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  1. @Someone here The doer becomes the whole Universe. Non-Doership has to be the most misunderstood teaching, which is why Krishna tried to keep it hidden lol The Absolute is doing all already, just most believe its their Ego, and run with that
  2. +1 The greatest work by the greatest humans has always been done from a place of love, in any domain
  3. I almost fell into the trap of hardcore Psyches when I was younger. I think there needs to be a serious risk assessment, a lot are not mentally ready for it and the effect it has on your life after can't be understated either
  4. I would argue it allows you to fully enjoy the game of life and everything about it. Or at least, that's how I approach it. Like when you play a game, you know the score / outcome doesn't really matter, but you immerse yourself in it for the fun of it... the whole nothing matters (while absolutely true as Ajata) crowd, I think just use Bypassing to escape the human experience. You can enjoy 'nothingness' when the body passes, why not enjoy THIS now?
  5. You are still having a human experience Live the qualities of the self, best way you can in your own unique way Basically, love and do what you want
  6. I agree I think a lot of seekers have a secret ambition to become 'above human' and then go on the whole 'nothing matters' crusade as an excuse to spiritually bypass Like, yes, absolutely, that's fine, but right now you're still HUMAN so go live, enjoy this experience and live the best life you can. There is no reason not to enjoy this human experience to the best of our ability & live in TRUTH
  7. @Someone here However, I would argue most people's desires boil down to happiness & wanting to feel good, or the expression of that. Of course this could be branched a million times into sub categories of that, as if happiness is the top of the tree, and everything is branches of that tree. As Francis explains in the video. Whether this is conscious or not, is another question. But, I don't believe any (sane) person goes into something thinking I hope this makes me feel really depressed and shit for a really long time. That would be awesome I have actually been pondering art & its purpose recently- In all forms. At its core nothing, you create its own purpose. For some its expressing emotion, an idea, the human experience etc etc A lot of things, are simply for the joy of it. In arts case it can be argued its simply made for its own sake The desire to create can come from a lot of places, ask 5 different writers and you get 5 different answers. For example, Orwell described writing a book as a great struggle one should only take on to engage an idea & for a true cause, whereas, CS Lewis describes writing more a way that you would use to describe a lover. Same for painters, musicians, filmmakers etc There is often practical reasons such as the expression of some idea, to tell a story, justice etc Or it can simply be for the joy of creation itself, which is kinda why this is all here in the first place (imo). To simply have a good time Its funny, all is the absolute, yet all can be so unique in its expression To me, why do anything, is answered as - Survival / Practical & then to express happiness, love, truth, joy, beauty etc & feel GOOD. And have fun. Lol @UnbornTao There was no assumption. I was sharing my perspective, everyone is free to believe & share as they wish, no?
  8. @Someone here Not at all. At the end of the day this is all it boils down for me at least. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bk0LxK9L9p8 Happiness & its expression
  9. @James123 Lol yeah that is why I kinda stopped posting for a few years and its addictive as shit. it may be conscious social media, but its still social media
  10. Adding- Do not think this means you are not having a human experience, if anything this makes you more human and more in touch with your unique nature, unique embodiment & unique expression of this teaching. On top of this, you will be MUCH more in touch with your feelings and expression of that. From that, Francis Lucille said it best- the purpose is simply Happiness. Go enjoy the absolute and all its (illusory) creations lol. Its also funny, because life is always this way, its just we don't simply realize this, and by realizing it, it gives us the greatest power to create a life of love. On top of that, I wanted to add to not neglect the human dimension, it still has incredible value. Even things like Personal Development, Health, Career, Personality, Relationships etc can all require a range of teachings / help 'separate' from this teaching (although of course its not separate lol) & by integrating more & more of your life to this teaching is a never ending process, or unfolding. Even though nothing is ever happening & can't happen. It is the ultimate paradox but somehow makes sense in the end. Authentic Living forever unfolds. lol
  11. @James123 Of course, I am assuming most people here are well versed in trad Advaitan & surrendering though. I think what a lot of people miss is then EXPRESSING this (Spira calls it the Tantric Path) and actually creating a life of LOVE. Its great to understand the absolute is all there is. And, if you wanna live a monastic existence, great. However, most westerners (which I assume most here are, or at least not choosing a monastic life) we then have a life to live from this place. I believe, there is a lack of teachings on this, very few teachers talk about Post-Awakening living. So post surrender to the self, to express this in your very own unique human life is to create a life you love, and do what makes you happy. Do what FEELS good, and follow that, imo. Nothing will top St Augustine's simplicity- Love and do whatever you want! Sorry for ramble lol In this Dream, we still have a unique nature that is crying to be expressed, in its own unique way.
  12. There are no others but conflating this with solipsism is a half truth at best Because there's also no mind, so how can your mind be the only mind to exist? Simply put, the absolute is all that exists. So, while there are no others, absolutely, there is also no mind, no world & no creation. Then, all is seen as the absolute. Including the dream world. And, love permeates all of existence naturally. Maharaj: The world is but a show, glittering and empty. It is, and yet is not. It is there as long as I want to see it and take part in it. When I cease caring, it dissolves, It has no cause and serves no purpose. It just happens when we are absent-minded. It appears exactly as it looks, but there is no depth in it, nor meaning. Only the onlooker is real, call him Self or Atma. To the Self the world is but a colourful show, which he enjoys as long as it lasts and forgets when it is over. Whatever happens on the stage makes him shudder in terror or roll with laughter, yet all the time he is aware that it is but a show. Without desire or fear he enjoys it, as it happens. Francis Lucille - Enlightenment is the sudden recognition that non-duality is, has always been, and will always be the reality of our experience. Self-realization is the subsequent stabilization in the peace, happiness and freedom of our natural state. Ramana - 1. Ajata vada or the theory of non-causality. This is an ancient Hindu doctrine which states that the creation of the world never happened at all. It is a complete denial of all causality in the physical world. Sri Ramana endorsed this view by saying that it is the jnani's (Man who is Self-realised) experience that nothing ever comes into existence or ceases to be because the Self alone exists as the sole unchanging reality. It is a corollary of this theory that time, space, cause and effect, essential components of all creation theories, exist only in the minds of ajnanis (ignorant) and that the experience of the Self reveals their non-existence. This theory is not a denial of the reality of the world, only of the creative process which brought it into existence. Speaking from his own experience Sri Ramana said that the jnani is aware that the world is real, not as an assemblage of interacting matter and energy, but as an uncaused appearance in the Self. He enlarged on this by saying that because the real nature or substratum of this appearance is identical with the beingness of the Self, it necessarily partakes of its reality. That is to say, the world is not real to the jnani simply because it appears, but only because the real nature of the appearance is inseparable from the Self. The ajnani on the other hand, is totally unaware of the unitary nature and source of the world and, as a consequence, his mind constructs an illusory world of separate interacting objects by persistently misinterpreting the sense-impressions it receives. Sri Ramana pointed out that this view of the world has no more reality than a dream since it superimposes a creation of the mind on the reality of the Self. He summarised the difference between the jnani's and the ajnani's standpoint by saying that the world is unreal if it is perceived by the mind as a collection of discrete objects and real when it is directly experienced as an appearance in the Self.
  13. You were never born & will never die This experience, is simply a game to be enjoyed in all its beauty Do what makes you happy & do what you love.
  14. There is no creation - https://ajatasunyata.com/welcome Doesn't mean you can't enjoy the human dream though
  15. @Someone here Lol, I know I am not awake, because the absolute is all there is, whether one is conscious of not or that doesn't matter absolutely speaking. However, the 'purpose' of realization is simply the peace & happiness inherent in the Absolute itself. so you think the teachings of Ramana, Nisgardatta & Robert Wolfe on Ajata is new age lovey dovey stuff? I also literally stated how realization of the absolute humbles you beyond belief. What is arrogant about that? If you stopped mentally fucking yourself, you'd realize I am agreeing with you that Ajata is the final piece of this jigsaw, but IT IS NOT SOLOPSISM because you don't exist independently from the absolute, nothing does. Even saying nothing is too much If you truly understood Ajata, Solipsism would not even make sense to you Ajata is not this BS term you've coined Metaphysical Nihimism either, this is your minds feeble attempt to understand it, the mind cannot understand what causes its own destruction I am being 'arrogant' because I have been where you are. Spinning my wheels endlessly chasing mental concepts, only when they are all dropped (Including Ajata) is the true rest of the Absolute enjoyed. Silence is always the highest teaching / transmission, which is why this Forum is such a danger, because it just adds more concepts to people's minds If you really want to understand Ajata, Robert Wolfe's website he made before he died is the best. Although it comes with heavy trad Buddhist / Advaita language with terms such as Nothingness / Emptiness and is littered with those cultural references. A western / Tantric approach makes MUCH more sense for those of us who wish to live a full human existence, and not a monastic one. This context is key to embodying these teachings, proceed with caution - \ https://ajatasunyata.com/welcome Absolutely, there is no creation, nothing has ever happened & nothing will ever happen. The absolute is absolute in itself. Life is like a dream... So may as well be happy and enjoy every last second....which brings us back too... LOVEEEEE