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  1. yeah I like this, the best quote I read is “Ultimately fiction, as David Foster Wallace said, “is about what it is to be a human being.” & this Fiction and creative writing at their core are tools to understanding the human condition. you could also add the spiritual & going beyond element to it as well
  2. What do you see as the purpose(s) of Fiction? - Novels, Movies, TV Shows etc
  3. 1) Quit Porn. 2) Stop death grip masturbation 3) Lose weight, get healthy, lift weights, sleep properly, optimize testosterone etc
  4. Honestly, I tried so many things and always ended up in the same place until finally blocking it on all devices and starting to do the inner work as to why I was addicted, its not an easy process & I'm in the middle of it right now. P.S. couldn't agree more how destructive Porn is, but I know that's a touchy subject here. But, for me at least, it was destructive and I'm so glad I'm out of the cycle now. In terms of benefits my relationship has never been better, energy never higher & sex life so much better. Your girlfriend (or future one) will thank you for it I promise. Also frees up so much time / energy. Instead of watching Porn actually learn about Sexuality haha. Block ALL Porn Sites, like actually get an internet blocker on PC / Phone so you cannot access it, ideally use something like Covanent Eyes and get an accountability partner (or coach etc) so you have someone to stay accountable to. Same goes for twitter, Insta etc, UNFOLLOW all accounts related to Porn, Only Fans etc etc. Block, Mute and employ the sensitive content filter on Twitter, maybe even delete it for a while. The best system I've heard of is the 4Rs- Remove your attention from trigger, reach out to someone, redirect attention- pick anything exercise, journal etc, Reflect each and every time. Also, writing down all the Pros (yeah, there is some) and Cons of your Porn use, is it getting you closer to the life you want to live? Then, a lot of the work involves deep introspection & actually improving your real life, like any addiction, and this, imo, is best done working with someone, but of course, not everyone can afford that. So, at least get a journal and do these things- Write down your usual rationalizations 'everyone watches it' 'only one more time' and write out why each and everyone is absolute bullshit. Go over the emotions you usually feel when your using / triggered in the moment, then go over why Porn / some quick fix is not the solution at all. This whole process involves deep work & Self-Development. I honestly believe a lot more people are addicted than they realize, of course some can use, but I just ask why? Would you not rather try and find real intimacy & connection in real life? If you wanna talk to someone, feel free to message me mate. From there, its all about life building habits- Relationships, Hobbies, healthy habits, exercise, healthy eating etc. Just building your life & ties in really well with LOA / Conscious Creation / Spirituality. I'll go out on a limb and say most people's ideal life situation doesn't involve pixels on a screen as their form of sexual stimulation, but involves a romantic partner & deep connection. P.S. Once you've unhooked yourself, I highly recommend Charles Black / Don Of Desire for sexuality teachings & if you have issues like PE he has a great course on that. Its crazy how many men in their 20s think PE / ED is low key normal because they've been fried by porn. Hint its not healthy to last a few minutes / not be able to get it up in your 20s, not always but Porn is usually at least part of this issue.
  5. Vax Passports / Mandates make zero sense to me when you can literally catch it & pass it on when Vaxxed. so, say you're going to a club. Someone could be positive & be double jabbed, and get let in. Yet, someone unvaxxed who's got a negative test that day isn't allowed in. To me, that just makes zero sense, and makes me wonder.
  6. @Roy Right now, of course it is smarter to 'Trade BTC back to fiat' in the short term (at the end of 4 year cycles) because if you know after each 4 year cycle you're going to get a 50-80% correction, why wouldn't you? As the Market Cap grows, volatility will decrease, but right now that is the case, so is it not best to prepare accordingly, as then you can 'Stack your Satoshis' meaning you end up with more BTC, that's my long-term goal based on the people I follow etc. Yes, but the technology goes far beyond becoming a means of exchange. Like @Stovo said, Smart Contracts will allow you to complete transactions such as buying a property etc seamlessly, while reducing middle men & as a result cutting fees. However, whether BTC will act as more of a store of value than a means of exchange, or whether it will always be the No.1 crypto is a topic for another day, but for now, the market (for the most part) is dependent on BTC. https://www.investopedia.com/terms/s/smart-contracts.asp DeFi (Decentralized Finance) is essentially an area of Crypto trying to fair the playing field in the world of finance, which as we all know is beyond corrupt as well as making it more accessible. Think Insurance, Savings, Loans, Trading etc, this is a decent article on it- https://blog.coinbase.com/a-beginners-guide-to-decentralized-finance-defi-574c68ff43c4 Then you have NFTs, which again goes beyond the whole JPEG bonanza we are seeing right now. Think having Proof of copyright on Artworks, creative projects and even releasing unique shit that there's only 10 copies of in the whole world. Like a musician making a special album, and only selling 1000 copies globally through the use of NFTs. Another use case is Gaming, where the model basically reverses the whole pay to pay, to getting paid to play, an example of this is Axie Infinity, and then you even have all the metaverse speculation, think the film 'Ready Player One.' I could go on & on, but imo (some people feel differently) Crypto & blockchain goes FAR beyond just Bitcoin and its real world applications and use cases are almost endless, hence why I'm so excited by this space. Also, of course growing your investments is part of the fun, whenever you invest in an asset, company or person, isn't that one of the foundational goals? Of course, if you were profiting from something you don't support or agree with that's another matter, but there's plenty of Crypto projects that genuinely want to better the world in their own, unique way. I mean Satoshi's original vision was just that if you read the BTC white paper & projects like Bitcoin Cash are aiming to also help as they grow- https://whybitcoincash.com/ My recommendation is always to research and only invest in projects that resonate with you & what you believe in. Hence, why lots of people don't want to go near XRP, or some don't believe in the mission of X crypto etc. Also, who knows maybe the $ value won't matter down the line...
  7. @Roy Do you class Gold as a pyramid scheme then? Even if you bought in 2017 you’ve 2x your money. More & more institutions are also getting heavily involved, Fidelity even predicts $1M+ per BTC by 2030 lmao. Ignore Crypto if you want, but you’re just missing out on the fastest growing asset class around. Also if you learn about cycles & the 4 year halvings & how alts follow 3-4 weeks after, you can’t time the top or bottom, but you can protect yourself from the inevitable 50-80% crash at the end of cycle
  8. @Philipp probs BTC maxis. Bitcoin is one Cryptocurrency & use of blockchain. As Leo said it’s primary function is a store of value, and as we move deeper into the digital age & it becomes more & more mainstream that will become more apparent. however, don’t be so quick to judge all crypto under one brush, for example one I like called Veracity (VRA) is using blockchain & it’s Proof of View technology to attempt to fix the problem of fake views, fake accounts etc witg online advertising, YouTube & more. As well as being used to verify NFTs. There’s plenty of great use-cases outside of BTC. Id also look a little deeper into inflation, the reason it’s called the hidden tax is because lower tax brackets don’t rise with it, therefore you end up with less “real value” than before. Hence the poor do get fucked more by inflation. This vid explains it-
  9. Are you playing video games to escape life & reality, or are you playing them simply to enjoy them & the process? It sounds subtle but the difference is huge. Unless your career/ LP involves gaming, it probably isn't wise to play 24/7. However, life isn't black & white, you could simply have a game you like and play it as a hobby, just like with most things. The obvious caveat to this is if you're a Gaming Addict, just like an alcoholic can't enjoy some beers with friends, gaming addicts can't just play for a couple hours here & there. There's absolutely nothing wrong with having fun & enjoying life, and this can include gaming, movies etc as hobbies. The difference is when you use these things to escape your life & your reality, if you're using it do that, maybe its best to take a break from the virtual life, and sort out your real life. But, that doesn't mean you can't go back to gaming as a hobby, or even have it as a hobby now. Balance.
  10. @Michael569 Give us what the people want, a full day of eating from Michal
  11. In terms of a natural physique from someone who isn't dedicating their life to lifting / competing, it doesn't get much better than this. @samijiben I agree with you to an extent, but what I have found is that awakening / spirituality tends to lead to naturally dropping things that don't serve you / you don't enjoy. For example, say you're only going to the gym to impress girls & you hate it, you'd probs end up dropping it with some inner work & finding something else you love. Whereas, if you actually love / enjoy training, you'd likely keep it up post-awakening as it is serving you. Same goes for most sports, I heard a funny story once about a Guru in India who was visited by an American wanting to open 'enlightenment schools' in California. The guru answered the door & welcomed the man into his home, for several days they simply watched Cricket (biggest sport in India & goes on for up to 5 days) & the guru was even drinking beer, the man then asked, 'so when can we start the teaching,' and the Guru responded- 'This is the teaching, I'm doing what I love and enjoying my life, what more do you want?'
  12. Because, Consciousness is absolutely free. when you see through the illusion of the separate self, the question of free will naturally drops away, and then you simply have absolute Freedom as consciousness.
  13. Enjoyed that quiz to be honest.
  14. I get you, I've been exactly where you describe. What helped me was realizing 'enlightenment' is not simply some future idealistic moment, but its actually LIVING the understanding meaning living happiness, joy, fun, beauty, creativity etc etc and that is all there is! Literally, do whatever the fuck you love doing and just enjoy life, be happy and have fun! Otherwise you will simply live the rest of your days in your head telling you its not okay to enjoy life, its more than okay, in fact you are doing Truth / Enlightenment / Absolute Truth whatever you want to call it a disservice by not allowing yourself to enjoy this amazing creation we call life! Its meant to be fun!
  15. Complete freedom; do whatever the fuck you want basically. St Augustine put it best- 'Love and do whatever you want.' Not everything has to be utilitarian e.g. playing sport because you love it instead of simply Running to lose weight Just spend your life doing whatever you love and that will be dynamic, for example, what I love now at 21 I'm almost certain will be very different in a couple decades. Also, finding your LP / main projects to focus your time on is probably going to be helpful, and that could be an innumerable amount of things.