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  1. Kung Fu is very good, it is a holistic art. I have done tai chi many years. If you start to get into it and undestand it's mechanics it will open many doors Also spontaneous QI gong
  2. Didn’t understand what you mean
  3. Like this, but at such high speed that kicks m brain out of the skull
  4. Spinning like children do. But at such a speed that it is not normal to handle I would die maybe. It’s a spontaneous movement
  5. No they are constantly there. I can not do anything and do not want to do anything. The pain gets healed only if I allow my body to do its own things spontaneously, like I said it starts to spin like a tornado and it is so scary because of too much intensity.
  6. It is a blessing for someone who consciously seeks it and knows what it seeking. Suppose you get your driving license and than you have a Lamborghini to drive. Or you start to climb mountains and the first one choose is K2 or Everest. I tried many things now, but it seems that evry technique is an obstacle, there is immediately a tension of effort and doing to get rid of symptoms. Also meditation, or watching the breathing is still and effort and can clearly see that the body gets tension. If I just relax and allow the body to let go of control it immediately starts to spin and whirling on its axis so fast that I can not hold such speed anymore. I tried many times to go into it, but it is too much force.
  7. Hi evryone. I am dealing with strong feelings of regret in the last days. Regret about having done things without knowing the consequences, doing things blindly. I did a 5 months semen retention. Releasing semen was for me like giving away gold. Now i am facing energetic blocks/pains and obstacles due to a Kundalini awakening that has surely risen from this retention. I know that i can not go back, and surrender to your past actions is the only way maybe. But it is damn hard to face your stupidity. Just because i read or watched some youtube videos u find yourself messing up life and also people around you. Was wondering, if your actions took you to do certain things maybe it was the case to do so, and could not be otherwise. But i do not know if this is just a story that one can tell to its'self f just to fool himself. Are there mistakes ?
  8. Hi evryone. As i sit in meditation the breath start going into spontaneous patterns like breath of fire. Can clearly see that it is releasing psychological knots and tensions from the belly. What i would like to ask is: How much time should i spend allowing the breathing to do it's work ? I think if i just surrender to it, it would go on and on for hours and days. Has anyone of you some experience with this ? Thank you
  9. Hi, could one guide me into spontanoues movements or give more clarity? I if completly let go my body starts to whirl and spin like a tornardo and it is so difficult to let express the movement becuase it is too strong to handle. If i sit my breath starts doing pranayama breath of fire. If i stand the body starts to shake violently. I would appreciate someone that has gone through this. Thank you
  10. @Thought Art @hyruga Guys please stop sharing random material on Kundalini. Do not let people experience unecessary trouble
  11. I understand. But the decision to sit in mediation evry day for 30 minutes, is still a form of control.
  12. Isn’t a practice a form of control ?
  13. He is beyond any method. I really have to cry when I see his extraordinary intelligence, so pure so unconditional. It’s rare to find someone like him.
  14. @DIDego 🌞🌸🏵🦋🌪😵‍💫
  15. @Nahm I started seemed retention because my mind was hugely influenced by Osho. Thinking that I could reach more energy and creativity. That man influenced me too much. Slowly my sexual desire disappeared so the energy accumulated. Totally agree that it was a suppression of something else. Most of the time I felt a repulse for sex and expression in general. So, evrytime it feels “bad” is it an indication of false belief?