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  1. What are your thoughts about this. I always wonder how few cases I see in this forum that get such troubles or similar effects.
  2. Gareth Duignam Scott Kiloby
  3. Most probably stored emotions there.
  4. Scott Kiloby is great for chronic pain related to trauma and stored emotions. psychedelics also great but be very cautious and slow
  5. Practices of any kind are just equal to any other drug. It gives you the daily kick . Without them u can’t stand alone
  6. Did you used psychedelics during the kundalini journey? If you are available for a chat would be cool
  7. This has weekly meetings twice every week Trauma work and chronic pain with inquiry Scott Kiloby :
  8. I don’t know if you have taken any actions yet. I will add my pov and direct experience as i am going through something very similar too. Sincerely speaking, I think the issue was not the 5 but the attitude you had before and during the experience. It seems it opened you up but you closed yourself so you are hanging in a middle space. As absurd as it may sound, having another session could be good and of help in cleaning that which is stuck. Probably a better with a facilitator. I got tons of material and sources for this stuff which does not include the use of psychedelics. Let me know
  9. Guys Sadhguru has million of followers around the whole world. What do you think would happen if he says “ Ayahuasca is a super tool for self transformation bla bla bla…” There are ignorant people and unbalanced ones, it could be a pretty disaster if they take his words for truth. It’s quite obvious that he shares this words
  10. Your body has memory, your body has all sort of repressions since you were born. Its actually very strange how most people oversee this especially when using psychedelics, believing to always be in spiritual sky astral ultra dimensions. Introspection/psychedelics shows you where resistance and repression is hold
  11. But learning to embody humanness, not by skyrocketing all time into spiritual astral realms. Bypassing the basic needs will bring you back where lack of attention has been.
  12. It just shows where the repression is. If you feel sex it’s probably a sex repression, if you feel anger that’s your repression.
  13. What’s the idea or intent for control ? In my personal experience if one continues with 5meo dmt exploration we have to face the loss of control. maybe it’s just a preparation