenment in the future. But the seeker of enlightenment comes across many teachers who point to the traps and illusory attempt of the persons desire. Without an interest in the topic or without a longing for truth, one would maybe never come to this guidance and realizations. If I tell a friend who never heard about spirituality "Hey, there is only the eternal presence and you don't exist. So to stop suffering just stop pretending to be a human and just BE" I don't think it had any impact at all. Some guidance and pointers are required for most IMO.
  9. @Martin123 It was just a general statement to this topic. @Gopackgo Yes, I agree. But once you hear of this topic "Enlightenment" and know that there is something like absolute truth, you can't help but try to "seek" it, to find out what it is. Ultimately it is a pull from no-thing, no active pursuit from the Ego. But every form of activity in this regard can be viewed as seeking: Reading this forum, watching videos of Leo, self-inquiry. Ultimately there is no need for self-inquiry, because you are already it, but all this stuff has it's place at some stage of the path. In the end all has to be dropped, and in some cases like Eckhart Tolle it's just happening without all the seeking stuff. But who are we to say that it hasn't it's place and is not essential for many people? Personally, I found it to be very useful to have a conceptual and psychological understanding of non-duality and the ego's mechanisms, and to inquire and meditate. But some people may not need it. In the end it either happens or not.
  10. Of course we can run around telling people "you are enlightened, don't worry. There is nothing to do, there is no ego!" But that is of no use for anyone. What people forget is that even Paul hedderman was on a spiritual journey with all the typical traps and delusions. Would he get to the point of liberation without all this, just because someone told him "The ego is not real! It's done, don't worry"? I doubt it. All the people telling you that meditation is useless and there is nothing to do, mostly did the same thing for YEARS. So you can never say if all this didn't play a role in their awakening.
  11. Hey, So in the last weeks I'm really trying to grasp what beyond "my" experience lies. The thing is, every concept is only relative truth; it is a assumption about reality. The only thing I can be sure of is that awareness exists. The only real thing is HERE and NOW. Every other thing is an assumption. But it almost seems to me that people in this spirituality/non-duality area are like "Whoa dude, yea we are talking about absolute truth, but not THAT absolute. Here, take some concepts about other minds and experiences, are you crazy bro?!" So of course there is no ME as some solipsistic people assume. But there is HERE and NOW, and it's the ONLY thing I can be sure of. Doesn't that mean that Solipsism is absolut truth?