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  1. @alankrillin Video games are never the source of all problems and sufferings in the life of a person. Excessive video gaming is a symptom of underlying trauma. You are addicted because you don't want to face something. And yes, in this case gaming is problematc as a compulsive avoidance behavior. But there is healthy gaming too. It's not always pure consumption. Like playing chess is not pure consumption, there are games where real brain activity is required in the form of decision making and strategic thinking. Examples are Esports titles like Warcraft 3 and Starcraft 1vs1 against other human players.
  2. @Shin I would not introduce words like "Spirituality" or "Nonduality" or "The Path". They just become a virus of the ego. I would start with the simple question of "what do you want?". If he/she doesn't want anything there is no need for teaching in the first place. And if he/she wants something, then the teaching and style of teaching is relative to that wanting something.
  3. "Existence" itself might be a distraction from eternal boredom
  4. @123456789 The desire to see the truth comes only when you have enough of suffering your lies. When you realize that the suffering of lying to yourself is far greater than the pain of realizing that you were a selfish liar. It's like with toothaches: better go see a dentist and be done with the pain instead of having toothaches for the rest of your life.
  5. @MM1988 There is a good book about this called "How Yoga Works" by Geshe Michael Roach. It's not a classical nonfiction book though, as it explains yoga embedded in a fictional story with fictional characters.
  6. @Shadowraix What does nonduality actually mean? doesn't it just mean "not two"? So how is "not two" true? And if "not two" is the actual reality, there is no such thing as "not two" because in comparison to what would it exist? In comparison to two/duality, which does not exist if not two/nonduality is true? You can not compare reality with something else. Or to simplify: If nonduality would be reality, "nonduality" is already redudant, because then it is just reality. Reality != Nonduality. Reality = Reality Reality can not be another topic like math, demonology, philosophy, etc. If you approach nonduality with the question if it can be true or not, you just made another topic out of it. Reality is already self evident and doesn't care if it's questioned. Trust your self evident being
  7. @SageModeAustin To be alive means to be relative. So of course there are endless positionalities, contexts, value games, etc. You MUST value things differently if you want to live. Survival means valuing and prefering. You value health over disease, yourself over others, having something to eat over starving and so on. Don't confuse the absolute truth with the game of survival.
  8. @Amadeusz who is "we" and "them" and "you" and "me" if "everything" is "nondual"?
  9. Thanks guys! I think for now I'm going with reducing the days of using shower gel and buying some organic stuff after I have done a little research on what really is good. Don't think there is much I can do about the water, always believed it's relatively clean because of the safety standards and control of tap water.
  10. This morning I was showering and when I was about to grab the shower gel it hit me out of nothing that for years I was rubbing my body with a bunch of chemicals I don't even know. Suddenly I was really disgusted with the idea of using this to "clean" my body. Never really thought about it before to be honest, and it came so out of the blue, like waking up from a long unconscious robotic routine. My question: Are you guys and girls using some special organic shower gel or something? Is is worth it or am I exaggerating? Maybe some even use water only? I mean in past times and in parts of the world people didn't and don't have shower gel neither.
  11. @Igor82 "I cannot remember the books I've read any more than the meals I have eaten; even so, they have made me." - Ralph Waldo Emerson I just read and mark stuff that resonates with me. I also only read if I really feel like that's what I want to do right now. Not out of guilt or obligation. A book is not there to replace thinking for yourself. You have to mainly think for yourself and take responsibility for your understanding of the world. Also don't take books too seriously. In the end it's just paper that can be burned and your life would be not much different. It's just language, not reality. I find if I take a more relaxed attitude about reading it's more entertaining AND I learn more. The feelings you described are exactly what the education system does to us: Enforcing feelings of guilt, obligation, pressure and insecurity around the process of learning, when it could be a joyous process. Our "job" is to realize we are not in school anymore.
  12. @Pluck nice copy paste
  13. @Steph30 Life is not a dream. You can not know what it is. "Dream" is already a characterization of what is that brings certain associations with it. "Physical Universe" is another characterization. "Consciousness" and "Being" yet another. It is not anything. "All is God!" "All is Consciousness!" All is Yahweh" "All is a dream!" aren't that all just word games to pretend anything is knowable? that being said It might be helpful to deconstruct a current belief like "All is a physical universe" with the counter argument of "All is a dream" to "achieve" a general sense of humbleness to the fact that you don't really know. But don't take it too seriously.
  14. @sarapr You fully embrace it. Because the situation is indeed hopeless: Nothing will ever finally work out because everything is temporary and you are just going to die. Hope is still the desire for some thing/place/people to give you everlasting peace and satisfaction. But such a thing does not exist in a future. Ask yourself this: What if the situation for every human being is absolutely hopeless? How would I live? What would I do?
  15. @Viking You are always "present" no matter what you do. Contemplating, listening to audiobooks/music and thinking is also being present. It is all what's happening. So [thinking about a future problem] is still being present, because it is what's happening. You can never be not present, and you are obviously not really in an imagined place only because you imagine you are in that place. It is all here now - everything (including the most distorted agitated mind states with pathological worrying about a future). Of course you resist this, because [you] depends on the idea of a place that is not "now" to escape into. But do you really think there is fullfillment in a place that is only imagined?