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  1. Thanks for sharing this. Thanks for sharing this video.
  2. hmmm. Good advice. How do I train myself to look for the funny in any situation? I am not sure why but most of the time I remain very serious.
  3. True. That's totally true. I was really angry when my kids drew lines on my home office walls but I couldn't get angry when nature destroyed the whole of my wall with dampness and the whole of the paint fell off. And I was just looking at the wall and couldn't say or do anything about it... Hahaha Very True Exactly. Right... Thanks a lot :-)
  4. hmm. That's 100% True. Most of the time when I feel like I am forcing my wants on others but by looking at the situation in depth I realize that in fact, they are forcing me, not me. hmmm. Amazing advice. Thanks a lot. :-)
  5. Ok hmm. Right. ok... Right... OK...Right... hmm. Wao hmm. OK... Sure. hmmm. True. Right.... Thanks a lot for sharing these videos. I am really resonating with your take on this. :-) And Thanks a lot for the Help :-)
  6. Thanks a lot for sharing this. It really helped me. :-)
  7. Right. hmmh. Yes True. Right. Ok. Sure. True. Thanks a lot
  8. You are right but to impose my wants on others forcefully is not love & compassion.
  9. These are really Great Points. I will surely work on them. Thanks a lot for the help
  10. Ok.. What? I mean...Why? Then what is the goal of spirituality, knowing oneself? Right.. Ok.. What does that mean? I mean how? Right. Ok... Yes, Laziness is one more thing that is being more and more empowering on me on this journey. Right.. OK... Yes, your response was very helpfull. Thanks a lot
  11. Hi! I hope everyone is doing good. How do I get rid of unconscious expectations, reactions, attachments, wants, shoulds, etc? When I am contemplating, meditating on these things. I understand everything and achieve calmness, silence, and peace. But in my flow of life, I lose, forget my true state, and start reacting unconsciously and get hurt due to the breaking of my unconscious expectations. There is a lot of unconscious resistance to "what is". I am reacting a lot without any control due to a lot of unconscious resistance to "what is". In the current stage of my spiritual journey, I am feeling lost all the time and lost interest in everything. Most of the time I am aware but when I am dealing with others I just slip into the loop of selfish reactions... What is the solution? How do I gain the Absence of resistance to what is? Most of the time these reactions are just selfish and unnecessary that I realize later with regret. My Expectations: I will remain calm in all kinds of situations and won't resist "what is" will not mind whatever happens and will not take it personally. But Reality: "Oh my God. Who the hell spilled the milk on my Home Office Room Carpet?" I suddenly start to yell at my family full of anger when I saw the milk on my carpet. Then Regret: Why I reacted like that? What happened to me? Where there is so much resistance? bla bla I should have the choice of how I should React or not react. How do I remain disidentified from the mind in these kinds of circumstances and not believe in these voices? Normally I do not believe in these voices but when there is a rush/storm of negative emotions then I forget everything and start to believe in these voices again and identify with the mind again and start to react from the mind's perspective. The reaction is sudden. I can feel the emotions after my reaction but how do I stop sudden reactions? There is no time to be wise and decide to feel emotions. The reaction just appears abruptly. How do I remain calm in all kinds of circumstances? Waiting for your help. Thanks & Regards Jawad