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  1. 2 Weeks in for me, doing wither 3x30 breaths or 4x40 breaths followed by roughly a 3 minute cold shower, still need to try that 10 minute cold shower, will try tonight I think- now this will be a challenge!
  2. Desire is not the cause of suffering lol, without desire you'd die. this was a HUGE mistranslation from Sanskrit, a more accurate term would be craving or more, believing the fulfillment of a personal desire will make you happy. (It won't) When you desire to receive, for the sake of sharing your life will change. The happiest people are always those who are giving, sharing and loving. The issue with modern society is desiring for the self alone, and this is an endless void you can never fill. For whatever reason, desire has gotten a terrible rep in Non-Dual circles, when desire is literally your life force, you're on here due to your desire to awaken, or your desire to share. Also, 'Impersonal desire' can be somewhat misleading, and it doesn't mean you don't take care of your own needs of course. It just means your desire is coming from a place of love, truth and happiness, instead of in search of those. For example, let's say you play sport, and have the desire to play for a Football team. Personal desire would be because you think playing for this team will make you happy, make you popular, and when you win the league you will finally be happy. Impersonal desire would be because you simply love playing football and it's a way you express happiness and joy. Of course, you want to win your games and win the league, but your happiness and wellbeing is not determined by it. Sure if you win the league you'll be elated and ecstatic, but let's say you don't you'll deal with the emotions that come up, and guess what, you'll remain absolutely happy and at peace. Francis Lucille describes this amazingly well, I'll link one of his Q&A answers and vids that explains this well. As well as his website. (sorry his q&a website seems down atm)
  3. @Leo Gura I know RASA isn’t perfect, (especially for some of the people trained it from what this thread has said) and neither are Ramaji or Amanda are perfect, however they’ve helped so many students awaken using the 1-1 and coaching, and of course you shouldn’t rely on a Guru, they repeatedly say you are your own Guru. I can’t help but think you’re mainly saying this as Ramaji was someone who called you out and humbled you, by telling you, you aren’t awake and using his method in the 500s (still seeking, and not stabilised in awakening) You of course took this as him being wrong as how could Leo not be awake right? Of course that could be the case, but I wouldn’t expect anything different. I know you’ll say, well that was X years ago, but even now, similar has been said. There’s no doubting you’ve had deep awakenings, insights and experiences, but it’s so clear from how you act on here and what you say, that you simply don’t abide there, and aren’t Self-Realised at all, hence why you are now calling awakening a state, to cover up the fact you aren’t actually truly awake. Awakening isn’t simply an experience or a state. I would really look into Inflation, Grandeur and Narcissism, as you show the clear signs for all 3. Anyone else wanting to understand what’s going on here may also want to read these. http://www.kheper.net/topics/gurus/inflation.html http://samvak.tripod.com/journal66.html In regards to delusions, I would say there’s more risk of that on this path, such as delusions regarding becoming the most awake being of all time😂 True awakening humbles you. And, they don’t harbour ignorance regarding Psyches, when ask they have said multiple times they can be amazing in the right context for whatever reason, and have helped many people on their journey. The difference is, they, like many, can see you are simply abusing a substance and the risks that come with that. More importantly, you have a HUGE amount of impressionable 16-25 year olds following you who will basically do what you say, so if you tell them to do psyches regularly they’ll go do it. This is literally a matter of time before something serious blows up out of this, while when used correctly psyches can be amazing, recommending it to Kids is still very dangerous Leo, id be really careful in that regard. It isn’t delusional, to offer warnings around things that CAN (not will) cause harm. And, I am NOT anti Psyches, in fact I actively promote them when used in the right context and safely they can be amazing, I am certainly not denying that. All I am saying is the two biggest proponents of 5MEO you and Martin Ball, neither are actually awake. And, just to be clear I am not saying I am the most awake being ever, RASA helped me a lot realise the truth of my own being, and of reality, but simply at the end of the day you are always your own Guru, and follow whatever path works for you. Maybe more people will see that you saying “X isn’t awake” without you actually being truly awake is the most ironic thing possible. Lastly, I just want to say this comes from a place of love. I have zero against you Leo, and of course it is your path, I am merely saying what I see, and to me it seems these substances are effecting you in ways you haven’t noticed yourself, but many inside this community and outside are beginning to notice& please be careful when recommending these substances to those younger than 25.
  4. @EntheogenTruthSeeker Different strokes for different folks mate. My experience was the complete opposite. I don’t think there’s one path for everyone at all, whatever resonates most with you go with that!
  5. @SoonHei I like that description, people often think consequences can only be 'external' but that is so far from the truth.
  6. @EntheogenTruthSeeker I worked with Ananda for 9 months with 1-2 sessions a month before reaching so called LOC 1000, but even then, that’s still just a concept, a useful one, but eventually still needs to be dropped. People vary in how long it takes, some could take years, I know some take a couple sessions (then of course have integration) Every case is unique, and a number of things play into that. Receptiveness to the teachings, built up beliefs, conceptual understandings, Seeking past, you could even argue “past lives” If you believe in any of that. I first hand know RASA isn’t some magic pill, it simply helps clear blockages and experience your true nature, to me the 1-1 sessions were just as if not more valuable in clearing my blockages and issues along the path, it also helped with integration each time. Plus, only You can ever know your own “LOC”/ awakening, you are the guru. I personally haven’t had 1 session with Ramaji, only worked with Ananda and she was amazing, Ramaji seems great in Satsang and I know @Haumea2018 worked with Ramaji. This all said, maybe it isn’t the right path for you, there’s no one right path for everyone
  7. @Matteo if they’re advertising it takes a few sessions then that’s BS, Ramaji and Ananda are pretty open that it takes (usually) around a year, and even then you will have integration and embodiment work. If someone is saying it takes a few sessions that’s BS, there is no quick fix, even if you have a spontaneous realization like Ramana you then have integration work, for example, Eckhart Tolle sat on benches for years! There is no quick fix, even with psyches you will have plenty of integration work, if you look for a quick fix you’ll just chase your tail forever.
  8. @Smiles You can do both, but usually one will take the front seat so to speak. For example, there will likely be a period when you're a hardcore seeker that 'The Work' takes your primary focus so maybe your career and relationship don't grow like you'd want them to. But then say post-awakening, you are freed from seeking, and therefore free to express this understanding in all areas of life and can actually 'merge' the two by 'improving' your life Consciously in terms of career, health, finances, relationship etc, but while you can still learn from typical Self-Help teachers you'd likely add your own flavor and depth to make them more in line with your own understanding. One thing many Non-Dual 'students' forget is that we still need to embrace our humanity, and Human work never ends until we drop the body. However, it can vary, some may want to go and sit in an Ashram and meditate for the rest of their days, whereas, some will want to delve deeper than ever in their career and have a family. It's absolute freedom, and absolutely it makes no difference whatsoever, just follow your heart. And, awesome man, society changes one individual at a time, and it sounds so cliche and corny but it does feel there's some kind of collective awakening going on, I mean you didn't have Non-Duality teachers on every corner even 10-15 years ago, now YT is flooded with them, these sorts of forums were a lot rarer as well, it seems humanity is starting to wake up! @Carl-Richard Exactly, as a seeker it can be hard to 'combine' the two, but often, post-awakening, this confusion is cleared and life can be 'built' on a whole new paradigm that is aligned with Truth, Love and Happiness. It's beautiful.
  9. A good analogy for it is it's like being in a Canal in a river, there's a stream carrying you, but if you co-operate it makes life much easier
  10. @Keyhole @pluto I hope these messages can somewhat get through, these are important, even without these entities the excess use of these substances is bound to cause energy and physical problems at the very least. @pluto I have also noticed this when I go out drinking, people will become a lot more violent and aggressive, whereas, others will become a lot more outgoing and happy, would you say this is due to having a vibration beyond these entities? How do you know when the entities are effecting people?
  11. @EntheogenTruthSeeker Who are you getting RASA with? And, if that LOC is correct, you won't notice much difference yet.
  12. @Osaid That's a good place to start, 10-30 seconds at the end, but eventually just dive in and go straight for the cold!
  13. My advice would be to follow your heart, and if that is telling you to pursue Psyches then go with that, or if it is telling you to take a break from all of this work and go enjoy 'normal' life without considering spirituality go do that. In my view, it will probably do you worse to force yourself to keep 'seeking' if it isn't coming naturally. From your descriptions, it potentially sounds like more typical practices of healing and dealing with the issues you are facing may be a better approach to take, for example, you mentioned long term depression and not being over the girl you are/was in love with. So, in these cases, I usually ask what are your fundamentals like? Depression is usually caused by something being out of whack, our natural way of being is happiness and peace. So by fundamentals I mean your Diet, Exercise, Sleep, EMF exposure, Vitamin& Mineral levels, do you have addictions to things like Porn, Phone, Weed, etc, are you over stimulated by Dopamine? Do you get outside much/ in nature much at all, even things like that can really help. To me, these should be addressed before we then move onto Spirituality and awakening. However, in regards to your emotions ALWAYS feel them fully, do not resist. Whatever you resist will persist! Treat ALL emotions and thoughts like guests in your guesthouse, LOVE them unconditionally and welcome them, only then can you start to investigate and truly understand their true nature. Also, sorry to hear about your lackluster RASA experience, mine was the complete opposite, I worked 9 months with Ananda Devi and it was the single most helpful thing on my journey, it was also the 1-1 sessions which really helped overcome blockages and integrate the insights from RASA. Who was your RASA facilitator out of interest? I'm biased, but maybe you weren't at the end of seeking, and it wasn't the right time for you to undertake RASA and were looking for some kind of shortcut. It doesn't exist. True awakening will also involve facing your shadow and the depths of your being, unfortunately, it isn't all sunshine and rainbows. But, it's always worth it. Or, what @Salvijus said. Problem is we come from materialistic and scientific backgrounds (mostly) so it can take a while to get on board with the whole 'energy blockages' and kind of new-age terms like that, but transmissions are based on grace and energy, so if you go down the Psyche path it's best to stick with that and not mix, same as if you go down the 'typical' path of transmissions and whatnot, it's best not to mix that with Psyches. You also have to remember transmissions have been used for 1000s of years, the highest teaching has always been silence. All words are simply modulations of this teaching to help express and explain the teaching in various ways to relate to most people. This video explains transmissions pretty well. In terms of RASA, it isn't personal, it is simply presence being shared and helping clear the blockages someone has. Not about getting high and having amazing experiences. They also actually don't give RASA to anyone who's tripped in the last 6-12 months usually. Awakening isn't an experience. https://www.rasatransmissioninternational.com/spiritual-transmissions
  14. Question- Why place so much value on anyone else's opinion? What makes their opinion more authoritative than your own? You're your own Guru. If you resonate with Rumi, go read his poems
  15. @electroBeam I completely agree absolutely speaking nothing matters. But, when you truly understand nothing matters, and you’ve truly understood THIS, you’ve found the “thing” that does matter. Happiness. Love. My worry is that your average No-Self teacher falls into the trap of nothing matters, without an awakening to Love, leaving it as kind of Non-Dual Nihilism that you see a lot. Once “Nothing Matters” is fused with Love, the issue is non existent, of course to The Self/ Absolute, absolutely nothing matters whatsoever, and in fact nothing ever happens either, and everything is perfect as it is.