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  1. @meta_male If I learn to value the pearls, and share them with others nonetheless, I reckon that'll increase their value. @Jacob Morres For sure, I try my best to attack my insight from many angles before sharing. Even then I warn others to not believe me and use their own judgement, but if the shoes fits, wear it.
  2. @QQQ That's one reason. I mentioned this (NOT EXPLICITLY) in the post. @Moksha I like this perspective. I noticed that most people are uncomfortable with silence. Maybe that's the most important lesson for them, then. To be comfortable with silence.
  3. I have a tendency to try and help others by sharing my insights in a way that they can apply in their lives. There are several reasons why I do this. One reason is that I believe it splits my consciousness, allowing me to improve the practicality of my insight by writing for the other part of my split consciousness. However, I am not writing for myself in this case, but rather for the persona I have assigned to the other half of my consciousness. This makes the insight more general and not specific to my needs. Another reason is that sharing my insights with others and receiving validation makes me feel good about myself. It also confirms that my insight is useful and relevant, and can be applied to my own life if enough people find it valuable. However, once I receive validation, I tend to feel that I have achieved my purpose, and I never use the insight again in practice. I simply forget about it after a few days. This turns the insight into a theory, concept, or belief, which can make me close-minded. Despite this, sharing my insights with others also ensures that they are grounded and practical. If you were in my position, would you continue to use this system, stop sharing your insights completely, or find a middle ground?
  4. @StarStruck Can you please elaborate on that?
  5. @Leo Gura You can make a video about the concept of time. That would be interesting.
  6. @integral By any means possible? Even at the expense of not focusing on your life purpose?
  7. @HMD Update on this. It is highly toxic. Needed a rude awakening and disillusionment to figure this out. Don't let anyone mess with your worldview, especially if the person is orange/blue/greenish.
  8. It is really difficult to choose one video out of all the classics. But I think, for me, This one stands out as the most transformative: The way Leo elaborated each of the principles resonates with me deeply. It's like I already intuitively knew what he was saying. But the way he was able to articulate them helped me make everything I had in my mind explicit. So, whenever I start losing track of what truly matters to me I come back to this video and realign myself. Also, all of the The laws of human nature Oh yes. I thought I was the only one hahah. But then I went through some of the comment sections and explored the internet and found there were plenty of these types lmao. But yeah, It lasted about two months or so.
  9. Is this paradigm that most stage orange type people operate in healthy or Toxic? The paradigm of making money only at all cost in any way possible. It seems to me that this paradigm works great in helping people make money in the short term without worrying too much about life purpose and pursuing your passions. People operating in this paradigm focus solely on making money from wherever possible without much concern about spirituality. I ask this question because I have been working on my life purpose and focus on that most of the time. But a friend (who's mostly stage orange) has been on my back pushing me to change my paradigm. Now, I understand where he is coming from. He wants me to have good of money and be super successful. But can there be more to this than that ? Is this paradigm essential to adopt to bootstrap your career or business ?
  10. What are the most fundamental marketing principles according to you, any rules of thumb, and mental models to understand marketing as a whole?