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  1. @Dlavjr I would say check out some resources online, I'm sure there are people who have had binge eating issues in the past now partake in Intermittent Fasting. A general guide will be a good place to start, but in your case you may need to go way deeper in terms of the relation to the Binge Eating aspect. Here's some thread on reddit I just found regarding Binge Eating and fasting: https://www.reddit.com/r/BingeEatingDisorder/comments/7y6e0w/intermittent_fasting_for_binge_eaters/ http://www.theiflife.com/break-bad-eating-habits/ However, a quick google search would show horror stories also, and its always good to look at both sides! For me Intermittent Fasting is incredible and I doubt I'll ever go back, sometimes I don't partake on weekends if I'm going out with my friends or whatever, and around the holiday seasons I tend to not, however it's about finding a balance right for you.
  2. @Gneh Onebar In the 800s you'll often have to deal with unresolved traumas and experiences, I had a fairly normal childhood and am quite lucky in that respect, but if you've been through trauma or have unresolved emotions dealing with them will be part of the process. No need to chase after them just allow them to rise as you did and feel them as they come up, completely accepting and welcoming to your emotions, and feel them completely. It will be tough and shit sometimes but that's why originally we try to avoid these emotions as much as possible.
  3. Far too much obsession with detachment in non dual circles, you can still love and appreciate those close to you, And maybe be “attached” in terms of you’d be horrified if they died, wNt to be there for them etc, remember we live in the west and we have busy lives.
  4. @fridjonk yeah sorry I didn’t mean to come across like that, but I know what. I used to be like and always relied on teachers instead of using my own experience as my guiding system. In terms of health yeah alcohol is shit, but does that mean you have no will to live, I’m not so sure. I think it’s very glorified compared to other drugs sadly, but I also think it can be fun, but again it depends on you and your situation, life goals, current goals etc etc, it’s very individual. Some complete abstinence is best, for others they can drink occasionally and it hardly affects them. @Gneh Onebar Yep, similar here in the UK, but a lot of adults drink daily or 3+ times a week, and also have unhealthy diets and lifestyles. If you have a really healthy lifestyle and diet and fitness regime I’m sure it can help lessen the effects of alcohol on your health overall, I could be wrong though. Basically alcohol is shit for your health, yes, so it’s up to you whether it’s worth drinking it knowing the consequences and where you are in life, but it’s also really fun, so basically enjoy life! 😂
  5. @fridjonk I know you asked Leo, but decide things for yourself mate, start thinking for yourself and don't let others opinions dictate your life. Just because someone said that doesn't mean it's the absolute truth and you have to follow it.....that's literally religion. No sex before marriage, 10 Commandments, Jewish Women can't even drive etc there's so many examples from religion of literally telling people how to live or bad things will happen basically. Alcohol isn't good for your health no that's obvious, neither is smoking. Does it mean it's 'wrong' or 'forbidden' no of course not, God gave us complete freedom to as we wish and whatever we do has consequences. So if you smoke cigarettes for 40 years there's a good chance you'll develop lung cancer for example, and if you want to be healthier and live longer it's probably best not to smoke. The issue I have is the western bias towards alcohol as not being a 'drug' the average person is so deluded when it comes to alcohol, it's hilarious. https://news.sky.com/story/professor-david-nutt-former-government-adviser-says-alcohol-is-most-dangerous-drug-11909379 This guy got fired from our government for saying Ecstasy was as safe as riding a horse from his research, as it doesn't fit the war on Drugs propoganda from Governments, it's interesting how deep this goes. Saying all this, I still occasionally drink, but there are ways to reduce the damage/ effects of alcohol. If you don't want to drink don't, if you want to drink occasionally go for it, do what's best for you. However, if you end up developing a daily habit or use it as a crutch maybe then is a time to look more into it. LOL I just went on a huge ramble, sorry! I researched this a lot due to the stigma around MDMA, Weed and Psyches yet the love and acceptance of Alcohol and Tobacco and actually believing they aren't drugs because they're legal.
  6. Defo cut first if you have excess fat, just start out with 16/8 fasting it’s quite easy really, probably just start eating at say 12 and don’t eat after 8. but as others have said make sure that you actually deal with the issues you’re facing holistically, However intermittent fasting has helped with my appetite tbh. while many will say it doesn’t matter what you eat as long as it’s time restricted, I defo disagree, focus on whole foods and eating healthily, as well as only drinking healthy drinks of course.
  7. @Leo Gura yeah I get you, I still enjoy drinking when out with my mates or clubbing etc, but like you say drinking too much is shit for your health and nothing worse than a hangover. hmm, what nootropics do you currently take? ive been toying with trying modafinil, however I have quite an addictive personality, and people I know say how effective it is productivity wise. @Aaron p lol, I live in a small town and it’s exactly the same unless we venture into London or Cambridge really 😂 @Gneh Onebar You got it😉 nothing “wrong” with alcohol, drink it and you’ll still get drunk, but It’ll still effect your health etc.
  8. @Leo Gura Fuck me, $20 a drink, tabs of acid round here cost like £10, that's ridiculous prices. Yeah it is terrible for you and hangovers are the worst. However, its also enjoyable from time to time when with friends, but looking at any middle aged Beer/ Cider drinker is enough to put me off from becoming a regular drinker It would be 10x harder to lose weight, optimise your health and your life etc if your drinking every night as many adults do.
  9. @Gneh Onebar Yes, I'm 90% sure it's being tested for use in therapy particularly in PTSD, which makes sense. Yes, it is incredibly therapeutic, especially with close friends, partners etc, I've never done it solo so can't say, however it tends to make people incredibly social and active, hence its use in rave and dance music settings. The comedowns tend to come from overuse either too frequent or too high a dosage, shitty product, lack of sleep (Raves tend to go on until 6am at least), lack of nutrition the day after etc. Let's just say raving isn't good for your body, so add heavy dosages of drugs on top of that and it's easy to see why comedowns are common. I think studies have shown once every 3 months can prevent you ever doing permanent damage, but raves are weekly and people always think they're special and it won't affect them, I think https://rollsafe.org/ states at VERY MOST once a month/ 5 weeks. In case people read this and are interested in trying MDMA please please please read this website and take precaution when doing so, and of course do your own research: https://rollsafe.org/
  10. @Gneh Onebar yeah mate MDMA, or pills which usually contains loads of other shit unfortunately. Problem is with 16-20 year olds is responsibility and being sensible, and of course our brains aren’t developed fully at that age increasing the risk further.
  11. @Leo Gura out of interest, how comes? mainly for health reasons? If you’re doing PU regularly it would seriously hamper life if you’re out drinking most nights so I get that completely.
  12. @Leo Gura Yeah I agree, I mean you can tell a lot of Ravers are very different from 'normal' party animals, the focus is often on MD and LSD, but insights are usually drawn from a Green perspective, however, as you say these insights can still have dramatic effects on people and make them investigate deeper potentially. The experience of Love on MD even while at a rave is out of this world, issue is a lot of 17-20 year olds get hooked because it's like 100x better than getting drunk so often end up fucking their brains up, or moving to other Drugs to chase a high, sadly, often Cocaine as it's something you can do more regularly without a Psychological comedown supposedly. And, about moving down it's so true. I can think of so many people I had deep chats with at raves about all sorts, including this sort of stuff, yet now they're like a completely normal person with a typical job, lifestyle and way of living and have just gone back to alcohol or whatever. Oh well, everything is perfect as it is and that's what they need right now Did you ever use to party in your younger/ Pick up years? As much as it can be detrimental as you always say about balance it can be fun and enjoyable of course, but so many people my age just get hooked at College/ Uni or even younger.
  13. In terms of Career, Helping People >, for example you'll no longer work in shitty scammy industries and actually help people and provide value, but it'll also be something you love. Imagine a world (John Lennon lol) where everyone did what they loved and helped each other, imagine how amazing that would be? However, we're hundreds if not thousands of years away from that, so focus on what you love and how you can help people, and of course make a living at the same time, even conscious people have to survive. Relationships are a tricky one and it's very much individual, I've distanced myself from some people to help focus on my goals but they'll always be my friends, but you can't have everything in life and have to sometimes prioritize. Right now my big focus is my businesses, so I can't be going out every night smoking weed like some of my mates do, I'm not 16/17 anymore. But, I do still go out at weekends with friends, so you have to find the balance that's right for you. At the end of the day, it's your life and you shouldn't just do something because a model or someone told you do, sit down and think about what you actually want from life, no need to worry about how you'll get there but be courageous and actually uncover your wants and needs. From there these sorts of questions will start to answer themselves as you have a direction of where you want to in life.
  14. @28 cm unbuffed You can defo build muscle while being vegan lol, pick up a high protein vegan cookbook or something. Here's one idea (not the healthiest meal) Soy mince, Kidney beans/ Black beans, lentils, peppers, carrots, garlic, onion, (anything else you like) made into a Chilli with Chopped tomatoes and veg Stock and of course spices and seasonings, it's really easy to make and you can serve it up with Quinoa/Rice and also have Broccoli/ Kale on the side to add greens. Obvs Soy mince is processed and not the healthiest. I made a big batch and it will last for 4 meals and probably cost me like £5, so £1.25 a meal. This could then be you lunch for the week or whatever, it takes some thinking but not that diifcult really.
  15. @kellyon Smoking especially, I also picked up blue light glasses as I work on my laptop up to 12 hrs a day.