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  1. Cloves: boil few cloves in water, strain, use as mouthwash. Essential oil/dilute w/water. Parsley: boil in water, strain. Store 5days in fridge Himalayan pink salt: add water and rinse Neem mouthwash Coconut oil pulling
  2. Check out Medical Medium. His healing style is very unique and non-traditional. Spirit of Compassion speaks through him and he has healed a lot of people with health problems. I highly recommend him for you..
  3. Real lesbians don't hate men and gay guys don't hate is usually the opposite. Straight women will hate men then go to lesbianism to get back at men and Straight men will hate women for "hurting" them, but most won't turn to men they will just use and abuse women. Trans usually act more feminine to try to hide their masculine side just like the more feminine gay guy will act more feminine to try to attract the more feminine or sometimes masculine straight guy. They are just extremities. The real gays try to attract the straights. Reading your post makes me think you misunderstand the gay community. You think lesbians are such because they hate men. They don't need to. The butch ones or more masculine ones don't hate men because they don't have to deal with them on an intimate level and,, therefore,, don't get hurt by them.. The more feminine ones who are real lesbians don't either. The wannabes, maybe, the fake ones who turn to women because they've been hurt but they don't usually last in that community. Most of them were sexually molested as a child also. I speak from experience. My sister is gay, my best friend is gay, I've been around Trans in the past, and I used to go to gay clubs and I myself have been with women even though I'm not a lesbian. I've been around the gay community and they don't hate the opposite sex. That belongs in the straight community, for the most part. It's mostly about identity and that's usually with the masculine women and the feminine men. They have a hard time fitting in, but not within themselves but in societies' standards. The lesbians will usually stay together for years and decades while the gay men will go through each other like underwear.
  4. Life doesn't necessarily gets easier if you're good looking because "gets easier" depends on the subject; but people sure do respond differently to you in a more positive way, (just based on looks), the more good looking you are, especially for women.
  5. This was very touching to read. I think you spoke for a lot of people who wouldn't say this to him because he says he doesn't like to be praised; but this wasn't praise, it was testimony, and I believe it is testimonies like this that drives someone to keep doing what they're doing. What's inspiring for me is to see other people being inspired by other people's work, no matter who it is, because the chain reaction from that is what helps to change the world collectively. I only wish Leo would stop stating he doesn't like to be "praised" because people with testimonies like this will probably be deterred thinking it's "praise" not realizing the difference. Not everyone is "praising" out of selfishness or ego but would genuinely like for him to realize the impact his work is having on their lives. Personally, I don't really praise him I just flirt with him and leave little silly comments on his videos on YT that he either doesn't read or ignores and I don't really care either way I'm just being silly; but on a serious note, for him to dedicate his life to doing this and have impacted so many lives positively without compromising himself and subduing to societal standards and norms in order to get his message across is very impressive to me. If it is selfish for me to be inspired by you being inspired, then so be it; but this post inspired me not to go do anything but just for the sake of being inspired. Thank you. Now I feel like it was my birthday.??
  6. I think this would be a good fit.
  7. I agree. Thanks for the insight. Sometimes we just get caught up in the content and forget what it takes to produce it all. I try to share his content as much as i can and "like" every video and make comments in the comment section; which helps, but overall much more appreciation is well deserved which i will be paying more attention to in the future.
  8. Not on here much but here goes.
  9. He's the one i recommended in my comment on your video today, leo. I guess you already knew of him. Another synchronicity. Hello!?