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  1. Ok, I'll go get some therapy. I hear IFS is good.
  2. How do you know this. You think you're the only one asking this because you don't see people walking around saying this. You're oblivious to your assumptions. Maybe 90% of the worlds population think this on a regular basis, you don't know. I don't ask, where am I. I ask, what is this.
  3. You're right. Best thing you said so far, It's all nothing. Even your words. My words. Empty, empty empty.
  4. Truth needs no defense. Why does it matter what I say. It's all hate. Better?
  5. You want to argue, don't you. Well, I'm not available for that this morning. Maybe some other time.
  6. Lol. I guess most guys are sex workers too and low value. Smh.
  7. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  8. Blah, blah, blah, blah. Your words are also love. A nothingness form of love.
  9. Some quick tips to add to your lifestyle and to help cut down on toxins. * Use banana peels to shine your chrome and leather shoes. Buff and shine with cloth. * Use baking soda or bottled lemon juice instead of bleach to wash your white clothes. * After eating out, instead of using those toxic hand wipes they serve after meals, use cut lemons instead. * Headache? Try peppermint oil. Rub on temples and sniff. * Lightly Constipated? Eat a banana, an apple or the gel of an aloe plant. Rub your tummy very fast and put pressure on the pelvis to help release the bile. Aloe is also good for diarrhea. Stay away from Metamucil - cut holes in the stomach and causes leaky gut syndrome. * Need help eating a healthy diet? Binge on healthy Youtube videos for a while and make sure to watch videos that makes foods that looks yummy to you. This will help you to stick with it or help in the starting process. * Cant sleep? Put couple drops of lavender essential oil on pillow, soak feet in Epsom salt, drink ripe banana skin tea - just boil in water. Try deep breathing.(Google 4-7-8 method). * Crush strawberries can help to whiten teeth; so does turmeric. Dip toothbrush and brush. * Stay away from drinking hot liquid in Styrofoam cups. They leach toxic chemicals in the drink. * Dirty fingernails? Rub with lemon or lime or orange peel. Soak in baking soda and/or Apple cider vinegar. Rub honey to moisturize and rinse after a few minutes. * Lingering cough? Take a tablespoon of raw honey. That'll do the trick. Great for allergies too. Make sure it's raw or real unprocessed honey or straight from the bee farmer. * Never use artificial sweeteners like Splenda, Sweet-n-low or Equal. Recipe for disaster in many ways. * Stay away from conventional mouthwash, they are laced with alcohol - Listerine is one. Very bad for mouth flora. Use food-grade peroxide, cloves (make a batch of clove tea and store in fridge), salt water, essential oils like peppermint, grapefruit, lemon etc, diluted apple cider vinegar but don't brush before thoroughly rinsing mouth as the vinegar can be erosive to teeth. * If you do nothing else for health always drink water first thing after waking up. Very vital for cell reproduction. This habit alone does wonders. Thanks for reading and don't obsess. Very bad for the nerves. Balance is key.
  10. New meaning to, "rough day at work?". Lmao😂😂
  11. An apple cannot be an orange. So, if we are love, we are already being love. Hate is also love.
  12. How about another, and another, and another. Better yet, probably shorter list if you name what you like and is not a pet peeve, hehe.
  13. So if one has a habit of picking one's nose, that's a stress response? If one has a habit of hanging up on people because of whatever reason, is that a stress response. If one has a habit of waking up and first thing they do is grab a lollipop, is that a stress response, if one has a habit of driving a certain way, is that a stress response? Why do we feel that bad habits, (and I say bad because we label them that way), is a result of a stress response. It's not, it's just a response.
  14. When somebody has to exaggerate their point, it loses merit in my book. Nobody runs around naked. But it sounds better to say it like that so your complaint seems legit.