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  1. I haven't had an opportunity to try iboga yet, but this is kind of where I'm at with it now as well. Everything I've read indicates it's a complex chemical and not usually easy to work with, even at micro/mini dose amounts. I've had so many brutal and crushing trips at this point, I'm looking for something a little more pleasant. I'll have to revisit later.
  2. I recently experimented using a low dose at a 20:1 ratio. It's shocking to think that the 5meo could have such a strong effect on the overall experience at such a relatively low dose, but it does seem to be the case. I wouldn't say it entirely overrides the DMT, but it's as if it morphs the experience into something different. Maybe even something unique. It's hard to know for sure because the trip was too modest to be significantly impactful, so more experimentation will be needed using a higher dose.
  3. Sure, here's a couple. That top one is a pretty nice DMT guide that I used to reference a lot back in the day. You can find the suggested sublingual harmala dosages in section 1.2. In the Reddit link, the recommendations are a bit higher than what I'd personally enjoy. 20-30mg of sublingual harmine should effectively inhibit MAO, while not overdoing it and causing undesirable side effects. https://forum.dmt-nexus.me/threads/the-essential-dmt-guide.331794/ https://www.reddit.com/r/harmalas/comments/pg7h4b/psychoactive_dose_range_for_harmala_alkaloids/
  4. For sublingual harmalas, the dosage would be much less. 30mg would be considered a medium/high dose. I'm not even sure you could easily fit 120mg of harmalas under your tongue.
  5. Yep, psychedelics are incredible. Sounds like you had a really nice intro. Be careful pushing the dose higher though. As amazing as they can be, a bad trip can be equally powerful and horrific in the opposite direction. The joy that surpasses all understanding which you're expecting could become the terror that surpasses all understanding.
  6. Reminds me of this awesome scene in Doctor Strange.
  7. Linking to another thread where I talked about harmalas, including where to get them. Feel free to ask any additional questions, as I have a decent amount of experience using harmalas. EDIT: I just checked and it would appear the harmalas I linked in the thread are out of stock. Here's some alternatives. Harmine - https://www.harmalas.com/products/harmine-hydrochloride THH - https://www.harmalas.com/products/tetrahydroharmine-thh-freebase
  8. It is interesting. I wonder if it has something to do with the way 5meo has a crazy affinity to 5-HT1A receptors. It really is unique. I'm thinking even 1mg or 0.5mg 5meo per 20mg of DMT. Thankfully that'd be very easy to do with the volumetric dosing inherent to IM/subq injecting.
  9. Right, I've read similar in all my searching, and I can attest to it in my own limited experience. I wonder what would happen if you increased the ratio in favor of DMT though. Maybe there's a point where the experience would 'click' into something more interesting. Here's a trip report from Erowid that caught my attention. This person used a similar ratio to my own, which is a little confusing considering the content of the report. The experience they describe is closer to what I have in mind as a kind of special experience produced by the two substances. https://www.erowid.org/experiences/exp.php?ID=116663
  10. A year or so ago, I tried ~300mg of the substance that the church provides. In my opinion, it did feel different from mushrooms. But it also felt different from 5meo. Assuming it's legitimately a novel molecule (4-HO-5-MeO-DMT), I guess it'd make sense if it felt significantly different from either. It was also much stronger than what you'd expect from 300mg. I'm not insensitive to the skeptical side of the debate either though. I resonate with fellas like @Girzo in his observance of the ridiculous/unprofessional actions of the people involved. And I recognize my subjective experience could be tainted by my own unconscious bias. It'd be nice if we didn't have this uncertainty and could know definitively one way or the other, because the synthesis of psilomethoxin via mushrooms would be really cool and interesting all on its own. It could potentially lead to breakthroughs in novel psychedelic creation.
  11. Anyone have experience combining DMT and 5-MeO-DMT? It seems to me that this combo could have some serious potential for putting someone in a rarefied state. They're both endogenous psychedelics whose natural release are likely involved in advanced states of meditation. I guess the question would be whether they're released in a particular ratio to produce a particular effect. Or perhaps it's all more complicated than I'm imagining. I do have a small amount of personal experience with the combo in a 1:4 ratio with DMT being the higher. The ROA was subcutaneous injection. It's been a while, but if I remember correctly it was ~5mg/20mg, which was a pretty strong experience indeed. I get the feeling the 5meo was overpowering the DMT though, and it mostly became a 5meo trip with slight DMT visuals while lacking the DMT headspace. Whereas 20mg of DMT on its own would produce more of the DMT effects. Would love to hear if anyone else has experimented.
  12. This turned out to be so accurate. I took a low dose (10mg) of 4-HO-MET, a psych well known for being easy and gentle, and experienced a pretty significant trip. Just like with DMT or mushrooms, my subconscious was laid bare and my usual sense of self became profoundly expanded. Strong euphoria bordering on bliss was passing through my body. It's so cool because you can feel the sensation originating from some kind of higher plane. Was an awesome trip overall, just stronger and way more profound than expected. I have no idea how kids take this stuff and hang out socially lol. Though I wonder if the energetic transformations that people like us in this forum have experienced via 5meo and spiritual practice would have a strong influence on psychedelic trips. It seems pretty likely imo.
  13. I wanted to share this awesome older video of Adyashanti and Loch Kelly describing their everyday state of consciousness after extensive spiritual practice and transformation has occurred. I feel like this type of description is not easy to find for whatever reason. It has lined up very well with a bunch of experiences I've had using 5-MeO-DMT, and even bits of my sober experience get the occasional taste of the picture they paint. It's really valuable imo to hear what a matured version of conscious awakening would be like. It sounds liberating indeed.
  14. It's indeed the essential question which we'd probably all like to know the answer. Thanks, happy to be here where I can discuss these things. God knows I don't have many other outlets to do it.