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  1. @Michael569 Can clear this up
  2. Personally, I don’t think meditation should be some hard arsed pursuit that you don’t enjoy, considering it’s “purpose” is to help you realise the joyous, natural state that you are. I would recommend watching Rupert Spira / Francis Lucilles videos on meditation, they explain this far better than I can in words!
  3. Watched this Doc on Sunday with my GF, I've been vegan for close to 6 years and felt Re-Radicalized haha, the funniest part for me was the charities supposedly part of the solution were literally funded by the main problem creators, I honestly feel a lot of charities are a lot more corrupt than we are led to believe. I also liked how the Creator changed his actions based on what he found out. I do agree that Veganism becomes a huge ideology and almost cult like at times though, its why I unfollowed most 'Vegan Influencers' on YT, Insta, Twitter etc, the ethics of Veganism says about being moral to all living beings, but I feel vegans forget Humans are also living beings as well lmao, and screaming at them is just going to push them further away.
  4. A world full of beings simply expressing happiness & joy, and living from love. In a nutshell, a beautiful place.
  5. @Carl-Richard this is awesome This decade we will constantly see “more” awakened Actors, athletes, celebrities etc etc Of course we can’t have more as we are all that! 😂 But, more will become conscious of their own being, and I can’t wait for it!
  6. @7thLetter Yes! the use case is so needed- fixing all the fake views, fake followers etc and being used in E sports tournaments and for better or worse video games are the biggest “sport” in the world these days!
  7. @Zeitgeist Oh 100%, follow 360Trader on Twitter to learn how the cycles work & when to sell into the parabolic move. (Alts go 1-2 months after BTC usually)
  8. Invest in Ziliqa, Theta, TFuel, Veracity & Cardano if you wanna turn that 100k into financial freedom lmao (this is a joke not financial advice before anyone kicks off, always do your own research and never listen to random blokes on the internet on how to spend your own money) But seriously, Sure you could do the whole 'balanced portfolio' route, but I'm guessing your pretty young? Benefit of being in your 20s is you can take risks & the downsides are nothing compared to when you have dependents and a mortgage etc I'm just saying since the start of this year some of my investments have more than tripled, I find that much more fun than getting 5-10% returns on an index fund, sure as you get older and wealthier (I mean 7-8, even 9 figures here) diversity becomes more important. But, if you learn the markets properly & take the time to study you can turn 100k into 500k- million in Crypto Bull Run pretty easily, then your essentially set for life. DON'T go in blind though, properly research and understand Crypto cycles, Bitcoin halving, bull / bear markets, exit strategies etc But I have a high tolerance for Risk, I'm only 21 and after this bull run I'll then diversify, it just makes zero sense to me right now to invest in something like Index funds during a Crypto bull run when you could literally shut your eyes pick any crypto in the top 100 and probably double your money, its a once in a generation opportunity Meh, maybe do this long term, but even 10% on 100k is literally 10k which is hardly anything, once you're playing with Millions then 10% becomes significant, but I'm so biased towards crypto lol Diversity long term, yes, but why would you put ANY money even intio BTC & Ethereum right now when you literally just need to do some more research and find up and coming Small Caps where the real profits are, the 'risk' argument doesn't make sense either right now imo
  9. Lol the funniest thing I saw was a morbidly obese person showing off about their Vaccine while scoffing down a Donut. Every day that goes by, the less this world makes sense to me lol, I'll never understand why we seem to encourage Obesity & Poisonous Junk food, like you are free to do what the fuck you want, but we shouldn't be encouraging these habits just like we don't encourage Alcoholism, or Drug addiction. It seems 'Empowering' yet the only real winners of the Obesity epidemic are the Huge toxic corporations like McDonalds, Krispy Kreme etc & then Big Pharma when they get to sell more drugs than ever before, and so the cycle continues. Btw, this isn't a post regarding the Vaccine, just the stupidity of most people that they will scream about Masks, Distancing & Vaccines etc, yet won't even mention healthy habits, exercise & natural preventative cures. I saw a study that said Covid was also more prevalent in more obese countries, probably why over here in the UK we've struggled so much. The average person here is overweight, lazy & has a terrible diet...
  10. Haha, same, coming up on 6 years so not quite on your level although feel like I've been re-radicalized watching the documentary 'SeaSpiracy' on Netflix lmao @Husseinisdoingfine Please make sure to supplement these- B12, D3, Vegan Omegas & then potentially a good Vegan Multi. Other than that just eat enough healthy calories and you're good to go
  11. @Roy haha all good, but I’m very much used to people online instantly calling any rich person a scammer / fraud / liar etc 😂 I agree very much, focusing on what you want & what you value in life is valuable introspection we should all do, like you said when I hear minimalism it feels Like (to me at least) I have to give up things I don’t want to, e.g. you couldn’t have a spacious house, or fashion you like as it’s not “needed” which is a little bit silly to me
  12. @Hansu I agree with you, we should be focusing on increasing everyone's wealth, prosperity and chances in life, to the benefit of the whole. There is clear systemic & corruption issues in society, but I think the rhetoric of 'Eat the Rich', 'Kill the rich' just creates further division, along with a victim mentality, for example I saw on Twitter recently something like 'If you vote Tory (Conservative) you're a cu** and deserve to die.' Like what 'Tory' is going to read that and go, you know what I've suddenly changed all of my beliefs, none. Just creates more division instead of Unity. Also, let's not forget you have the BEST chance across all of history to make yourself wealthy, I would rather live now being born as 'Working Class' then literally any other time in history. You can start making money on the internet with $0, literally. You can also build a 6 figure business within a year of so if you do it right, with the right strategy. Then comes in the mindset & knowledge of Economics & the monetary system. In the UK a lottery winner of £10's Millions went broke, so would a lot of 'Working Class / Middle Class' people simply because they aren't taught about how Money works, how to preserve it, how to grow it etc. Financial Education is the place to start, as well as strategically starting an Online Business you resonate with to create freedom in your life, then you're free to pursue whatever you want.
  13. No offence, that's such a narrow minded response, he runs Hyros, I have a few friends that use his Ad Tracking and it is really good, then he trades Crypto & NFTs, no doubt he knows what he's doing there as he literally has all his free time to spend on it haha. That's the thing, if he does it as its what makes him the happiest, fair play, and I think the working does, but the stacking money for the sake of it continuously just doesn't make that much sense, especially as he gets into the 10s then 9 figures. He's also said how he's trying to seek fulfilment beforehand, I think he's just gone from the extreme of 'Objects will make me happy, buy them all!!' To now, ' okay Objects didn't work so let's get rid of every last one.' I look forward to the day he reads a Non-Dual book, or has some sort of awakening. At the end of the day, if it works for him that's amazing, I just don't think this way of life is ideal for many people, and that's not to say Lambos & Private Jets are either, I think its all about finding 'Your Way' instead of 'The Way' as there is no 'Way' that is right for everyone.
  14. @fridjonk me too! I can’t ever see myself as being extreme minimalist as Becker, I enjoy way too many things too much! I think it comes down to values. if you’re solely concerned with maximising your net worth & income at all costs, this is by far the best route. But, if you value other things more, that improve your quality of life, even if you like “stuff”, then indulge as you see fit. I do think minimalism is great for realising what’s important instead of mindless consumption though!
  15. I love Becker, he gives awesome business & investing advice, and his advice is great for cycling into phases of life where you just need to get shit done- business, exam season, whatever it is etc However, this video to me shows the clear SD Stage Orange mindset he has, of only spending money on things that grow his net worth, as that’s what he sees as most important, which is fair enough, whatever makes you happy right. he also seems like an Enneagram type 5 which are natural minimalists, they thrive alone & with little to concentrate on their pursuits. My question, is how do we find our own form of minimalism (what is meaningful to us) and find that balance between enjoying “things & life” and your LP, business & career. This form of minimalism has never appealed to me at all (Enneagram type 7, Scorpio) and if anything I want to use money to experience more of life as well as grow it, so should we all just follow our good feeling? Ive never really found their to be any form of blanket life philosophy (minalmism, Veganism etc) that works universally. Also, I feel this minimalism is quite a masculine thing to do, and can lead one dow a kind of toxic path of less at all costs & into some sort of Compeition, like the complete opposite of mindless consumerism. what’s everyone’s thoughts?