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  1. In my understanding is that with good dosage of 5 dmt you are opening up a lot of your energy into the system. It flows in ways that are much more than the normal ego states. Resistances are being released and that’s why someone can have openings even after some time has passed from 5meo. That’s just how I see it.
  2. I wonder if this experiences have a lasting effects after taking the substance. Are there any permanent changes after a breakthrough? I am still stuck at the stage of fear of death and loosing control, can’t quite let go for now. My dosage is still very little, vape it.
  3. “In the beginning I tried to let go but it got to intense for me“ Trying to let go will create more caos and unnecessary friction. Still a subtle operation from the ego. If there is resistance, it’s ok, totally normal at the end with such a substance In my opinion i would try again the same dosage cause u already know somehow what stands in front of you, it will not be so terrifying as the first time. When u feel good with it ,upgrade ! I did more or less 5 mg vaped. I started having a panic attack cause It hit me too unprepared, thought I was literally dying . I will do the same dose next time
  4. A doctor? its just a fact that psychedelics changes the inner patterns of the individual. It can really be a simple thing. His body does not need so much sleep as it used to have. Just a reconfiguration phase in my opinion
  5. Yes not moving at all. Could really be some stuck stuff 😅
  6. Thanks ! Yes I take neem every day since 3 months I think. I’ll give a try to DR. Sebi Parasite capsules. Seems cool stuff
  7. I live in Italy. No i do not eat meat since many years now
  8. This is in relation to kundalini but since ur friend used psychedelics it can be that he moved much energy in the system that he normally he is not used to. Question: I am unable to sleep due to excess Kundalini energy when I lay down despite being tired, how can I get some rest? Answer: The reason the energy is coursing more through the body right when you lay down is because the body mind is relaxed. When one is in this semi sleep relaxation state, kundalini flows most efficiently. The flow further excites the whole nervous system and there is excessive prana, which implies a speeding up and increase of hormonal production, or a susequent fatique of hormonal glands and decrease in production of both hormones and neurochemicals. The awakening of kundalini often disrupts the production of melatonin or creates excess in some cases, the intense inner fire and the light generated from the charged kundalini often disrupt sleep cycle and circadian rhythm. To assist the nervous sytem to calm down and produce ample melatonin, one should sit for meditation during the early morning as well as evening twilight phases. This circulates the energy so it wont attempt to charge up when you are relaxing for sleep, give it enough time to circulate as well as ground during the day instead. Other factors would be to use herbs that help calm the nervous sytem and help in production of melatonin. Below is a list of plants that can be used. Ashwagandha, Brahmi, Chamomile, Tagara, Valerian, Jatamansi Sarpagandha, shankhpushpi, Ashitaba. One must also understand the shakti will possibly keep one on fire burning many nights, such is this force of transformation, it demands absolute surrender and even letting go sleep sometimes. It should be seen as a complete rewiring of the entire being, and what may eventually emerge is a bodymind that does not require long hours of sleep.
  9. Thanks Michael. Yes I need a test because I can’t be sure if it is the case or not. Good help, thanks 🙏
  10. My ass does not itch at all. With enema you pull out the deep stuff from the colon. Those things were quite big to the human eye. I don’t know about pin worms. Btw thanks.
  11. Hi guys. Yesterday I did a water enema with some turmeric powder and lemon. Today morning when I went to the bathroom after doing my thing I noticed some things that could really be a worm in terms of shape and form. I am not sure what it is, could also be an undigested fiber or sono mucos. I am freaking out cause it so disgusting and terrible only thinking about it. Has anyone of you experienced something like that ? What did you do to flash out this bastards from your body? Is it a long and difficult path ? Any experience is welcomed.
  12. The way he speaks about tantra is not about the physical sexual practices
  13. I loved Tai Chi and Qi gong. I have learned it and practiced it for 4 years. The thing I enjoyed the most is that when you start “understanding” how it works a wonderful world of perceptions opens. Even how you sit or how you walk the stairs up becomes a qi gong practice