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  1. This book wil help you: The Big Leap: Conquer Your Hidden Fear and Take Life to the Next Level You are actually hitting the crystal cealing or self limitation of how good you think your life can be and therefore trying to sabotage it. Although what is remarkable in your case is that the sabotage is trying to be done consciously which is bizarre. In any case, that book will give you insights on why you think your life is too good.
  2. I recommend you to search about Sri Anandamayi Ma, the only recorded case in history where a being was born egoless and remained this way till her death. There was no beggar or so called enligthened Guru that was not astonished by her simplicity and presence. If you pay real attention and read closely, undressing the words to what they point to, you will see that a very clear message of God-Realization is being transmited.
  3. Paramhansa Yogananda wrote about her in his book Autobiography of a Yogi. His meeting with her is recounted in the chapter titled "The Bengali 'Joy-Permeated Mother'", where she explains her background: "Father, there is little to tell." She spread her graceful hands in a deprecatory gesture. "My consciousness has never associated itself with this temporary body. Before I came on this earth, Father, I was the same. As a little girl, I was the same. I grew into womanhood, but still I was the same. When the family in which I had been born made arrangements to have this body married, I was the same... And, Father, in front of you now, I am the same. Ever afterward, though the dance of creation change around me in the hall of eternity, I shall be the same.
  4. My only solid critique of Leo is his little care about raising his base line consciousness. Frank Yang and Peter Ralston might have not reached as high as Leo, not even close. However, Leo's baseline consciousness is a bit embarassing in comparison with other masters. Time is limited and one could understand different investments but a few have attained it all, both baseline and peaks, like Sri Anandamayi Ma. So it can be done.
  5. Exactly. Some people here treat the absolute like something dead lol. Stop trying to trancend the absolute and nonsense like that. The absolute is more alive than you! It's ever fresh, ever new. In one way it has an end and that's it, beingness oneness consciousness the absolute, in the other way it's always refreshingly alive and self-transcendent. You need to get both, otherwise you could be more conscious.
  6. You are not understanding how the part and the whole work. All parts are a whole in itself and the whole itself is a part. Your body is a whole but then is a part of earth. The earth is a whole but then is a part of the solar system. Your body is a whole but has parts like orgars. Organs are a whole but have parts, cells. And so on in all directions. This is holistic thinking. I see a hole in your reasoning here that you will recognize when you are grounded in turquoise. What you think is the whole it's just unreachable, it goes on forever in this way. The same is happening with understanding. The same oneness in higher and higher orders of complexity. It's a property of holons called self-trascendence that makes them more than the sum of it's parts. Your body-mind is not just a collections of atoms, in the same way, reality and awakening follows this structure of ever greater self organization, understanding and awakening.
  7. If your infinity doesn't include the finite then you don't have Infinity my friend. If your limitless doesn't include limits then you don't have something truly limitless. ------------- About your question. There are others but others are God. It is a very subtle truth. Others exist but are also you. God exists and also not God but both are GOD, so on for infinity. God being alone vs God being with others, both are God. In the end, if the other is also God it's much easier to say that God alone is. Rather than saying God alone is and God is with others but those others are still God and therefore God alone is. I mean you have to awaken to this, I went through a hell of solipsism to reach this awakening that I'm telling you. Others EXIST but they are still you. Your mind includes all other minds but those other minds are still your mind but they still exist, we don't negate them. Your consciousnes includes all others but all others are just your consciousness, they exist within it, as it, they exist but are your consciousness. So it's not that they don't exist but that they are also God. The alone and the other are both God and when both are God is just more logical to say God alone is. It's not alone in the sense that there are no others, it's alone in the sense that even if there are others, it's still always alone because the other is itself. So it's not like when you awaken to solipsism you were not alone before you awoken to it, you were always alone it's just that now you recognize yourself and the other for what they are, consciousness, yourself.
  8. True the first time I dreamt after quitting cannabis was like damn, dreams are so radical. How could I be dreaming so casually? This is much more insane than a trip. A whole reality is spawned out of myself every night, a new universe with it's own rules. Why isn't everybody talking about this??
  9. Yeah the application of that simple understanding is quite hard xddd I would say surviving plays a huge role and how we are wired in the end. Love will save you, to love and surrender to what is. Very femenine indeed because femenine is about peace & love. The masculine is about consciousness & breakthroughs. Another perspective you could take is a deep and exhaustive analysis on the nature of desire. Heaven=Desirelessness. The most heavenly like and nirvanic states I have experienced were profoundly permeated by desirelessness. You don't desire anything at all, not even not to desire, you are utterly desireless. Desire to live, to be happy, to awaken... are blocking the way to heaven. Although not all desires are of the same quality, some desires lead to desirelessness, others to awakening, while most of them just to more desire. And all desire in the end is for desirelessness which is complete satisfaction. Well not gonna do your job, contemplate on the nature of desire and it's mechanisms!
  10. You can enter into heaven just by changing this one belief in your mind. Wow really is that easy? Yes... Keep with me, this can change your life. Reality should be any other way than what is. Welcome to heaven my friend! It's that simple, this is the root, the pattern, just change one belief, one thought in your mind. Reality is the way it should be and I don't want it any other way. Then you come to realize this moment here and now is already heaven.
  11. what was the tipping point for you that made you stable in the construct awareness stage? How did you really get the juice out of this stage?
  12. Relive in your mind what you fear and infuse it with love, rewiring your own memories by association and love. Your mind is fluid and if you call back in you fear, while in a loving fearless state (that's how mdma feels for me) then your own brain will be rewired by the state you are feeling, taking out the strong negative emotional association and diluting it with the emotional chemistry state you find yourself in. Like putting milk into your coffee. In some point you will break the sound speed needed and from there on you will be able to keep infusing love into it while on the sober state. Self Love is the key. Feel and love, whatever it is, as it is, be with it, love it again and again, love it to death, stare it to death, push yourself, you really need to break the wall with your love and get beyond your limits, breaking free from your prison into and endless pool of self-love and acceptance for eternity. This approach has worked for me. It's not a one session solution but is a root solution that really gets the job done. Inside and outside substance work is required but inside work will be truly remarkable and efficient. Some vipassana understanding would also help to make it more holistic and relieve trauma from the body. Yet nothing is more powerful than love but it will give more insight tools to work with. Hope you the best and feel confident that you will make it work! Lots of love
  13. Most high consciousness problems can only be solved by a shit tone more of consciousness. The only way out is through. There's no way around consciousness.
  14. Question: The Wise say that the waking-state is but a dream. Mataji: Where real Knowledge is - there is only one Brahman and no second; there, everything that you see is nothing but a dream. There are two kinds of dreams: the dream of waking and the dream while sleeping. "Nothing has happened - to be able to understand this is very fortunate. If you can understand that nothing has happened, you have indeed been blessed with inner vision. Only you exist, you and you alone. Truly, you are contained in everything. Again, you are indeed That Itself. In all infinity is He and no other - I alone am." ~ Anandamayi Ma //Here you can see MA speaking about reality being a dream, you being infinity (God) and that only you exist or better said, as she guides us through the process, I alone am (Absolute Solipsism). It's all a matter of consciousness, How far have other mystics arrived? How far have you arrived?
  15. I've awoken to contradictory states of consciousness simultaneously happening at once. It feels extremely holistic and mind opening, like you are a 360 camera with litle eyes like a fly each with a different state of consciousness. Obviously in the end you are in a state of consciousness that includes other states of consciousness. I've experienced this just once but I know it's possible. What I don't know is how far you can push it but open your mind to such a possibility because it happened for me.
  16. @Yimpa I'm as illusory or as real as anybody else in the dream. It's my resistance to whatever is going on that creates my own suffering. @vibv Thank you. I really appreciated you took the time to write that message, it felt genuine. I really find both exercises aligned with myself and I'll have them in my toolbox from now on. @Breakingthewall Here are my reflections about your questions. I feel that to know myself more than being important is my conscious right so to speak. To know something is to become conscious about itself and have it fully merged inside your consciousness. Or said in another way, to know something is my consciousness exploring one side of itself and this can have no end. About conceptual frameworks you sometimes break from inside of them and others you break from the outside. Having said that, I still have not reached clarity about conceptual frameworks. From one side they are very limited but from the other side do we have another option really? being serious here. idk, I honestly don't know. Can we live life 24/7 without any conceptual framework? Yeah I got that. --------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------- Here is my own direct experience and awakening: MY consciousness includes all consciousness. It's so funny because what generated the problem was too much consciousness and the way I solved it was by a shit tone more of consciousness. It's always me in the other side. It's always me How tricky I am with myself I'm the one in the other side and there's nobody on the other side, there is just one side, this is the game. There is another but is me. There is always another but when I flip it's also me, me in both sides. This is the game.
  17. @Yimpa Thank you. Gonna do an intense reflection all day about what am I and what is other. I hope also to gain clarity for my human interactions. Le't see if AL-LAD gives me some extra clarity for this matter.
  18. What does the character do then? that is the hard point. The game in a sense has lost all it's juice, how does the character still play the game so to speak, when it has seen it for what it is. It's not like it's gonna keep playing like nothing happened. The absolute solipsism is not the problem, the point is the integration of that solipsism into your every day life when you cannot unsee it anymore. That's the real deal that I'm going through. The patterns and behaviours of the character are seen from a radically different light. That seeing is painful in itself but not bad, I know that. I'm just rethinking all of myself at this point and my approach to others in this dream. It is a painful proccess like a self operation without anesthesia.
  19. It used to be beautiful but I didn't take into account the ramifications. How deep it goes. It's just a phase I'm purging I know it. I have been here before. I'll be fine and I know that solipsism is truth and I love truth. But it's hard to stomach if that follows you along even when you are interacting with people. Not as a peak but as something that you just saw and now you can't see reality back again, never. This is all just a resistance to myself and to truth but that doesn't make it easier to go through anyways. It will go through me and reborn me.
  20. I hope they were just that. I don't know what the highest Awakenings are like but I've definetely had a glimpse of solipsism that I cannot unsee. I really still don't know how to interact with others from now on. I've never had an awakening that impacted so much my everyday human life. How can I relate with others now? What others... This is the loop, I'm absolutely trapped in myself.