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  1. @somegirl The more i spend time single. The deepest my desire get to be with somebody who is oversensitive and emotional intelligent. Cause now only this type of girl can make me feel satisfied only. I think the only solution is to be with somebody who is emotionally available. Other solutions, masturbation, porn, toys etc nothing works.
  2. I am a Bachelor's graduate, studied psychology. Now i am struggling with my relationships with my family. They are total opposite from my philosophy and lifestyle. I leave my family and my hometown and now i am staying in Dubai. But here now i found that there is not a great scope of medical field especially psychology. Now i am struggling also feeling depressed. Cause i don't wanna go back to that home. Also if anybody is here from dubai. Contact me please to help me finding a job. My phone no: +917558159692 Also i spend a big amount on my visit to here. Now i am trapped here. I also applied for some odd jobs but not get even one response. I don't know what to do now?
  3. Present. Can't talk to people who are insensitive.
  4. @Sidra khan i was thinking about that too. I spend a lot of time working on meditation and yoga practices, also did inner shadow work. But now i am back into that busy work life. On 3 june i am flying to dubai again for a job. So let's see.
  5. @Sidra khanyeah maybe policy is against that. And yeah this place helps a lot.
  6. @Sidra khan @Sidra khan it's not visible, it only says pakistan. So yeah our grandparents are from the same country. Also this website don't shows any links to connect to somebody. I tried to connect to u personally but doesn't work.
  7. Leo Bro, prepare yourself to start making short vdeos for youtube which is the new algorthm, also you can use it on instagram reels and tiktok.