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  1. @Shroomdoctor Yea me neither, but from time to time the nostalgia gets me. Do you know Käptn Peng? He frequently adresses topics like nonduality and "true self" in his songs.
  2. @Shroomdoctor Lol, yesterday I started to listen to some old VBT stuff again and now you post this video here crazy coincidence. Do you know him from VBT? Watched a few videos from him years ago there but didn't follow his music since then.
  3. the current estimated world population is: 7.6 billion humans. But there is no way anyone could actually see and count all those 7.6 billion humans for himself. It is rather the case that in the field of awareness, there is an infinite number of different humans that can appear and disappear and be experienced. There might not even be a planet on which there could live 7.6 billion humans. So is the number of 7.6 billion humans just a complete made up fiction with no reality at all? Are there actually infinite human beings?
  4. @Hardkill Have you read "Models: How To Attract Women Through Honesty" by Mark Manson? Check it out if you have not. Dominant topics in the book are: Vulnerability, Non-neediness, honesty, self respect, narcisissm. From what I read in your posts you could really get value out of this book.
  5. @egoless You think there is no separation in experiencing. Yet you ask your appearances the question of why appearances exist. How could your appearances have an answer to what they are to you or why they are existing? All these appearances could do is generate more appearances in form of the "alphabet" for you.
  6. @egoless In fact, or do you just believe this because someone told you? How do you know absolutely that there is no different experience than yours happening?
  7. thats the whole point. Nobody knows anything. Not even so called nonduality teachers. How can anybody know anything about your current experience/life right now? nobody has been there yet. nobody has been you yet
  8. @Toby I cant link it for some reason, but it's called "After enlightenment, what's left, what's the point?" at around 3:50
  9. Appearances are a sort of metaphor of the self. Like: "I can be this, and this, and this, and this, and this, and this, and this, and this, and this, and this, ad infinitum". Nothingness, or the self, being pure potentiality, experiencing love with it's potential actualized. But really, what I just said is bullshit. The only correct answer would be "why not?". That's why they call it the divine play of lila. It's just a play, entertainment, total mystery. It is very very strange that anything happens. The thinking process wants to avoid this grotesque strangeness of "wtf? why??!" because that would destroy all it's games of pretending control and knowing something. You will never be able to cover up the strangeness with a story that makes sense
  10. @Nahm @Nahm You know, I had "those moments" where I realized actual Now or absolute reality. Where everything is spontaniously happening, and a playful silence underlying everything, and now distinction between observer and observed. Where reality has this weirdly slow pace of happening, and everything is here now. (really, EVERYTHING is here now). I saw it sober and on LSD, but it's all just memory story now. The physical universe comes back and it is very convincing. Especially the absurd relativity of it all. Being a monkey on a rock, living among monkeys in a city with stuff like coca cola, television... animals like butterflys existing. Bathrooms existing. Dusty corners of rooms existing. Dead spiders under a bucket existing. The relativity is almost grotesque. One view is that it's all infinity and of course it includes this relativity. In whatever "state of metaphysics" one is in, is believed to be absolute and real. Right now the physical universe seems to be a real possibility to me. Whereas a few months ago I thought otherwise. It goes back and forth, but I don't know anything for sure. The state you are describing is the final dive into what society would call "insanity", but that itself is arbitrary parameter
  11. @Nahm Every word is limiting the infinite potential/now by trying to frame it or attributing it some sort of quality. "this is like this or that" But it's just open potential and not that. Language seems to collapse at this point. But would you say "I write a text with my keyboard right now" is a self imposed limitation? In the sense that, the alphabet-noise output is doing what it's supposed to do: trying to communicate the abstraction of what appears to be happening.
  12. Leo's blog entry got me thinking. Imagine the following dialogue at the doctors office: Doctor: "I'm sorry to tell you this, but we found this advanced tumor in your brain. It's growing in a dangerously fast rate. You might not have that long to live anymore...." Patient: "Cool story bro, you should definitely write that down! Doctor: "I understand this must be shocking for you, but we will do everything we can..." Patient: "No, you don't understand. You are literally just hallucinating a story inside of this infinite hallucination machine. It has no grounding in reality whatsoever." I understand that no story is true. Because it consists of just noises made out of thin air. The noise "cancer" is not the actual unknown unspeakable phenomenon. The noise "Cancer" is supposed to be a symbol for the phenomenon. As Korzybski said "Whatever we may say will not be the objective level, which remains fundamentally un-speakable. Thus, we can sit on the object called 'a chair', but we cannot sit on the noise we made or the name we applied to that object." Now, with "objects" like a tumor, chair, pencil, etc. it is relatively easy. It's really just colour/light (But of course, not "colour"/"light" ) and it is not isolated. There are no isolated "objects". The isolated object is just created with language. "This colour-form combination is a tree!" "Really dude? Isn't it just also colour-form like, well, everything?" But what about stories like "Outside of my experience" or "death" or "soul" or "planet earth"? Do they symbolize anything? The noise "soul" might be just a noise, and not even a symbol, because what is there in actual experience that this noise is supposed to symbolize? The same goes for God. Or Nothingness. Or time. the languages cannot succeed at building a model of "reality" faster than experience occurs. What we think we observe is limited to what we can translate to each other via the slower than "reality" tool of our languages. What about "outside of my current experience" or "Objective Universe"? Might those terms symbolize something that might be a "reality"? At my current stage of contemplation I think it is forever unknown. There might be "outside of my current experience" There might be "Objective Universe". Those terms could be abstractions of something unknowable. There might be nothing seperate from consciousness, but there might aswell be. It's an open question, even if it sounds like nonduality has "figured it out" and is the final answer to consciousness. It can seem like "nonduality teachers" really know something and are the final consciousness authorities.. you gotta be fucking kidding me, lol. atleast I was believing this nonsense... It's just a desparate attempt to escape the obvious reality of slowly aging to death, paradoxically through story-telling of stopping the story-telling. So what value do stories offer us? It is neither good to ignore nor to believe in any story. But they seem to give us a valuable map for the territory (Even if you think about it, there is no map, but only territory, the map is also territory.. you know what I mean) I'm especially interested in what you guys think about concepts like "outside of my experience" "other minds" "Physical universe". Are they abstractions/symbols for something that is in one form or another a reality? Like the word "Cancer"? Or are they just noises, not words/symbols standing for nothing at all?
  13. @Leo Gura God/Reality/infinite creation itself is the fool then. It's not like there is a person inside of this infinite creation that is somehow not appreciating the generous opportunities it was given - It's reality itself who is pissing itself off. I mean, why would there be suffering at all? like, at ALL?!
  14. Came across this gem today and felt the desire to share it. "In the midst of his career as an artist and photographer, Robert Saltzman experienced a sudden and profound awakening—a deep vision into the actual nature of “myself.” That abrupt change in point of view, along with a subsequent long illness and slow recovery, changed the course of his life."
  15. @Fuse This guy really helped me to deal with similar thoughts and suffering. His other videos are worth watching too if you like his style