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  1. @vizual I think the most ironic thing of all, is that the longer this belief stays in Spiritual communities, the more money will end up in people's hands who really couldn't give 2 fucks about consciousness, truth, happiness, spirituality, love etc If anything, we need MORE rich 'Spiritual' people, because that's how society evolves. Just as a baseline example it would mean more food companies focused on health & wellbeing, and less focused on addiction & chemicals. More healthy products, less Coca-Cola & McDonalds And, that's just 1/1000000 examples. For example, I remember briefly seeing a Ben Greenfield podcast about a natural wine store owner who had this whole sustainable process, only like 6 hour work days, meditation for the whole staff before work, treated the warehouse like actual people not robots, it was super impressive What Leo has achieved should be seen as inspiration that you can become a conscious millionaire & make money doing whatever the fuck it is that you love, not making out he's 'less spiritual' for being wealthy
  2. Personally, I would never want the girl I am in a relationship with to be on it, seen way too many horror stories & how much it can seriously fuck up someone's health. You have to be wayyyy more careful, but looking into this is what we did - https://www.naturalcycles.com/ Also will help you understand your cycles. Idk what its like in other countries but 'the pill' is so normalized over here its kinda scary, its basically assumed & accepted when you turn 18 / start having regular sex you'll go on it, most don't ever look at alternatives As a caveat, I Know as a male if you wreck your hormones it fucks you up, so I don't see why it would be all that different for Women, but its each individuals decision. As a personal experience I have seen a HUGE change in GF over last 3 months since coming off of it
  3. A teacher is merely a friend helping you on your way home, to source. Ime, they are very helpful. But, don't put them on a pedestal & fall for the 'Guru Worship' trap, you are always your own Guru & all the answers are within, a ;good teacher' just helps guide you to those answers & help YOU find, understand & live truth in your own unique way. However, if you are going to work with someone 1-1 with sessions and what not I would recommend doing some research on them before spending $, checking in with people they've worked with etc. Good luck!
  4. @Fleetinglife Good luck! This is not meant to sway your opinion, but just prepare for some kind of reaction in the coming days, basic flu / cold tips as 4/5 people I know that have had it so far were bedridden for several days, so I'd highly recommend preparing. Also would recommend a pretty heavy detox after, that's what I did after my Vax, and if I ever got a 'booster' I'd do the same, if not more intense. its simply a 14 day program of 100% clean eating, a few supplements & a few extras like celery juice / grounding / sauna + the usual basics. I'm sure you could find even more detailed ones from people like Ben greenfield
  5. This is very normal, although I remember going through this especially pre-spirituality, very much a dark night of the soul. Once you realize Love, Joy & Happiness, you then partake in activities 'for those reasons' and simply for the fun of it. But yeah, you no longer believe a Lambo or whatever will make you happy, but you might still want to drive one for the fun of it, for example. Francis Lucille & Rupert Spira explain this well. @Nahm also does a great job with his conscious creation teachings, and remember not to feel guilty for wanting to create a life you love, we're here to have fun right?
  6. Probs one of my favorite artists of all time, no doubt doing the amount of drugs he did likely led to some spiritual 'experiences' but awakened? No, I wouldn't say so. Although, his fascination with Love & pure artistry may have taken him there eventually, remember he was only 21 when he died, no doubt he would've outgrown certain aspects of the Rap game
  7. Agree, it doesn't have to be either / or. Personally, I choose to 'hustle' on building online businesses, as this also creates assets you can eventually sell or keep as cash flow machines. With any excess money I'm not spending on living, I invest, personally I'm big on Crypto, you can certainly make more than 18% if you know what you're doing, however, you can also lose 50% in a matter of days, so be prepared for that However, Billionaires & macro investors like like Raoul Pal are focusing on Crypto, as it goes farrrrr beyond Bitcoin Personally, I would recommend mastering one area of Crypto investing, the amount of people I've seen on twitter go from barely anything up to 7-8 figures, is insane
  8. Yeah, especially when you connect with the right people
  9. This is awesome. So true, even with Exercise- playing your favorite sport / going to the gym when you love it doesn't require grind like discipline, whereas, doing an activity you hate (for me running long distance) involves that grind. How can we use Blissipline for the 'menial' tasks in life like doing taxes though
  10. @Meliodas Good luck, most important thing is to create a lifestyle you can stick with forever & you enjoy
  11. @Ry4n Same here, never really wanted to take the jab as don't really see why a healthy 21 year old needed it but was told take it & you can travel do whatever etc etc Now its take 1-2 jabs a year, or you can't do anything basically. (Especially in countries like France & Cyprus where you need a vaccine passport to get your weekly shop...) to me, it seems like a veryyyy slippery slope, one that many alternative media sources said would happen in March 2020... One things for certain, Pfizer, Moderna etc Stocks will only be going one way
  12. +1 I mean in the UK we have 100,000 Healthcare workers that are losing their jobs as they don't want to take the jab. They've been on the frontline for the best part of 24 months, so surely its important to understand why they won't... Not just 'Anti-Vaxx' 'granny killer'
  13. @iceprincess I swear everyday we get closer to living in a Black Mirror episode, if we aren't already. The most worrying thing of all, is people support it, wtf is happening
  14. Read it, he had severe asthma himself & its an amazing book Why? I get the hesitation, but even without the dry mouth, it helps massively, this podcast clip explains- Deeper sleep etc Purifies the air, dust, dirt etc, wouldn't live without one anymore Yeah, its supposed to be uncomfortable haha. Its winter here but the benefits are endless honestly, not just health but the discipline of cold showers. Wim's 10 minute guided breathing on YT could be a good place to start, usually he takes it to the extreme with people tbh, your daily practice likely won't be that intense @Michael569 is the guy for this, sorted out most my health issues, including this Just at my Gym, I bought an infrared Sauna blanket over lockdown, so that could be your best option. Its one habit I will never give up, you just always feel amazing after a good Sauna.
  15. @Michael569 Thoughts on this?