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  1. Yes, the human body-mind separate self needs a recharge. But in reality, there is not any separate self, there is only God/Life/Awareness and God is not depended on Sleep and does not need any recharge. Then why sleep exists?
  2. hmm. Yes, Upon deep contempolation That's clear & make sense. Thanks a lot for your response.
  3. Hello Everyone! I hope you all are doing good. I have a question. Why can nothingness (pure empty awareness) not keep itself appearing as everything (this whole Illusory dream experience) constantly without sleep as a break? Waiting for your response. Thanks & Regards Jawad
  4. Ok Ok But it's not possible to know which one is genuine and which one is fraud or lost. I am not practicing Kriya Yoga. Yes, I can but not now. Why do I need to do Kriya Yoga? Thanks a lot
  5. Ok Exactly. True. I have also seen that this state does not cause any danger but the reaction to finding oneself in that state becomes dangerous. Ok. Right Maybe. I am not sure about it.
  6. Right Yes, exactly. Yes, I am ready to accept this gift but appearing of that state while driving is really risky. How do you manage this while driving?
  7. Hello, everyone! I hope all of you are doing good. While driving on Highways when I am driving constantly for many hours, a sudden shift happens & I come out of my body and this world and I lose control of my body. My whole life converts into a movie & it looks like I am watching this movie that is playing in my awareness and I am detached from everything. Normally while meditation or sitting calmly, it is that shift is normal but while driving if that shift happens, That's too scary and I force myself back into this world and my body to take the control back to save myself from an accident. For me, It's risky to drive if I am facing this issue while driving it can cause a major accident. Upon research, according to psychology, this is called "dissociation/depersonalization/derealization" and psychology calls it a disorder. What are your thoughts? Is this a Side Effect of my Spiritual Practices? Waiting for the help. Thanks a lot :-)
  8. Ok How How? Those feeling are too powerful and I can not stop myself from the action when they are pushing me toward performing those actions. I will surely try to do that. Thanks a lot
  9. "I" did not get realized. "I" the separate self is just seen through as an illusion like a mirage in a desert and concluded that there is no separate self. here. This realization just appeared for this whole Life but not for any separate self because there is not any separate self. Not Sure. I am also surprised to see that. Here is no "me" a separate self. Here is not an ego. Here is just This/Life/Wholeness/What is/Awareness. How you were burning your karmas? How? Wao