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  1. Oh boy. Here we go again. Infinity at its finest. We don't need fancy drawn out explanations for what Infinity means, it's right here, right now, everywhere and in every explanation and conflict.
  2. I looked back at it and it was just a few statements, not anything long and drawn out that diverted too much. Plus, didn't you make a post the other day about how everything is bullshit, why calling it a 'serious thread' now. Not saying it is or isn't, nor am I undermining your own perspectives. It's not nonsense if you look back at it, maybe belonging to a different section, but this is what happens when we try to take ownership of things like "my thread" instead of focusing on the comments that were relevant to your inquiries and you even asked my opinion which I gave and never got back a response or acknowledged by you. It's OK to make comments like "banging bitches", as long as it's "your thread" but not OK to suggest something for a headache or throw in a few harmless statements here and there. This is why we suffer as humans, trying to take ownership of everything and getting attached to outcomes. Open your mind a bit and maybe you can start to spot the little clues and cues and probably receive the answers you seek from other places you may least expect them to come from. I understand the relevance of staying on-topic but try not to get too anal about it and use your judgment where needed.
  3. Ok. When I read things like this and go back in my head and think about what I've read, watched, listened to and experienced, (I will also add intuit), it makes the understanding much clearer, goes much deeper, because as I go through this journey of Self knowledge, it can get quite .....i'm trying to think of the most appropriate word here to insert, but I'll leave it open, you get the drift. This was understood before but not quite at a level that I was totally satisfied with and reading this, which I'm sure there are more levels to and deeper understandings of, has shed a light to an existing question I've had for a long time. It had more to do with the relative than the Absolute. The egoic mind can get a bit confused and likes to solve its own inquiries, especially if it's coming from a place of genuine curiosity into the nature of Reality. I'm also aware that it can get into an endless loop of trying to grasp the ungraspable, so I try not to get too caught up in theories and concepts but just to get a clearer understanding of things from the level of consciousness I'm at and try to not overwhelm myself, and I know that having an open mind will give me the opportunity to get deeper understandings and to be able to apply my intelligence to unravel things at my own pace. Things will get debunked, but that's ok because this is Infinity, but I don't see my existence to ever fall into that category whether I consider myself to be real or not. That's the paradox of trying to understand the real and unreal because either way you look at it, understanding it from either perspective has the potential to view them respectively the same. Thanks again and even if what you said has any faults or isn't so, doesn't matter because within it answered an inquiry of mine and I'm sure it just didn't come out of nowhere as my inquiries always gets answered in some way or fashion because of the nature of them and their relations to the Absolute. Absolutely fantastico.
  4. You don't have to worry about getting abstract with me because I'm here, aren't I lol, on Leo's blog instead of Jimmy swaggert's, is that his name, the evangelist. He's probably dead anyway. But back to this, I get what you're saying. It's not new to me and I'm delving deeper into this topic so it's quite familiar. I'm just trying to understand more of what I already understand and trying to go deeper to get a bigger picture. You guys disagree on stuff a lot even though the base might be of the same contents, that's why I try to get the info and think it through for myself to make it make sense to me and also through my own experience and intelligence. I will re-read your response and contemplate on it. Thank you for being so kind to share this with me and for explaining it the best you know how under the circumstances. I do appreciate it. Edit: It became so clear the second time around and i totally understood it. We need not do anything to be fulfilled and fulfillment doesn't depend on or perception all we need do is just BE. Our perception increases with expanded awareness but its not needed to experience the full capacity of our true nature as Reality.
  5. Ok, I understand you now, thank you. Thats my understanding too.
  6. Thoughts come before anything
  7. This is where I get confused. Reality just is. But what is Reality. Isnt it the same as Infinity/God/Truth/Source etc. Since it is infinite, doesn't that contain all that IS?. Are we seeing All THAT IS or only our perception of ALL THAT IS, which would be only a part the part that were conscious)aware of. In order to change that wouldn't we just change our beliefs to then see a manifested version of the infinite.
  8. I've been sitting here for a half hr pondering @SOUL's comment, yours and the highlighted comment up top from Leo and I just couldn't connect the dots. They all sound "right" but something was off to what Soul said to in relation to what I was saying even though I totally get his/her view point and even agreed. But what I got from that was, we need not even believe anything and just be. Doing is different from using the mind constructively into constructing our Reality the way we wish to construct it. As you said, constructing Infinite perspectives, which I say creates Infinite Realities while still being present. I guess its the way the words are being used.
  9. Yeah, peppermint oil. Works wonders, Also stop banging the wall.
  10. I value your insights so this is not a contradiction. What is? Things are always changing, except for the one Source. Source/God just IS. Most on this path already knows that. Yes, things don't change but how we perceive them do, so they may appear differently. Do you see it as everything already exist and it is up to us to chose what part of the already existing existence that we want to experience by changing our perceptions, beliefs and assumptions. The fluidity of the appearance is what's causing the change as nothing is concrete, so once we've recognized that Reality just IS, but we have the choice to change our belief structure to fit into the paradigm we want to operate from to create our world, why do we have to strip away all beliefs and concepts if we've recognized them as just that and we can change them at any time we want in order to create/experience something new and also the part of existence we want to experience.
  11. You seem to have a lot of different questions on what to do with your life. The more answers you get the more questions you seem to have. Every week it's a new one. That's OK, just an observation. Nothing wrong here. Just saying. Interesting.
  12. Respectfully speaking, as I do value your opinions, but isn't this also judgemental? You know how the saying goes, " believing not having any beliefs is the way to go, is still a belief. Aren't you judging her for having judgements? Explain this to me as it's coming from a place of genuine curiosity of the meaning behind this perspective.
  13. Thoughts follow a certain pattern. Previous thought will be followed by a similar thought etc, so train the mind to focus on where you want it to go and the thought patterns you want to thread and it will get used to following the pattern. Just like how this thread is about a particular topic and we focus on the topic, same thing with thoughts. Moderators will say stay on topic, don't drift off topic. Same thing. It takes practice so start in your daily life. For instance, if you're trying to approach. Notice the thought, if it says, she won't like me, I'm nervous, I'm ugly, my game sucks, consciously switch it to, so what, life goes on, not the end of the world, if she rejects, her loss. Just don't tell yourself stuff you don't believe yourself just yet because the mind will bully you back. Keep it simple and keep doing it over and over till you start to believe it and similar thought patterns will follow. If you get rejected, and you find thoughts come like, see I told you so, switch it to another thought consciously, speak out loud to yourself in a whisper. Say like, see, I'm still alive, nothing happened to me, she rejected because someone better is coming etcetc, use your imagination. Eventually, you will see the change in the pattern but you have to be aware, aware of your thoughts, drift it back to focus. It takes time but it will be worth it because now you're re-training the mind which takes practice.