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  1. 1) There are permanent Awakenings and momentary Awakenings. 2) Awakenings have different degrees of intensity and consciousness. 3) Combine one and two in all permutations. There is also, practically speaking, a systemic trade-off between intensity and duration. The fact that an Awakening is permanent or not is trivial, it's an AWAKENING. You want to be beyond time and make it permanent but that whole demand is precisely constructed by your notions of time. How much a state lasts has nothing to do with it's Truthfulness or any other quality. Duration of the Awakening is just another facet of Awakening.
  2. There are so many ways of indicating the One Godly Reality. Yet no matter how much one says, it seems that everything has been left unsaid.
  3. @OBEler Many years ago when I was a normie I took a nap that made me live a life for quite some years. It was another human life, with all it's things. When I woke up in my sofa I was extremely extremely disoriented and nauseous. I was traumatised for one week after that, couldn't make any sense of it. After some time I forgot and kept going on. Just happened once, conceive of it as a more profound night dream than what you are used to. You are naturally talented with lucid dreaming or something like that, you should know better than me. I'm fully aware that some reports could be totally truthful and if you have tried Salvia seriously you know how much it can mess with the fabric of Reality. Experiment yourself if you care to know what's possible under the sun. Work your way up to high Salvia doses and trip enough till that happens. It seems to be a quite common phenomena. You should be able to verify it beyond hearsay for yourself. Otherwise we can theoretically discuss it, but you can resolve it for yourself if you dare to know Truth.
  4. God transcends and includes questions such as what is and what is not
  5. I have two axis on exploring drugs, the horizontal axis and the vertical axis. I personally am interested in getting to taste as much drugs as possible, horizontal axis. This allows me to have a wide range of different experiences. I believe that unless you have the experience all you have is bullshit and hearsay. So I'm all for trying it and having the experience. Now that I have the experience I really ask myself whether it's in my best interests to start the vertical exploration of such a drug, which means, continued use of that substance. This is my little mental model that has proved to be extremely useful in getting the best of both worlds. For the moment only entheogens have gotten into the vertical exploration, as that's what resonates with me. Although I do find value in having new experiences and changing my state. It's just that I do so in an extremely sober and mature way. As weird as it may sound, I've always been fascinated by the fact that drugs could exist. You ingest a drug and somehow Reality is not the same anymore. So I see why other people can be fascinated by them also. However, there are very serious traps in drug consumption, potentially fucking up your life. Meth certainly has the potential of doing that.
  6. @Water by the River I've been meditating like a mad man lately. You gave me some good pointers. I'll keep meditating. I know that we have some serious discrepancies regarding metaphysics but I'm surprised that we also have many more things in common than what I had assumed.
  7. @Zeroguy You made honor to your name! How did the Realization happen? How was the experience, could you share it?
  8. Sounds like a classic Kundalini Awakening. It's a very good sign of progress in the spiritual path but the ego can have weird reactions to it. Have you had the opportunity to investigate more about Kundalini? The point is how come you are doing all this spiritual practice and when the fruition of all the hard work comes you coil back in resistance? It's like working for years to get a paycheck and when all the money gets cashed in you freak out. Kind of a disappointing thing to happen. I know Kundalini can be challenging but trust me, it's one of the best signs that your spiritual practices are working properly. It seemed that the backlash was significant and you needed to disconnect yourself from it. Drugs seemed to make that for you. This is an unhealthy approach, although I understand why you used such a coping mechanism. I encourage you to embrace the next blessing that comes your way. Open yourself to it, surrender, trust, and fully merge with it. You'll blossom like a butterfly.
  9. Why am I thinking?
  10. All my love and best wishes for the next chapter in your life Victor It's all gonna be good. The initial resistance can be a bit challenging but as there is no alternative you get over it. Funny enough, not having a plan B makes everything easier. You are 100% committed then you do what you have to do. Sounds nice, make sure to check for vaccines and weird diseases. That sounds great man. Trips really change you. I'm sure this is right for you, given the way you speak You'll figure everything out, it's not that hard. The only REAL problem is falling sick. Make sure to bring any medicines you might need with you and have some kind of back plan in case you get seriously ill. All other things come and go but in my experience the hardest of it all is having to take care of yourself and your needs, while feeling absolutely shitty in an unkown country without having anyone to count on. If you take care of this possible problem all the rest will be fine. Common sense will guide you and make you survive. It's a great opportunity to grow and explore. Make sure to take time off and properly rest/disconnect, as overstimulation can be huge while solo travelling. You'll grow a lot, make sure to also take time when you come back to settle properly. Your whole sense of identity and life can be drastically changed, you may feel you have no home or that the whole world is your home, many things can happen in this regard so also consider cutting a bit short your trips to properly root yourself when you come back. At least the first week you'll feel a bit weird when you return, it's fine, trust and enjoy the process. Lots of love Davino
  11. The answer is ironic. Because the indoctrination the first culture did on the virgin psyche is so strong that the pull of the second culture is not strong enough to uproot it.
  12. This quote hit me as hard as a nuclear bomb when I first listened it. I'm not sure from which episode it was. Many times now I sit and try to think something absolutely novel and virgin. To think a thought no one has ever thought! It gets me out of chair of how exciting that is.
  13. There will be a UFC fight in Las Vegas' Sphere. That's gonna be WILD. I wanna be inside the Sphere and participate in a UFC Event, so that would be two birds with one shot. Whatever, I'm dreaming aloud
  14. @gambler Yes, I've heard the same. It seems the atmosphere is absolutely electric. I can't wait to have the experience. Everyone says it's nuts. I've gone to some amateur fight events and the experience is crazy af. Can't imagine in a professional UFC event.