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  1. In your case I would try a more solid approach like psychedelics. if you feel more connected to stuff like yoga, I would highly suggest Shambhavi Mahamudra Kriya Yoga. It will bring you back to a state of balance and more clarity. And it is very easy for everyday life. in the mean time you could try chanting AUM 21 times a day, this can have a great effect on your psyche.
  2. @RickyFitts yes could be. But i do not know how safe it is to play with energy systems during a Kundalini awakening. I try more days and see how it unfolds!
  3. Please give a try to something that was said in the previous comments. Maybe with the one you resonate most.
  4. Hi. I have this massive tension/energy stuck in my stomach and 2nd chakra stuck there since Kundalini woke up. I tried yesterday Shambhavi Mahamudra Kriya from Sadhguru that i learned years ago. After one session things got worse and the pain was more acute. I tried also a lot of body scanning, seems to help but it would take days lying in the sleeping position till I get to the core. So I got the idea to try microdosing lsd, 20 mcg. I have never done any psychedelic before. I did weed where I get very sensitive and sometimes also very anxious. in your opinion could micro lsd work for things like energy block and stuff like that ? thank you
  5. Hi evryone. I am searching for someone to have just a talk or chat, due my situation with the kundalini that i am struggling since most of the last months. I do not know how to go foward with this process and i am very fearful of this stuckness now, because my condition is slowly degenerating in evryway, and do not know how things will unfold if i do not resolve this as soon as possible. Please, if this goes againts the guidelines of the forum remove the post
  6. Hi ervyone. I am thinking to take a healing workshop 3 days for Kundalini energy balance. I am just a bit skeptical about the tools and the methods that are given and shared. Things like Shaktipat intiation, tantric techniques, crystals and sacred geometry, mandalas shamanic tools and so on. I have never entered this stuff for many reasons like too new age stuff and also my resitance for methods and techniques in general. Would like to know from you what do you think about this things and if you have ever done something similar
  7. What happens when you allow them to happen ? Giving them space to unfold.
  8. What can my face tell ?
  9. What would change ?
  10. Please search for an expert professional near where you live, not online stuff.
  11. You could give a try to Shambhavi Mahamudra Kriya. It's a practice designed by Sadhguru, it can easily bring back to a state of balance
  12. What do you mean ?
  13. The fear. and I really do not know of what. i think it is fear of loosing the body or dying