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  1. There are several models which finish up around the same point. It is hard to find info on levels beyond turquoise. But i assure you there are ancient ways of dealing with it. Its just that we dont have it in the form of an explicit model. This is a fairly modern way of looking at it, last hundrdd years or so, so its still being figured out. Not everyone will climb beyond turwuoise turquoise but some will.
  2. How high up is teal? How old was this person? Did they sound legit?
  3. When i am above turquoise i stop thinking about it. Our level of consciousness oscillates I am probably hovering around yellow a lot of the time
  4. Haha i like that kirby infp meme
  5. From what i understand, coral is about where the spirit world really starts getting involved. Well, tier 2 is i guess. At yellow, this is involved with magick and similar things. Turquoise is accepting even of non physical entities. Coral is like an eruption of spiritual energy into the present moment. This can be taken even further by letting the energy guide one.
  6. Dream? There is physical reality, and then there is the spiritual reality that we go to when we die, but which is also here now. Perhaps the real world will seem like a dream when we've crossed over.
  7. Repetition is a form of learning associated with introverted sensing, Si. Some people will enjoy it, others won't. Be sure to be properly balanced with learning forms. Edit: by balanced, I don't mean an equal spread, but the proper amounts of each. Apply the right amount of each form. Repetition could be used as a default, or it could barely be used. It depends on you. Other forms include building systems, interacting with others, building an intuition, and so forth.
  8. Well, the obvious answer from what you said is that he was interested in you, found out you had a boyfriend, and got upset. If thats what happened, its wrong of him. (This doesnt seem like the answer because 8 months is a long time to not know that) If its anything else, i dont think it can be readily inferred from what you wrote. Best way to answer your questions is for him to explain, but if he wont then i guess just let it go?
  9. Don't you see it's wrong to hate? Love doesnt mean approving of what someone does. Shouldnt we love everyone, no matter what they have done and are doing?
  10. Well yes, psychedelics activate higher consciousness. Consciousness goes higher as we go through life, and using drugs like acid speeds this up. I experience psychosis/shamanic journeying that is like tripping organically. Full blown, alternate reality stuff. When i experienced daily heightened awareness, it was after my main ego death, and shortly before my rebirth experience. Others journeys will differ.
  11. The answers are within you as to why you are feeling this way. Introspect. This may be a temporary state of affairs, having some remedy. What is the remedy? Youve done a lot. Youve changed yourself. Youve opened yourself up to new things. You are now feeling so much more energy, within, without. This will take some time to get used to. Perhaps something is coming your way. The anxiety is signalling it. It could be a very good thing. Why? Why is it happening?
  12. Awakening was a war within myself, Fear and anger and insanity, swirling in chaos As one drops the old life, Dons the new, And grows into the sage, metamorphosis. Chosen for the shamanic journey, With eyes closed, opening my soul And watching as the world falls apart. For the world has gone wrong, and we are here to save, Dancing to our song, a golden path to pave.
  13. What are you basing this on, @Keyhole? I'm fond of my cat, we're close. I even thought he was a reincarnated human. I don't think so any more. He seemed so human. He learner from me. Deep things. But at the end of the day he's just a cat, and I don't think he will be more than that. He will die, and whatever consciousness he has will disperse, or vanish, or whatever happens to animals when they die. My worldview at the moment excludes animals having souls. But I used to believe in reincarnation. I just can't see it right now. I don't know what consciousness animals have but I think it is way below human consciousness. That's why eating meat is permitted. I think I said the same thing a few times. Not in a good mood right now, for unrelated reasons.
  14. People can speak to people who have died. Mediums channel spirits and can find out what the afterlife is like.
  15. You're saying what exactly about me?