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  1. This elections are getting a lot of material for a juicy video, just sayin
  2. Who would have said that Trump was closer to death than Biden. IRONIC
  3. They will say he is Jesus! Trump will play, if he hasn't already, the saviour archetype. It appeals the unconscious. It's incredible how Trump is such an example of collective dynamic. It's like the characterization of many shadow aspects America and our culture.
  4. It's clear as daylight. All the bullshit Trump will spin out of this is gonna be insane. It's gonna play very well with his agenda.
  5. @Jehovah increases Because everything is a manifestation of God, my Infinite Self
  6. I'm very interested to know about your first hand experience with Cessation. As far as I know, it's a reboot in Consciousness and the Olympic gold medal of meditation. I've heard many things here and there but I never had the opportunity to have someone explain to me how it was and how they did it. Meditators report permanent shifts on baseline consciousness and radical physiological rewirings after such breakthrough experiences. I'm also particularly interested on that. Thanks in advance for sharing your wisdom with me, I honestly appreciate it.
  7. The only worthy word to be said is God. Davino
  8. I recommend you to search about Sri Anandamayi Ma, the only recorded case in history where a being was born egoless and remained this way till her death. There was no beggar or so called enligthened Guru that was not astonished by her simplicity and presence. If you pay real attention and read closely, undressing the words to what they point to, you will see that a very clear message of God-Realization is being transmited.
  9. The life of Trump is like a bad American movie.
  10. @Ima Freeman All medicines are poisions One poision kills another poison
  11. Do you? One thing is to have no doubts Another is to be beyond doubts God is beyond doubt and doubt itself
  12. @Jehovah increases Why do you ask me? Ask God Have you ever talked with God? Maybe it's the same one in both ends
  13. No speculation Just a truck full of Consciousness It's not that hard, get your dose by whatever means is aligned with your preferences. Once highly conscious, reality opens up, like a vagina giving away all its blessings and Awakenings. Direct your mind to the Gold, that's all. I am alive, what is life? I am Conscious, what is Consciousness? I am, what am I? Although all methodologies pale in contrast with Insane levels of Consciousness. Such as needed to realize Infinity, God and the like. Or you can enjoy your life and forget all of this, which would be absolutely fine and even easier.
  14. @Jehovah increases You are all over the place with trascendental and relative
  15. Extra important. Huge huge mistake I made Ease out and chill Too much conscious can fry your body and mind like a fly electrocuted by a lightning bolt
  16. But being human is not always a High Consciousness Experience Usually it is not You want a form to survive, your form, against all others, each moment is an infinite pulls and shake in this Cosmos that breaks everything apart and births it anew in each breath
  17. It is not a new thing to God It is a new thing to the human As long as you decide to keep that form, to survive it, to feed it, to clean it, to shit it, to do its carings and so on. This is the rule of the world, take it or leave it, many leave it and not for God unfortunately
  18. It fucking IS. I'm getting beaten down by God's Truth. I love being humbled down by God. God will do it to you soon!
  19. Striving to survive from a High Consciousness Experience is like using heavy machinery for eating with a Fork.