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  1. @Schizophonia I can't afford that for various personal reasons that there's no point in explaining here. Your comment is useless, because ppl choose what to buy based on what they can and want, not based on others' opinions. And then I sincerely wanted to try these seeds, which are completely different from LSD...😁❤️
  2. This is the only thing worth to stay alive. Its so pleasant. Its too good to be true, that i can be happy despite everything. ❤️
  3. I knew, that nausea is a natural effect caused by alkaloids inside the shells...
  4. They can be found easily in flowes shops
  5. I took 7 hawaiian baby woodrose seeds, and got an incredibly spiritual and LONG high. (8 hours of very powerful high plus another 10/12 hours of mild high, when i felt so relaxed and happy) The only problem about this seeds is that they cause an hard nausea, but it can be avoided with a germination tek (that i havent done correctly, thats why i vomited my entire stomach lol) Report: The effect started in 20 minutes after eating them, i felt stoned and very very tired, and also a little bit nauseous. Then nausea went away, and i started running around the garden, while feeling so happy and energic. It was so funny Then i took ginger tea, and i vomited all the tea 10 minutes after. After this the trip becomes higly spiritual, and i wasnt expexting this at all. I laid on a bed and i my mind started to become more and more empty, i forgot the reality outside my room and i started to have less thoughts, until i could barely remember that I existed and had a body. I felt the powerful infinity and pleasure of the present moment, i realized that the infinite pleasure and love can be grasped when the mind turns off. They were the most orgasmic and pleasant hours of my entire life. Its unimaginable how much pleasure it can be grasped only with meditation. And of course i realized that death is infinite love bc all the distractions of the mind would die with physical death.
  6. You make me feel like everything will go in the right direction. Thank you🙏❤️
  7. @jimwell thanks thanks thankkss for your messagee, it reassured me a lot. Hahahah everyone tells me this, but im so serious about my relationshiipp, at least as seriously as I take life in general (not a lot) I didint know her, but its definitely me. So accurate.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  8. @TheGod for y I don't care about him having other girls. With x maybe I wil be a little bit sad, but I will accept this if this makes him happy. The problem comes if x breaks up with me for this experience that im making with y.
  9. @mr_engineer the point is that I don't want to break with x at all. But I still want to meet y, and be at least friends. its a risk that I have to take or not. btw thanks for all the advices ♡♡♡
  10. @mr_engineer no I don't want at all children with y
  11. I don't want children now, but in the past I liked the idea of having a baby with x in our future. I want to build a life with x, but im still obsessed by y, I want to meet him and love him anyway.
  12. @Schizophonia im looking for help, im confused, and write here helps me to reorganize thoughts, and I also can find useful others ideas and advices if they have.
  13. @mr_engineer the problem is that I want both, why I can't be free to love two instead of one? btw if I have to choose I'll choose x immediately, but x is also my confort zone, and make a choice will make me in part unhappy of course bc I'm also in love with y and I want him to be my friend. (I don't see a future together with y, also bc he is very far from me) I want to be free, and my ideal choice will be to deal with both of them, not with just x. The point is, is this a crazy idea? am in being just a fool?
  14. i'm 18 yo and i ve been with my boyfriend (that we 'll call x) for 5 years, and I love him incredibly, I want to spend my entire life with him, living and traveling with him always forever. And he wants this too. We're just like brother and sister, best friends and spouses at the same time, and we also have a very good communication, and very good sex, we're both satisfied to one another. i met a guy on internet (that we'll call y) thanks to this community, and all started bc he wanted me to flirt with me also if I was already with x, at the beginning I didn't want to flirt with him but I wanted him to be my friend, because I will love to have friends who knows Leo and I also found him very interesting. So I continued to text him for a week. When me and y started to do video calls, I immediately realized that I love this boy a lot, and I want to meet him, I felt a deep connection looking y in his eyes. Y feels the same about me and he wants to meet me asap. (i'm not sure about having sex with y but I love him in a romantic way for sure, he wants me also sexually) Now x knows everything about my feelings for y, and x wants me to be free to do whatever I want. I want to spend my life loving x, but I want to meet y and have good times with him, because I miss him a lot. I would like to do both, because i'm sure that I can love both of them in different ways. x also told me that if I want we can be in an "hippie" and free relationship: this means that we will live together in the same home for the rest of our lives in a romantic and also sexual relation, but being free to do experiences outside of the relationship. (by the way I will be ready to have a free relationship with x, but I'm not sure if he is being serious about this, and I'm quite afraid to broke up with x, if he doesn't want me anymore after my possible experiences with y) What do you think of this situation? I'd like to receive advices, bc I want to be free in this life and expose myself to lot of experiences, but I don't want to ruin my current wonderful relationship with x. Thanks thanks thanks