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  1. Did you experience any ego backlash after? For instance wanting to distract yourself from the insights and “be human”.
  2. @Bobby_2021 so, you are being opportunistic. That’s literally the opposite of integrity
  3. @Hojo It’s not about moralism, it’s about values and integrity. At least that’s what I am talking about.
  4. @Ramanujan But there is something wrong piracy. You are literally stealing someone’s money. If there are no consequences to your stealing and everyone does it, doesn’t make it any better. You are being selfish and unholistic. If it was your daughter’s product and everyone started pirating it, would that upset you at all? Her not getting what she deserves?
  5. @Ramanujan Doesn’t that affect your integrity?
  6. Talking about torrents etc. And if you still do it, why?
  7. @Davino That hits hard, ngl. But the problem with muddying the lines between words (or merging distinctions) is that we can’t then use words to communicate. So, for the sake of having a conversation I would suggest not doing that.
  8. @cetus Thank you! And yes, it always meets you halfway when you are serious.
  9. @Davino It is impossible to know God. God cannot be known. One can only be God. The hand cannot grasp itself, similarly the mind cannot grasp itself, because the Mind is infinite. And you as a finite human can’t grasp something infinite. You have to be infinite to grasp infinity, and if you succeed in doing that, you become God. So only God can grasp itself.
  10. I have had an almost exact experience without the dmt. And I used mild anxiety on bad days, nothing other than that. I smoked some hasish (not too much), and went into deep meditation where I focused intensely on my breath. It is also worth mentioning that I had spent 8 months prior to that experience building my concentration and mindfulness with mindfulness meditation and other techniques.
  11. @lostingenosmaze Nobody held back there lmao.
  12. So, I posted this on reddit on the brandnewsentence sub, and people were fumed. It seems like a reasonable thing for me.
  13. What are your thoughts on dieticians? I have almost completed my degree in dietetics and I am observing that only a minority of people are actually interested in listening to what dieticians have to say on nutrition. They believe that dieticians are mostly delusional and have no idea what good nutrition really is. On the other hand, the same people would go on to trust doctors that give them unnecessary pills to please the pharmaceutical company that makes the doctors rich. What are your thoughts on this?
  14. @Sandhu Which city? I am from Islamabad.